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Wen Yuan was momentarily stunned when he heard Qi Jinran’s words.

He suddenly remembered Grandpa Qi sharing that Qi Jinran had experienced some things a few years ago which made him into what he is now.

In the soundless silence, he stared into Qi Jinran’s deep pool-like eyes, seeming to see the unspeakable pain and sadness suppressed under that calm appearance.


Qi… we’re home.”

Zhuang Jie parked the car in the underground garage and said softly.

“You go first.”

“Yes, Mr.


The dim car lights came on, and only Wen Yuan and Qi Jinran were left in the vehicle.

“So, am I qualified to call you stupid now”

Looking into Qi Jinran’s arrogant look, Wen Yuan began to suspect that the sadness and pain he had seen in the man’s eyes was just an illusion.

“Yes, you are qualified.”

Wen Yuan sighed helplessly.

Propping himself up, he sat up slowly.

Maybe he was overwhelmed by alcohol, but he suddenly had the idea of pulling a prank.

He couldn’t believe this guy could remain so calm forever.

“You don’t like me being too close to you, do you”

“At least you’re self-knowledge.”

Qi Jinran snorted coldly, lowered his long eyelashes.

He was about to turn around to open the door when his arm was grabbed.

Surprised, he turned around, and found that Wen Yuan had changed into a kneeling posture at some point, and his bright black eyes were looking at him slyly.

“But I don’t—”

As soon as the word “don’t” fell, he leaned over, held Qi Jinran’s face, and gave him a heavy kiss on the lips.

The man’s lips were cold and dry, and his body was faintly scented with bitter orange and lemon.

Wrinkling his nose, Wen Yuan was about to smell it carefully when someone grabbed his neck.

The panic and shock in Qi Jinran’s eyes had not faded yet.

Face twisted into a defensive expression, he pinched Wen Yuan’s neck, and pressed him on the leather seat.

“Isn’t it courting death” His voice was angry and low.

Damn, this guy won’t strangle him just because of a kiss, will he This chaste, strong man! Wen Yuan complained in the bottom of his heart.

The suffocation from his neck made him lose the last bit of drunkenness.

His mind became extremely clear, and he began to cowardly beg for mercy.

“I was just drunk… this spur of the moment… not on purpose…”

“Please raise your head… show mercy…”1

Because of the pain, Wen Yuan’s handsome face was flushed.

His straight facial features were scrunched together, and tears welled in his eyes, making him look pitiful.

Qi Jinran looked at him, and suddenly released his hand and left the car without looking back.

Wen Yuan watched the diminishing tall and thin back, and touched his neck with lingering fear.

Did he escape

It’s the alcohol’s fault.

After learning the lesson, this kind of plucking hairs from the tiger’s head2 will never be done again!

Back in the bedroom, Wen Yuan took a shower and fell asleep in bed immediately.

He didn’t know that Qi Jinran was tossing and turning on the bed in the next room.

As soon as Qi Jinran closed his eyes, the image of Wen Yuan approaching and kissing him filled his mind.

The boy’s lips were soft and hot, burning him like a flame.

He should be extremely disgusted, and he should have pushed him away immediately, but his body was stiff and he failed to react in those few seconds.

What happened to him

Qi Jinran sat up irritably, lifted the quilt and got out of bed, only to find that the cane was not placed by the bed.

Looking down at his empty right trouser leg, an indescribable disgust suddenly filled his heart.

He should have strangled that daring fellow in the car back then!

Wen Yuan was woken up by the ringing of the phone.

Without opening his eyes, he touched the phone on the bedside and put it to his ear.


“Why haven’t you come to school yet How dare you run away from Lao Ma’s class” It was Ji Hong’s voice.

Wen Yuan glanced at the European-style wall clock on the wall, and his entire body woke up.

Jumping off the bed, he walked to cloakroom and quickly dressed.

“You do rollcall for me first, I’ll be right here!”

Wen Yuan hurriedly put on a shirt and denim jacket.

