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Two days later, the video edited by Suzhou was launched.

She first posted a long video to test the water at station B, and the response was not bad.

In response to the audiences comments, Suzhou released a refined and short video on a short video platform.

Her account originally had a few thousand fans, and all she posted were some videos of food tours.

After the video of making snowflakes was posted, many fans asked when her cooking skills became so high.

Suzhou answered enthusiastically that it wasnt her, but a little brother1little older brother/gege in their dessert shop.

Fans expressed that the younger brother has a good voice and clamored to see his face.

Suzhou had secretly photographed a few profiles of Wen Yuan making desserts.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, she edited the video again and replaced the cover with a profile photo of Wen Yuan.

The original video only had tens of thousands of views.

After she changed the cover, the traffic skyrocketed instantly, and it reached hundreds of thousands of views in just a few hours.

When fans saw that the little brother who was cooking was so handsome, all of them were asking where the little brother came from.

Suzhou sent the video to Wen Yuan, and said with a smile, “Senior, Ill just say, its better to show faces.

Look, dont you have traffic right away”

With the reminder Wen Yuan suddenly remembered the hundreds of thousands of followers on his Weibo, and reposted the two videos on Weibo.

He also recommended the dessert shops signature cheesecake.

Not long after those two videos became popular, the dessert shop was overcrowded in the afternoon, crowded with fans who came to check it out.

Zhang Huaite didnt expect that the two food videos would attract so many guests.

He and Chen Xingyu were so busy with work in both the front and back kitchen.

Fans who came to the store were even more excited when they saw that the store manager was actually a handsome mixed-race guy, and posted various photos on Weibo.

“God, what kind of fairy dessert shop is this!! The manager is a super handsome guy, all the desserts are very delicious, and they are completely worth the price.”

“Am I the only one who thinks the little brother chef is also very handsome I originally wanted to see Senior Wen Yuan.

Although I didnt see him, it was worth seeing these two handsome guys.”

“Recommend sisters to come try this dessert shop.

Its not that kind of internet celebrity dessert shop, its really conscientious.

The cheesecake tastes super rich, much better than the shop opposite to them.”

“Im angry thinking about the shop opposite them, obviously it was senior and them who opened their store first, and they copied them after seeing their business was good.

When senior and them come out with new products, the other side will also put out low-level imitations.

They look nice, but it tastes bad.

Really cheap.”

“Yes, yes, the copycats are too low, even their decorations! Everyone, please dont go to that copycat shop!”

“God, the secret dessert shop I went to before turned out to be popular.

This store has always been the best in my heart, no matter the decoration environment nor the taste.

But business didnt seem to be very good some time ago, and I felt sorry for the store manager.

I didnt expect it to be doing better now, which is great.”

Seeing these comments made Wen Yuan a lot more at ease.

Although he didnt have time to go to the dessert shop every day, he would talk to Zhang Huaite and the others every day to inquire about the shops operations.

“I was thinking that we could make a special takeout window.

Now that there are too many people in the store, they cant even sit down.

We can make several desserts that are quicker and easier to pack, similar to cheesecake.

Prepare enough in advance, and they can be packaged directly when customers come to buy them,” Zhang Huaite suggested.

Wen Yuan also agreed with this suggestion.

“But do we have enough people in our store Do we have to find two more people”

“Im already looking for people.

Fortunately, our store is very famous now, and many people have submitted their resumes, so it should be easy.”

After discussing with Zhang Huaite about the details of making take-out desserts, it was already dark.

Wen Yuan closed the computer and went home to talk to Qi Jinran about adding a takeaway window.

Qi Jinran nodded, turned over the previous design drawings, and drew a window on it for Wen Yuan to see.

“This small balcony is suitable for use as a window, just remove the table inside.

There is enough space for queuing here, and it will not affect the customers at the front.”

Qi Jinrans suggestion was very thoughtful.

Wen Yuan immediately sent the revised design to Zhang Huaite, who of course readily agreed.

“Your video of making mango cake has been forwarded more than 5,000 times.

You can see for yourself what happened.” Zhang Huaite suddenly said.

Wen Yuans heart skipped a beat, he remembered that the video was only retweeted several hundred times before.

Because the video of making mango cake is relatively long, it takes patience to watch it, so it wasnt as popular.

Why are there so many retweets all of a sudden

Confused, he logged into Weibo, and saw his name on the hot search.

He had a bad premonition in his heart, clicked on the hot search, and sure enough he saw Zhou Yunqing paired up with his name.

It was picked up by a marketing account that Zhou Yunqing reposted the Weibo of his ex-boyfriend making mango cakes, and various marketing accounts came one after another, guessing whether Zhou Yunqing could forget about his ex, Wen Yuan.

 After all, Zhou is also a popular traffic star now, with more than 10 million Weibo fans.

Suddenly reposting his ex-boyfriends Weibo will naturally cause a lot of suspicion and discussion.

The fans naturally gossiped, saying that their idols hand slipped, it was the managers fault, or their idol always liked food and retweeted it without knowing who it was.

