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Chapter 2687 - 2687 Killing Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings

2687 Killing Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings

But the people who saw this scene from below were absolutely stupefied.

Although Ling Han had once knocked back a Ninth Heaven Celestial King with a single strike, it was possible that that Celestial King had been careless, and had not gone all out.

However, the current situation was different.

Everyone already knew how freakish Ling Han was, and yet the opponent was still injured by a single strike from Ling Han, which meant that Ling Hans strength was insane.

However, the 30-odd Celestial Kings had already caught up and surrounded him.

“Its over now.

Having fallen into this encirclement, its impossible for Ling Han to escape.”


“Unless he is a Pseudo-Heavenly Venerate!”

10 Celestial Kings at the peak of the Ninth Heaven could only take on a Pseudo-Heavenly Venerate and just barely manage a tie, but if one really wanted to bury a Pseudo-Heavenly Venerate, it would be completely impossible to do so without 100 or so Celestial Kings at the peak of the Ninth Heaven.

Hence, it would have been naturally easy for a Pseudo-Heavenly Venerate to break through such a siege.

But in Ling Hans case

It was impossible no matter what.

“Unless the two lords in charge of the martial academy take action.”

“Thats impossible.

These Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings dare to take action publicly; obviously they must have already given them prior notice.”

“As long as they dont seriously injure Ling Han.”

Below them, Yun Aokong and the other young people kept sneering, expressing delight as they were finally going to see the devil who tortured them pay the price.

Amu, Du Shiyi, and Can Yue looked at each other, and all of them frowned slightly.

They were thinking, how would they resolve such a predicament if it were them Confronting the enemies forcefully would definitely lead to adverse consequences; even if one could kill off a few Celestial Kings, one would eventually be overwhelmed.

What was Ling Han to do


With a loud battle cry, he fought wildly without any reservations.

Reckless, too reckless! Wasnt this accelerating his defeat


All the Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings launched their attacks together, the Regulations circulated dazzlingly, and the Regulations of the Great Dao exploded with such monstrous power that even a Pseudo-Heavenly Venerate would probably frown, right

Ling Han threw punches to counter the attacks, but there were too many attacks.

Some of the attacks were neutralized by him, while some were not, and they hit him.

However, a terrifying scene appeared.

These attacks that hit Ling Hans body splattered into brilliant rays of light, but they couldnt break through his defense.


All the Celestial Kings were stunned.

This was mind-blowing—what kind of defense did this brat possess It was practically supernatural.

Indestructible Celestial King Physique!

Having cultivated such a physique, even if all the Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings blasted him together, it still wouldnt cause any wounds.

Only a Pseudo-Heavenly Venerate could cause damage to this kind of physique.

So, what did Ling Han have to fear

He rampaged through the group of Celestial Kings and launched attacks arbitrarily; he didnt need to be concerned about defense at all.

Below, everyone who was witnessing all this was dumbstruck.

He actually possessed such a supernatural physique Perhaps it wouldnt lack by much even when compared to Heavenborns.

Perhaps the defense of Heavenborn would be slightly stronger, but the question was, would the battle prowess of Heavenborn be able to tear through Ling Hans defense

It was fine as long as it was useful enough.

Ling Han shouted and punched furiously with both fists.

Not only were these forces unappreciative of his contributions, they even blamed him for the destruction of the Celestial King Graveyard.

This made him extremely angry.

In his opinion, these people ought to be thrown into the Realm Battlefield, and fend for themselves or perish on their own.

Well then, let him clean them up now!

Ling Han delivered blows without any qualms.

Within just 30 minutes, more than a dozen Celestial Kings were injured by him.

However, as Ling Han couldnt keep channeling the Nine Transformations Divine Scroll or the Five Elements Lightning Technique all the time, these Celestial Kings were only slightly injured.

He wasnt very satisfied.

He had originally planned to kill a few of them.

However, such battle prowess stunned each and every one of them.

Was Ling Han a Pseudo-Heavenly Venerate

Being besieged by more than 30 Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings, not only was he not suppressed, he injured more than a dozen Celestial Kings instead.

