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The day before the honeymoon, Wen Yuan left school early and planned to go to the company to surprise the man.

However, when he arrived at the presidents office on the top floor, he was told by the secretary that Qi Jinran had left work early.

It seemed that he had some personal business to deal with.

Wen Yuan was a little puzzled.

If Qi Jinran didnt go home, he would definitely tell him what he was doing in advance.

He never seemed to hear Jinran talk about the private affairs in the secretarys mouth, so where did the man go

Wen Yuan had to call Zhuang Jie to ask, but the other party hesitated, and it took him a long time to tell him the truth.

“Say, whats the name of the entertainment company he went to” Wen Yuan seemed to have some impression of the name of the building mentioned by Zhuang Jie.

He remembered that it seemed to be the entertainment company that Zhou Yunqing entered.

Jinran went to find Zhou Yunqing Is it because of the hot search thing

Wen Yuans heard was a little uneasy.

He didnt know what Qi Jinran would do with Zhou Yunqing.

What if the two get in a fight Jinrans legs are inconvenient, if there is a fight…

The more Wen Yuan thought about it, the more worried he became, so he quickly asked the driver to drive him downstairs to the entertainment company.

Zhuang Jie gave him the address of the cafe.

It was a private cafe with good privacy.

Wen Yuan managed to find the cafe hidden in a bamboo forest, but was told by the boss that he could not go in without an appointment.

Wen Yuan had to wait outside.

Fortunately, the familiar black Maybach was parked in the yard.

He was relieved to know Qi Jinran was here.

He sat on a white rattan chair in the yard and looked at roses next to him in a daze.

But he didnt know that a person by the floor-to-ceiling window on the second floor saw him as soon as he lowered his eyes.

Qi Jinran looked away from the window and turned to the handsome man across from him.


Zhou, I think Ive made it very clear.

If you bring up these old things again, I dont mind turning them over and showing your fans what a vile and selfish person you are.”

Zhou Yunqing sipped his coffee, and a hint of coldness appeared in his eyes.


Qi, are you threatening me Does Wen Yuan know that you are modest and polite on the surface, but you are actually a vile and selfish person at your core, and secretly threatening a rival in love Or… is Mr.

Qis concern because you dont have self-confidence, so you choose to use this kind of sleazy method”

Qi Jinran was not unfazed.

His eyes were calm, and he stirred the coffee in the cup with a spoon.

“Zhou Yunqing, I think you should be very clear that as long as I want, I can make you unable to stay in the entertainment industry.

This is called a threat.

Its just that I dont want to use those means, and its not worth it to use those methods against a small player like you.”

“Am I insignificant” Zhou Yunqing sneered.

“Since I am so insignificant, why did Mr.

Qi come here to meet me in person You say that if Wen Yuan knew what happened today, what do you think hed think”

“You and Wen Yuan are already in the past.

Zhou Yunqing dont be immersed in the beauty of the past, and refuse to recognize reality.

I am the one who will be with Wen Yuan for the rest of his life.

It was you who let him down, and pushed him to my side.

Why do you have to forcefully create an image of unforgettable old love You will only make people feel sick.”

Zhou Yunqing was enraged, and raised his voice.

“What about the past Ive been with Wen Yuan for three years, how long have you been with him Its less than a year.

Why do you think your relationship is better than our previous relationship Is it stronger”

Qi Jinran suddenly smiled, he took out his mobile phone and called Wen Yuan.

Turning on the speakerphone, he placed it on the glass table.

“Jinran, what are you doing in the cafe Why didnt you come home after work Werent we going on our honeymoon tomorrow, have you forgotten about this” Wen Yuans voice was a little sullen.

Hearing Wen Yuans voice, Zhou Yunqings face suddenly became very ugly.

Even when he was with Wen Yuan before, the other party would not speak to him in such a coquettish tone.

Its enough to show how attached Wen Yuan is to Qi Jinran.

“Im upstairs, Ive seen you.

You wait, Ill come down right away.”

The glass on the second floor is one-way glass, so only the people inside can see the people outside.

When Wen Yuan raised his head, he couldnt see whats on the second floor.

He narrowed his eyes and tried his best to look into the glass house on the second floor, which was covered with green trees, but still couldnt see anything, and had no choice but to give up.

“Okay, then when youre done, hurry down.

Ill wait for you in the yard.”

Hanging up the phone, Qi Jinran put his hands on his knees, with a hint of mockery in his eyes, and looked at Zhou Yunqing opposite.

“Do you still think I would be afraid that Wen Yuan would know about this I can also call him up, but I dont think hell want to see you.

Zhou Yunqing, I dont want to make things too ugly because of your previous relationship with Wen Yuan.

You should have some self-respect.”

Zhou Yunqings face was extremely pale as he sat there and watched Qi Jinran leave the box.

He walked in front of the glass and looked out the courtyard.

Wen Yuan was sitting on the chair clutching his phone, his face full of anticipation.

As soon as Qi Jinran walked out, a bright smile appeared on his face, and he greeted him with a smile.

The admiration and joy was overflowing.

He watched Wen Yuan hold Qi Jinrans hand, and the man took his palm instead and kissed the boys mouth.

The two held hands and walked out of the small courtyard full of pink roses together.

