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He remembered that at that time he often saw Chen Xingyu and Zhang Huaite get together to think of a new menu, and a creative dessert could be produced every two days.

The reputation of the store was improving day by day.

He didnt expect that once Chen Xingyu left, the stores development would stagnate so quickly.

Wen Yuan felt it was a pity and walked over slowly.

Zhang Huaite realized he lost his temper, and what he was doing was not right.

Lowering his head, he stared at the creme brulee on the table, lost in thought.

“Huaite, you—”

Before Wen Yuan finished speaking, Zhang Huaite suddenly wiped the corners of his red eyes.

“Wen Yuan, Im sorry, its all me who screwed up.

Ive been keeping things in the store a secret.

In fact, our situation has been very bad during this time.”

Wen Yuan nodded, indicating that he knew it.

“Xiao Hui told me that there is a dessert shop opposite.

I knew something was wrong long ago.

We still have to increase our source of customers, and cant just rely on customers in this business district.”

“I was thinking that there are many online food bloggers, and maybe we can ask a blogger to advertise for us…”

As Wen Yuan spoke, he realized Zhang Huaite didnt seem to hear him, and was staring at the set of knives on the table in a daze.

Confused, when he looked closer, he found a small star engraved on the wooden frame of the set of knives.

It was probably left by Chen Xingyu.

“Huaite, are you listening to me”

Zhang Huaite finally recovered, and looked at him with dim green eyes.

“En, Im listening, you said that we want to expand our potential customer base.”

Seeing his lost appearance, Wen Yuan seemed to guess something.

It seems that the most important thing at the moment is not the stores financials, but Zhang Huaites state of mind.

“Huaite, is it because Chen Xingyu left, thats why you—”

“It has nothing to do with him.” Zhang Huaite wiped the corner of his eyes and quickly denied it.

Wen Yuan had to switch topics and return to the business of the store.

After a long talk with Zhang Huaite in the back kitchen, the latters state recovered a little, and his eyes had the same look as before.

“Huaite, it doesnt matter.

Its normal to encounter difficulties in the early stages.

If there is any problem, we can solve it together.

Next time, dont hide it from me, remember to communicate, okay”

“Yes, I know, Wen Yuan.

Thank you for your understanding.” Zhang Huaite looked at him gratefully.

The gaze he looked at Wen Yuan no longer had the repressed throbbing before, but was calm and gentle.

Wen Yuan was also keenly aware of this change in him.

He began to think that maybe he had to go to S City.

So, this Friday, when Qi Jinran was going to S City on a business trip, Wen Yuan begged the other party to bring him as well.

Tying his tie, Qi Jinran looked at the boy standing behind him in the full-length mirror, a little puzzled.

“Why are you going to S city with me Arent you busy with your graduation thesis”

“No rush on the graduation thesis.

Xingyu went to S city, I want to find him.”

“So its for other men” Qi Jinran narrowed his eyes unhappily.

Wen Yuan couldnt help laughing seeing his expression of drinking vinegar.

He hugged Qi Jinrans waist tightly, kissed him on the cheek, and held his face again, staring into his dark eyes.

“Jinran, Huaite and Xingyu are both my good friends.

I want to help them, okay”

The man smiled helplessly and pinched his waist.

“Okay, since you want to go to S city with me, you have to be ready to warm the bed and cook for me.”

“No problem, I promise to satisfy you.” Wen Yuan hugged him and kissed him again and again.

On Friday, Wen Yuan went to S City with Qi Jinran.

The latter went to a meeting with his business partner, and Wen Yuan went to the baking school according to the address that Chen Xingyu had given him before.

He chatted with the security guard, handed them a pack of cigarettes, and soon learned which teaching building Chen Xingyu was in.

This baking school is not big and was founded by a French Michelin chef.

Wen Yuan went to the teaching building and found Chen Xingyu in the office at the end of the third floor.

However, he did not expect a handsome and gentle man standing beside Chen Xingyu.

“Xingyu, do you want to bring students to participate in this baking competition in S city” 

The man wore gold-rimmed glasses with a handsome figure, and looked at Chen Xingyu with a very gentle gaze.

