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Since the new semester began, Wen Yuan became more and more busy.

He had to prepare a proposal and write practice reports.

He commutes to and from the library and the cafeteria every day.

When he opens his eyes, his mind is full of unfinished topics.

Ji Hong was in a similar situation, but he decided on a topic before Wen Yuan, and his first draft was written very smoothly.

They had the same instructor, the dean of the department of economics and management.

Ji Hongs report had been revised, and his final outline was finished, whereas Wen Yuans first draft had not yet been finished.

He was so anxious that he stayed up late at night to change things, read a lot of materials, but his mind was still in a mess, and he couldnt think of a new topic.

One day, when Qi Jinran came home, he saw him sitting in front of the computer in a state of distress, and walked over.

“Why havent you decided on a topic yet Didnt you start writing about half a month ago”

“Ive changed topics a few times.

The previous topics werent good, and they were already written by others, so I want to write something new.”

Qi Jinran walked over to his computer, read over it, and quickly identified the problem.

“Your subject is too hollow.

It needs to be better scoped and detailed.”

He took a pen and a piece of A4 draft paper, sat down beside Wen Yuan, and taught him step by step how to improve.

“If you want to write something new, you can use this framework to find some current economic hot topics, and collate them to form something creative.”

“It is best to refer to things within the last three years, old literature may be outdated.”

With his guidance, Wen Yuan was enlightened, and soon found a topic.

After Qi Jinran took a shower and came out of the bathroom, he entered the study, and found Wen Yuan had fallen asleep on the table.

The computer screen reflected on his tired face, with the opening of his report written.

He helped Wen Yuan adjust the format of the text, pressed save, and backed up a copy to a USB flash drive before turning off the computer for him.

Wen Yuan was fast asleep.

He couldnt bear to disturb him, so he gently picked him up and put him on the big bed.

He helped Wen Yuan take off his shoes, changed his pajamas, and pulled the thin quilt to cover him.

In the early morning, when Wen Yuan woke up, he smelled the fragrance of preserved egg and lean meat congee.

He remembered that after he wrote the opening report yesterday, he seemed to have fallen asleep before he had time to save it.

He screamed and rushed to the study.

When he turned on the computer, he found that the format of the proposal report had been changed.

All the typos were corrected, and several references were magically marked.

He didnt have to think about it to know that Qi Jinran helped him edit it.

He was so moved that he rushed to the kitchen in slippers where Qi Jinran was cooking porridge.

Since he started cooking, as long as the company was not busy, he would cook for Wen Yuan at home.

Seeing the tall, slender back, Wen Yuan walked over, hugging him from behind, and rubbing his cheek against his back.

“Husband, you are too kind.”

Qi Jinran smiled, reached out and patted his head.

“Go wash, the congee will be ready soon.”

Wen Yuan smiled, kissing him on the cheek, and returned to the bedroom.

After washing his face, the phone on the bedside suddenly rang.

He walked over to look and saw it was Chen Xingyu.

He had a bad premonition and picked it up quickly.

“Wen Yuan, I want to leave Wancheng for a while.”

Wen Yuan was shocked to hear Chen Xingyus words.

“Are you leaving Theres no chef in the shop, what will Huaite do by himself”

“Its not that Im not coming back.

I just want to change to another place to relax, and a friend from S City invited me.

I used to be a teacher at the bakery school there, and want to try it out.”

“Dont worry, I have already found someone else, and wont let Huaite be overwhelmed.”

Listening to his tone, Wen Yuan understood his mind was set.

This was probably for the best, it would be too embarrassing to face one another in the shop otherwise.

“Then have you told Huaite”

“I plan to tell him today.

But… maybe he already knew when I was looking for a successor chef a few days ago.”

Having known Chen Xingyu for so many days, the two have become good friends who can talk about everything.

Wen Yuan was naturally reluctant to hear Chen Xingyu was leaving.

“Then when are you leaving Ill send you off.”

“Just these two days, I dont need you to send me.

Anyway, I came here quietly, and I want to go quietly.”

After hanging up the phone, Wen Yuan felt a little uncomfortable.

He sat down at the dining table with no energy.

Qi Jinran brought the xiaolongbao to the table, and seeing his expression, seemed to have guessed something.

“Is it the dessert shop”

“Chen Xingyu is leaving.

He said he was going to be a teacher at a baking school in S city.”

Qi Jinran raised his eyebrows slightly, obviously not expecting things to go this way.

He thought that Chen Xingyu would pursue Zhang Huaite to the end, and did not expect him to voluntarily give up.

Wen Yuan bit the xiaolongbao and sighed lightly.

“Its a pity that the dessert shop finally got on the right track, but Xingyu has to leave.”

“Maybe this is a good thing.”

“Ah, what do you mean” Wen Yuan was puzzled.

“Didnt you think Zhang Huaite might feel something for Chen Xingyu before Maybe Zhang Huaite will be able to recognize his heart after he leaves.”

Wen Yuan felt Qi Jinrans words seemed to make sense, but when he thought about Zhang Huaites birthday, he was a little uncertain remembering Chen Xingyus indifferent face.

Chen Xingyu leaving like this, is it good or bad

After finishing the first draft, Wen Yuan successfully got a high score of 96.

Wen Yuan took advantage of a relatively free weekend to go back to the dessert shop.

When he arrived at the door of the store, he found that there was a dessert shop with a decoration style similar to theirs holding promotional activities, and there was an endless stream of people.

Wen Yuan frowned and walked into his shop.

There were not many guests inside.

Xiao Hui was bored and was playing the game of Xiaoxiao with her mobile phone at the front desk.

Wen Yuan walked over and patted her on the head.

“Wheres Huaite”

Xiao Hui hurriedly put down the phone and complained, “The manager is training people.

He has changed several assistants, but isnt satisfied with any.

The new chef doesnt like him either, and wants to resign.”

Wen Yuan never expected that after not coming for a while, the dessert shop would become like this.

Zhang Huaite never mentioned the situation here to him.

He pushed open the door of the back kitchen and found that Zhang Huaite was berating his assistant.

“Cant make such a simple sponge cake.

What am I looking for you for You still want to be an apprentice With your craftsmanship, no customer will be willing to eat what you make!”

The new chef is a round, slightly chubby man.

Seeing Zhang Huaite scold his assistant, he said unhappily from the side, “He has only been here for a month, you dont have to be so strict.

Give him a little time to grow.”

“Give him time to grow Im not a charity here, havent you seen the dessert shop across the street They copied our style, release new products when we release them, and their prices are cheaper than ours.

What are you thinking Does the staff still have time to grow” 

The chef was about to say something, when he saw Wen Yuan behind him.

He was a little surprised, and thought it was a customer who came to the back kitchen.

“This gentleman, who are you”

“Im the partner of this shop.” Wen Yuan walked over and shook hands with him, briefly introducing himself.

“You go out first, Ill talk to the store manager.”

The chef and a few assistants all went out, and closed the door carefully before leaving.

Wen Yuan looked at the messy workbench, recalling that when Chen Xingyu was there, the back kitchen was not like this at all.

Chen Xingyu was demanding and strict with his assistants, but gentle.

Every time Zhang Huaite trained people, he helped smooth things out, and several assistants and apprentices also believed him.

The working atmosphere was very good.


Tiny cliffy~

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