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Wen Yuan went back to school on Monday.

Due to Qi Jinran’s sudden appearance in the cafeteria and act of taking him to his car, rumors about their relationship exploded across the school.

Wen Yuan’s popularity on T University’s forum reached the highest value in history.

After all, he just ended his relationship with the school grass, and then hooked up with the male god alumnus.

No one could have expected such a shuangwen1-like reversal.

As a result, Wen Yuan could feel the admiration and envy of other students wherever he went these days.

“Wen Yuan, are you going to the music club’s activities today” Ji Hong hugged the ukulele after class, and approached him with great interest.

Wen Yuan and Zhou Yunqing met in the music club.

Wen Yuan still remembered the first time he saw Zhou Yunqing.

The boy was sitting in the glass room and playing the piano.

The sunlight streaming through the windows fell on the side of the boy’s face, making him seem handsome and fair.

Since breaking up with Zhou Yunqing, he has avoided the music club building.

But things have passed, and now he has no love or hatred for Zhou Yunqing.

He doesn’t feel guilt or the need to avoid things.

“Let’s go.

I haven’t practiced guitar these days, and the calluses on my hands are almost gone.”

Wen Yuan brought his own guitar and went to the music club with Ji Hong.

As soon as he entered the rehearsal room, countless pairs curious gazes drilled into him.

“Wen Yuan, long time no see.” The familiar vice president greeted him.

Wen Yuan smiled, exchanging a few words with the vice president, and then went to the corner to practice guitar.

As soon as he sat down, the whispers began.

“I heard he is a second generation rich kid Is it true or false”

“It shouldn’t be true… I’ve never heard about his family…”

“Then how did he climb up to the Qi family”

“Maybe the other party is just playing… Who knows…”

Ji Hong stroked the strings a few times, creating a harsh noise.

“Those who don’t want to practice should just roll away quickly.

Don’t buzz around like flies! So annoying!”

The voices immediately grew quieter.

Wen Yuan cast a grateful look at Ji Hong, who blinked and said silently, “Brother supports you”.

Wen Yuan practiced “Canon” for a while.

After he finished, the vice president came over hesitantly.

“Wen Yuan…I have something I want to discuss with you.”

“Please say.”

“It’s almost the end of the year.

Our music club is going to put on a show at the school’s New Year’s Day party.

I was thinking, wasn’t the effect of you playing and singing with what’s his name pretty good last year The sound of the scene was sky-shattering, so I thought…”

The ‘what’s his name’ being referred to is naturally Zhou Yunqing.

During last year’s New Year’s Day party, Zhou Yunqing played the piano, he played the guitar, and they sang “Chengdu” together.

The perfect match stunned the audience, and some CP fans edited the video of the two of them playing and singing, and posted it on Weibo, which exploded in popularity.

It’s a pity that while skills are present, people are no longer together, and he and Zhou Yunqing have long been unable to return to the past.

“Vice president, I’m sorry, I don’t have time this year.” Wen Yuan simply rejected him.

“Wen Yuan, you misunderstood me.

I’m not asking you to cooperate with Zhou Yunqing.

I was wondering if you could put on a solitary show to represent our club’s guitar division.”

“Will Zhou Yunqing also participate” Ji Hong interjected.

“This year… ah, he’s the host.”

Ji Hong clicked his tongue loudly.

Hearing that Zhou Yunqing was the host, Wen Yuan didn’t want to participate anymore, and firmly rejected the vice president.

After practicing some more chords,  he thought the rehearsal room was stuffy, so he went to the corridor to breathe.

As soon as he walked to the terrace, he heard footsteps behind him.

“You don’t want to be on stage with me so much”

Zhou Yunqing appeared behind him at some point.

The dim corridor lighting fell on his handsome face, making him look a little lonely.

The corners of Wen Yuan’s mouth twitched as soon as he saw him.

“How can I be qualified to be on the same stage with the school grass.”

After he said that, he turned to leave.

Just as he walked away, Zhou Yunqing grabbed his arm.

“You and Qi Jinran, is it true”

Zhou Yunqing stared at him unwillingly with his dark eyes.

