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Chapter 18: Chapter 18 The Yin And Yang Twin Flowers, Enemies Attack

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Chapter 18 The Yin And Yang Twin Flowers, Enemies Attack

Many people had gathered here at the entrance of the Sky Hall.

After they saw Lu Yu enter, they all opened their bets and placed wagers on whether Lu Yu could pass through the Sky Hall dungeon.

Those who had initially feared the Sky Hall were now attracted to staying behind, betting some money for fun.

Lu Yu was not interested in their bets at all. He walked straight into the dungeon and began to collect materials.

The entire Sky Hall was divided into two parts, the east and the west. A cliff separated the middle two.

Lu Yu opened the Eye of Truth and scanned his surroundings.

When he looked to the east, a notification appeared.

[ Area of the Giant Rock Python ]

When he looked to the west, another notification appeared.

[ Are of the Green Sky Goshawk ]

After reading the two notifications, Lu Yu was overjoyed. Werent these two bosses part of the materials he needed to evolve his Dragon Claw

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As long as he could kill these two bosses, he would be able to gather the materials and complete the evolution!


At that time, his strength would increase substantially!

Lu Yu got a little excited thinking of that!

This quest absolutely must not fail. It had to be completed!

Just in case, Lu Yu took out the Cleasing Fruit he had obtained previously so that he could increase his skill level after eating this.

Lu Yu did not hesitate. He took a bite and finished the fruit in another few bites.

Very soon, a string of notifications appeared before him.

[ Cleansing Fruit used, obtained 5 free skill points ]

With 5 skill points, he could upgrade all of his skills.

Lu Yu looked at his skill panel.

[ Skills: Armor Penetration Lv2, Split Claw Lv2, Grappling Lv1, Double Jump Lv1 ]

At the moment, the skill that needed to be upgraded the most was Armor Penetration. This was the skill that could improve his damage output the most.

Split Claw would not be that useful when dealing with bosses. However, Grappling and Double Jump were also very important.

Therefore, Lu Yu decided to upgrade his Armor Penetration skill by three levels directly. Grappling and Double Jump would each be upgraded by one level!

[ Congratulations on upgrading the Armor Penetration skill. Current skill is at Lv5 ]

[ Current effect: Reduces the targets defense by 30% ]

It could reduce the targets defense by one-third at a time. As long as the targets defense was penetrated twice, the enemy would basically have no defense left.

[ Congratulations on upgrading the Grappling skill. Current skill is at Lv2 ]

[ Current effect: Damage increased by 15% when attacking weak point ]

[ Congratulations on upgrading the Double Jump skill. Current skill is at Lv2 ]

[ Current effect: Double Jump distance is 5 meters ]

After leveling his skills up, Lu Yu felt much more at ease. He was considering whether or not he should use the equipment strengthening materials he had just obtained.

After all, 25 points of defense would be quite a bit of an increase. Moreover, it would also increase his attack power.

However, on second thought, he felt he should save it for the future to strengthen new equipment instead.

After he finished leveling up his skills, Lu Yu began collecting the needed quest materials.

The White Spirit Flower was a ubiquitous material. It was mainly used to create manarecovery potions.

In Sky Hall, White Spirit Flowers grew in abundance. Therefore, many people came here to collect these flowers.

Soon, Lu Yu saw the first flower. He hurried over, picked it up, and continued searching for more.

He stayed in the middle area and did not approach the two sides.

After all, that was the location of the bosses. Lu Yu felt he should first collect the White Spirit Flowers needed before challenging the boss.

Otherwise, he would be too exhausted after a battle to continue collecting materials.

He continued to search, and soon, a notification appeared in front of him.

[ Rare materials detected ]

Seeing this, Lu Yu was overjoyed. There were actually rare materials here.

He followed the notifications direction and began to walk toward the location of the materials.

Soon, he saw a crack in the middle of the cliff. A flower grew out tenaciously from between the cracks.

This flower looked special. Half of its petals were white, and the other half were black!

Lu Yu quickly used his Eye of Truth to look at it, trying to see what information the flower gave.

[ Yin and Yang Twin Flower: After consuming it, it can revive a dying person to full health ]

Lu Yu was exhilarated when he saw the short description.

He didnt expect this flower to have an effect, such as reviving the dead. It was too awesome!

If this life-saving item were revealed to the public, there would be a chaotic uproar over it.

It would not be a problem to sell it for hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars!

Those wealthy individuals that cherished their lives more than anything would not mind keeping as much of these materials as possible.

After Lu Yu was done being excited, he began to think about how he was going to pick this flower.

The flower was located in the middle of the cliff. The surrounding cold wind was freezing cold, making him feel a bone-chilling chill.

Lu Yu withstood the airflow and climbed onto the cliff, slowly approaching the flower.

Slowly but surely, he closed the distance between him and the flower. Then, Lu Yu reached out and plucked the flower.

Just as he reached out to the flower, Lu Yu felt an unprecedented surge of vitality from it.

Its no wonder this flower can survive in this place.

Lu Yu reached out and plucked the flower, conveniently storing it in his storage ring.

Then, he leapt into the air and returned to the ground.

This trip was not in vain. It was definitely worth it to be able to obtain such a rare item.

As for how to deal with this flower, Lu Yu would have to assess the situation. He would eat it if he encountered circumstances where he was on the verge of death. On the other hand, it wouldnt be bad to consider selling it if he didnt have to.

After all, he could instantly get a large sum of money after selling it.

Lu Yu kept the flower and prepared to continue collecting quest materials.

At that moment, he heard an eagles cry from high up in the sky, and the cry reverberated in the surrounding area.

Lu Yu looked up and saw a large goshawk hovering in the sky. Then, it swooped down toward Lu Yu.

It seemed that this was the Green Sky Goshawk. He guessed it just by looking at its greenish-blue feathers at the end of its wings.

Lu Yu quickly activated the skill of the Shadow Ring to conceal his aura.

After concealing his aura, Lu Yu hunched by the side and quietly observed the situation.

At that moment, he noticed a giant, inconspicuous python wriggling around.

Its entire body was covered in rock-like scales, allowing it to blend with its surroundings perfectly.

Then, the goshawk in the sky descended.

The first thing the two boss monsters did after coming down was to look toward the place where Lu Yu had just picked the flower.

When they noticed the flower had disappeared, they began to be wary of the other party.

Lu Yu immediately realized that these two big guys were guarding the flower.

Coincidentally, the flower bloomed when he arrived, attracting these two guys.

However, when they saw that the flower was gone, they probably thought the other party had snatched it in advance.

Hence, after the Green Sky Goshawk and the Giant Rock Python sized up each other, both sides clashed furiously!

Lu Yu was secretly pleased. Luckily, he had picked the flower at the right time. If he were found hanging on the cliff by these two bosses, he would be dead by now.

The goshawk and the python began to fight each other. For the moment, it was hard to tell who had the upper hand.


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