When he changed his pants, some scenes from last night suddenly flooded into his mind, and he froze for a second.

Shaking his head quickly, he tried to erase those memories from his mind.

The idiot who went crazy from alcohol is definitely not him!

He rushed to the south building and slipped into the lecture hall through the back door.

Ji Hong had saved him a seat and waved at him.

“Why are you only here now”

Ji Hong’s face turned red when he had a sudden realization.

“What’s wrong” Wen Yuan was bewildered.

Ji Hong pointed to his neck and lowered his voice.

“Last night, you were… too intense…”

Wen Yuan looked down and saw that the red marks on the collar of his shirt were particularly clear.

No wonder he was misunderstood.

Quickly buttoning the top buttons, he chuckled dryly.

“Mosquito bite, it’s a misunderstanding.”

“There are mosquitoes in the winter” Ji Hong said with an expression of “If I believe you, I’m an idiot.”

He probably wouldn’t believe him if he said it was made from Qi Jinran pinching his neck.

Too lazy to explain, Wen Yuan found the textbook for this class, and said righteously: “Don’t talk nonsense, hurry up and listen.”

Wen Yuan knew that he had completely annoyed Qi Jinran last night, so he sent a bunch of apology texts, but Qi Jinran didn’t reply to a single one.

He didn’t give up.

After going home, he made a box of cookies with mixed flavors, and attached an apology letter to Qi Jinran.

Wen Yuan felt that he was not far from being hated.

The rain that night was endless.

The vice president of the music club had an accident.

One night, when he was having a late night snack, the vice president drank too much and had a fight with the gangster on the next table.

His arm was injured, so he came to Wen Yuan for help.

Seeing the vice president with a bruised nose, swollen face, and plastered arm, Wen Yuan reluctantly took his place.

If he participates in the New Year’s Day rehearsal, he will inevitably encounter Zhou Yunqing.

After the unpleasant meeting in the corridor, Zhou Yunqing never looked for him again, and his love affair with Yang Mo became more and more high-profile.

Wen Yuan ran into two people kissing in the backstage lounge several times.

It was so disgusting that he almost spit out his meal from last night.

On Saturday, Wancheng ushered in another strong wave of cold air, and the temperature dropped below zero3.

Originally, because Qi Jinran wasn’t there, Wen Yuan didn’t plan to go back at night.

He didn’t expect to receive a call from Xue Rong the moment he finished his rehearsal.

“What He’s sick”

Carrying the guitar, he got into the car sent by the Qi family, and hurried back to Shuixieju4.

The villa was brightly lit at a distance, but his heart sank when he saw the ambulance was parked in the courtyard.

Hurrying inside, he met a tall man in a light green nurse uniform with a tray in his hand.

When he saw the nameplate on his chest, Wen Yuan was stunned.

Ding He Could this be… the nurse Xiao Ding that Sister Xue talked about before

“Are you Mr.

Wen Yuan I heard Sister Xue mention you.” Ding He briefly introduced himself, and then walked inside with Wen Yuan.

He guessed Wen Yuan’s identity at a glance.

“Don’t worry, the doctor has come.


Qi’s condition is not serious.

He needs to rest for a while because of the fall and cold.”

“How did he fall” Wen Yuan was puzzled.

“According to Assistant Zhuang, it snowed in S city and the road was too slippery.

When Mr.

Qi got out of the car to enter the hotel, he accidentally stumbled.”

That’s right, Qi Jinran’s right leg is not as nimble as ordinary people.

It’s easy to slip on snowy roads.

Given his temper, he would definitely be unwilling to use a wheelchair… Wen Yuan sighed in his heart.

At the door of Qi Jinran’s bedroom, Wen Yuan’s footsteps suddenly stopped.

He hadn’t forgotten that Qi Jinran had not accepted his apology until now.

Was it okay if he went inside Besides, Qi Jinran is still a patient.


Wen, won’t you go in and see him”

Ding He was confused.