Wen Yuan wanted to laugh.

“What does it have to do with you Zhou Yunqing, we have broken up, please be more self-aware.”

Zhou Yunqing stared at him, trying to find a flaw on his calm expression.

He originally didn’t believe that Wen Yuan would start a new relationship so soon, but when he saw Qi Jinran in the cafeteria that day, he began to panic.

Qi Jinran was much better than him, so it wasn’t surprising for Wen Yuan to fall in love with him.

“You and Qi Jinran have only known each other for a few days.

Your relationship must be fake, right I know you’re trying to make me jealous.

Wen Yuan, in fact, I’m not happy with Yang Mo at all.

I often think of you—”

“Shut up!”

Wen Yuan couldn’t bear it anymore.

He broke free from his hand, grabbed his collar and impatiently pressed him against the wall.

“Zhou Yunqing, is there something wrong with you! You have to eat what’s in the bowl and look at what’s in the pot, right2 Feeling like the whole world should revolve around you, the sun should rise for you, because of your good face Stop being narcissistic! Because I used to like you, I could accept your stinky faults, but now you are nothing in my eyes!”

This was the first time Wen Yuan scolded him like this.

Zhou Yunqing was unable to react for a few seconds, and then his eyes turned red as he looked at Wen Yuan in disbelief.

He suddenly realized that maybe Wen Yuan really didn’t love him anymore.

Seeing Zhou Yunqing’s hurt eyes, Wen Yuan sneered: “Can’t stand it Why didn’t you think of this when you cheated You’re obviously the perpetrator, but you even pretend to be more pitiful than the victim.

With these acting skills, it’s a pity if you don’t win an Oscar.”

After scolding him, Wen Yuan texted Ji Hong: “Would you like to go out for a drink I’ll invite you.”

Ji Hong: “Fuck… I think I saw Zhou Yunqing just now.

Did you run into each other”

Wen Yuan: “Yeah, I just scolded him to tears.”

Ji Hong: “666, as expected of you! Wait, I’ll pack up and come out right away.”

After half an hour.

In a bar in Wancheng with deafening music and blurred lighting, Wen Yuan drank the tequila in the cup in one gulp.

Waving at Ji Hong opposite of him, he said with a big tongue: “Hurry up and drink… eh, anyway.

I’ll pay the bill tonight, let’s drink the most expensive wine!”

Ji Hong looked at the empty wine bottles in the row on the table, and then looked at Wen Yuan, who was flushed, very worried.

“Yuan3, if you’re uncomfortable, you can just cry.

You can’t drink like this, it’ll hurt your body.”

Wen Yuan was very uncomfortable.

He had fed the dog4 with sincerity for three years, and the scumbag man even came out to disgust him afterwards.

His best college years were completely overshadowed.

But there are some things that he can’t say, even to his closest roommate.

There didn’t seem to be a better solution than drinking and getting completely drunk.

Ji Hong sighed and picked up the cup resignedly.

At this time, in a secluded box on the second floor.

Yu Heng put down the wine glass and looked at Qi Jinran opposite with a smile.

“In the middle of the night, you don’t accompany your little sweetheart, why do you have time to drink with me”

“He is going to school.”

Qi Jinran sipped the brandy in the glass.

“Still going to school So young” Interested, Yu Heng leaned in front of Qi Jinran.

Just as he was about to ask a few more questions, there was a knock on the box door, and a few young and handsome boys walked in.

“Hello Boss Qi, Boss Yu.” The leader was a boy wearing eyeliner, and his tone was soft.

Qi Jinran’s face sank when he saw this scene.

“Yu Heng.”

“It’s too boring for the two of us to drink here.

Let’s have some fun.” Yu Heng picked a fair boy, sat down with him, and winked at Qi Jinran.

“Do you want to pick one Anyway, you haven’t gotten married yet, so consider it a last indulgence.”

Qi Jinran’s dark eyes sank, ignoring the two who were making out on the sofa, and took a cigarette out of the box.

He was standing in front of the railing on the second floor.

Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of someone downstairs, and his brows suddenly wrinkled.


Ji Hong was struggling to carry Wen Yuan, who had drunk into a puddle of mud, trying to help him up.

However, he was only 1.75 meters, half a head shorter than Wen Yuan.

It was very difficult to carry Wen Yuan, and he could only half-hold the boy, trying to take him out of the bar.

Before taking two steps, a pair of black leather shoes appeared in the field of vision.

“Please step…”

Before he finished speaking, Ji Hong’s eyes widened as he looked up to see the man’s face.

He could only stammer: “Qi…Qi…Senior”

“Who are you” Qi Jinran frowned slightly, feeling as though he saw him before somewhere.

“I’m from T University and Wen Yuan’s classmate.

I saw your speech last time, and I admire you very much!” Ji Hong was full of excitement when he saw his idol.

But in addition to being excited, he did not forget business.

“Are you here to find Wen Yuan He was in a bad mood today and drank too much.

Fortunately, I met you here.

I’ll trouble you to take care of him after that.”

The light was dim, and he couldn’t see Qi Jinran’s ugly expression.

Without thinking about it, he handed the person over.

Fearing he would be a lightbulb, he then slipped away at the speed of light.

Looking at Wen Yuan in his arms, a hint of irritability appeared between Qi Jinran’s brows.

Had he known he was Wen Yuan’s classmate, he wouldn’t have come down.

He thought this guy was so stupid that he came to drink, and wouldn’t know if he was robbed by someone.

“Ah… Drink with me again…” Wen Yuan’s was bright right, tugging at the front of his shirt and rubbing against his arms a few times.

Qi Jinran pushed him away a little, frowned and then called Zhuang Jie and asked him to drive over.

Wen Yuan was still dishonest when he got into the car.

With his eyes half closed, he rubbed back and forth in Qi Jinran’s arms like a clingy little milk cat.

He even brought his face to Qi Jinran’s neck and sniffed his body.

Seeing his boss’s blue face in the rearview mirror, the corners of Zhuang Jie twitched.

It’s rare to see his boss so helpless.

“Wen Yuan, wake up.”

Qi Jinran moved Wen Yuan’s face away in disgust.

However, the drunk Wen Yuan ignored him, and opened his arms to hug his waist again.

Qi Jinran could only take out a bottle of disinfectant spray and spray Wen Yuan’s face a few times.

The pungent smell of disinfectant woke Wen Yuan up a little.

Dazedly opening his eyes, he couldn’t react for a while upon seeing Qi Jinran’s face so close to him.

“Why… is it you”

“Are you disappointed it’s not Zhou Yunqing” Qi Jinran mocked.

Thinking on the spot, Qi Jinran figured out why Wen Yuan came out to drink.

What’s more, he also has an assistant who gossips about various news in front of him every day.

Wen Yuan shook his head, and a smile appeared on his flushed cheeks.

“Didn’t you tell me to stay away from you Why… hiccup, did you let me into the car”

“What you’re doing is losing the Qi family’s face, idiot.”

“I’m so uncomfortable, can’t you say… can’t you say something nice” Grievance and sadness surged in Wen Yuan’s heart.

Qi Jinran’s black and white eyes stared at him.

“Feeling sad for cheating scumbag, I can’t say anything apart from you’re stupid.”

“What do you know!” Wen Yuan was annoyed by his words, and waved his hands in the air angrily.

“Have you ever been in love Have you ever loved someone without reservation Have you ever been deceived by the person you trusted the most! If you haven’t experienced this, how can you call me stupid!”

In the end, Wen Yuan was almost hysterical as he shouted the word “stupid”.

The car was silent.

In the dim light and shadow, two lines of clear tears silently slipped from the corner of Wen Yuan’s eyes.

Qi Jinran quietly looked at the tears on his face.

After a long time…

“I’ve experienced everything you said.”


爽文: type of text in which the MC path is smooth from the beginning, face slaps others, and upgrades quickly


As in, be with one person, but want another.


Wen Yuan’s first name.

Wen = last name


his ex


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