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Chapter 23: Shield, Generations

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Get lost, you trash. Youre clearly the trash for blaming your own talent. Who said that defensive talents are inferior to offensive talents Havent you heard of the saying that offense is the best defense”

Lin Xuan stood on the stage as his eyes looked downwards. He glanced at Lin Quan, who had collapsed on the ground, and sneered disdainfully. Then, he looked at Tang Dou, who had turned around. “What about you Are you interested in a duel”

“Are you really a freshman”

“What, are you looking down on me for being a freshman who just got his talent in defense”

“Im not looking down on you, just... forget it, if you want to be defeated, then come at me!”

Tang Dou had been in a bad mood today, but he couldnt be ruthless when facing Lin Quan and the others. Otherwise, some might spread rumors and say that he did not care about old friendships. Even though these words would not have much effect on him, there might come a time when trouble would get to him first because of this. This kind of thing that had nothing to do with cultivation training was really troublesome!

“Get a referee!”

Lin Xuan shouted loudly. Very soon, a chubby figure appeared on the scene. “The arena matches will cost ten thousand dollars. If you need treatment later, there will be additional fees. Do you still wish to continue”

“No problem.”

Lin Xuan paid the 10,000 dollars without hesitation. According to the rules of the arena battle, whoever was challenged would not have to pay. Of course, this amount of money was nothing to Lin Xuan.

“Whoa, theyre fighting just like that”

“Who is this kid A third party interfered Thats not right. Why is he fighting with Tang Dou on behalf of the team that held them back”

“When Lin Quan said that guardians were trash, he just came up and scolded him calling him trash or something…”


“Doesnt that kid have a defensive talent as well How can a guardian go against an S grade attack talent Is he st*pid”

“Hey, dont you know that most of the people with a defense talent are like that”

“Who are you calling st*pid, you idIot!”

The crowd immediately fell into chaos, but soon, the chaos was quelled by the high-level combaters that interfered.

At this time, the higher-ups of the Ability User Guild who were paying attention to Lin Xuan received news that he was in the arena.

“Connect us to the arena.”

In the video, Lin Xuan and Tang Dou stood facing each other. Lin Quan had already been dragged away by someone. The referee stood below the arena and glanced at the two people while he explained the rules. He whistled and the battle began.

“Youre not wearing armor”

“I dont need to.”

Tang Dous eyes narrowed. He took a step forward and quickly approached Lin Xuan. The long saber in his hand dragged the ground and left a mark on the floor of the stage... Then, the long saber swung in a big circle and fiercely chopped down at Lin Xuan.

Below the stage, a slightly experienced ability user whispered, “Thats the Dragging Blade technique. The burst attack is really powerful!”

“Is an S grade attack talent really that powerful I learned this move for three to four years before it finally became something impactful.”

“What kind of talent are you”

“A B grade…”

Facing this attack, Lin Xuan did not dare to be careless. He immediately used his physical body to take it head-on. Activating the Undying skill, a layer of barely visible light covered his body. The judges below the stage could not help but focus on what was happening. As for Tang Dou, he was caught off guard knowing that Lin Xuan was taking this attack head-on. He wanted to hold himself back, but at this moment, it was already too late for him to stop!

Everyone below the arena looked in shock at the scene of blood splattering on the ground. There were even people who had raised their hands and clenched their fists. They were ready to call the ICU immediately after they open their eyes.

The sound of metal colliding reverberated through the arena. Tang Dou slashed down with his saber effortlessly. It was a one-hit kill attack, but it somehow did not cause any damage to Lin Xuan

“What the f*ck is this”

“Does he have a metal body or something ! Does he have an SS grade titanium body!”

“It might not be his body. It could be a skill The Vajra Transformation skill”

“Are you st*pid His entire body is emitting a golden color. It cant be. I thought I was seeing things. Now, it seems like its not an illusion. If its not a skill, then it could be a cultivation technique!”

“Cultivation technique! Youre right, but I think it might be possible that he has a bloodline card as well!”

“No way, who would give a newly awakened freshman a cultivation technique or bloodline They must be crazy to do something like that.”

For a moment, the audience fell silent. Cultivation techniques and bloodlines were a little too ridiculous to think of. Everyone knew how rare these things were. Even if those aristocratic families had one or two pieces of stock, they wouldnt give them to a newly awakened freshman, that was an important trump card that would determine the survival of the familys future!

“Lets continue watching.”

The audience and Tang Dou were stunned. In his expectations, if he used the Dragging Blade technique, the opponent would definitely use his shield to defend. However, his opponent took the hit head-on without any hesitation and succeeded! This challenge seemed to be evenly matched.

Suddenly, Tang Dou felt a sudden pain in his right hand and his grip on his saber loosened. Taking advantage of this, Lin Xuan held his purple wooden shield and rushed forward. He struck Tang Dous head with his shield as quickly as he could!

He used Shield Strike to stun his opponent.

The referee quickly went up to pull Lin Xuan away, who had already won. He took a glance at Tang Dou, who was lying on the ground with his head bleeding. He couldnt bear to look at him, so he called the medical team to bring Tang Dou down to heal him. Then, he looked at Lin Xuan with a complicated expression.

Without a doubt, Lin Xuans defense talent level was still above Tang Dous S grade combater talent, and he definitely wasnt an S grade. At the very least, he would be at the bottom of SS grade. However, Tang Dou wasnt without an advantage. Cultivating for a year was his greatest advantage, even if he was being held back by a few A grade talents, it was not a lie that the training speed of the basic skills related to an S grade talent had been enhanced. After a year of learning, it was obvious that his Dragging Blade technique was refined to perfection!

Unfortunately, he was still suppressed by Lin Xuan without the slightest ability to resist!

“Let me say one more thing. Looking down on your defense talent is your own personal matter and has nothing to do with me. However, if anyone dares to say that in public again, just know that there are people like me out there listening. If you speak lowly of your defensive talent, it just means that you admit that youre trash.”

To be honest, Lin Xuan was very displeased. One by one, everyone looked down on their defensive talent. There was a problem with the current status quo. The guardians were doing their best to use their bodies to tank damage! Just because combaters battles were more gorgeous and exciting, it did not mean that it was better!


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