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Soon, Wen Yuan had a first-hand experience of what it was like to be newlyweds who hadnt seen each other in a while, and to burn a fire with dry wood.

Takeout was ordered for dinner, and eaten in bed.

Qi Jinran held him in his arms, and while feeding him, kept kissing his neck and ears.

It felt like the man wasnt eating, but rather tasting snacks in his arms.

“Youre making me unable to eat like this.” Wen Yuan gasped, avoiding the small kisses that kept falling on him.

“You still need to eat.

Eat more, and have energy at night.” Qi Jinrans hand slid down his waist.

Wen Yuans face stiffened and turned to look at him.

“No way, at night you still… Arent you tired”

Qi Jinran looked at him and smiled lightly.

“I wont be tired when I see you.

Be good, open your mouth.”

He put a piece of steamed bass into Wen Yuans mouth.

The fish flesh is smooth and tender, with a sweet and slightly salty sauce.

Wen Yuan bit the fish meat and squinted contentedly.

Qi Jinran felt like he was feeding a kitten.

He just scratched the kittens neck, and the kitten raised its head comfortably, and rubbed its cheeks against his palm.

“This white-cut chicken is delicious too.” Qi Jinran picked up a piece of chicken leg, and fed it into Wen Yuans open mouth.

He bit the chicken leg, but didnt finish it off.

“Its too big for me to eat in one bite.” He nibbled at the slightly crispy skin of the chicken thigh, his face a little embarrassed.

Seeing him licking the chicken leg, Qi JInrans eyes darkened.

At this time, Wen Yuan didnt realize the danger, but felt that the mans hand on his waist was extremely tight.

“Are you still hungry Do you want to eat something else” Behind him, Qi Jinrans gentle and low voice sounded.

“No, Im so full.” Wen Yuan yawned and licked his lips contentedly, still remembering the smooth, tender, and sweet taste of white-cut chicken.

Qi Jinran put the tableware and chopsticks aside.

Wen Yuan felt a little sleepy after seeing everything cleared up, and found a more comfortable position, and lay down lazily.

Just a few seconds after closing his eyes, a small kiss fell on his eyelids.

Hot breath fell on his face, deep and fiery.

“Xiao Yuan, dont sleep yet.”

“Im so sleepy, let me lie for a while…”

Qi Jinran smiled helplessly, “Okay, dont move, Ill do it.”

Wen Yuan felt like he had turned into an omelet in a frying pan, being turned over and over by Qi Jinran.

His whole body was numb and boneless, and it was extremely hot.

In a trance, he seemed to see a golden fried egg steaming hot in the pan.

The whites wrapped the soft center, and the orange heart flowed out when gently poked by the spatula…

Wen Yuans mouth was dry and he felt like he was hungry again.

“Do you still want to eat” the man asked softly against his ear.

“No.” Wen Yuans cheeks were flushed, and his whole body almost melted.

“Why do I think your stomach is growling” Qi Jinran smiled and kissed him again.

When he woke up, his clothes were scattered on the ground.

Wen Yuan couldnt tell which shirt was his, so he just took one and put it on his body.

He smelled an aroma from the kitchen and was a little surprised.

Didnt Sister Xue ask for leave to go home last night Why is someone cooking in the early morning

When he entered the kitchen, he realized that it was Qi Jinran who was cooking.

The man was making the quick sandwiches he made that day.

On the cooking table, the toast has been baked by the bread machine, becoming crispy and hot, and neatly placed on the dinner plates.

While, on the side, he was frying bacon, ham, and eggs in a pan.

Although he seldom cooks, Qi Jinrans actions are also quite skilled.

The ham and bacon are fried till crispy, sizzling with heat.

Wen Yuan couldnt help swallowing at the rich aroma, and walked over with a face full of surprise.

“Whend you learn how to cook”

The man had never cooked once in Qis house after living there for so long.

“I watched you make sandwiches that day, and I learned it from the side.

Later, I checked the recipe online.”

“Is this also a birthday present” Wen Yuan tilted his head slightly and looked at him.

“Its not just a birthday present.

In the future, I can learn to cook whatever you want to eat.” Qi Jinran turned to look at him with affectionate eyes.

Looking into his eyes, Wen Yuan felt an extremely dazzling firework explode in the depths of his heart.

“The bacon is about to burn.” Wen Yuan reminded him.

Only then did Qi Jinran react, and hurriedly put the bacon and ham in the pan on a plate, and turned the fried egg over.

Wen Yuan looked at the fried eggs in the pan, and all the scenes from last night were immediately returned to his mind.

His face flushed, and he tugged at the hem of his clothes uncomfortably.

“Im going to take a shower first, right now.” Last night, he only cleaned up hastily, and there was still a lingering sticky feeling on his body.

“Wait.” Qi Jinran grabbed his shirt from behind.

The cotton fabric tightened, and Wen Yuan was pulled into his arms.

“Why do you always wear my clothes Why dont you wear your own” He asked in a hoarse voice in the boys ear.

“Arent your clothes my clothes” Wen Yuan didnt care.

“Then you cant not wear pants.” Qi Jinrans black eyes were smiling, and he moved his hands down.

In an instant, Wen Yuan was like a cat whose tail was pulled.

His whole body tensed, cheeks red with shame, as he slipped out of his arms like a loach, and escaped to the bathroom.

Qi Jinran shook his head, and the smile in his eyes deepened.

After taking a shower, Wen Yuan ate the sandwich Qi Jinran made for him.

The bread was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

The bacon and ham were slightly burnt, but it didnt affect the overall flavor.

The fried egg was the best, and had a perfect runny yolk full of sweetness.

“One hundred percent.” Wen Yuan gave him a thumbs up.