That scene deeply hurt his heart, and it also made him realize very clearly that he and Wen Yuan were no longer possible.

The only person Wen Yuan loves wholeheartedly now is Qi Jinran, and in Wen Yuans eyes, he is nothing, not even a passerby.

He sat alone in the box until it got dark, smoked a whole pack of cigarettes, and finally he deleted everything about Wen Yuan on the phone with red eyes.


“Who did you go to see just now So mysterious” Wen Yuan asked Qi Jinran after getting in the car.

“Im afraid youll get angry if you say it.”

“You havent said, so how do you know Im going to be angry” Wen Yuan narrowed his eyes, stared at him seriously, and suddenly thought of something.

“You didnt go and see Zhou Yunqing”

Qi Jinrans eyes flashed and he nodded.

“Hes a big idiot.

You dont need to go to him.

Next time he messes with me like this, Ill just beat him up.”

Qi Jinran smiled.

“Dont worry, he will never provoke you again.”

Wen Yuan was suddenly curious, and leaned into his ear and asked, “What did you tell him Did you threaten to block and kill him, and he was scared sh*tless, and promised never to miss with you again”

Qi Jinran blinked uncomfortably.

“In a society ruled by law now, I wouldnt do such a thing.”

Wen Yuan looked disappointed.

“Then something boring I even thought you two discussed something.

If I saw him, I would definitely beat him up.”

Stuck between laughter and tears, Qi Jinran wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed him on the forehead.

“Okay, lets not talk about these bad things.

We have to go back and pack our thing for Europe tomorrow.”

“By the way, does the hotel we live in Europe have baking equipment I opened a short video account.

I promised the fans to live broadcast making desserts.” After being inspired by Suzhou two days ago, Wen Yuan has been tinkering with his live broadcast account.

Later, Suzhou made two short videos for him, which he uploaded to his account, and accumulated more than one million fans in just a few days.

“A toaster oven is definitely available, but the ingredients you need may not be available.

You can make a list first, and I will let the housekeeper over there arrange it.

Local procurement is very convenient.” Qi Jinran said.

“Okay, then Ill list it for you when I go back.”

The two of them got up early the next day, went to the airport, and departed on their first honeymoon.

Wen Yuan was extremely excited, and everything felt particularly beautiful.

The sky is pure blue, and the clouds are white like cotton candy, which is even tighter.

As for Qi Jinran, not to mention, no matter where he goes, the man is like a light source that emits light automatically, and his eyes are completely drawn to him involuntarily.

This kind of strong and abundant love, stirring in his chest, like a flame that will never burn out, gave him hope and motivation to wake up every day.

Before meeting Qi Jinran, Wen Yuan never thought that he would love someone so deeply, and he could also feel that Qi Jinran had the same feelings for him.

It took more than ten hours to fly to Germany, and Wen Yuan couldnt sit still.

He ate, read, and played games for a while.

On the other hand, Qi Jinran was calm and composed, just like on a business trip, apart from reminding him from time to time to put on a blanket and be careful not to catch a cold.

When they left the airport, Wen Yuan met a few Chinese people who came to Germany for fun.

Two of them were even his fans.

“Oh my god, Wen Yuan! Seeing you here, are you on your honeymoon with your husband”

Wen Yuan smiled and nodded.

“Your husband is so handsome! A perfect match!!” The fans couldnt be more excited.

“Thank you! You are also very beautiful!”

Qi Jinran was afraid that he would chat with the fans endlessly, so he put his hat on his head and patted his head.

“Lets go, the driver has arrived.”

The two are staying in a small town near Neuschwanstein Castle.

Theyll rest for a night, and the driver will drive to Neuschwanstein Castle the next morning.

The scenery along the road is very charming.

Large lawns and rolling hills coming out as if they were in a real fairy tale.

The closer they got to Neuschwanstein Castle, the more clear the precipitous outline of the Alps.

Wen Yuan was stunned to see the beautiful scenery along the way.

He was pasted against the car window the whole time, staring out of the window without blinking.

“My god, Jinran, this place is so beautiful!”

“If you like, we can come here every year for vacation.”

Wen Yuan nodded vigorously, and when he arrived at the foot of Neuschwanstein Castle, he bought a few postcards, intending to send them back home.

A tour guide fluent in German and Chinese brought them up the mountain and explained things for them.

When they arrived at Neuschwanstein Castle, the tour guide automatically stepped aside and let them sightsee by themselves.

Just seeing the Neuschwanstein Castle from the bottom of the mountain is already very shocking.

The whole castle shone in the autumn sun.

In the distance, there are endless lakes and rolling greens.

Colorful paragliders drifted in the sky, and the classical castle with white walls hidden in the middle of the mountains and forests, was like a huge and bright gem lost in the world.

Wen Yuan saw the most beautiful side of Neuschwanstein Castle on the suspension bridge.

Standing above the dark green forest, the outline of the entire castle was completely revealed.

The gray-black spire, the white exterior walls, and the small windows with a very classical style, everything was as beautiful as in a fairy tale.

There was wind blowing, making the suspension bridge sway.

Busy taking pictures, Wen Yuans center of gravity was unsteady, but before he fell, a hand firmly clasped his waist.

“Are you silly from watching the castle” Qi Jinrans voice sounded in his ears.


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