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Seeing Chen Xingyus unsteady body, Zhang Huaite quickly held his waist, and the three of them carried Chen Xingyu into the car together.

Wen Yuan turned on the air conditioner, allowing Chen Xingyu to lie down on the leather seat, and then fanned him.

“Huaite, whats the matter with Xingyu Is it the stomach problem from before” Wen Yuan asked.

“He has low blood sugar.

Its almost time for dinner, and he was exposed to the sun, so his blood supply was suddenly insufficient.” Zhang Huaite was a little nervous.

Taking out a chocolate bar from his pocket, he stuffed it into Chen Xingyus mouth.

“Chen Xingyu, dont lie down, hurry up and eat something.”

Blown by the cold air conditioning, Chen Xingyu slowly woke up, but his eyelids were still drooping.

He mechanically chewed a few mouthfuls of chocolate, and gradually regained some strength, and his pale complexion became better.

“What happened to me just now” He was caught off guard when he fainted.

“A hypoglycemia attack.

I said that you dont have to come every day.

The work here is very tiring.

You can just watch on the side, and dont need to help.” Zhang Huaite was a little irritated.

“I still need to take care of you if you faint.

What will you do next time your stomach problem recurs I cant explain it to uncle and auntie.”

Wen Yuan and Qi Jinran looked at each other, feeling like Zhang Huaites words seemed to contain some other meaning.

Chen Xingyu finished eating the chocolate bar, wiped the corner of his mouth, and looked at Zhang Huaite.

“I know my own body.

Its just a minor illness.

Its nothing.

You dont have to worry, and I dont need your care.”

Maybe the air in the car was too stuffy, but Zhang Huaite felt like something was blocking his chest.

He didnt understand why Chen Xingyu had to follow him back to Wancheng, and had to open a dessert shop with him.

With his strength, he can completely start his own business.

The more Zhang Huaite thought about it, the more troubled he was.

Seeing that Chen Xingyus face was a little better, he went outside the car to breathe.

Wen Yuan handed Chen Xingyu a bottle of water, and said apologetically, “Xingyu, Im sorry.

I wont joke with you again next time.

I didnt expect to make you dizzy… Really Im sorry.”

Qi Jinran also apologized.

Chen Xingyu scratched his head and smiled self-deprecatingly.

“Its not your problem.

What Huaite said is right.

Its because I was too stupid to see it.

And Ive known you for so long, you wouldnt be that kind of person at all.

My judgment was wrong.”

Wen Yuan asked, “How do you feel Shall we go to the hospital for a check-up to be safe”

“No, its just an old problem.

Im fine.”

Chen Xingyu sat up slowly and told the two about his previous work in the investment bank.

Working in a financial institution looks glamorous on the outside, but in fact is very stressful.

He is also from a well-off family, but has no connections or resources abroad.

As a low-level employee, he was oppressed everywhere.

“So… I gave up on my own.

Im not capable enough to become an analyst with an annual salary of several million.

Maybe there is hope, but Ill have to use my life to make money, and not have the life to spend it.” Chen Xingyu smiled bitterly.

Wen Yuan patted his shoulder.

“Xingyu, in fact, you have done a good job.

In my eyes, you are very good.

Even if you dont work in the financial industry, you can still shine in other industries.

Arent you doing very well after transitioning to baking”

Chen Xingyu was a little moved seeing Wen Yuans encouraging gaze.

Qi Jinran coughed and said at the right time, “Its almost time.

I reserved a restaurant with a lighter taste.

Lets go to eat.”

“Okay, Ill call Huaite over too.”


The renovations were completed in August.

Wen Yuan brought Qi Jinran to see the results early in the morning on the day of the inspection.

When he first saw the designs back then, Wen Yuan thought they were very creative.

Now, seeing the real thing, seeing the unique style of the pillars and the Baroque-style murals on the door, Wen Yuans eyes lit up.

He pushed open the carved bronze door and walked inside.

The high ceiling, large floor-to-ceiling windows let in the warm sunshine, and Nordic style cherry wood tables and chairs immediately caught his eye.

 Irregular cloud-shaped chandeliers hung on the wall, making the whole space light and dreamy.

With the flourishing broad-leaved plants in the corner, and faint smell of roses in the air, just walking in makes people feel relaxed and happy.

 “This is too beautiful!” Wen Yuan sighed.

 “Go in and see your workshop.” Qi Jinran said with a smile.

 Pushing open the door of the back kitchen, Wen Yuan was even more surprised.

All the baking equipment was neatly placed, the cooking table was clean, and all the tools were sorted on the wall and could be taken down and used at any time.

 “Your designer Qi is really something.

The design of this workshop is impeccable.

It is estimated that no Michelin restaurant has such a good back kitchen.” Zhang Huaite crossed his arms and sighed behind them.

 Hearing Zhang Huaite praise Qi Jinran, Wen Yuan also felt proud.


This place is amazing, and itll be a pleasure to bake here.”

