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Awakening The Weakest TalentOnly I Level Up Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1 Awakening Talent and The Path of Evolution

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Chapter 1 Awakening Talent and the Path of Evolution

“Im going to awaken soon. Im so excited!!”

“Im looking forward to being able to awaken an awesome talent. If thats the case, I will be part of the upper class!”

“I dont expect much. Just give me a B-grade talent and that will do!”

“Thats still being greedy. My demand isnt high, just a D-grade talent will do...”


The students were all discussing it excitedly in senior high Class Two at Riverdale City High School.

Among the students, there were feelings of excitement, fear, anticipation, and worry.

The Awakening Point at the age of eighteen would definitely be the most crucial event in their lives.

Awakening a high-level talent would mean that the person was destined to be an extraordinary person in their lifetime.

However, if one were to awaken a low-level talent, that person would be destined to be part of the lower class, getting menial jobs like cleaning the streets.

Without a doubt, the fate of these students would be decided today.

That was why some of them were afraid. Once the talent they awakened was terrible, they would be useless for life.


Everyone wants to be someone extraordinary. They all wanted nothing more than to be someone at the top of society, but the reality was often cruel...

Suddenly, the class teacher walked in and stood in front of the podium.

He looked at everyone with a solemn expression.

“Today is the most important day for all of you!”

“This is a world where talent determines everything. Everyones strength comes from their talent!”

“There are ten levels to grade a talent. The lowest and most common talent is unrated.”

“Then there is the division from F level to SSS level.”

When the students heard this, their expressions hardened.

They started to fear what would happen if they were to awaken an unrated talent. What would they do in the future then

“An unrated talent is the lowest level of talent. Those who awaken to this talent level are no different from ordinary people. In the future, they can only do some of the most ordinary jobs.”

“Because of the large number of unrated talents, F, E, and D-level talents are considered medium-level talents.”

“The use of medium-level talents is usually in the life skills professions, doing logistics and support work.”

“C, B, and A-level talent; these three are the high-level talent.”

Following that, the teachers tone became excited.

“Those who can awaken high-level talent will be the elites of the future society, the pillars of the country!”

“In society, such people can obtain endless wealth!”

These words aroused the curiosity of the students. They all began to look forward to being the person who would awaken a high-level talent.

“Finally, theres the talent from S to SSS. This kind of person is one in a million. Once they appear, they will definitely be the country and societys treasure!”

“Such a genius will definitely be supported with countless resources, granting them a fast track to the very top of society!”

The students present were all excited. Some began fantasizing about them awakening their SSS grade talent, while others imagined the scene of them being at the top of society.

At this moment, Lu Yu raised his right hand.

The form teacher looked over and said with a smile, “Student Lu Yu, if you have any questions, just ask.”

As one of the more gifted students in the class, Lu Yu had always been favored by the homeroom teacher.

Lu Yu stood up and asked, “Teacher, is there any possibility of evolution to a persons talent after it awakens If a persons original talent is inferior, does it really mean that he will be useless for the rest of his life”

This question instantly attracted the interest of the entire class.

The homeroom teacher nodded slightly, “A good question. There is indeed a possibility of an evolution of a persons talent. However, it does not evolve from F to E-level.”

“Currently, there are about ten known evolution paths, such as great strength, extreme speed, ice, fire, and so on...”

“This path developed by our predecessors was at the cost of their own lives, and it cannot be tread lightly. Otherwise, the consequences will be severe.”

“Not only that, if you want to evolve, you will need the corresponding materials for it. You will need to refine the materials into medicine and consume them before completing your evolution.”

“However, these materials are either very precious or grown in dangerous areas. It is extremely difficult to obtain them.”

The students faces turned grim when they heard the warning.

They initially thought that if their talent was too poor, they would still have a chance to remedy it. But now, it seems that this path was a difficult one.

Then, the class teacher continued with a grave expression. “Finding the materials is only the beginning!”

“The refining process is the most crucial part. If you cant control the dosage and formula accurately, taking it may cripple you for life and damage your talent!”

The students gasped in shock when they heard the consequences.

The ramification was even worse than awakening an unrated talent!

The homeroom teacher glanced at the students and said, “I know you all have the will to become stronger.”

“But you have to do everything within your ability. If you awaken an unrated talent, then accept your fate. If you recklessly choose to evolve, Im afraid youll destroy yourself and ruin your family.”

The homeroom teachers words were engraved in everyones hearts.

However, the homeroom teacher knew that there were people who refused to admit their defeat every year. These people were always determined to change their own fate.

In the end, each of them ended worse than the last.

At that moment, Lu Yu sat down. He was very calm for someone that was about to undergo an awakening.

He was not from this world. He transmigrated here.

Therefore, his awakened talent shouldnt be too bad as a transmigrated person, right

Lu Yu was very young when he transmigrated to this world.

In this world, Lu Yus parents had passed away long ago. His aunts family had brought him up.

As Lu Yu got older, his aunt, who had worked so hard, fell seriously ill.

Lu Yu had been working part-time jobs outside of school to help with his aunts medical bills.

Despite that, his aunts illness worsened while his income remained unchanged.

If this continued, the high medical bills would crush his family.

But now, Lu Yu had hope. As long as he awakened an excellent talent, everything would not be a problem!

Even if it were a mediocre talent, it would allow him to earn more at work.

Right now, Lu Yu was just like the other students, looking forward to the awakening.

Just at that moment, the homeroom teacher received a notice. He stood up and looked at the students.

“Students, the previous class has completed their awakening. Next, its our turn. Everyone line up and do the awakening in an orderly manner!”

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The homeroom teachers words made the students present to stand up excitedly and line up.

Now would be the time to decide on their future lives!


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