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AMWDT Chapter 47.2

9-11 minutes 22.07.2022

In the morning, Qi Jinran wanted to send Wen Yuan to school, but found that Wen Yuan had already gone to school, so he had to go to the company to deal with business affairs in disappointment.

In the afternoon, Yu Heng asked him to play billiards.

When he arrived at the club, the man was obviously in a bad mood.

Even the club manager came up to say hello enthusiastically, but was faced with expressionless indifference.

“Yo, who is so brave to offend our President Qi” Yu Heng held the pool cue and looked at him with a smile.

Qi Jinran didn’t speak, teed-off silently, and hit the first shot.

A clear collision sounded, and the blue ball made a beautiful arc, almost entering the hole, and stopped short of the entrance.

“You don’t seem to feel very good today, you didn’t hit such a simple ball.” Yu Heng was a little surprised.

Qi Jinran’s face was sullen and did not speak.

Yu Heng adjusted his angle, bent down and took a shot.

The orange ball went into the hole beautifully.

He whistled, ready to hit the next shot.

“Judging by your face, it’s not like you’re having a conflict with your wife, right You just proposed two days ago, so why is there a conflict all of a sudden”

Qi Jinran snorted coldly and didn’t answer him.

Yu Heng immediately understood that he had jabbed Qi Jinran’s sore spot.

“I say you, with that expressionless face.

How can little sister-in-law be happy Even a sun would be chilled by your cold self.”

Thinking of yesterday when Wen Yuan said that he was too controlling, the blue veins on Qi Jinran’s forehead jumped slightly.

“You also think… do I control Wen Yuan too much”

He is eight years older than Wen Yuan, so sometimes in his eyes Wen Yuan is just like a child who hasn’t grown up.


Therefore, in his heart, Wen Yuan is not only his partner, but also a younger brother.

Sometimes when he talks to Wen Yuan, his tone will unconsciously take on the majesty of a parent.

“Yeah, I heard Zhuang Jie say that you pick him up from school every day.

Even a father isn’t so considerate, okay”

“I just worry about him.” Qi Jinran wiped the billiard cue.

“It can’t be like that, it makes people too suffocated.” Yu Heng shook his head in disapproval, took another shot, and then stood aside to watch Qi Jinran play.

“Jinran, I have more experience in love than you, so let me give you a piece of advice.

Even people in love can sometimes be too clingy, which is not a good thing.

Both parties need their own space.

You are still a novice, you need to learn more.”

 Qi Jinran’s face was cold, and he didn’t know what to say for a while.

Maybe Yu Heng was right.

Apart from Wen Yuan, he had only dated Ning Shu, and that person only left him a psychological shadow.

Regarding love, he has no experience or history.

 When he likes a person, he will only keep being nice to him, meet all his requirements, and if he sees him in pain, will feel more distressed then the other person.

He wants to be with that person all the time, and not seeing or hearing from them for a few minutes will make his heart anxious.

He also realized that this was not right, but he couldn’t control his heart at all.

 Wen Yuan is too important to him, a ray of light shining in from his gloomy life.

Yu Heng said that Wen Yuan was like a little sun, and he was right.

On him, an icy, desolate planet, the Xiaoju sun radiating warmth and light was his only solace.

 “Then how do you think I should get along with Wen Yuan” Qi Jinran asked shamelessly.

 Yu Heng had a “you’re asking the right person” expression.

 “First of all, it doesn’t matter who is right or wrong, it’s your fault.

If you’re wrong, apologize.

However you made your wife angry, change it, and reconcile first.”

 Qi Jinran’s expression didn’t change, but he wrote the advice down in his heart.

 “Secondly, do whatever you can to make your wife happy.

Don’t think about face and self-esteem issues at this time.

If your wife runs away, I’ll see where you go to cry.”

 Qi Jinran felt that his words were somewhat rough.

“Then—” Yu Heng suddenly narrowed his peach blossom eyes and laughed.

Having never seen Qi Jinran so anxious, he couldn’t help wanting to tease him.

“What else” Qi Jinran frowned, staring at him closely.

“Go to a bar for a drink another day.

You bring your little wife, and I’ll tell you.”

“He won’t go to that kind of place.” Qi Jinran said blankly.

“I’ll just say you’re uninteresting.

It’s not that kind of messy bar, just go for a drink and relax.” 

Seeing that Yu Heng was making fun of him, Qi Jinran simply ended the topic and returned to the billiards game.