 “By the way, Huaite, when are you thinking of opening”

“Lets do a trial operation next week, before your summer vacation is over.”

Hearing Zhang Huaite consider whether Wen Yuan was free for the shops opening, Chen Xingyu felt a little bitterness in his heart.

“We havent recruited enough people yet, and we still lack a cashier.”

Speaking of cashiers, Wen Yuan suddenly thought of something.

When he worked in that Internet celebrity bakery before, his best friend was Xiao Hui, who was the cashier at the front desk.

Later, when Zhou Yunqing cheated on him, Xiao Hui comforted him and helped clarify the facts online.

He was a very caring girl.

He remembered that Xiao Huis family was in poor condition and she didnt read much.

In the previous bakery, work was tiring and the wages were low.

Maybe Xiao Hui is willing to come here.

 Thinking of this, Wen Yuan contacted Xiao Hui on WeChat.

Coincidentally, the other party was thinking about changing jobs.

Hearing he opened a dessert shop with a friend, she immediately accepted it happily.

After discussing the time for the interview, Wen Yuan exchanged a few words with her before hanging up the phone with a smile.

 “The cashiers problem has been resolved.

A friend from the bakery I worked at before will come over.

She has experience in cashiering, and does things neatly.

She should be suitable for this position.

Xingyu, troubling you to interview her.” Since he recommended her, he has avoid the selection process.

 “Okay, then Ill be here tomorrow.” Chen Xingyu replied.

 Zhang Huaite found that Wen Yuan and Chen Xingyu seemed to get a lot closer over the past few days.

Feeling a little strange, he looked at Chen Xingyu, and then turned to Wen Yuan.

 “Chen Xingyu, we still need to buy some ingredients, come with me to the supermarket.” For some reason, he didnt want to see Chen Xingyu and Wen Yuan too close.

 “Just in time, Jinran and I should go too.

We have to see my parents.” Wen Yuan left to give the two of them space to get along.

 After leaving the dessert shop, Wen Yuan still had a smile on his face.

“So happy” Qi Jinran stroked his hair.

“Well, I can do what I like, so Im very happy.”

However, when Wen Yuan returned to Wens house, Wen Yuan couldnt smile anymore.

At the dinner table, Father Wen knew that he would be a senior next year, and suddenly said, “Xiao Yuan, how is your internship at BV If you dont come to the company at home, dad will find a position for you to practice first, and wait for you to slowly take over the companys affairs after you graduate”

Wen Yuan was chewing green vegetables, and his face changed suddenly when he heard Wen Chengmins words.

He had always kept his baking a secret from his father.

Now that his father had even planned his plans after graduation, he felt guilty.

He was a little at a loss, and looked at Qi Jinran anxiously.

The mans long and thick eyelashes opened, and he took the initiative to answer for him.

“Dad, Xiao Yuan is still busy with his graduation thesis in his senior year.

Theres no hurry for him to go to your company to intern right now.

You can wait until he graduates.”

“But he is already 22 years old, and has not yet made up his mind.

Going here and there, its not a solution to keep doing this.” Wen Chengmin was anxious for his son from the bottom of his heart.

In fact, he didnt really want Wen Yuan to stay in Qi Jinrans company.

After all, his status as the presidents partner would inevitably subject him to irresponsible remarks, and others would think that his success was achieved through relationships.

Its better to keep Wen Yuan by his side, stare at him, let him accumulate experience, and let him go after learning enough.

After he takes over the Wen family company later, the gap with Qi Jinran will not be too big.

“Xiao Yuan, lets do this, come to me as my assistant when you are done with your graduation thesis, and I will teach you by hand.”

Hearing what his father said, Wen Yuans expression was even more flustered.

He desperately winked at the man beside him.

Qi Jinran understood, patted his hand soothingly under the table, and looked at Wen Chengmin.

“Dad, if Xiao Yuan wants to study, just let him follow me.

Your health isnt good, and shouldnt worry about these things.

I will let him directly come to the company and be my assistant.”

“How can we do this Given the relationship between the two of you, if he goes to the Qi family, someone will definitely gossip.” Wen Chengmin was a little worried.

Qi Jinran smiled with a firm gaze.

“Dont worry, no one will dare gossip.”

Seeing Qi Jinrans insistence, Wen Chengmin didnt continue talking.

He could see that the two children had a good relationship and liked being together every day.

If he called Wen Yuan to the family company, Qi Jinran would be unhappy.

Forget it, just let them go.

After leaving the Wen family villa, Qi Jinran asked Wen Yuan, “Are you going to keep your father a secret”

“Well, I havent figured out how to tell them.” Wen Yuan scratched his head, looking a little distressed.

Qi Jinran sighed.

“But its impossible to keep it a secret.

One day they will find out.

Its better for you to confess to them than to be discovered by them.”

“I know, wait for a bit.

Wait until the dessert shop is officially on track and talk about it then.”

Wen Yuan had the idea, but things did not always go as expected.


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