“What are you going to do today”.

“I might go to the store to have a look.

Its almost finished.

Just come with me.”


The weather was hot, and Wen Yuan wanted to wear short sleeves.

However, after trying several t-shirts, the hickey on his neck could not be covered, so he could only change to a shirt with a slightly raised neckline to block the hickey on the neck.

Qi Jinran was still wearing a neat light-colored suit shirt and black trousers, as if he was going to participate in a business negotiation worth several hundred million at any time.

“Jinran, were going to a renovation site.

Youre wearing such a formal dress, is it not good” Wen Yuans black eyes rolled around, and an idea suddenly popped up.

“Would you like to try wearing my t-shirt and jeans”

“Change a style and see if Zhang Huaite and the others can recognize you”

Qi Jinran frowned slightly.

He wasnt very interested in the idea, but he saw Wen Yuans eyes bright with anticipation, those words of refusal did not come out.

“Okay, just this once today.”

Soon, he changed into Wen Yuans T-shirt and denim trousers.

Before he even walked in front of the mirror, he felt uncomfortable all over, always feeling out of tune.

Seeing his new image, Wen Yuans eyes lit up, and he said with a smile, “Jinran, you look like a college student.

Would you like to go back to school with me to listen to class”

Qi Jinran was also frightened by what he looked like in the mirror.

Scattered black strands covered his smooth forehead, and with a white t-shirt and jeans, he looked like those college students everywhere on campus.

This style is too young.

“Id better change back to my original clothes.”

“How can you do that” Wen Yuan quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him out.

“Listen to me, just wear this once.

I have a pair of plain glasses here, you can bring them too.”

After finishing Qi Jinrans disguise, he happily dragged him to the dessert shop.

Chen Xingyu was already looking at the decoration inside.

When he saw Wen Yuan, Chen Xingyu said hello to him, but when he saw the man in his hand, he was extremely shocked.

He hadnt seen Qi Jinran many times, so he wasnt very familiar with his face.

Now, seeing Wen Yuan holding a college student-like youth, his expression became extremely strange.

He remembered that Wen Yuan said Qi Jinran had gone abroad.

So when Qi Jinran went abroad, Wen Yuan started… Is the circle of rich and powerful people so chaotic now

But according to his understanding, Wen Yuan doesnt seem like someone who can do that kind of thing.

He even brought him over here so openly.

Seeing Chen Xingyus confusion, Wen Yuan immediately understood that he didnt recognize Qi Jinran at all this time.

Thinking of this, his smile deepened and he pulled the man in a white shirt and jeans over.

“Xingyu, Why isnt Huaite here”

“Oh, he went out to look at equipment and hasnt come back.

Who is this”

Before Qi Jinran could speak, Wen Yuan grabbed his arm.

“This is my senior, from the Department of Architecture, how is it Isnt he handsome”

Chen Xingyus face was very subtle.

Why did Wen Yuan introduce them Even if he cheated, he still introduced other men in front of him.

Wasnt he afraid of Qi Jinran

“Wen Yuan, bringing him here, isnt very good.”

“Whats not good about this, the senior knows very much about architectural design.

Cant I ask him to come for advice”

Chen Xingyu blushed, and didnt know what to say.

In the end, he had no choice but to turn to the senior next to Wen Yuan.

“This senior, you should know that Wen Yuan is married, right”

Qi Jinran also saw that Wen Yuan wanted to tease Chen Xingyu, so he simply acted with him.

“I know, whats the matter”

Chen Xingyu felt deeply shocked when he saw the mans indifferent face.

Are cheaters so shameless nowadays Was Wen Yuan so confused by this man

His mind was in a mess, and he wasnt sure whether he should tell Qi Jinran or not.

He felt that he should let Zhang Huaite know about it first.

“Chen Xingyu, come out and help me move things.” Zhang Huaites clear voice came from outside.

Chen Xingyu felt as if he had been granted amnesty, and hurried over to grab Zhang Huaites sleeve as if he were a savior.

“Huaite, you cant believe it.

Wen Yuan brought someone to the store.”

“Who is it” Zhang Huaite patted the dust on his body, walked in leisurely, and saw that he saw Qi Jinran, who was dressed differently, surprise flashed in his eyes.

When this man doesnt wear those old-fashioned suits and shirts, he really looks like a college student.

“Return to China so soon” Zhang Huaite greeted him.

“En, I finished work ahead of time.”

Chen Xingyu, who was carrying things in from outside, saw that Zhang Huaite was chatting familiarly with Qi Jinran, and his whole body almost broke.

Could it be that he was the only one who was kept in the dark, and Zhang Huaite already knew about Wen Yuans cheating Then why does he still like Wen Yuan!

“Xingyu, why are you still standing outside Come in and sit.

Well help you move things later.”

“Wen Yuan, dont you think youre a little too much” Chen Xingyu couldnt help it.

It is impossible for him to watch Zhang Huaite fall in love with such a morally depraved person.

“Where am I going too far” Wen Yuan blinked and decided not to tease him anymore.

If it goes on like this, Chen Xingyu may really go crazy.

“Jinran, what do you think Ive done”

Hearing Wen Yuans words, Chen Xingyu paused in disbelief and turned to look at the man beside him.

He looked at Qi Jinran carefully, studied his eyes, nose, chin, and then saw the expensive watch in his hand, and understood everything at once.

Zhang Huaite laughed behind him.

“Chen Xingyu, youre so smart, so why are you so confused today Just like a fool.

I should have recorded your appearance just now.”

Chen Xingyu didnt expect to be tricked by the trio.

Ashamed and annoyed, and having just moved something under the sun, and having not eaten, his hypoglycemia flared up.

His eyes darkened, and he passed out.


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