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In the room, Ji Hong was giving Wen Yuan an idea, trying to embarrass Qi Jinran.

However, Wen Yuan said that he was not interested in those pranks at all, he simply wanted to complete the wedding with Qi Jinran.

“Thats not a prank, its to test Qi Jinrans sincerity towards you”

“Forget it, I know exactly what he thinks of me.

I dont need a test.”

Qi Jinran, who walked to the door, heard this sentence.

“My god, sister-in-law really cares about you.” Yu Heng sighed aside.

Qi Jinran didnt speak, but the smile deepened in his eyes as he strode into the room.

“Xiao Yuan, Im here to pick you up.” He held a bouquet in his hand, and his tone was solemn and affectionate.

Wen Yuan took the bouquet he gave him with a smile on his face.

“Okay, Ill go with you.” 

Ill go on like this all my life.


The two sat in the Rolls-Royce and went to the hotel where the wedding banquet was held.

The guests already arrived.

In addition to the relatives of Qis and Wens families, Wen Yuans classmates at school, Professor Wu, and several school leaders were all present, sitting at tables, looking lively.

When waiting backstage, Wen Yuan was more nervous than before any performance.

“What, cant relax at your wedding” Qi Jinran teased him.

“Of course, we only have one wedding.

Im afraid that I will be nervous and say the wrong thing.

Wont I be laughed at for a long time then”

“Dont worry, you wont make a joke when Im here.”

Having said that, Wen Yuan was still uneasy.

Finally, he heard the voice of the emcee announcing the newlyweds.

The heavy carved door opened, Qi Jinran came over to hold his hand, and the two walked onto the red carpet covered with flowers together.

Being held by Qi Jinrans hand, Wen Yuans nervousness disappeared.

He looked at the guests in front of him and his expression became extremely calm.

The next steps have been rehearsed countless times.

When he arrives on the stage, how to speak, how to read the oath, everything was practiced before.

When exchanging wedding rings, he saw his parents standing under the stage with tears in their eyes.

Wen Yuans heart was suddenly tugged, and there was a trace of unbearableness in his black eyes.

Qi Jinran suddenly took his hand wearing the wedding ring, kissed him on the lips, and pulled him into his arms.

“Xiao Yuan, dont worry, your parents will be my parents in the future, and I will honor them as I honor my grandfather.”

Unexpectedly, the man knew exactly what he was thinking.

Wen Yuan was so moved that he hugged him tightly.

“Jinran, thank you.”

“Okay, its time for us to go down to toast.

We cant continue hugging like this on the stage the entire time.” Qi Jinran smiled.

Only then did Wen Yuan realize that countless pairs of eyes were still staring at them, so he quickly released his arms and wiped his own eyes.

After the wedding ceremony was over, the next step is to toast the guests.

Zhang Huaite and Chen Xingyu also came, and Wen Yuan was very happy to see the two appear.


Chen, I thought you wouldnt come to Wancheng.

How are you now Are you okay”

Chen Xingyu smiled.

“Its an old thing, its just a small stomach problem.

Not a big problem.

Come on, Ill toast you and Mr.

Qi, wishing you a happy marriage!”

Zhang Huaite grabbed his wine glass as soon as he raised it.

“Chen Xingyu, do you want to die How many days has it been since you drank”

“Im sorry, I forgot the doctors orders.” Chen Xinyu smiled awkwardly and changed for a cup of tea.

“Forget it, Ill toast the two of you with tea instead of wine.”

Wen Yuan looked at Zhang Huaites nervous expression and couldnt help smile and look at Qi Jinran.

“Huaite, it looks like someone is joining our dessert shop, right” Wen Yuan winked at Zhang Huaite.

“I asked this guy because he was too pitiful.” Zhang Huaite said with a sullen face.

“Besides, such cheap labor doesnt need to be used for nothing.” If he went out to hire such a pastry chef, he would have to offer an annual salary of at least one million.

But Chen Xingyu actually lowered his worth, saying that an annual salary of 300,000 yuan is enough.

Such a cheap chef, who wouldnt invite him

Zhang Huaite said this, and Wen Yuan didnt want to continue.

Anyway, the relationship between the two is probably one step away.

This pair of happy enemies is not so easy to break apart.

“Okay, then I look forward to working with Mr.


“Okay, I hope we have a good cooperation.” Chen Xingyu toasted him with a smile.

The two went to the next table and saw Yu Heng and Luo Haoxin.

Its just that Luo Haoxins face was not very good, as if he was angry about something.

“Whats wrong President Luo.” Wen Yuan couldnt help walking over and patting Yu Heng on the shoulder.

“Yu Heng, you didnt make President Luo angry, right”

Yu Heng was a little embarrassed.

How would he know that when he came to Qi Jinrans wedding banquet as the best man, he would meet two exes, and one of them greeted him with a smile, even shoving a business card and wanting to reconnect.

Luo Haoxin saw all of this, and the relationship between them that had finally progressed a bit, returned back to square one.

“I shouldnt have come to your wedding banquet.” Yu Heng was regretful.

“A romantic figure like President Yu, excluding wedding banquets, I guess there are a lot of exes everywhere.” Luo Haoxin mocked.

“Yu Heng, youre really too outrageous.” Qi Jinran opened his mouth.


