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"So," Rin said, swallowing a breath and licking his lips. "How does one treat a brain tumour?"

[You can buy the cure from the system store, though that would be a lot more expensive than treatment from a spirit physician.] The wingless angel paused for a second. [You can wait as well, three years is quite long. If you can reach the third-order, then you wouldn even need to worry about it.]

"Thats good to know," Rin muttered, not understanding entirely. There were no orders in the game, after all. It was all levels and classes, there was no Origin mark either. The status screen was somewhat similar, excluding all of those.

[Yes, the system is much like the game, but there are some additions as well.] She understood his dilemma and explained it. [Lets ignore the Origin Mark for now. The order is something related to your very being—your existence. The higher you go, the divine you will become. As I said, third-order will cure all those mortal illnesses, and if you could reach fifth-order, you can live as long as a couple of hundred years.]

Rin digested those words, narrowing his eyes. "That is alright, but how do I advance to the next order?"

[Its simple at the start. Reach level 20, and the system will help you reach the first order,] the illusionary woman said, turning one leg on another. [For the next two orders, it is a little difficult, but many from your land had succeeded. A few, even in their very first year.]

So not that difficult, he thought. "Still, how much will the cure cost?" he asked.

[I am not sure, let me check,] the woman said and actually did nothing. Perhaps her actual body was checking. [The potion to cure that costs exactly, 50000 Avalon credits, but you can find Spirit Physician for half of that price.]

"Thank you." Rin finally had some gratitude for her. If the units of coins in the game and here are the same, then he would not need that much time. Perhaps in six months, he could cure his illness, and if he could find a Spirit Physician as she had told him, it would be even earlier. All depends on the similarities between the game and the real thing.

Well, he did not like to brag, but there were very few players that could challenge him in the game.

[All of this, counting on, you succeed in the tutorial next. If you fail, say goodbye to Avalon, and you will be sent to where you are summoned from.]

Maybe he was too impatient in thanking. "So, whats the trial? Some sick play to get to Avalon? And is it the same as the game? Kill a monster to gain points?"

[You are right about it being a sick play,] she said, raising her eyebrows. [And it is mostly like Avalon Online as well, but there are some differences. On this occation, it would be vastly brutal than the previous years. You will be introduced to them soon enough. You will find a lot of similarities. The cities and nations you have played the games such as Tiana, Iroha, Titania, however, they might not be the same as you remembered. . . .]

The lady then started to introduce the basic power system to him. Rin listened to her very carefully. It turned out he could not get a class until he reached the first order, meaning level 20. The skills and all the things he played in the game are available in real life as well, but the way to release it is different. Other than learning a skill, players can integrate with certain substances to gain the skill.

Other than the skill, there are the abilities. The class gave abilities, and you could gain from other exploits as well, like the game. There were no free points before reaching the first order, but until then players get one point each automatically integrated to their Physique and Spirit, bringing Health and Mana ten points higher for each point, respectively.

All she mentioned was basic knowledge, and he understood it easily. Still, there was no information about the Origin mark—it was possibly something more important. She told him that none of the six attributes is for nothing, and all stand for something. Even Fortune, which appears to be the most useless thing, had its uses. Though it might not bring in a small advantage over anything.

[All of this could not be explained in a few minutes. Not to mention, we have limited time here.] she transmitted to his head. [Since you are allocated under me, Ill try to help you till the trial ends, along with thousands of other players. So, expect no partiality from me. If you have enough Avalon credits, then its otherwise. You can also ask me to be your personal assistant if you have enough credits, but that is a tale of another time.]

Rin nodded, understanding capital is the centre of all things.

[I have introduced the basic stuff to you. Now, lets end with the Lucky Draw.]

Light flashed before his eyes, twisting and turning into what appeared to be a wheel.

Rin knitted his brows, looking at the transparent image of a lucky draw wheel. There were dozens of small insignia on the wheel, from the familiar sword, ring, and potion to some unfamiliar and weird ones. It was what the system spirit mentioned as the lucky draw. Every one of the summoned individuals can draw it once and get something super useful to a super useless thing.

[Spin and get it done with. You get only one chance.] The lady was becoming impatient with each moment. [If you don remember, we have only a certain time here. The more you waste time, the worse it will be for you.]

"Im just making sure I use all my luck with this," Rin said, fidgeting with his fingers before the transparent wheel. I have 69 points in fortune, so there should be something useful for me. Then again, the number 69 is lucky in itself."

Rin clapped his palms twice and raised the index finger of his right arm to spin the illusionary wheel as hard as he could. "Bring me something worthwhile."

The wheel spun crazily, and his eyes never left the wheel, though he hoped for nothing big. Even if he had high points in Fortune, his luck was always on the crappier side. I had not been **ted by birds more than a couple of times, so my luck can be total **. Then again, Ive never won a lottery either.

The wheel slowed down and was about to stop at the insignia of a sword, but it turned to where three question marks were displayed. Rin was about to curse him, and then his lips curved into a large grin.

[Congratulations! You have won three more draws in the lucky wheel.]

"Haha hahaha," Rin burst into laughter like an evil lunatic. When he stopped from his celebratory laughter, he found the beautiful system lady staring at him, as if judging his mental age. There was some curiosity in her eyes as well.

[It will be a real shame if you get nothing worthwhile in the next few tries,] she commented.

Rin feared that as well. What if he had used all his fortune in that single draw, and he would get ** in the next three tries? Nevertheless, he hoped to get something useful in one of the three draws.

"Here goes everything," he muttered, spinning the wheel again.

The wheel spun for a dozen more seconds before stopping at the insignia of books. The wheel then showed a picture of a thick notebook or diary, before it actually turned into an actual notebook, before dropping on his palm.

[Congratulations! You have won Calvins Notebook.]

Rin knitted his brows and so did the system lady. Without thinking much, Rin opened the book and the knit in his brows tightened.

"I can read it," Rin said, rubbing the runic codes written on the notebook. It was handwritten, but the writer had been a fine one. Rin turned the pages after pages and found similar runic scripts until they stopped when he reached two-thirds of the notebook. It was all empty after that. It didn appear like a magic book to him, but he was not a specialist in that, so he made the most appropriate decision, which was to look at the lady before him.

[It is written in Cantic, that is all I can say.] she stopped, though her sight lingered in the book for a little longer.

"So nothing but ** then," Rin muttered, trying to see if he could bring something out of her.

[Perhaps, perhaps not. Draw again.]

Rin grunted at her reply. She did not let out if it would be useful or not, and from the name and context inside, he reckoned it was useless for him currently. Thinking he had two more draws left, he spun the wheel again.

[Congratulations! You have won a Return Ticket.]

A small parchment paper ticket appeared in his palm, and Rin looked at the white-haired lady again.

[It appears the system has heard your plea,] she said with an amused smile. [You can return to your world using that ticket at any time, but remember, its a one-way ticket.]

[Return ticket: Consumable item.

Tearing this ticket will teleport the person to the world he came from.]

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