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Avalon Online 002 Scam

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"This is a scam," Rin screamed at the otherworldly looking angel of a woman before him. Currently, both of them were sitting on glass chairs, facing one another.

Just a few hours ago, he was playing in the Avalon league. After he won the championship, a congratulatory message came, and with it came another notification, inviting him on some new journey.

Rin literally had no life outside the game, and it was his primary source of income. He accepted the invitation, thinking it was possibly some hidden piece—that needed him to win the championship.

But it turned out something else entirely. It was a hidden piece alright, but Rin was not in the mood to appreciate it. It looked no better than kidnapping to him.

After he accepted the offer, some kind of earthquake hit the earth, and he went unconscious. Now, he woke up in this empty white room, where an otherworldly angel in white greeted him, as if she played a magnificent piece to swindle him here. Perhaps she was an even bigger swindler than him, as Rin had not seen it coming.

But seriously, she is beautiful, Rin mused. If I had the vigour of youth, I wouldn mind swindled by her again.

The room was empty, and that seemed to beautify her appearance more. Literally, the room had nothing other than high white walls. Not to mention windows, there was no ventilator either. Surprisingly enough, he felt no discomfort with that. Weird.

And worst of all, the one present in the room was not his game avatar, but his actual body. There was no high-level equipment on his body, nor it was the magnificent sculpture-like avatar, handsome and rogue, but a youth in his early twenties—who appeared to have never taken care of himself in the last couple of months.

Other than the normal t-shirt and trousers—like how he logged into the game from his apartment, he had nothing on his body. Even with all these striking reckonings, Rin had pinched himself too many times to make sure. The pain was all real and with his intuition, he could tell, he got into something entirely else out of his expertise.

The woman before me called it an opportunity, though, he mused, calming down. But opportunity and misfortune often walk hand in hand. Lets hear what she has to offer first.

Rins concentration again faltered after just a glance at her. A full white gown hugged her slender body, and it stood out even with all the white background. Her presence in itself was something else entirely, with that burning silver hair left unbound on her shoulder and back, the near-perfect oval face that gave a vibe of imperfection, bringing her allure to higher ground.

Another significant fact to add, beautiful as the woman may be, she was not physically present in the room. Rin could make out her figure was illusionary, as if nothing more than a hologram. Still, she looked no less than a wingless angel.

It had been some time, and Rin already dealt with the fact that he was kidnapped, but the thought that he was not the only one kidnapped consoled him a little. Still, this illusionary beauty seemed to have some supernatural talent, as she had calmed him down from his maniac outburst.

Then there was the weird-looking bracelet on his right wrist that he could not take off—no matter how hard he tried. The thing did not budge even a little after all his mindless effort.

"Give me back my freedom," Rin yelled at her for the last time, knowing it was futile. Still, he got no better opener. "Throw me back to the place you kidnapped me from."

[Again, you gave consent to the System or else we could not summon you here against your free will.] she said as if she had memorised all along. Her voice was like a genuine person—though appeared bored after explaining the same thing again and again. It was soft, and more importantly, she was directly transferring the sound wave into his brain.

It was most likely coming from the weird bracelet, though he was not sure.

"That was just a scam!" Rin said, lowering his tone so easily and unnaturally that almost the woman could not believe it. "Who would, in their right mind, read everything in the game before agreeing with something?"

[That is not of my concern.]

"Then, is it mine?"

[Lets rest that talk for now. Its not like you can never go back to your planet. Many from your realm came to our world empty-handed and returned with something more. Listen to me attentively, so you can be one of that many.]

"Kidnapped," Rin corrected her.

She did not respond like she did not hear him, though she seemed amused by his notion. [The scan is almost finished,] she said nonchalantly. [Should I introduce why you are here?]

"Funny how you asked for permission now," Rin snorted.

The woman ignored his mockery. [You can whine all you want, but later you will regret. This is an opportunity of a lifetime. But the opportunity comes with a price.] She seemed to grin. [In the Avalon, or even the world you came from, you should know nothing comes as a free meal.]

"Lets start with why you summoned me here for?" he asked, knowing nothing would come easy after this. Surprisingly, he was not that repulsive with all this. Spirited away from his old world, that ** never went old. But rather than watching it in a movie, being the person spirited away was an experience on its own.

Rin wondered why he was apathetic about all this. Perhaps because I have nothing to worry about, he mused. Perhaps it doesn matter much to me. Moreover, he was curious. He was interested to know why he and the other earthlings were summoned here.

[Avalon summoned you here for certain reasons that you will not understand with your current mindset.] she said in an aloof voice.

"How can you tell?" Rin said in distrust. "Try me."

[I will be surprised if you really do. Your scan is about to be completed. Wait for a few seconds.]

[Initial body scan complete.]

[Initial Soul scan complete.]

[Congratulations! You have earned the title Player.]

[Player: It is a title given to all the otherworlder who were summoned to Avalon.

Title effect: Privilege of a player*.

Can understand and converse in other languages approved by the system.]

[Preparing the player window.]

[User Rin Denver-Zacharein, please choose your Player name.]

"Name, huh? Lets go with something cool. Heaven Destroyer? Grandmaster Rin? Celestial Emperor? Sun Devourer?" Rin mused, contemplating his poor choice of names.

[Have some shame, will you?] she told him contemptibly.

"How about the kidnapped one?" Rin snorted.

[You can take what you please. Just remember, it isn that easy to change names.]

"Just go with Rin," he said with a headache.

The system asked again for confirmation and Rin confirmed, then a system window appeared in front of him. It was almost like the games status window, but there were a few things that were different.


[Player: Rin

Specie: Human (Order-Null).

Class: None.

Origin Mark: None.

Bloodline: None.

Level: 0


Health: 100 Mana: 120

Spirit: 12

Strength: 10

Dexterity: 12

Physique: 10

Perception: 18

Fortune: 67

Free Attribute points: 0


- Superhuman Intuition, Level 2.

Art and Skill:



Avalon Credits: 0

Note: There is a tumour growing in the players brain. With the prevailing health, the player will live no more than three years. Please treat the brain as soon as possible.]


[At least your attributes didn disappoint me. Those attributes were not too shabby, compared with other earthlings, and you have an ability too—that is quite rare even among our people. And that number in the fortune tells me why you are here.]

"Wait, wait, wait," Rin said, ignoring what she said, as well as the familiar status window before him. "How does it know about the tumour?"

More importantly, why did it tell him to treat it soon? As if there was any cure for it. Modern medical science has progressed a lot, but it is highly likely he will not make it in the operation if her ever goes through one. The case might have been different if it had been found when he was a kid, but now it is too late.

Or is it? he mused, looking at the wingless angel. Perhaps they have something.

[Didn I tell you? The system scans every individual that was summoned here,] she said in his brain. [It is one of the protocols, and it is not unlikely to find alignment like yours in the summoned otherworlders. How else do you think the otherworlders dance to the tune of Avalon? Avalon will give you a path to treat it, while in exchange, you have to cure the Avalon. That is how the mutual relationship goes on. You will get used to it if you succeed.]

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