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After returning to the villa that evening, as soon as Wen Yuan walked into the bedroom, he was hugged by Qi Jinran from behind.

Qi Jinran put his chin on his shoulder, with a hint of confusion in his tone.

“Why did you help Yang Mo this afternoon”

He was a little scared, afraid that Wen Yuan still cared about Zhou Yunqing, which is why he helped Yang Mo.

“It has nothing to do with Zhou Yunqing anyway.” Wen Yuan seemed to see what he was thinking, and reached out and touched his hair.

“I didnt think too much at the time, I only saw a back, and I didnt see his face.

Seeing that he was struggling, I kicked him.

I was so brave, you dont praise me, but you got angry with me”

Wen Yuan knew in his heart that Qi Jinran was very concerned and sensitive whenever he came across something related to Zhou Yunqing.

“Im not mad at you.

Its just that you are too kind.

Im afraid that you will suffer when facing bad people.”

“Dont worry, the muscles on my body are not fake.” Wen Yuan proudly showed off his arms.

“Pinch and see.”

Qi Jinran didnt pinch, but lowered his head and bit his arm.

Wen Yuan took back his arm in pain.

“Why did you bite me again”

Qi Jinran narrowed his eyes.

“You forgot what I said last time Call me as soon as you encounter something.

Not to mention I was in the box at the time.

Dont keep thinking about dealing with things yourself, okay”

“Got it.” Wen Yuan looked helpless.


After recovering, Wen Yuan went back to the dessert shop to help.

Because the business was full on the opening day, although there were not as many customers as the first day, the flow was very stable.

With the fresh ingredients and a unique taste, the reputation of the shop slowly began to spread.

On this day, as soon as he entered the dessert shop, he heard the sound of construction from a shop diagonally opposite.

He was a little puzzled, so he went in and asked Xiao Hui.

“Why is the store across from us also being renovated Wasnt it a clothing store before”

“Yeah, it seems that the business wasnt good, so the owner transferred it to someone else.”

Wen Yuan nodded, not taking it too seriously and went to the back kitchen to help.

Zhang Huaite and Chen Xingyu are discussing the new menu by the refrigerator.

The two want to develop a low-calorie dessert menu for girls who want to eat delicious food but are afraid of gaining weight.

“Wen Yuan, come and see this new menu.”

Zhang Huaite pulled him over.

Wen Yuan took a look.

Low-calorie desserts are mainly less sugar and less oil, so the flavor will not be as good as high-calorie desserts.

But with some new ideas, there will be customers willing to try.

Its just the price of this ingredient…

“Is the cost be too high” Wen Yuan was a little worried.

“Cost is not a problem.

In the early stage, we mainly grew from word-of-mouth.

When word-of-mouth accumulates, the passenger flow will stabilize and we will gradually recoup the cost.” Zhang Huaite is very confident.

Wen Yuan did not object and agreed to their new menu.

“By the way, Wen Yuan, today is my birthday.

Come to my house for dinner tonight and call Qi Jinran.”

Wen Yuan didnt even know that today was Zhang Huaites birthday, and he snorted in surprise.

“Why didnt you tell me earlier I didnt even prepare a gift for you.”

“Didnt I also not buy presents on your birthday Were even.” Zhang Huaite didnt care.

Having said that, Wen Yuan was still a little guilty.

He remembered that he received a congratulatory call from Zhang Huaite early on his birthday.

Zhang Huaite remembered his birthday, but he himself hadnt paid attention to Zhang Huaites birthday at all.

“Then Ill tell Jinran.”

Wen Yuan originally planned to ask the man to buy him a gift on the way over, but he didnt expect Qi Jinran to fly to S City today for a business trip and would only be back late at night, so he couldnt go to Zhang Huaites house with him.

“Huaite, Im sorry, Jinran cant come.” Wen Yuan looked apologetic.

“Its alright, you can come yourself.”

Zhang Huaite put the whipped cream on the shelf, and looked at Chen Xingyu, who had fallen silent.

“Wheres the cherry sauce Why is it not done yet”

Chen Xingyu watched the cherries in the pot, lost in thought.

Hearing Zhang Huaites question, it took him a long time to react, but he forgot to turn on the stove.

“You, really….” Zhang Huaite turned on the fire for him with a face full of helplessness.

The dessert shop closed early, and the three went to Zhang Huaites house together.

This was Wen Yuans first visit visiting Zhang Huaites home.

He brought some fruits, and as soon as he entered the door, he greeted Zhangs father and mother.

“You are Xiao Yuan, right Huaite often mentions you, saying that you are very talented at baking, and are the smartest apprentice he has ever taught.” Zhang Huaites mother is a writer, graceful and intelligent.

Her light green eyes were exactly the same as Zhang Huaites.

Although Zhangs mother is British, her Chinese pronunciation is very fluent.

It can be seen that she has lived in China for many years.