These two are engaged and living together, so why does their relationship seem so unfamiliar

Wen Yuan smiled awkwardly.

“I… I’ll wait at the door.”

Ding He didn’t ask more, and knocked on the door.

After getting permission from the people inside, he entered the room with the tray.

Wen Yuan stood outside the door, watching Ding He take the temperature of the man on the bed and change the infusion bag.

This is the first time Wen Yuan has seen Qi Jinran sick.

The man’s pale and thin face sank halfway into the pillow, seeming haggard and weak.

The usually neatly combed hair is scattered on his forehead, and his eyes are half-closed.

“Pain… Painkillers…” Wen Yuan suddenly heard the man’s hoarse voice.

Hearing Qi Jinran’s request, Ding He had an embarrassed expression on his face.


Qi, you have already taken the medicine.”

Closing his eyes, Qi Jinran grabbed the sheets under him with his left hand, and laughed bleakly.

“Can you increase the dose”

Ding He hesitated.


Qi, you must know that neuropathic pain is actually very complicated.

Painkillers may not help much…”

He knew that Qi Jinran had hallucinations.

The pain in his limbs was already cured.5 If it weren’t for that person… his disease would not have recurred.

Staring at the ceiling, his eyelashes slowly blinked twice, before closing again.

“I know, you can go out.”

“Yes, Mr.


Remember to ring the bell for anything.”

Ding He dimmed the light beside the bed, picked up the used infusion bag on the table, and silently left the room.


Wen, you should also go to rest.” Ding He couldn’t bear to see Wen Yuan still standing outside.

“I’m not sleepy.” Wen Yuan shook his head and glanced at the room with some worry.

“Can he be alone”

“He will ring the bell if there’s anything.

The infusion will end in 2 hours, and I’ve also set an alarm and will come over then.”

Seeing the dark circles around Ding He’s eyes, Wen Yuan guessed he was busy most of the night, and nodded.

“Then go to rest, I will help you take care of him.”


Ding He yawned.

After disposing of the used medical supplies, he told him some precautions, and then entered the room next door.

Wen Yuan waited until Qi Jinran fell asleep at the hidden door before daring to enter.

The bedroom is covered with a thick woolen carpet, and the heating is sufficient.

The faint smell of ocean smoke mixed with the smell of medicine filled the air.

Wearing indoor slippers, Wen Yuan slowly walked to Qi Jinran’s bed and looked at the sleeping man.

For fear of waking Qi Jinran, he didn’t dare breathe loudly, and carefully tucked the quilt that slipped to his shoulders.

Qi Jinran’s pale lips were tightly closed, as if trapped in a nightmare.

Remembering Ding He’s advice, Wen Yuan wiped his forehead with the alcohol wipes on the bedside, and took his temperature again.

This guy, his fever is at 38.7 degrees6!

Wen Yuan actually has no experience in caring for people.

He just followed Ding He’s instructions and kept changing towels to wipe Qi Jinran’s body and face to help him cool down physically.

Ding He came in once halfway through and helped Qi Jinran pull out the needle.

Seeing several dazzling pinholes on the back of the man’s bluish white hand, Wen Yuan’s heart felt like it was being pierced.

Although this guy has a poisonous mouth and is a deadly arrogant, he still feels pity seeing him lie weakly on the bed.

As his roommate, Wen Yuan thought he should treat him better.

He can tolerate that stinky temperament and cold face.

With a clean towel in his hand, just as he was about to put it on Qi Jinran’s forehead, a line of sight pierced over.

Meeting Qi Jinran’s dark eyes, Wen Yuan’s heart thumped.

Damn, when did this guy wake up


He’s using Chinese idioms that basically say, “you are a big man, please show mercy and don’t fight with lesser people.”


as in, angering QJR


Zero Celcius.

Aka below freezing


The house/manor he lives in with QJR


QJR’s body has already healed from the leg injury, but still feels pain.

See phantom limb pain


36-37 is normal body temperature in Celcius


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