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Chapter 24: Auction

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

On the stage, Lin Xuan chuckled in disdain. Below the stage, there were many people who nodded in agreement. These were probably guardians with defensive talent. There were also some people who looked unhappy. However, facing Lin Xuan who easily defeated Tang Dou, those people were smart enough to not refute.

Firstly, they might not be able to defeat him. Secondly, their own party also had a guardian. Only after experiencing a battle without them would they know the importance of a guardian. If they rushed forward at this moment, they would not be able to defeat a guardian, the party would fall apart at any given second.

The ratio of junior high schools to senior high schools in Taixia Country was about six to four. In other words, 60% of people had not experienced high school awakening.

The ratio of commoners to ability users in Taixia country was a 50 to 50 ratio. Additionally, ability users had to clear dungeons and hunt wild monsters in the wild every day. Therefore, they didnt have time to surf the internet. Most of the people in the comment section were commoners, how could commoners know about the world of ability users Only through high school leagues, national competitions, duels between countries, and the competition between combaters could they know something about the world of ability users.

However, what they saw in all of these battles were professionals with offensive talents attacking crazily while guardians with defensive talents were being beaten desperately!

That was why the commoners came to a conclusion that the offensive talent was awesome, and the guardian talent was rubbish!

Well, that was probably how it came about.

It was not that the guardians did not want to change, but firstly, they did not have any brilliant big moves, so it was difficult to attract attention. Secondly, the good fighters did not have outstanding achievements, so the shields hidden in the dark could better protect their teammates.

The commoners kept comparing and everyone just let it happen. However, the problem was that it was getting more and more excessive. In any case, Lin Xuan could not stand it anymore.

He wanted to stop this cycle of toxicity for guardians!

[The auction that participated in will be starting soon.]

Looking at the message sent, Lin Xuan kept his purple wooden shield and ran away.

It was still early. It was only six in the evening. and the auction would start 30 minutes after. In the beginning, there would be some antiques, calligraphy, paintings, flowers, birds, insects, fish, and other ordinary items that would be auctioned until 9 at night. then the extraordinary auction would officially begin.


In the Vice Presidents office, a few of the higher-ups of the guild were sitting and watching the replay of the arena battle.

“The proficiency of Shield Strike isnt that bad. A level three huh.”

“Its only been two days since he awakened. The speed at which he learned this skill is extraordinary.”

“He has inserted the skill proficiency formula into it. His talent level is roughly around SS . However, we cant rule out the possibility that he has a high comprehension ability and had a lucky encounter with something.”

“Should we recruit him as our core member”

“Well see. Theres no record of anything special in his mission record. Theres still a big difference between a dungeon and real life.”




The Vice President looked at them and didnt comment on anything. “Recently, there have been quite a few comments from ability users. The density of monsters outside the city has decreased. Do you know the specific reason for this”


After dinner, Lin Xuan spent 200,000 dollars to train in the special training ground. There were five burly men that surrounded Lin Xuan and he had temporarily disabled some of his talents. It was a one-man team versus ten other men.

In this dungeon, evaluation was done by how much power one had. The dungeon space gave rewards to ability users who had an evaluation of an A grade or higher. It was equivalent to a fighters internal energy or a mages mana. After the ability user meets certain conditions, the power of the dungeon could indeed be converted into another type of energy.

Lin Xuan blocked the punch from the left, but he was tripped by another burly man with a sweeping leg. Ability users were not the type of people that would give up that easily. Lin Xuan immediately got up and shouted, “Again!”.

It was not until eight at night that the special service ended. The burly man rubbed a bottle of special secret medicine on Lin Xuan. He exhaled two breaths and drank another bottle of body tempering medicine. Lin Xuans entire body was currently burning up. That secret medicine was indeed super effective. Even after the duel, he felt higher than his peak!

It was almost time, the auction was about to begin!

When he entered, Lin Xuan was naturally considered a VIP. He directly entered the auction venue through the special passageway. In the ordinary passageway team, Tang Dou, who had already completely recovered, inadvertently caught a glimpse of Lin Xuans figure.

“Hey, enter this way.”

Seeing that Lin Xuan was walking towards the VIP passageway with fewer people, Tang Dou gritted his teeth and tried to rush over. “This path is prohibited. Cant you see those words VIP passageway only.”

“But I only came here because I saw those words.”

As he spoke, Lin Xuan passed his ability user card to the person who was inspecting it. “You may enter. Is he your friend Your room is VIP room twelve.”

“Sort of. Lets go!”

Lin Xuan glanced at the long line of ordinary people. If Tang Dou were to line up again, he might not be able to enter for a while. He might as well bring a few people into the VIP room. Moreover, Lin Xuan felt sorry for beating up this guy in the afternoon, now, he could consider his payment returned.

The two of them entered the VIP passage together. In the ordinary passage, Lin Quan went to buy some water. When he came back, he found that Tang Dou had disappeared. After listening to his friends explanation, he realized that Tang Dous figure had disappeared into the VIP passage.

Lin Xuan did not that he had not come alone. He brought Tang Dou to VIP room 12. It was not big, only about 25 square meters. A large one-way french window allowed the people in the VIP room to see everything that was happening in the auction hall. In the room, besides Lin Xuan and Tang Dou, there was also a maid. She was dressed in uniform. She looked delicate and elegant.

The table in front of the sofa was filled with fruits and tea. Lin Xuan casually picked up a piece of cantaloupe and tasted it. Tang Dou, on the other hand, was a little reserved. He sat on the sofa without moving. After awakening his talent for a year… the only good thing Lin Quan did was not corrupt Tang Dou. The main reason was that Lin Quan did not want Tang Dou to meet people which could ruin his life!

“This is the last ordinary item for today. It is a legal auction house located in the outer area of Dongning City. Its original owner was a capable person, but due to the companys poor management, he had no choice but to mortgage the house. Now, it will only be auctioned off by the court. If you have any interested friends, you can start your bid. The starting price is five million!”

Lin Xuan glanced at the location of the house. It was in the outer area, close to the outer city wall and outside the city gate. The transportation was also very convenient. The light rail station and buses were all nearby, and five million yuan was not very expensive. Therefore, under Tang Dous shocked gaze, he increased the price by 200,000 dollars.


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