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After returning to Wancheng, the most important thing was to prepare for the wedding.

The two re-checked the guest list, finalized the wedding time, and re-issued the invitations.

In the afternoon, they went to the hotel where the banquet would be held, and after confirming that there was no problem, returned to the villa.

“Jinran, uncle and the others said they were coming tomorrow, right” Wen Yuan asked when sorting out the things in the room.

“Yes, tomorrow morning.”

“Thats great, then Ill call my parents and grandpa, and we can all have dinner together as a family.”

“You dont have to worry about this, Ill naturally arrange it.”

The next morning, the two got up and went to the airport to pick up Qi Jinrans uncle.

The plane was not delayed, and the two of them successfully received Uncle Lins family.

What surprised Wen Yuan was that in addition to his wife and two children, Lin Jiabin also brought a young girl.

“Jinran, this is a niece from your aunts side, her surname is Zhou, her name is Zhou Ke.

She is also studying in the United States, and this time it happened to be on the way, so she came back to China to visit relatives with us.

Shes staying here with us for a few days, do you mind”

“Of course not.”

Lin Jiabin pushed the girl forward and made her stand in front of Qi Jinran.

“Xiao Ke, call cousin.”

“Cousin.” The girl was pretty and lovely, but she seemed to be a little introverted and spoke in a weak tone.

“Hello, Miss Zhou.” Qi Jinrans greeting was lukewarm, and went to help Lin Jiabin and his wife with their luggage.

“Aunt and uncle, let me help you.”

“Its fine to let the servants and drivers do this kind of thing, you dont need to come in person.”

The Lin family was also considered a famous family in Wancheng back then, but their fortune was too good, and gradually declined.

Instead, the Qi family soared.

Although the prestige of the Lin family was not as good as before, Lin Jiabin still habitually acted as a young master and refused to do anything by himself.

“Uncle, aunt, its hot outside, lets get in the car and talk first.” Wen Yuans face was full of enthusiasm.

However, since leaving the airport, Lin Jiabin didnt look at him very much, obviously not very satisfied with him.

On the other hand, Lin Jiabins wife and a pair of children were very friendly to him.

When they arrived at the hotel, Qi Jinran and Wen Yuan brought the Lin family into the presidential suite on the top floor.

Not to mention a few people, even a dozen people can fit in on the floor.

However, Lin Jiabin looked around the scenery outside and didnt seem very satisfied, “Jinran, I remember that you have a hotel with a sea view here Why didnt you arrange us there”

“Uncle, the sea view room was fully booked last month.

In fact, the presidential suite here is in better condition, and there is an artificial lake below, so the scenery is similar.”

 Lin Jiabin forced an outward smile.

When they left the country to settle abroad, they sold all their domestic properties.

Even if they occasionally return to visit relatives, they will stay in hotels.

Seeing the rapid rise in housing prices in Wancheng now, he was somewhat regretful.

 “Jinran, I heard that you bought BV.

It seems that the Qi family is getting bigger and bigger.

Why dont I let Xiao Qi stay here and learn how to manage the company with you.” He pulled his son over and patted his shoulder.

Lin Qi looked in his early twenties, about the same age as Wen Yuan.

 “If Xiao Qi has an idea, of course he can.

However, if he wants to join the Qi family, he may have to start as an intern.”

“Intern Thats not good.

Our little Qi also graduated from a foreign university.

Anyway, we are all returnees.

Not to mention being a vice president, at least being a department manager should be more than enough.” Lin Jiabin looked confident.

Wen Yuan listened to the conversation between the two and wanted to laugh.

However, Lin Qi couldnt listen anymore, and tugged at Lin Jiabins sleeve.

“Dad, I have no experience at all.

You even let me be the manager, dont be like this.”

Qi Jinran frowned and sighed softly.

“Well, if Xiao Qi really wants to learn to manage a business, he can follow me first and start as an assistant.”

“Thats ok, the position of assistant to the president is not bad.” Lin Jiabin patted Lin Qis shoulder encouragingly.

“Did you hear From now on, you will stay in the country and work hard with your cousin.”

“Dad, I dont want to go back to China, all my friends are in the United States.” Lin Qis expression was very reluctant.

