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Almighty Sword Domain Chapter 30 - Fleeing

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Chapter 30 – Fleeing

Less than an hour after Yang Ye left with the white clothed woman, a bald middle aged man appeared by Bloodhands corpse. The bald man was over 40 years old, and his upper body was bare. His bare upper body and head were covered in tattoos of various strange symbols, and those symbols were actually wriggling slowly as if they were alive. It was extremely strange!

The bald man sized up the surroundings before finally looking at Bloodhands headless corpse at the side. As he gazed at Bloodhands corpse, the bald man shook his head while a wisp of a heavy expression floated up onto his face. He said in a low voice, “Bloodhand said his opponent was inflicted by the Blackblood Seal, yet why has Bloodhand died a miserable death Could it be that other experts of the Sword Sect appeared here”

When he spoke up to here, the bald man walked over to Bloodhands corpse, and he gazed at the holes on Bloodhands chest. The bald mans gaze focused when he noticed one of those holes, and he said in a low voice, “Three holes made by a sword, and they ought to have been inflicted by Fairy Su. As for that tiny sword qi at the side, it was probably not executed by Fairy Su.”

As he gazed at the tiny hole, the bald man went silent for a moment before he said, “The sword qi is superficial, not condensed, and messy. The person that executed this sword qi probably only possesses a strength at the First Heaven Realm!”

When he spoke up to here, the bald man instantly came to an understanding. Bloodhand hadnt perished at Fairy Sus hands, and he ought to have been killed by a fellow at the First Heaven Realm whod made a sudden appearance.

When he thought up to here, the bald man waved his right hand, and he tossed a Transmission Talisman into the air and said, “Bloodhand is dead, theres no need to rush over. Fairy Su had already been inflicted by the Blackblood Seal, and she has completely lost her cultivation. This is an opportunity. Blood Bale and Blood Sickle, head to Snake Forest to block the way. All the others at the First Heaven Realm, stop everything youre doing for now and search Nether Wolf Gorge and Death Abyss. She must not be allowed to return alive to the Sword Sect, otherwise, my sects plans will probably suffer some setbacks!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed and transformed into a black shadow that flashed towards the distance.


In the thick forest, Yang Ye carried the white clothed woman on his back as he dashed swiftly like a madman. Even though the woman on his back was like a cushion of softness, Yang Ye couldnt be bothered to think about this as he was only thinking about how to survive now.

Hed killed a member of the Ghost Sect, and he didnt believe that they would let him go. Moreover, based on Bloodhands strength, his help would definitely not be trash at all. Even if Bloodhands help was trash, that person would definitely not be someone he could go against.

However, he didnt regret his actions because Bloodhand wanted to kill him, so why couldnt he kill Bloodhand

“I sense an expert searching for us!” At this moment, the womans voice sounded out from behind him.

“Youve recovered your strength” Yang Ye was delighted in his heart. Hed carried the woman and fled because he was betting on the woman being able to recover her strength or if she had some help. After all, the Sword Sect was so close to here, and she ought to have already utilized some sort of secret technique to call for help.

“No!” The woman said indifferently, “The Blackblood Seal is a Divine Technique, and it was executed by Bloodhand after paying an extremely high price. Im utterly unable to recover without any external help! The reason I was able to sense this was because of my Divine Sense. Even though my strength had been sealed up, my Divine Sense is still working as normal!”

Yang Yes heart sank when he heard this, and then he said, “Have you called for help”


“Why” Yang Ye almost fell straight to the ground. He originally thought that shed already called for help, so even though he was slightly anxious, it wasnt to the extent that he would be terrified. But now....

“My entire cultivation is sealed, so how would I execute a secret technique to notify the Sword Sect”

When he heard this, Yang Ye hurriedly said, “Use a Transmission Talisman! Didnt Bloodhand utilize one”

“I dont have one!”

Yang Ye was speechless. He suddenly stopped moving, and then he flashed towards a different direction.

When she noticed Yang Ye was remaining silent, the woman said flatly, “Are you regretting taking me with you”

“Slightly!” Yang Ye replied honestly.

“Put me down here and flee on your own. Perhaps youll have a slight chance then!” Yang Ye was slightly tempted when he heard this, but he shook his head right after that. If she didnt die after he left her here, then with this womans strength and status in the Sword Sect, it would be he who would die. Moreover, he didnt believe that the members of the Ghost Sect would let him go. After all, hed killed someone from their sect that seemed to possess a high status.

“They wont let me go. So, youll suffer endless troubles if you bring me along with you!”

Yang Ye laughed bitterly and said, “After I leave you here and they kill you, would they just forget it and not come looking for trouble with me.”

