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Chapter 2366 – Feeding with Blood!


Sword cultivators cultivated the heart, and they severed ties.

Because they refused to allow any ties to bind their hearts.

After all, how could they reach the peak of the Sword Dao if their hearts were bound

Since the ancient times, which expert hadnt severed his or her ties to the mortal world to attain the supreme Grand Dao

Thus, many sword cultivators ceaselessly severed their ties to everything on their path.

Every one they severed made their Sword Daos stronger!

Undeniably, it was a path in the Sword Dao, and it couldnt be considered to be wrong.

But Yang Ye was taking a different path.

Ties As far as he was concerned, they were part of his Sword Dao.

Every one of them was a little more responsibility to him, and every additional piece of responsibility meant that he had to grow stronger.

Ties were his Sword Dao and his motivation to grow stronger!

“Were here!” Suddenly, Nanli Mengs voice resounded.

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and looked over.

At this moment, they had left the territory of the Northern Continent.


They vanished on the spot and appeared in the clouds.

Yang Ye asked, “Were in Eternal Border”

Nanli Meng nodded, “Dont tell me those people of Eternal Border dont know where I am.”

She smiled, “They definitely were aware before this, but not anymore.”

She withdrew a small rock as she spoke, “Do you know what this is A Heaven Secret Stone.

It can conceal you from the heavens, so no one can use any means to locate you.

Of course, its a little exaggerated, and nothing is absolute.

In short, youre safe for now, and no one can locate you.

Huh You seem like you want it No problem, Ill sell it to you for one Divine Treasure.

Hey! Hey! Dont go! Pseudo Divine Treasures work too! Hey! We can discuss this...”

Around 10 minutes later, Nanli Meng led him to a boundless mountain range, and its size exceeded his imagination.

It was huge!

Absolutely huge!

Even with his field of vision that could see almost 500,000km away, he still couldnt see anything beyond an endless mountain range!

Nanli Meng pointed to the left, “If you go all the way to the end in that direction, youll reach a mountain range.

Go past it to arrive at the Eternal River, and go past the Eternal River and destroy the walls between universes to enter the Eternal Universe.

Countless people, Sprites, demons, and experts have their lifetime goal set beyond the Eternal River.

And the greatest cemetery of this world isnt the Primal Battlefield or any other place, its the Eternal River.

The remains of experts are everywhere over there!”

She gazed at Yang Ye and smiled, “Want to go have a look”

Yang Ye glanced in that direction and said, “Why do so many wish to enter the Eternal Universe I think this world isnt bad at all.”

Nanli Meng smiled, “In the mortal world, the poor want money.

Why do you think they want to make money Because they want to live better lives, and they want to enter the ranks of the wealthy.

As for the wealthy, they have money, but they still work hard to earn more.

Because they want to go higher.

The Eternal Universe is where the wealthy are, and we are the poor.”

Yang Ye spoke indifferently, “Since were at different levels, why forcefully try to join them”

“Youre talking nonsense!” Nanli Meng rolled her eyes at him, “Its because youre richer than anyone.

Do any powers in the Eternal Dimension have a Sprite Progenitor Does anyone have a Sprite Progenitor and Primordial Violet Energy Not only that, you have a pile of Divine Treasures and Pseudo Divine Treasures.

Tell me, what do you lack Spirit energy With that little fellow by your side, you have an endless supply of spirit energy.

Treasures You have no less than three Divine Treasures now, right Moreover, youll get even more with her by your side.”

Nanli Meng glanced at him and continued, “Youre so calm because youre even richer than the people in the Eternal Dimension.

As far as youre concerned, all of them are poor too! So, of course you disdain to go there!”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Nanli Meng shook her head, “Forget that, it just makes my heart hurt.

Lets go and see if we can seize this opportunity to make a fortune in the Primal Battlefield.”

Once she finished speaking, she transformed into a ray of white light that vanished into the distance.

Yang Ye gazed at Snowy who was on his shoulder, “Are we very wealthy”

Snowy blinked, thought for a moment, and then shook her head while waving her paws.

Yang Ye understood what she meant.

She meant that they were very poor.

What was being wealthy in Snowys world In any case, as far as she was concerned, it took many, many Divine Treasures, so many to the point they were impossible to count, and that only made them barely wealthy.

Yang Ye sighed softly, “Luckily, that woman left already.

Otherwise, shell probably die from heart pain if she understands you!”

Yang Ye chuckled and vanished into the sky with Snowy in his arms.

Two hours later, Yang Ye and Nanli Meng finally left the mountain range, and there was a door at the end of it.

A door that was over 3km tall and wide.

