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Wen Yuan immediately went to the kitchen and started making sandwiches.

Slices of fresh ham and bacon are fried in the pan.

Spreading lettuce and tomatoes on toast, he added a piece of cheese, put the fried ham and bacon on top, fried an egg, and a quick sandwich is complete.

Qi Jinran watched from the side with a lazy and relaxed expression.

Wen Yuan took out the milk in the refrigerator and poured it into a glass, and cut the sandwich in half, half for each of them.

“I really want to take you to Vietnam.” Qi Jinran smiled.

“It just so happens that the branch over there lacks a cook who can cook.”

“Are you willing to let me cook for your employees” Wen Yuan felt a little aggrieved look at him.

After Qi Jinran thought about it… it was true.

Of course it was good for Wen Yuan to cook for him, but he wouldnt be very happy if Wen Yuan cooked for others.

He took a bite of the sandwich.

The crispy toast slid into the mouth with the tender egg yolk.

The bacon and ham were fried just right, and each bite was full of meaty fragrant.

The two were eating breakfast when they suddenly received a call from Lin Wei.

Lin Wei said that they have already bought the air tickets.

Their family will go back to the United States together tomorrow, and will never trouble Qi Jinran and them again.

Qi Jinran asked the driver to send them off, but Lin Wei said that the hotel had a pick-up service, so there was no need to spend a lot of time.

“Cousin, I didnt know until I heard from my mother that my dad brought Sister Zhou Ke specially because of those ridiculous thoughts… I apologize to you on his behalf.

I also wish you and sister-in-law a happy wedding.”

Qi Jinran hummed lightly.

He knew very well that Lin Qi and Lin Wei were more like their mother, with pure character.

He can alienate Lin Jiabin, but he cannot alienate them.

This was the only consolation he left for the Lin family.

“Lin Wei, no matter what happens, you are always my cousin.

You and Xiao Qi can come back to China if you have a chance.

If you are interested in business management, come to the company as my assistant and learn something from me.” 

He threw an olive branch, and Lin Wei naturally understood the meaning behind it.

“Cousin, thank you for disregarding the past.

My brother and I will come back if there is a chance.”

Qi Jinran hung up the phone, and the boy opposite smiled at him brightly.

“Is it a call from uncle and the others”

Qi Jinran took a sip of milk.

“Yes, they will return to the United States tomorrow.”

“So soon, I hoped they would spend a few more days in the country.”

“You really hope” The man saw through him at a glance.

Wen Yuan smiled.

“Okay, I admit, I dont really want to see your uncle.”

No matter how he was neglected or ignored by Lin Jiabin, he never lost his temper.

Not because of how good his temper is, but because he loves Qi Jinran, so naturally doesnt want him caught in a dilemma.

Even if he is a little angry these two days, he can suppress it.

“I wronged you the last few days.” Across the dining table, Qi Jinran reached out and touched his face.

Wen Yuan had just finished drinking the milk, and there was still a circle of white milk staining his mouth.

Qi Jinrans hand slid to the corner of his mouth and wiped the milk stains off his mouth.

“No grievance, its fine.

Its enough that youre nice to me.

Anyway, uncle and the rest are not in the country, so their opinions dont really matter.” When he looked up, Wen Yuan saw Qi Jinran licking the tip of his milk-stained finger.

Wen Yuans face turned red when he saw his movement.

“What are you doing Why are you so unhygienic” He remembered that Qi Jinran was slightly obsessed with cleanliness.

He just brushed his fingers on the corners of his mouth, so why did he stick out his tongue…

“This is whats on your mouth, theres nothing unsanitary about it.” Qi Jinran looked at him indifferently.

Wen Yuan was shocked by his thick skin.

He remembered that when they shook hands before, Qi Jinran had to wipe his hand with a wet towel and spray disinfectant several times.

Who knew he would slap himself in the face like this now.

He couldnt even recognize that old Qi Jinran was here!

After breakfast, there is not much time left.

Wen Yuan glanced at his watch.

There was two hours before he went to the airport, and they could watch a movie in the home theater.

Wen Yuan prepared popcorn and some other snacks, and dragged Qi Jinran to the small home theater on the roof.

He happily put the DVD into the DVD player, and just as the lights on the screen came on, he was pulled over to sit in the mans lap.

He immediately remembered their first date.

In the cinema, the lights were dim and blurry, and the voices were noisy.

He also sat on Qi Jinrans lap like this.

“Watch the movie, what are you doing” Wen Yuan moved uncomfortably.

“I was so tired last night, and didnt do anything,” Qi Jinran said in a regretful tone.

“Our wedding night was wasted.”

Wen Yuan smiled helplessly.

Biting his ear lightly, he said in a low voice.

“What about… What do you want to do with me now Continue what you didnt have time to do last night”

Qi Jinran touched his neck and lowered his head to smell the faint scent of shower gel on his shoulders and neck.

“Cant you”

Wen Yuan laughed.

“President Qi, dont you think the time is a little tight”

“Just once, very fast.”

After the man finished speaking, he seemed to realize that something was wrong, and added, “It wont be too fast, of course, and wont be too slow.”

Wen Yuan couldnt help laughing.

Burying his head in his neck, he wrapped his hands around his neck and waist.

“Okay, Mr.

Qi, who is neither fast nor slow.” 

The two spent an absurd hour in the home theater.

When they came out, their clothes were a little messy.

Wen Yuans neck was covered with red marks, and there were countless hickeys hidden under his clothes.

His legs were a little weak, and Qi Jinran supported him by the waist so he wouldnt shamefully fall to the ground.

When Zhuang Jie knocked on the door and came in, he saw his boss and his bosss wife walking down the stairs holding hands.

There seemed to be an invisible aura between the two, isolating everything around them.

Even each unintentional glance at each other is full of intimacy and admiration.

Zhuang Jie, who was blinded by his bosss show of affection early in the morning: …

Why does him a single dog eat dog food even at work Is there any justice in this world


Qi, its time for us to go to the airport.” Zhuang Jie was extremely sad and angry, but spoke with a dedicated smile on his face.

Qi Jinran nodded slightly, indicating that he understood.

Xue Rong had already packed his suitcase and left it at the entrance.

When Qi Jinran walked to the entrance, Wen Yuan suddenly grabbed his sleeve looking at him with reluctant, misty eyes.

“Jinran, you must tell me in time if you have something over there.

Dont stay out too long, and come home quickly.”

Seeing Wen Yuans worried expression, Qi Jinran felt that their roles were suddenly reversed.

When he sent Wen Yuan to the competition before, he seemed to have said the same to the opponent.

“Dont worry, wife.” Qi Jinran smiled and kissed him on the forehead.

Carrying the small suitcase, he walked out of the villa with Zhuang Jie.

Wen Yuan watched the black Bentley drive all the way to the end of the road, and didnt look stop until the car was no longer in sight.

The two have just been married and will be separated for several days.

No one wants to endure this kind of torment.

He sat alone in the empty room for a while, and was not in the mood to eat what Xue Rong made.

While lying on the sofa and feeling melancholy, he suddenly received a call from Yu Heng.

“Sister-in-law, come over for dinner Luo Haoxin is here too.”


Ones gotta ask, why is LHX at YHs home!!

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