“You are stupid, this is such a good opportunity.” Lin Jiabin hated that iron was not steel.

Glaring fiercely at his son, he then pulled Qi Jinran to the study to talk.

“Jinran, do you really want to marry a man” “

Qi Jinrans black eyes flashed a hint of coldness and looked up at him.

“Uncle, I think its very clear on my invitation letter.”

“How did I know that Wen Yuan was a man I thought it was a girls name.

Tell me, you are the only seedling in your Qi family, and you are the only bloodline left by my sister.

How can you marry a man”

“Its not marrying him, I have already obtained the certificate with him, but we havent had a wedding yet.”

“Youve already gotten the certificate” Lin Jiabin was a little surprised, Qi Jinran looked firm, and obviously had a deep affection for Wen Yuan.

Although same-sex marriages can be seen everywhere now, he still had Chinese conservative values in his bones, and feels that having offspring is more important than anything else.

“Jinran, if you like Wen Yuan, I can understand you two getting married.

But you cant not have children in the future.

If you dont have children, who will you give the Qi familys wealth to It cant be an outsider”

The smile on Qi Jinrans face gradually faded.

“Uncle, my marriage to Wen Yuan was approved by my grandfather.

He has no objection.

It doesnt seem right for you to say these objections here.”

“Your grandfathers not thinking clearly.” Lin Jiabin was a little anxious, and didnt think when speaking.

After recalling he was disrespectful, he quickly remedied, “I didnt mean that.

What I want to say is that after all, the old man is old, and many things are not well thought out, so we have to think for them.”

“Okay, even if you and Wen Yuan like each other, and are married.

But both of you are male.

When you get older, what will you do if you want to have a descendant I heard that there are some people abroad who—”

“You dont need to say this.

It is impossible for Wen Yuan and I to do that kind of thing.

If he likes children, we can adopt them.”

Lin Jiabin clapped his hands.

“Thats not right, its better to have a child.

If you have a child, it will be more lively, and they will be able to support you in the future.

Why should you adopt, isnt it better to be related by blood”

Qi Jinran always felt that there seemed to be another meaning hidden in his words, and he frowned.

With a defensive expression, he looked at Lin Jiabin.

“Uncle, just say what you want to say.”

Lin Jiabin smiled and said meaningfully, “What do you think of the Zhou Ke you just met”

“I dont understand what you mean.”

“Oh, let me tell you the truth, Zhou Ke and their family arent doing well these 2 years.

Im just trying to find a good marriage for her.

I see that wealthy families all have one at home and three or four others outside.

I say, you have these good conditions, so why hang from a single tree”

Qi Jinran looked at Lin Jiabin in disbelief.

After not seeing him for decades, the gentle and smiling uncle in his memory seemed to have completely changed, and he could no longer recognize him at all.

He seemed to understand now why Lin Jiabin agreed to attend his wedding.

“Jinran, listen to me, it doesnt matter if you like that Wen Yuan, but you have to have children in the future.

You can let Zhou Ke follow you, it doesnt matter if she has no status, you just need to keep her, give her money.

Its enough for her to have a baby.

If you get bored with her in the future, its fine to give her some money and send her away.”

“Uncle, I dont understand what you mean.

Wen Yuan and I are going to get married soon, and there will be no outsiders between us.”

“Jinran, why dont you even listen to your uncles words You are the only son of the Qi family, dont you feel guilty that the Qi familys bloodline will be broken with you in the future Dont forget, your mother was so seriously injured to protect you back then, and she died in the hospital.

This is how you repay your mother”

As soon as Lin Jiabins voice fell, Qi Jinrans face turned gloomy.


“Uncle, do you think my mother will be happy to hear in the heavens I have already taken Xiao Yuan to see my parents.

I dont think you are qualified to make irresponsible remarks here.”

“That Zhou Ke, Ill have someone send her away tomorrow, so you dont have to make a fool of yourself.”

Qi Jinran walked out of the study with an angry face.

Wen Yuan was waiting outside, and when he saw that his expression was wrong, he hurried forward.

“Jinran, whats the matter Did you quarrel with your uncle”


The annoying relatives have appeared.

Theres a reason why that side of the family broke off.

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