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Wen Yuan was bored alone, so when he heard Yu Heng say this, he immediately went over.

Sure enough, Luo Haoxin was inside.

He was sitting lazily on the sofa with a financial magazine in his hand.

It seemed that he and Yu Heng were already quite familiar with each other.


Wen, why are you here” Luo Haoxin stood up in surprise when he saw him.

“Yu Heng asked me to come over for dinner.

It happened that Jinran went to Southeast Asia, so I came over.

Dont call me Mr.

Wen, its too estranged, just call me Xiao Wen.”

Yu Heng came out of the kitchen and looked at the two of them with a smile.

“Little sister-in-law, you came at just the right time.

I hired a chef who specializes in Cantonese cuisine.

Im sure that the taste will definitely satisfy you.”

“Then I will come to your house every day to eat soft rice, do you mind”

“Of course I dont mind, as long as Jinran doesnt get angry.”

Wen Yuan couldnt out-argue him, so he pulled him aside.

“Yu Heng, why is Luo Haoxin here Did you two reconcile”

“Boss Luo is now my business partner, is it weird that I called my partner over for a meal” Yu Heng spread his hands.

On the sofa, Luo Haoxin seemed to hear a few words from the corridor and snorted coldly.

Wen Yuan recalled that Luo Haoxins company was sued for patent issues before, and the stock price fell by several percentage points.

He didnt know how the matter was resolved, and asked Yu Heng.

“Im here, its fine.

Those lawsuits were because they were unhappy seeing him as a rising star, and just wanted to mess with him.

Now the other party is considering reconciliation.”

Wen Yuan was relieved and followed Yu Heng back to the living room.

After sitting for a while, the phone in his pocket rang.

It was a WeChat message from Qi Jinran.

“What are you doing at home”

Wen Yuan: I went to Yu Hengs house for dinner.

President Luo is also here.

Qi Jinran: Such a coincidence.

I have arrived in Vietnam peacefully.

Wen Yuan smiled and replied: Okay, lets video chat when you arrive at the hotel in the evening.

Luo Haoxin, who was opposite of him, saw his joyous expression, and felt a little sour in his heart.

Is it such a beautiful thing to fall in love

“President Luo” Wen Yuan finished chatting with Qi Jinran, and saw him zoning out, so he couldnt help reaching out and waving in front of his eyes.

Luo Haoxin returned to his senses and looked at him embarrassedly.

“You and your husband have a really good relationship.”

Wen Yuan smiled.

“Well, we actually didnt like each other at first, but after we were together, our relationship became deeper, and I dont know why, but there seems to be an invisible attraction that makes it impossible for us to separate.” 

An invisible attraction… Hearing these words, Luo Haoxin unconsciously turned to look in the direction of the kitchen.

He obviously hates that guy so much, so why does he come to his house again and again Is it also because of some invisible attraction

Wen Yuan relaxed the day after the wedding, and went to Le Cordon Bleu to attend class as usual the day after.

The advanced class is much more difficult than the beginner class, but he has experienced two competitions, and quickly adapted to the rhythm of the class and the teachers teaching style, and became more comfortable.

After coming out of the class, he had just walked to the tree-lined avenue full of sycamores, when he saw Zhang Huaite and Chen Xingyu.

Chen Xingyu waved at him, his face full of excitement.

“Wen Yuan, our dessert shop has begun renovations, let me show you.”

Wen Yuan heard Zhang Huaite say that the dessert shop was under renovation two days ago.

Unable to wait, he followed the two of them to the CBD business district by car.

The location of the dessert shop they chose was in a quieter area of ​​the business district, surrounded by green plants, and there was a small botanical garden next door.

The environment was very elegant.

Walking into the shop being renovated and seeing the high dome and baroque-style columns, Wen Yuan could already imagine how perfect this place will look after the renovation is completed.

He believed Qi Jinrans design would definitely make this place shine.

“I heard that your husband went abroad, howd this happen He left you just after getting married and left you alone” Zhang Huaite teased him.

“Its not like you said.

He just has something to do at work, and has to deal with it.”

Wen Yuan walked inside.

He was tall and didnt pay attention when he walked, and his head hit a naked a steel bar jutting out of the cement next to him.

Zhang Huaite walked behind him with quick eyes and quick hands, and hurriedly covered his head with his hands.

“Cant you watch where youre walking There are rebars and wires poking out all over the place.”

Hearing Zhang Huaites worried voice, Wen Yuan smiled nonchalantly.

“Alright, Ill pay attention, Ill walk with my head down later.”

Behind him, Chen Xingyus eyes dimmed as he watched this scene silently.

He had long seen that Zhang Huaite had an unusual affection for Wen Yuan.

Although Zhang Huaite was by his side when he had a stomach ailment, he also knew that it was out of their childhood friendship.

Even if a stranger fainted on the side of the road, Zhang Huaite wouldnt be able to ignore him.

The only good thing is that Wen Yuan is already married, so Zhang Huaites dream is impossible to material, and he still has a chance to pursue what he wants.

Thinking of this, he adjusted his collar and smiled again.

“Wen Yuan, theres a nice cafe nearby.

Lets try it together later.

By the way, what kind of barista should we find”

“Okay, I was about to discuss this with Huaite.”

In the past few days when Qi Jinran was away, Wen Yuan was either in class, or was busy supervising the dessert shop renovations, and going out to buy various baking materials with Zhang Huaite.

Every day was exhausting, and sometimes he would barely have energy to video call Qi Jinran every night.

“Its fine to let the workers and designers handle the decoration.

You dont have to worry about it.” At the other end of the video, Qi Jinran was distressed seeing him so tired.

“No, there are many details that need to be observed in person, otherwise there will be all kinds of small flaws, and it will be too late to find out when the inspection is over.”

Qi Jinran smiled helplessly.

“Okay, then dont exhaust yourself and mess up your body.”

“Dont worry, Im measured.

Just do your job well, dont worry about me.”

Qi Jinran looked at Wen Yuans handsome face, seeing the attachment and deep love in his black eyes, and his heart softened.

He wished he could cross the screen, hold the boy in his arms, stroke him gently, and kiss him.

Qi Jinran glanced at the watch on his hand and suddenly remembered something.

“Xiao Yuan, I remember the day after tomorrow is your birthday, right”

Wen Yuan nodded and looked at him expectantly.

“Can you come back the day after tomorrow” He remembered that Zhuang Jie said that Qi Jinran would be away for about a week.

He didnt know if he could finish work early and come back.

Qi Jinrans face was a little embarrassed, and his brows wrinkled.

“This project isnt going very smoothly.

Ive changed a few managers, but the personnel transfer is a little troublesome.

I might not be able to come back the day after tomorrow.”

Wen Yuan was a little disappointed, but still remembered to maintain a smile.

“Well, thats fine.

Its fine if you dont come back, work is still important.”

“Ill buy you gifts from over here.” Qi Jinrans face was full of guilt.

“En, I know.”

After hanging up the video, Qi Jinrans first thing was to call Zhuang Jie.

“Have you booked the flights for the day after tomorrow”

“Its all set.

Gifts have been bought and put in the trunk.”

“You did a good job.” Qi Jinrans eyes were full of approval.

He wanted to surprise Wen Yuan, so he deliberately said that he might not be able to go back the day after tomorrow.

Thinking of Wen Yuans surprised face, Qi Jinran unconsciously smiled.


Soo… ay guesses whether QJRs surprise is successful

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