There were countless cracks above the door, and a huge mark from a sword at its center.

Nanli Meng spoke softly, “There used to be a very, very powerful restriction there, and it was something those few powers set up together.

Even a Limitbreaker Realm expert wouldnt be able to break through it, and only the secret tokens they have would be able to open it.

However, that sword cultivator broke open the restriction.

If he didnt use any external sources of strength, then his strength is really quite terrifying!”

She glanced at the surroundings and tapped the door.


The door opened, and then she grabbed Yang Yes shoulder and flashed inside.

Right after they entered, a few auras suddenly appeared.

However, something flew out of the door.

It was a ball of light that emanated seven-colored light.

A Divine Treasure!

At the same time, a voice came from within the door, “I want to try my luck, so please give me this chance.

Please accept my kind intentions!”

A few moments of silence ensued, and then the Divine Treasure vanished.

At the same time, a voice resounded, “Miss Meng, be careful.

Dont go too far south!”

The door closed slowly.

On the other side of the door, in a forest, Yang Ye and Nanli Meng were walking side by side.

Nanli Meng smiled, “See that Money can do anything.”

Yang Ye replied indifferently, “I thought you were great enough to get through.

I didnt expect you to have to pay with a Divine Treasure!”

Nanli Meng shook her head, “Thats what you dont understand.

I can just use force, and they wont be able to do anything to me.

However, as time passes, would anyone still be willing to do business with me Reputation is the most important thing to business people.

Moreover, a Divine Treasure wont just buy me a way in, itll buy me a way out.

Trust me, if I encounter any trouble here, so long as it isnt really huge trouble, those fellows would be happy to come help me.

Its because they know I wont make them help me for free!”

She patted Yang Ye on the shoulder, “Its a way to deal with things in the world, and you can learn it.

Knowing how to be tactful is never a bad thing!”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and nodded, “I see!”

Nanli Meng glanced at Yang Ye and said, “They say youre a madman who loves to kill, but I noticed that besides your bad temper, youre not very difficult to get along with.

Sigh, in the end, its because of that little fellow...”

Suddenly, Snowy stared at Nanli Meng, and an ethereal axe had appeared in her grasp.

Snowy waved the axe repeatedly while staring at Nanli Meng.

It was like she was saying—Go on, continue!

Obviously, shed learned that from Yang Ye!

Nanli Meng chuckled and didnt say anything.

She still had to give the little fellow some face.

After all, she didnt want to offend her or she would have a really depressing time in this place.

Suddenly, Snowy looked toward the side, and Nanli Mengs eyes instantly lit up from the sight of this.

She immediately started staring at Snowy without blinking.

A short while passed before Snowy withdrew her gaze.

She glanced at Nanli Meng, and then bent down to whisper something in Yang Yes ears.

Nanli Mengs face immediately darkened.

Is the little fellow that vengeful

Meanwhile, Yang Ye gazed in the direction that Snowy had gazed just moments ago, “Theres danger there, but there are treasures too.”

Nanli Meng asked, “How dangerous”

Yang Ye replied softly, “Very.”

She smiled, “Thats very normal.

Fortune is always accompanied by danger.

Come, lets go have a look and see whats over there!”

She sped up once she finished speaking.

Yang Ye thought for a moment and followed her.

No wealth was obtained without risk!

Theyd unconsciously forgotten something, and it was the direction that the expert outside had told them not to, the south!

All along the way, they had vigilant expressions on their faces, even Nanli Meng.

Even she didnt dare to be careless in this place.

A long time later, they finally stopped, and a river was before them.

It was over 100m wide, and they couldnt see the ends of the river on either side.

Both of them fell silent at the sight of it.

A river of blood!

It wasnt water that filled the river but blood!

Suddenly, Yang Yes figure shook, and then a blood red saber flashed out of him before entering the river.


The entire river started boiling!

Moreover, the Sword Precursor suddenly left him and entered the river too.

In an instant, countless streams of blood surged toward the Sword Precursor and Invincible.

In the river, Invincible was still a saber, but the Sword Precursor had returned to human form.

She bathed within the river and allowed endless blood to surge toward her!

Meanwhile, her gaze was on Yang Ye!

The Sword Spirit!

The Sword Spirit whod become a sword of slaughter for him.

What was the greatest pain for a sword It was to be unable to keep up with its master.

Yang Ye gazed at her, and then he suddenly stretched out his hand.

A moment later, a ray of cold light flashed at his wrist.

In an instant, countless strands of blood shot out of his wrist and surged toward her.

Nanli Mengs eyes narrowed, “Feeding his sword with his own blood!”

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