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He woke up when Wen Yuan was still asleep.

When he went downstairs to the kitchen to make sandwiches, he happened to meet Zhang Huaite coming out of the guest bedroom.

Zhang Huaite looked a little embarrassed when he saw the red marks on his neck.

Qi Jinran greeted him calmly.

“Do you want to stay for breakfast Ill make sandwiches.”

“No, I have to go to the store.

Sorry for bothering you and Wen Yuan last night.”

Zhang Huaite turned to leave, but was stopped.

“Some people wont wait for you all the time.

Others may regard things that you disdain as treasures.

I hope you understand this.”

Zhang Huaites back stiffened, his eyelashes trembled twice, and he nodded slightly before walking out.

Since the fight that day, Zhang Huaite seems to have regained his former fighting spirit.

He goes to the store early every day to develop new desserts, and is the last to leave at night.

Wen Yuan was concerned about making food videos, but didnt find a suitable person to cut videos yet.

He talked about this to Ji Hong, who suddenly had a flash of inspiration.

“Isnt the boss from our dormitory from the computer department.

Let him recommend a few people.”

Agreeing with Ji Hongs thoughts, he hurriedly asked the boss for help.

“We have a junior in our department who is looking for an internship.

She has experience in video editing and her hobby is photography.

I can send her to you.”

“Boss, you are really my savior!”

After confirming the interview, Wen Yuan went to the store ahead of time to see the new desserts developed by Zhang Huaite.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he entered, Xiao Hui told him the bad news with a face full of frustration.

“Wen Yuan, the new head chef has resigned, and left yesterday.”

Wen Yuan was shocked, and quickly went to the back kitchen, only to find that only Zhang Huaite was busy in front of the counter.

The back of his white chefs uniform was soaked with sweat.

“Huaite, we havent found a suitable chef yet” Wen Yuan was a little worried.

“Its not that easy to find, I can handle it alone, its fine.” Zhang Huaites face was calm.

“Youre the store manager, and you have to take care of the chefs work.

How can you be so busy Or Ill go to the recruitment website—”

Before Wen Yuan finished speaking, Xiao Huis exclamation suddenly came from behind.

Thinking that something happened in the store, he strode out, and to his surprise, the person standing at the door was Chen Xingyu.

“Xingyu, why are you here” Wen Yuan was very surprised to see him.

He walked over and patted him on the shoulder.

“I heard that you lack a chef.

I left in a hurry before, and will help out here until you find a suitable replacement.”

Wen Yuan was so excited that he didnt know what to say.

Pressing Chen Xingyus shoulder, his eyes were a little red.

“Xingyu, we missed you a lot.”

“Yeah, chef, youre finally back.” Xiao Hui was also surprised when she saw him.

When Chen Xingyu was here, the kitchen was full of laughter and joy, but as soon as Chen Xingyu left, the back kitchen became lifeless.

Chen Xingyu put down his backpack, pushed open the door of the back kitchen, and saw Zhang Huaite standing in front of the sink with his back to him.

“Youre back.” The young mans voice seemed calm, but only by listening carefully could he detect the trembling inside.

“En, youre really capable, even having business robbed by the new shop opposite.

I heard Wen Yuan say that their ingredients are poor and the taste is unpalatable.

This kind of shop is not qualified to open opposite us.”

Chen Xingyu walked in with a smile, pretending that nothing had happened, and put on his white chef uniform.

“Are these mangoes for mango mousse” He asked.

Zhang Huaite made a soft hum.

Chen Xingyu nodded, picked up the mango, and began to peel and slice it skillfully.

The two were busy with their own work, and after a while there was only the sound of various instruments running in the kitchen.

Suddenly, Chen Xingyus hands trembled.

Zhang Huaite was always paying attention to him, and he caught a glimpse of red from the corner of his eye, and the movement in his hand stopped.

Its not a big deal to cut a finger when using the knife.

Chen Xingyu put down the knife, grabbed a bandage, and returned to dealing with the mango pit.

Before the knife turned, his wrist was grabbed by someone.

“Go to the side to rest, Ill do it.”

After coming back for so long, this was the first time Zhang Huaite looked directly at him.

Chen Xingyu looked at his green eyes, didnt say anything, and put down the knife.

Wen Yuan saw this scene in the gap at the door, turned around with confidence, and went to the front desk.

On the weekend, Wen Yuan interviewed the junior recommended by the dorm boss.

Her name is Suzhou1Yes, its the same words as the Chinese city, and because the surname/first name distinction isnt clear, I kept it as one word., and shes a computer student.