Wen, Mr.

Qi, dont worry about Yu Heng.

Come, Ill toast you, I wish you a happy wedding and a hundred years of marriage.” Luo Haoxin raised his glass himself, clinking glasses with Qi Jinran and Wen Yuan.

“How could you leave me behind” Yu Heng was naturally unwilling to be left behind, and raised his red wine glass after him.

After the toasting finished, Wen Yuan was already too drunk.

He was helped by Qi Jinran to the bedroom to rest.

“Jinran, the other Qi family uncles and aunts, I havent toasted them yet.” Thinking that he seemed to have left out a table, Wen Yuan quickly got up from the bed.

Qi Jinran grabbed his ankle and pressed him back to the bed.

“Youre so drunk, and still want to drink Others use tea instead of wine, but you really use wine to toast, fool.” Shooting a helpless glance, he took off his shoes, and stuffed the boys feet under the bed.

He is good at drinking, so after drinking so much, he doesnt appear drunk, but his face was slightly red.

Most of the guests have left, and the rest were handled by Grandpa Qi and Wen Yuans parents.

There is no need for them to worry.

Qi Jinran looked at the bed, where Wen Yuan lay half-drunk and half-awake.

He went to the bathroom, grabbed a wet towel, and wiped his face lightly.

Wen Yuan muttered softly when his face was touched, and suddenly opened his eyes and looked straight at him.

“Is the wedding over” Wen Yuans dark eyes were a little dazed and ignorant.

“En, its over.”

Wen Yuan seemed to be relieved and heaved a sigh of relief, and closed his eyes again.

These few days were really tiring.

First, Qi Jinrans uncle, and then the long ceremony and process of the wedding.

It was really difficult to do everything perfectly.

He used to only want to have a simple wedding, but there were so many guests on the grandfather and parents side, and with the Qi familys influence, their wedding had to be grand, and was impossible to keep simple.

Now that everything was over, he was very at peace.

They told the world that the two of them are together.

There will be no more gossip, and there will be no unrelated people pointing fingers.

“Xiao Yuan, we can go on our honeymoon next.”

“Honeymoon” Wen Yuan suddenly woke up.

When preparing for the wedding, he completely forgot about the honeymoon.

With the internship happening, he didnt expect a honeymoon at all.

“But… where are we going for our honeymoon It doesnt matter if you leave the company for a month”

“I havent taken annual leave for many years.

Its okay to ask for a months leave.

Where do you want to go” Qi Jinran gently looked at him.

Wen Yuans family is also considered affluent.

He has traveled to many places in recent years.

In fact, he thinks that it doesnt matter where he goes for their honeymoon, the important thing is to be with the person he likes.

“Why dont we go to Europe, I think those castles are very beautiful.” Wen Yuan was a little shy after speaking.

It seems that only girls like castles, and he always found it strange for a man to say that he likes castles.

In the past, he rarely mentioned his preferences to others; it was the same with baking.

Qi Jinran wasnt surprised, and touched his face and smiled.

“Okay, then lets go to Europe.

The most beautiful castle in Europe is Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.

We can go to Germany first, and then play in the other countries in the Schengen region.”

“But the visa—”

Wen Yuan had a headache again when he recalled that the visas had not been issued yet.

“Dont worry, Ill ask Zhuang Jie to apply for an expedited visa.

It should be ready within three days.”


Wen Yuan was so excited that he was about to go on his honeymoon, and he lost all sleepiness.

He got up from the bed, rubbed his carrot pillow, and squeezed into Qi Jinrans arms.

“Whats Neuschwanstein Castle like Have you seen it before”

Qi Jinran wrapped his arms around him and rubbed his fingers in his hair.

“I heard that Disneys castle is based on Neuschwanstein Castle.

It used to be a kings palace, built on forests and grasslands, overlooking a vast lake.”

Hearing this description, Wen Yuans eyes lit up.

Isnt that a castle in the fairy tales He couldnt wait to fly to Germany.

“Dont worry, we still have a lot of time in the future.

We can go to various places in the world.” Qi Jinran kissed his cheek.

“En, Im really happy.” Wen Yuan hugged his waist and closed his eyes contentedly.

Their honeymoon was well planned, but a harsh phone call the next morning broke Wen Yuans longing.

“What, something went wrong with that project in Southeast Asia”

Qi Jinran sat up, put on his shoes and got out of bed, holding his phone and walking to the window.

Wen Yuan also woke up, stuck his head out of the quilt, and looked at the man standing by the floor-to-ceiling window.

Not long after, Qi Jinran hung up the phone and went back to the bed.

“Xiao Yuan, Im sorry.

There is a problem with a project in Southeast Asia.

I have to go there.”

Although Wen Yuan was a little disappointed, he still expressed understanding.

“Its alright, the honeymoon will be the same later on.

You should deal with the company first.

When you accompanied me to participate in the competition, you already delayed a lot of business.”

“When will you leave” He asked Qi Jinran.

“The planes at noon today.”

“Ah.” Wen Yuan glanced at his watch, sat up, got dressed and got out of bed.

“You wait, Ill make you breakfast right away!”


I looked up that Neuschwanstein Castle.

Its beautiful.

New place on my bucket list to visit.

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