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Chapter 22: Trash

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So what is it about an S grade talent that wanted to work with 2 A grade talents for a year

Along the way, he heard rumors about the two that had just quarreled with each other.

Tang Dou was a high school student who had just entered his second year of high school. His father had died young, and his mother had fallen ill. If he had not heard that there was an Awakening Day on the first day, he would have dropped out of school long ago. Holding on to hope, he had been admitted to Dongning School. As expected, a year ago, he had become one of the few S grade students in the school.

On the day he became an S grade student, all the difficulties he faced were easily solved. His mother was admitted to the luxurious ward of Dongnings Hospital, and there was even a special nurse to take care of her, and all of this was because a classmate bought out his one-year trial team time. As long as Tang Dou didnt try to form a team with others, he would be given ten million on the spot!

Thus, this classmate was naturally bound to Tang Dou. He thought that one years time could completely change Tang Dou and let him completely match his rhythm. Unfortunately, one year later, today, Tang Dous contract expired, and he directly proposed to leave the team!

Lin Xuan took out a spirit fruit and wiped it on his clothes. Looking around, he noticed a few people rushing in the same direction. After taking a bite, he asked curiously.

“Where are they going”

“Where else other than the arena.”

The young man who was pulled back by Lin Xuan was rather impatient. However, when he saw the spirit fruit in Lin Xuans hand, he swallowed his saliva and replied casually.

All floors of the cultivation building had arenas. If there were people who wanted to spar with one another, they could go up and give it a try. If there were people who wanted to settle their grudges, they could also go up. Even if it was a life-and-death battle, it could still be carried out after a fair fight!

“Tang Dou, we are brothers. After a year of training, didnt you feel yourself get stronger In the final evaluation, we are already able to get B grade. If we work hard for a while longer, we will definitely be able to get an A grade.”

“No thanks. I was very grateful when you extended your hand to help me a year ago. However, I know that I could have grown more in one year. Zhang Xiwen, who is also an S grade, has already received three final A grade evaluations. I am already too far behind.”

Lin Quan slightly lowered his head, and a fierce glint flashed in his eyes.


Lin Quan naturally didnt want to let Tang Dou leave. Just as Tang Dou had said, a years worth of time was enough for an S grade talent student like him to obtain several A grade evaluations. As for an A grade talent student… only when the second year of high school was about to end would they be able to reach the edge of A grade. Their team was able to reach the edge of A grade so quickly because Tang Dou was strong enough to lead the team.

Moreover, Tang Dou himself looked like he had long thought about it. Before he spoke today, he didnt even show any intention of leaving the team. Lin Quan even thought that he had already used his own charisma to conquer Tang Dou, his father had proposed to renew his contract with Tang Dou several times, but he had rejected all of them. He did not expect that the clown would be himself.

He lowered his head and secretly hated himself for being naive. Then, he raised his head and put on a sad expression, “Tang Dou, it looks like I have indeed held you back for the past year. Its just that after a year of getting used to each other, even though you think that the few of us A graders are not worth it, we still wont acknowledge our status as trash. Me, Xiao Ming, and Xiao Tian, the three of us will fight you one-on-one. Ill prove to you that we can put up a fight!”

Lin Quans words on the stage were emotional, and the audience below the stage applauded and cheered. However, Lin Xuan could clearly see that many of them had looks of ridicule on their faces, and he could faintly hear some whispers.

“FHehe, for an A grade talent to insist on forming a team with an S grade talent, seems like a stretch doesnt it

“An... an A grade talent isnt bad either. Its just that people are mean and look down on others because of it…”


Alright, it seemed like there were quite a number of such cases. Lin Xuan couldnt help but recall that Li Zifei was also like this. Fortunately, he rejected it as soon as it came up.

The battle soon began, but it also ended very quickly.

Three A graders formed a three-man team. One for defense, one for offense, and one for support. It was a standard team. Two melee fighters were in the front, and the support was at the back. The triangular formation was set up, Lin Quan stared at the only S grade player on the other side.

At the start of the battle, Lin Quan was very clear about Tang Dous attack pattern. Although he wanted to change Tang Dous attack rhythm into his own, the truth was that he was gradually changing into Tang Dous instead. After a year of practice, one could tell that Tang Dou had been holding back.

Lin Quans entire body was wrapped in dark iron heavy armor, and he held a metal shield in his hand. At the instant the referee blew his whistle, he took large strides forward and swung his shield horizontally, wanting to stun Tang Dou with the opening shield. On the other hand, Xiao Tian, who had taken Tang Dous place, took a step forward with his saber, intending to launch an attack at the moment of the Shield Strike.

However, Tang Dous saber technique was even stronger. He took a side step and dodged the Shield Strike, killing Xiao Tian first. The two blades clashed in an instant. After a year of practicing together, the difference between an S grade and an A grade talent could be seen with the naked eye. It was only one slash and Xiao Tian was defeated, and the referee immediately moved to protect Xiao Tian from being injured.

Tang Dou had already expected this outcome. Taking advantage of Xiao Tians new defeat, Lin Quan did not have time to react. He charged forward and ran straight at Xiao Ming, who was supporting him from behind, without the protection of a guardian or combater, the support was now deemed useless.

The support was defeated without any surprise. At this moment, Lin Quan had just stopped his charging momentum and turned around.

“I lost.”

Facing the blade pointing at him, Lin Quan was dejected and unwilling. In the end, he faintly admitted his defeat.

Tang Dou seemed to want to say something, but in the end, his lips moved. He still did not say anything. At this point in time, everything he said would be wrong!

Turning around, Tang Dou exited. Lin Quan, who was behind him, seemed to have just come back to his senses. He suddenly knelt down on the stage and roared at the sky, “Why was I gifted a trash talent! Why! Why! Why!!”

Wearing his armor, he crazily smashed the metal shield in his hand onto the stage. The loud noise reverberated throughout the entire floor. The people below the stage ignored the craziness on the stage, and quite a number of people nodded.

“Is he… okay Hes right though…”

Lin Xuan did not know why, but he wanted to say something to refute their argument. Why Guardians were important when it came to being a tanker for their team members They were tasked to take damage so that the combater could deal more damage to their opponents. How dare someone say that guardians were trash! He was especially more annoyed that others agreed to such a statement as well.

“Why Do you never consider the fact that someone has to stand in front of you with a broken shield to protect your kind If you didnt have a guardian with you, youd be open to attacks, Just because you dont know how to utilize your talent doesnt mean that its trash! Being trash is different from being a competent guardian.”

“Who are you to say something like that Come here, you. Let me teach you a lesson today!”

The more Lin Xuan spoke, the angrier the other party got. He held the purple wooden shield and glared at the few who had just nodded. He was very arrogant.


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