The woman said, “Even though I dont know the exact cultivation of Bloodhands help, it probably isnt too difficult for that person to perceive that Bloodhand hadnt died at my hand. Moreover, Ive completely lost my cultivation, so it would be absolutely impossible for me to get so far. Perhaps, theyre already aware right now that someone brought me along and fled, and with the ruthless methods of the Ghost Sect, they wouldnt spare your life!”

“Exactly!” Yang Ye laughed bitterly and said, “Since they wont spare me, then bringing you along or leaving you behind makes no difference at all. Moreover, I feel slightly safer with you by my side!”

He was telling the truth. The womans strength was something hed witnessed with his own two eyes, and if she hadnt been careless, then how could he have had the chance to take advantage of the situation and finish Bloodhand off Perhaps there might still be a chance to turn the situation around with such an expert by his side! But no matter what, hed bet on her this time!

The woman went silent for a short moment and said, “Why arent you running towards Snake Forest and have changed directions instead You ought to be clearly aware that well only have a chance at survival once we return to the Sword Sect!”

“If you were Bloodhands help, what would be the first thing you thought of”

The woman went silent. If she was Bloodhands help, she would definitely stop the two of them on their path back to the sect. When she thought up to here, the woman lowered her head to glance at Yang Ye, and her eyes revealed a wisp of praise. At such a young age, not only does he possess the gold element Profound Energy of legend, his strength and intelligence are extremely extraordinary as well. If the Sword Sect fosters him with all its might for a few years, then perhaps hell be able to enter southern territorys Ascension Rankings! No one within the Sword Sect has entered the Ascension Rankings for a few decades!

At this moment, Yang Ye really wished he had the little fellows ability. If he possessed the little fellows speed, then would he even be afraid of the useless Ghost Sects pursuit

After dashing madly for almost four hours, Yang Ye was finally slightly exhausted, and he brought the white clothed woman along to hide within a thick tree.

As he gazed at the womans exquisite and flawless face, Yang Yes heartbeat betrayed him and sped up. He forcefully suppressed that sort of strange feeling in his heart and said in a low voice, “Continuing to run like this without any objective will get us nowhere. Once this goes on for long, well definitely be captured. Do you have any ideas”

“No!” The womans words were simple and direct.

Yang Yes face twitched, and he was almost angered to the point of spitting blood. He said, “Please, your strength is so formidable, yet could it be that you dont have any thoughts or ideas”

The woman glanced indifferently at Yang Ye and said, “Take me back to the Sword Sect, and then Ill bring others with me to annihilate them. Thats all I can come up with!”

Yang Ye was speechless, and he thought in his heart. I want to bring you back to the Sword Sect as well! But is that even possible There are definitely experts waiting on the way back to the Sword Sect, and well be giving our lives away by going there!

“You possess five element Profound Energy, why havent I heard of your name in the Sword Sect” The woman revealed a wisp of curiosity and interest from her eyes.

“Im a Labor Disciple.” Yang Ye had an Energy Stone in his hand and was absorbing the energy within it, and he answered casually when he heard the womans question.

“A Labor Disciple” The womans beautiful brows knit together as she said, “How could that be possible Even though your cultivation is low, your strength isnt low at all. Moreover, you possess gold element Profound Energy. How could you possibly be a Labor Disciple”

“Is it a huge glory to be a Labor Disciple Do I have any reason to pretend to be one” Yang Ye spoke angrily. Because at this moment, this woman before him actually had the mood to discuss these random questions with him. Could it be that she doesnt know there are one or even a few formidable fellows pursuing us

The woman went silent for a short while, and then she seemed to have thought of something. Her beautiful face turned cold as she said, “If an Outer Court Elder of the Sword Sect is trying to suppress your growth, then dont worry. If were able to return, Ill personally investigate this matter, and no matter who it was, Ill absolutely not forgive anyone that dares to try and suppress a genius with potential!”

Yang Ye was shocked in his heart. This womans status in the Sword Sect is absolutely not low!

Right when he was about to ask about her background, the woman suddenly turned to look towards the distance before she said in a low voice, “More than one First Heaven Realm experts are coming towards us, and theyre from the Ghost Sect!”

Yang Ye swiftly stood up when he heard this, and he didnt hesitate at all to carry the woman on his back. After that, he leaped down from the tree and flashed towards the distance.

As he ran madly, Yang Ye asked. “If I have a Transmission Talisman, would you be able to utilize it to notify the experts of the Sword Sect”

The woman was stunned, and then she said, “Yes. However, it has to at least be a mid-grade talisman. Do you have one”

“Not for now!”



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