In the third round, he counterattacked and won against Yu Heng.

“How many games has it been Why leave so fast”

“Didn’t you say I need to learn to please my wife Wen Yuan’s guitar broke two days ago, so I’m going to buy him a new one.”

“Ah, really is learn and apply.” Yu Heng sighed and watched him leave the club.

Just as Wen Yuan walked to the south gate after finishing the exam, he saw the familiar black Maybach under the shade of a tree.

He knew that Qi Jinran was sitting in the car, but the two were still in a cold war.

He didn’t want to compromise, so he pretended not to see the car and walked forward on his own.

Walking on the boulevard, the black Maybach followed, unhurriedly.

After reaching the corner, Wen Yuan couldn’t hold it any longer, and stepped forward and knocked on the car window.

“Master Zhang, you don’t have to pick me up every day.

It’s the same for me to take a taxi back.”

“How can I do that Mr.

Wen, hurry up and get in the car.

It’s hot outside.”

At this moment, a man’s clear and low voice came from the back seat.

“Get in the car.”

Just as Wen Yuan was hesitating, the horns of other cars rang behind him.

It turned out that the black Maybach was occupying the right-turn lane.

Wen Yuan didn’t want to hinder traffic, so he could only bite the bullet and get into the car.

As soon as he entered, he found a guitar case in the back seat.

At first, he thought it was his own case, and was about to ask Qi Jinran why he brought his guitar, but after a closer look, he found that the case was brand new.

The man smiled involuntarily when he saw him staring at the guitar case.

“Open it and have a look, I bought a new guitar for you.”

Wen Yuan had been thinking about buying a new guitar for the past two days.

He searched many online stores, but hadn’t been able to commit.

He didn’t expect a man to buy it for him so quickly though.

Hesitating, desire struggled with reason, and he finally couldn’t hold back his curiosity.

He opened the case and saw a brand-new brown guitar, lying in the black case, exuding a quiet wooden luster.

When Wen Yuan saw the English trademark on it, his black eyes lit up with joy.

The guitars of this brand are all handmade, using the finest wood, and the tone is very bright and elegant.

There are very few stores in China who sell them, and who knows how many places Qi Jinran went to to buy this.

“Is this expensive How much did it cost” Wen Yuan stroked the shiny surface of the guitar.

“It’s not expensive, as long as you like it.”

Wen Yuan tentatively plucked the strings, and found that the tone was bright, melodious, and especially pleasant.

“Are you still mad at me” Qi Jinran looked at him quietly.

In fact, Wen Yuan hadn’t been angry for a long time, but he felt that he couldn’t accommodate him like this too much.

But now that he was asked, his temper flared up again.

“Why I am angry, don’t you know” 

Qi Jinran looked down at his hand and said apologetically, “I’m sorry about that night.

I shouldn’t just delete your text messages, and I shouldn’t have decided for you without authorization.”

Wen Yuan’s face improved better when he heard his words.

“Nothing else”

“Also, next time… you come and get your pillow, I won’t stop you.”

Hearing his words, Wen Yuan instantly remembered that night in the master bedroom, being pressed tightly under him, and overwhelmingly kissed.

The bite mark still hadn’t faded.

“You’d better remember.” Wen Yuan gritted his teeth.

Wen Yuan’s anger subsided for the most part, but he still felt a little awkward.

He felt that it was too easy for him to forgive him, so after dinner, he still went back to his bedroom.

However, not long after he lay down, there was a knock on the door.

Wen Yuan got up from the chair and walked slowly to the door.

“What” You don’t need to think about who is outside.

“Do you want to go out for a walk” Qi Jinran asked him.

Wen Yuan ate a lot that night, and wanted to go out for a walk.

Feeling that staying deadlocked wasn’t a solution, because Qi Jinran had done so much for him and also apologized, so there was no need to continue, and it’s better to step down the stage now.1stage as in anger/cold war

“Okay, wait a minute, I’ll change clothes.”

Wen Yuan put on loose sports clothes, and as soon as he walked out of the bedroom door, he was pulled into a familiar embrace.

Qi Jinran’s hand tightly wrapped around his waist.

Lowering his eyes and smelling the sweet smell on his body, he lowered his head and kissed him on the lips.

“What Not going for a walk” Wen Yuan’s cheeks were hot, and he wanted to break free, but the man held him tightly to his chest.

“Don’t move, let me hold you for a while.” Qi Jinran’s voice was hoarse.

That was a rather short cold war…


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