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Chapter 21: Training Ground

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Lin Xuan looked at the time and noticed that it was still early. Plus, there were still a few fatigue points that he could spend on each of his two templates. He decided to stay and accept another mission to collect Kobold blood.

The Kobold was a type of wild monster. When they first learned that the Kobold had the bloodline of a giant dragon, everyone thought that it was a joke. It wasnt until someone encountered a Kobold who had awakened the dragon bloodline in a high-level dungeon did they take back their words.

The Kobold dragon bloodline warlocks and the Kobold Dragon bloodline swordmasters were extremely powerful. Their terrifying defense and terrifying attacks had once become a nightmare in dungeons!

It was precisely because their bloodlines had advanced to become incomparably powerful that the Kobolds in yellow rank dungeons were considered unlucky when met with. Countless research institutes wanted to purify the dragon bloodline in the Kobold bloodline and carry out a bloodline transplant. If it ever happened, humanity will change forever!

Unfortunately, until now, there had been no good progress.

[Entering the low level yellow rank dungeon — Kobolds Camp.]

This dungeon was big. It was composed of three parts. The mine, the camp, and the nearby forest. Each section was filled with Kobolds.

Although the Kobolds were weak, because they possessed the dragon bloodline, even if they had not been activated, they could still be ranked among the yellow rank wild monsters.

Lin Xuan did not care about that. He killed the Kobold in the mine first. Then, he killed the Kobolds in the nearby forest. He tied a wooden spear to a piece of polished stone to easily finish them off.

Finally, when Lin Xuan reached the camp, his blade and outfit were both stained with blood. It seemed a little fishy. In the camp, the old, the weak, women, and children of the Kobold screamed in fear. For a moment, the camp was in chaos, finally, a Kobold old man with a walking stick walked out.

Unfortunately, before it could say anything, it was killed by Lin Xuan with a single slash and dropped a ball of light. Then, the entire camp turned silent with only one person standing left.

[Your final evaluation for this dungeon — A.]

[Y you have obtained a low level yellow rank dungeons A grade clearance treasure chest. Please collect it from your personal card.]


Speaking of which, he had quite a few clearance treasure chests that he had yet to open that he kept putting off.

As for that ball of light, Lin Xuan took a look.

[Card: Fireball]

[Type: Skill]

[Level: Low level yellow rank]

[Description: Normal flame spell]

[Additional Note: Because you carried out a massacre operation on a Kobold camp and wreaked havoc, the Kobold Empire has listed you as their mortal enemy. They will not rest until you are dead. Moreover, the Dragon Bloodline Alliance will change your relationship to one of indifference. However, the Little Dragon Slayer Guild has extended an olive branch to you and has invited you to join their guild.]

To be honest, this was something Lin Xuan had never expected. After killing off a monster camp in a dungeon, dungeon information kept popping up. There were clear enemies, invites, and even rewards… holding a magic potion clock in his hand, Lin Xuan did not know whether to laugh or cry…

[The quest to collect the Kobolds blood has been completed. There are a number of Kobold slaves, a number of Kobold warriors, a Kobold priest, and a completed quest. Ability user points earned, 20,000, with an additional bonus of 200,000.]

[The Research Institute has sent you a message.]

[Reserach Institute: I am a researcher from the Research Institute. We are in urgent need of the Kobold priests blood for an experiment. You should know about the giant dragon bloodline extraction experiment. We are currently completing this great work. We will not take the blood of every Kobold priest for free. 100,000 for one portion. I hope that you will consider this an act of patriotism to the country.]

Lin Xuan was stunned for a moment before he realized that this was probably a scam! Sharing about a hidden mission related to scientific research as bait to lower the market price of the wanted item was a common trick that scammers used. No way will he ever fall for suck trickery!

He went to the bathroom to clean up the dirty blood on his body and finally felt a little more refreshed.

When Lin Xuan came out of the bathroom, it was only about four in the afternoon. The auction would only start at about nine in the evening. The time in between waiting would definitely not be wasted. He might as well go to the cultivation building to practice his skills!

Lin Xuan looked at the cultivation building in front of him that he had not spent much time in. Suddenly, his interest was piqued and he slowly made his way inside.

The first floor of the cultivation building was a super large gym. On the second floor, there was a super large indoor swimming pool, massage room, and sauna room. Even ordinary people could enter here to exercise.

On the third floor and above were the training grounds. The Ability User Guild provided all kinds of training equipment to facilitate the training of ability users. In addition to the ordinary training grounds, there was also a mimicry training ground that simulated the outside environment. That training room was the most recommended one since people could train in different harsh weathers.

Of course, not everyone could just train by themselves forever. Some people still needed teachers to teach them, so there were skill halls and dojos set up around as well.

The skill halls only taught individual skills, while the dojos were a series of moves that were taught systematically. Everyone could choose which to learn based on their needs.

Of course, this was also because there was no first place in literature and no second place in martial arts. The Ability User Guild had also prepared an arena and a referee in the cultivation building for everyone to resolve their grudges should they ever wish to do so.

Lin Xuan had only come to the training ground to practice his skills. In fact, regardless of whether it was Armor Manipulation or Basic Blade Skills, Lin Xuan felt that he had gained a lot every time he used them. Now, both of them were level 3. However, to be able to match his Basic Footwork, he was still at level 2. Even reaching level 2 was because of his innate talent, Ethereal Body.

In addition, his innate talent was really overpowering. It was directly attached to his personal card. Regardless of whether he changed the template card or not, his innate talent would still be effective!

In the reaction test room, Lin Xuan was training his defense and basic footwork. An hour later, he walked out drenched with sweat. It was really satisfying, he had never experienced high-end and sophisticated training equipment before. Unexpectedly, he had gained a lot from being here.

Armor Manipulation and Shield Strike were probably about to break through level 4 soon. As for Basic Footwork and Ethereal Body, he would work on them in the future…

“Tang Dou, wasnt our team doing well Why did you give up Tell me why!”

Just as Lin Xuan was about to take a rest, an untimely roar came from the side of the training ground. For a moment, everyone stopped in their tracks. Although their bodies were still training on the same spot, their ears and hearts were focused on the sudden noise. They were tuning in on the sudden drama!

“Why There isnt a reason for it. If a team isnt suitable, then you shouldnt force it!”

“Weve been together for a year plus. Now youre telling me that were not suitable for each other!”

“Thats why Ive been pulling Xiaotian along to train with us. He and I are both offensive positions, so hell more than enough to replace me.”

“Are you joking How can an S grade combater talent be compared to an A grade combater talent”

“Arent you one as well…”



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