There was no one else with such battle prowess.

“Unleash your ultimate technique!” Those Celestial Kings flew into rage due to humiliation, and felt that their faces were hot with embarrassment.

The fact that so many Celestial Kings had joined forces to besiege an Eighth Heaven Celestial King already made them lose face, and they were even injured by their opponent.

In the future, how could any of them be able to hold their head high

A dozen or more Celestial Kings continued to tie up Ling Han, and the other Celestial Kings began launching ultimate attacks to destroy Ling Han in one fell swoop.

This was a shameless move, but very effective.

A dozen or more Celestial Kings could detain even a Pseudo-Heavenly Venerate, so of course they could block Ling Han as well.

Therefore, Ling Han could only look helplessly at those Celestial Kings launching powerful attacks, but could do nothing at all to stop them.

“Subdue him!”

Seven Celestial Kings took the lead in gathering power, and blasted out terrifying attacks.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

More Celestial Kings launched powerful attacks to suppress Ling Han.

The endless radiance shone brightly and dispersed in a dazzling manner, like beautiful fireworks, but all the people watching the battle were thinking the same thing: such a fierce attack had better not kill Ling Han, as that would be a big problem, and the Lin Clan might appear.

What kind of existence was the Lin Clan With a Seventh Tier Heavenly Venerate in charge, even if Lin Luo would not appear personally, Zhou Heng, Lin Xiaoyang, or Chu Hao could just walk out and defeat 99% of the Genesis World.

Who could afford to provoke them

The radiance of the attacks dissipated, and what could be seen in the center of the battle zone was a streak of golden light transforming into a spherical shape.

Ling Han!

He had activated the Indestructible Heavens Scroll, and directly blocked the powerful attacks of the Celestial Kings.

He was practically unscathed.

He was still injured; there were wounds on his arms and lower abdomen, but they were only minor injuries.

After all, there were about 30 Celestial Kings at the peak of the Ninth Heaven who had blasted powerful attacks simultaneously, so even Indestructible Heavens Scroll wasnt able to prevent him from getting any injury.

However, such injuries were naturally trivial, and it was impossible for them to affect his battle prowess.

They had to be seeing things!

All the Celestial Kings were numb with shock.

Such defensive power practically made them feel hopeless—there was absolutely no solution.

Ling Hans killing intent was blazing, and he finally took out the Divine Demon Sword.

If he wanted to break through the defenses of these Celestial Kings and start killing them, it was absolutely impossible to do it with just his own strength.

Then he would use the most supreme precious Tool.

“Hahaha!” When they saw Ling Han taking out such a weapon, all the Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings laughed out loud.

‘Did you take out something so tattered just for the fun of it

They had not used any Celestial Tool.

Firstly, it was because Divine Metal was rare, and it was not possible that every single person could obtain a piece.

Secondly, they wanted to capture Ling Han, so they naturally would not use any Celestial Tools.

Otherwise, it was possible that he would be killed or injured severely, which wasnt their original intention.

Just now, they were shocked because all their powerful attacks were blocked by Ling Han, but now they were laughing hilariously.

Ling Han also laughed.

Now these people were laughing, but they would be crying later.

He took a step.

His Body Art exploded, and his speed was so great he was already in front of one person.

He slashed out with his sword.

Now all these Celestial Kings knew that his Body Art was amazing, so they moved in groups of two.

When one person was being attacked, the other person would help to cope with it.

Hence, two great Celestial Kings simultaneously sent out attacks to counter Ling Han.


Cold light dazzled, and the Nine Heavens shook.

Although the two Celestial Kings had blasted out their attacks, in the midst of the swirling of the cold light, they were undoubtedly cut in half.

Slashed at the waist like they were nothing.

Th-th-this… What was going on here

Even if the tattered and broken sword was a Celestial Tool, Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings also stood at the peak of the Regulations.

With them entwined in Great Dao, not even a Celestial Tool could kill them.

But with one slash, both Celestial Kings were cut in half.

This was too ridiculous, wasnt it

After a long time, someone finally stuttered with great difficulty, “Heavenly… Heavenly Venerate Tool!”

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