“I just came here, and dont seem to be qualified.”

“You have already won the dessert competition once, how can you be unqualified” The man looked at him with admiration.

Wen Yuan stood at the door, not knowing whether to advance or retreat.

When he was hesitating, Chen Xingyu had already seen him, and there was an unbelievable light in his eyes.

“Wen Yuan, why are you here”

Wen Yuan had to go in and say hello to Chen Xingyu.

“Jinran is here on a business trip.

I was free, so I came with him.

I remembered that you were nearby, and wanted to come visit.”

“Xingyu, who is this” The man with glasses looked at him defensively.

“Zixuan, this is my friend from Wancheng, Wen Yuan.”

Hearing the word “friend”, the guard in the mans eyes dropped slightly, and he shook hands with Wen Yuan.

After a simple greeting, Chen Xingyu took Wen Yuan to a nearby cafe.

He knew that it was impossible for Wen Yuan to appear here for no reason.

“Wen Yuan, you came to S city for a reason, not just to accompany Qi Jinran on a business trip.”

Wen Yuan knew that Chen Xingyu would see through his intentions, but still hesitated before saying anything.

“Actually, I am here regarding Huaite.”

Hearing that name, Chen Xingyus eyes flashed with a trace of tension.

“Whats wrong with him”

“Dont worry, nothing happened to Huaite, but his recent state is not good, and the business in the store is much worse than before.

There is also a bakery opposite, and theyre selling the same desserts as us.”

From the decoration to the opening, the three of them managed and planned this dessert shop together.

Especially Chen Xingyu and Zhang Huaite, who racked their brains formulating desserts, and even stayed up several nights to determine the final menu.

It can be said theyve poured all their efforts into this dessert shop.

Hearing that the business in the store was going downhill, Chen Xingyu was also a little uncomfortable.

“How did it become like this Didnt I find another chef”

Wen Yuan sighed.

“Its not the chefs problem, its Huaite whos been off these days, complaining about everything, and not making new creations.

The chef is making a fuss about resigning.

Huaite is the store manager.

If the store manager wants to give up, how can business be good”

Chen Xingyu nodded with a slightly worried expression, but he quickly realized that Zhang Huaite had nothing to do with him, and was not qualified to intervene in these matters.

“Wen Yuan, so you came to want me to go back to Wancheng”

Wen Yuan nodded.

Chen Xingyu smiled bitterly, “I dont think Huaite wants to see me in the store.

After all, when I put my resignation report on his desk that day, he didnt say anything, nor did he keep me.”

“But—” Wen Yuan wanted to say something, but was gently interrupted by Chen Xingyu

“Wen Yuan, I know you are doing it for my own good, but there are some things you cant do.

You go back, if this chef is not good, I can help find another one.”

Wen Yuan returned to the hotel with a very frustrated expression.

Qi Jinran held him in his arms and kissed him.

“It didnt go well with Chen Xingyu today”


I asked Chen Xingyu to go back to Wancheng, but he doesnt want to.

And when I went to his office, I saw a man with glasses being very attentive to him.”

Qi Jinran chuckled softly.

“Why are you laughing”

“Im not surprised by this result.”

“Ah, what about Huaites side”

“I have a way to test him to see if he really has no feelings for Chen Xingyu.”

Wen Yuans eyes lit up immediately, and he pulled the mans sleeve.

“Quick, quick, tell me quickly.”

“Kiss me.” Qi Jinran pointed to his lips.

This sly guy! Wen Yuan wrinkled his nose and complained in a low voice, but still put his arms around Qi Jinrans neck and kissed his lips fiercely.

Late at night, when Zhang Huaite was sitting in a wicker chair in a daze, his phone suddenly vibrated.

It was a text message from Wen Yuan.

—Huaite, I ran into Chen Xingyu when I went with Jinran to the TV tower in S city today.

He was with a tall and thin man with glasses.

The two were chatting happily.

I dont know that man.

Is he your mutual friend

Seeing the content of the text message, Zhang Huaites face froze, and his handsome face turned very gloomy.

Doesnt Chen Xingyu like him Why is he with another man!


Hehehe, guess who that other guy is.

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