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"This is taking more time than I thought," Rin thought out loud, standing back upon his legs.

He looked up at the sky and found the sun moving in the blue sky, and the light would be present for four or five hours more.

Luckily, he had already taken care of the sustenance, though there was no water. He had cleaned the filthy blood with leaves as well as he could, but he still smelt like crap. No leaf can do what some water can.

It was about a couple of hours since he hunted those zombies, and he had not found more zombies after that. All that he came across were some short things, such as wild foxes, rabbits, and unusually large insects. They all put it together, barely letting him level up once more. Still, he got all the necessities he was looking for. Apart from the water, that was.

Rin walked a few strides, where he had left the meat from the rabbits for the roasting. White smoke twirled from the burning, though the burned wood was still hot. Igniting the fire had turned out to be an arduous task. He had tried first with dry woods, to create the fire through friction, but in the end, only two stones helped him ignite the fire. He had kept the two stones with him, with the useless Notebook, and the return ticket.

There was no inventory like it was in the game as yet. Things would have been so much easier if there was that. Then again, they will unlikely make it easy for the players.

The meat looked roasted enough, though it looked far from appealing. Rin sniffed a little and thought he would have to make it through with this for today and probably the next. He covered the meat with thick and large leaves before tying it with the ropes he made from the bark of trees—it was surprisingly tough.

Tying the other end of the rope to his belt, leaving the roasted meat, he looked around. Another bag of animal hide was hanging on his back, and it looked fresh and probably will rot in a few days, even after his work on it. Well, all he did with the hide was burn it so that it wouldn smell. All he wanted from that was to work for a few days. There was no shortage of hides, after all.

It was still hot, with nothing around other than the lively high trees. He had met no one after his encounter with the group of four zombies, and he was okay with that.

Grouping with others would certainly give him security, but it will slow him down as well. That was the same in earning evolution points as well—the system will probably distribute all the points among the group according to the contributions. Rin is better off alone, but perhaps another one to look after his back was not a bad idea either.

The sky was still harsh blue, with the hot yellow sun moving a little in the meantime. It was still hot and humid, with no sign of a breeze. Only the shade of the trees helped him from the sunburn, but it was time to move again.

"It will be better if Tim was here," he thought out loud. Tim was one of his teammates and could be considered a friend. Other than being a responsible guy, Tim had a good hand at cooking. "He would have made far better than the crap I roasted."

Then again, all he did was leave it above the fire while trying his hand in meditation. As a pro-player, Rin was well introduced with meditations like many others, but currently, he was meditating to feel more of the mana in his body, though all that was useless.

He knew mana works in the way of visualisations, but what was there to visualise when he could not feel it clearly? Other than knowing there was foreign, unknown energy in his body, he could not even point out where it was. He was regretting not asking for more explanation from the white-haired lady, Dawn.

Clicking his tongue, Rin moved away from the spot, through the forest at a steady pace. Though he felt a little tired in the hot weather, he still could go for more. Now it was time to find water.

Well, she said, the tutorial zone had everything necessary for survival. He already got food and fire, now only water was left, though getting a safe place to stay for the night does not appear half bad.

. . .

"David, are you feeling alright?" Ben asked his friend, who lost a good portion of his leg during the fight a couple of hours ago.

Currently, David was walking around slowly to check out how much the healing had worked. The bones could not be seen in his wounded leg. A good amount of flesh had regrown there, though it still looked thin and frail. The ring of healing worked miraculously, though David appeared no less pale than before.

"This ring is really a lifesaver," David said to Ben, showing the ring that Ben gave him to heal his wound. "I still have some trouble walking, and I reckoned I could not run freely, but the pain is gone, mostly."

"Thats good to hear," Ben said, though he did not ask for the ring. It was not that he did not want it back, but he just did not ask how to ask it back after what his friend got through.

"That ring is really a godsend," Casper said from the sides. "I wondered why they did not give it to everyone."

It was really a godsend, Ren thought. Literally, it was a godsend. The one he got it from was actually a god—a self-proclaimed one, but Ben believed him somewhat.

He had no other way than to believe it after all, since the person could actually guess all his thoughts just by looking at his face. Moreover, only someone with the strength of god can pull so many people from a different realm to this place.

Babel—was the name of the god who introduced himself to him. Babel, the god of commerce.

"This is really partiality," David said, grunting.

"Well, Ben could have got it through the lucky wheel as well," Nathan joined the group. He was always the silent one in the group.

"Really?" David said. "I could have used something like that, but all I got is this **." He held out a night-vision goggles from his waist.

"At least you got something useful," Casper grumbled. "All got is this bow, without the **ing arrows. Fuck that bitch, she called herself God, yet she did not have the common sense to know. You need arrows to work with the bow."

"Keep your voice down," Nathan said, raising an eyebrow at Casper.

"Yes, its better to not call those godforsaken things again," David muttered with a shudder. He looked at Ren and then towards Nathan. "By the way, what you got, Nathan?"

Nathan, the silent one of the group, looked at David and the ring on his finger before looking away. That could only mean two things: either Nathan got something useless, or something important that he would not like to show his friend.

Casper snorted at Nathan, and David grumbled for a little, but that was all they could do for now.

Ren raised an eyebrow, but did nothing. After all, he had not spoken the whole truth, either. That ring was among the basics he got from the God Babel, and from the Lucky draw, it was something else. Something far more extravagant than a ring of healing, though that was not currently with him.

Ren had traded that with the God of commerce, with something that will be more necessary for his survival.

A class.

At level 1, he advanced to a class.

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