Wearing a pair of round glasses, she looks is small and cute, not like a computer science student.

Suzhous dream since she was a child was to work in a dessert shop, but her family felt that computer science majors had a future, so she chose this major.

As soon as she walked, her girlish heart was inspired, and she couldnt help ordering several desserts.

No matter whether the internship is successful or not, in short, one has to feed their stomach first.

“Junior, these are the job contents.

We will settle the salary for you at the market price.

Do you still have any questions”

Suzhou wiped the cream on the corner of her mouth with a napkin, looked at Wen Yuans handsome face, and her eyes lit up.

“Senior, no problem at all! This is my dream job, and being able to work with a handsome guy like senior, Im going to die of happiness!”

Wen Yuan smiled embarrassedly.

When Huaite and Chen Xingyu came out of the back kitchen, Suzhou saw them, her eyes brightened, and she let out a low sigh.

Wen Yuan smiled, and introduced them.

“Youll be shooting not only me, but also them.

How about it Are you more motivated”

Suzhou nodded vigorously, and said impatiently, “I can come to work immediately.

There is no problem at all, I guarantee that you are all handsome and beautiful in my camera!”

Suzhou brought her equipment to the interview, and she did what she said.

After passing the interview, she put the camera in the kitchen, and started taking pictures of people at work.

Zhang Huaite is not used to facing the camera and doesnt like Suzhou focusing on his face.

“You dont need to photograph me, just photograph what I make.” Zhang Huaite looked a little serious when he spoke.

Suzhou thought that this handsome mixed-race guy should have a good temper, and didnt expect the handsome guy to be so serious when he started to work.

“Your name is Xiao Su, right Its okay, come and shoot me.” Chen Xingyu beckoned.

Suzhous eyes lit up, and walked over with the camera on her back and collected materials on the spot.

She has always liked food, and when she was filming the process of making desserts, she was drooling.

“Take your saliva and dont drip it on desserts.” Zhang Huaite was disgusted.

“Store manager, you are so handsome, its a pity not to show your face.”

Suzhou is very extroverted, and after entering the back kitchen, dared to ask anything.

“I dont need to rely on my face to attract customers.”

“Its not a question of whether you need it or not, its what our store needs.” Wen Yuan walked in, picked up the camera in Suzhous hands, and looked at the footage that was shot.

With her skills and the current lighting, every dessert looked particularly attractive.

“Lets do this, Xiao Su, in the early stages, lets make a faceless version, and pass on the production process of a few desserts.

If the response is good, we can try to make a version with faces.”

“Okay, senior, Ill listen to you.”

Thinking that Chen Xingyu had just made mango mousse, she was a little greedy, and couldnt help getting close to the good-tempered chef.

“Brother Chen, you just made mango mousse, do you have any leftovers”

Zhang Huaite frowned slightly as he watched Xiao Su approach Chen Xingyu.

“I have cheesecake here, do you want to eat it”

“Manager, you are so kind!” Suzhou hurried over.

She doesnt even need money to work here.

As long as they can give her some leftovers every day.

Seeing this scene, Wen Yuan smiled silently.

“Xingyu, lets have a meal together tonight.

You finally came back.

It happened that a new member joined the store.

We should celebrate.”

Chen Xingyu nodded.


When the store closed, Wen Yuan reserved two tables at a nearby barbecue restaurant and brought all the staff in the dessert shop over.

Two waiters and assistants sit at a table, and the other table was Wen Yuan, Xiao Hui, Suzhou, as well as Zhang Huaite and Chen Xingyu.

Wen Yuan knew that Chen Xingyus stomach couldnt handle anything too spicy, so he ordered some lighter foods.

“Xingyu, you are very similar to Jinran.

He cant eat heavy flavors.

Every time I want to go out for barbecue with him, his face is green.” Wen Yuan pushed the steamed oysters over.

Chen Xingyu smiled and picked up a piece of oyster meat.

“Actually, I like to eat barbecue, but my stomach cant stand it.”

“Senior, we are having a staff dinner today, and you still show your affection here.

Its too cruel to us single dogs!” Suzhou sighed.

She is a cheerful and lively girl.

No one at the table talks much, and the store manager is especially silent, so she wants to liven up the atmosphere.

“Senior, whats the point of just eating like this, why dont we play Truth or Dare”


Drinking games, everyones “fav”!

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1Yes, its the same words as the Chinese city, and because the surname/first name distinction isnt clear, I kept it as one word.


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