 The passersby eating melons watched the fun, and jumped around guessing the possibility of the two getting back together, but soon Wen Yuans fans came out to slap their faces.

 “Wen Yuan is already married, okay! What kind of presence does an ex-boyfriend still have Its disgusting.”

This comment got the highest praise.

Because there are still many people who dont know that Wen Yuan is married, many passersby who had just become fans were crying below.

“No way, little brother is only in his early twenties.

He hasnt graduated from college yet, how can he get married so early”

“My god, I even expected something from him and Zhou Yunqing Popular traffic x gourmet chef CP is too good, but I didnt expect the chef to be married.”

“Although its a pity that little brother is married, but am I the only one drooling at this video There are overnight lines outside the shop.

When I went, there were too many people.

My friend said he didnt get in until after 2 hours.”

Wen Yuan really didnt expect Zhou Yunqing to retweet his Weibo.

If Qi Jinran saw this, wont he be jealous again While Qi Jinran was in a meeting, he secretly went to the corridor to call Yu Heng and asked him if he could spend money to lower the hot search.

“Ive only heard of spending money to buy hot searches, why do you still spend money to reduce a hot search” Yu Heng is also a person who is not afraid of big things, and said with a smile.

“If someone helps retweet it, just let them… Borrowing this wave of traffic, your dessert shop will not worry about running out of business within a year.”

“But I dont want to have anything to do with him anymore, if Jinran finds out…” Wen Yuan didnt say any more, he knew that when it came to Zhou Yunqing, Qi Jinran will definitely get sensitive and jealous.

“Do you think you can hide from Jinran by dropping the hot search The more you try to hide it from him, the more counterproductive it will be.” Yu Heng sighed and persuaded him.

“Wen Yuan, the two of you married.

No matter what, everything should be faced together.

Jinran is not as sensitive as you think, you can also try to trust him.”

The last sentence made Wen Yuans heart tremble, and he suddenly realized that he was treating Qi Jinran too suspiciously.

It was nothing more than a hot search, and nothing else happened, so why should he be so flustered As long as he sits upright, why would he fear those rumors

After talking to Yu Heng on the phone, Wen Yuan went to the study.

What surprised him was that the man was not in a meeting, but was looking at the computer, frowning slightly.

Wondering what he was thinking, he walked over and asked, “Jinran, what are you looking at”

Qi Jinran closed the computer, looking a little unhappy, “Its nothing, Im just watching a food video.”

“I didnt know Zhou Yunqing would repost my Weibo.” Wen Yuan thought about it and decided to be honest.

“I just gave Yu Heng a call and wanted him to help drop the hot search.

But he said Id better be honest with you, and didnt hide it from you.”

Hearing Wen Yuans words, Qi Jinrans face brightened.

After Wen Yuan became popular, thinking about how Zhou Yunqing would also come out from time to brush his presence, and the two even had a CP super chat on Weibo, he was unhappy for a while.

“Jinran, dont be angry, okay Worst case, Ill delete that Weibo post.” He took out his phone and was about to delete Weibo, but the man grabbed his wrist.

“No, its your hard work.

The video you shoot is also the result of your labor.

It is also a good thing if more people see it.”

“I will let people handle the hot search, you dont need to worry about it.

It will be the 11th soon, remember, you agreed to go on our honeymoon.”

Wen Yuan nodded and kissed Qi Jinrans face, “Husband, you are the best, I know you wouldnt be angry.”

His words were like that, but when they lay in bed, Qi Jinran didnt hug him, kiss, or bite like before.

After reading a book for a while, he lay down like a very old cadre.

This made Wen Yuan feel itchy.

He unbuttoned his pajamas, proactively hugged Qi Jinran, and rubbed his neck.

“Jinran, wont you kiss me today”

“Im a little tired and want to go to bed early.” Qi Jinran yawned.

“Okay, I actually bought a new scented shower gel.

I thought you would like it, but it doesnt seem to work.” Wen Yuan sighed and lay down on the pillow.

Qi Jinrans eyes darkened at his words.

He suddenly leaned over and pressed him under him.

“What did you say you bought”

Wen Yuan winked at him with a sly and bright smile.

Sho ~ wer ~ gel, the three syllables were uttered lightly, with a hint of seduction.

“Its the scent of oranges and lemons, very similar to yours.”

Wen Yuan stared straight at him and licked his lips.

“Since you dont want to try, then forget it.” Wen Yuan stuck out his tongue, turned over, and was about to hug his carrot pillow to sleep, but was suddenly pulled into the mans arms, and a overwhelming fiery kiss fell down.

“Since you bought it, how can we not use it Lets use it all tonight.”

Wen Yuan was soon speechless.

He is like a drifting boat on the sea, tossing and spinning in the waves.

His vision was filled with blurred tears, and only the chandelier shaking overhead and Qi Jinrans handsome and fair face could be seen.

In the midst of his disorientation, Qi Jinran leaned over and kissed him deeply.

“Xiao Yuan, be as honest with me as you are today, okay”

Wen Yuan nodded, kissed him back hard, confirming everything with his actions.


Finally a chapter for this LN that isnt split in half.

Im amazed.

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1little older brother/gege


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