After saying hello to Wen Yuan, Mother Zhang saw Chen Xingyu behind Zhang Huaite, and the smile in her green eyes became even brighter.

“Xingyu, what are you buying gifts for Whats the relationship between the two of us”

“I didnt buy this, it was a gift from my dad for uncle.” Chen Xingyu walked in with a smile and put the gift in his hand on the ground.

“Ill go to the kitchen to see if uncle needs any help.”

He had come over several times, and he easily entered the kitchen to help Father Zhang.

Wen Yuan couldnt sit still in the living room, so he went to Zhang Huaites room to have a look.

Zhang Huaite took the initiative to show him the photo album from his childhood.

“My god, you were too cute when you were young, like a girl.” Wen Yuan flipped through the album and sighed.

He also found that there were many photos of Zhang Huaite and Chen Xingyu inside.

When he was a child, Chen Xingyu was not as thin as he is now, with round cheeks and two small tiger teeth, and was also very cute.

“Wow, it seems that you and Chen Xingyu had a very good relationship when you were young.”

Zhang Huaite felt a little awkward when he heard this, and snatched the album in his hand.

“How was I close to him At that time, I was close to the Chen family, and we went to school together every day, nothing else.”

Chen Xingyu, who came in with fruit, heard this sentence.

The originally bright smile on his face became bitter, and after adjusting his expression, he walked into Zhang Huaites room.

“Wen Yuan, Huaite, have some fruit.”

“You are more like the master here than I am.” Zhang Huaite said helplessly.

“Look at what you said, isnt the Zhang family just like my own You can also treat my family as yours.” Chen Xingyu was cheeky.

“What your family, my family We werent even so close as kids, okay”

Wen Yuan sensed something was wrong with Zhang Huaites words, turned to look at Chen Xingyu, and found his eyes dimmed somewhat.

How could Zhang Huaite be so stupid Obviously his brain is so smart when baking; how can he be so emotionally dull

Wen Yuan was anxious, but couldnt bear piercing this layer of paper.

After all, Chen Xingyu has not confessed to Zhang Huaite, but has been testing him.

And he, himself, is not good at pushing others to do things.

“Huaite, ask your friends to come out for dinner.” Father Zhangs voice came from outside.

“Come on.”

The craftsmanship of a three-star Michelin chef is naturally unusual.

Wen Yuan also took a photo as a souvenir before eating, and every time he ate a dish, he asked Father Zhang for advice on cooking.

Chen Xingyu seemed to be a little reticent, drinking sullenly at the dinner table.

After a meal, Chen Xingyu was already drunk, and his dark cheeks were stained with pink.

Father and Mother Zhang went for a walk in the park outside, leaving the space at home for young people.

“Chen Xingyu, today is my birthday, what are you doing so drunk” Zhang Huaite helped Chen Xingyu to the sofa.

“Cant I be happy for your birthday” Chen Xingyu smirked a few times with his tongue out, and took out a small box from his pocket.

“Look, this is my birthday present for you.”

Zhang Huaites eyes flashed with surprise.

He opened the velvet box and found a pair of emerald earrings inside.

When he was in college, he had his ears pierced, but then the wound in one ear became inflamed and infected, so he didnt wear ear studs much.

Even if he wants to wear it, he only wears the simplest style.

He didnt expect Chen Xingyu would give him such expensive earrings.

“You look very good in earrings.

These are turquoise stones, which suit your eyes very well.” Chen Xingyu seemed to be drunk, looking straight at Zhang Huaite with dark eyes, as if two flames were burning in his eyes.

 “You dont need to spend so much.” Seeing the two expensive turquoises, Zhang Huaite was inexplicably upset.

Where did this guy get the money to buy such an expensive thing, he doesnt save it for his wife

 “Of course its necessary, because this is for you.”

 Chen Xingyu looked at Zhang Huaites handsome and deep face, and couldnt restrain the suppressed feelings that had accumulated in his chest for many years.

 “Huaite, actually I…”

 Wen Yuan slipped out of the room a long time ago, afraid of disturbing the two of them, and snuck behind the door and listened from a corner.

 Hearing that Chen Xingyu seemed to be about to confess, a nervous expression crossed his face, and he couldnt help clenching his fists, cheering for Chen Xingyu in his heart.

“Actually, what, are you so drunk that you cant even speak With your alcohol capacity, you even dare drink with my dad.” Zhang Huaite laughed at him.

Chen Xingyu shook his head and said softly, “Huaite, actually… I like you.”

Zhang Huaites face stiffened and he looked at him in disbelief.

Seeing his reaction, Chen Xingyus heart was half cold.

He smiled wryly, lowered his head and said, “But I also know that you like Wen Yuan, its all my wishful thinking.”

 Wen Yuan who was suddenly cued:

When did Zhang Huaite like him He is married!


One of those love polygon webs suddenly appears in my head from the last few lines.

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