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Wen Yuan turned around and saw that the rest of the lounge had already left at some point, and only Zhou Yunqing was standing in front of him.

“No need, Zhou Daxings1big star appearance fee is so expensive, I dare not ask you to help.”

“Xiao Yuan, do you still have any grievances against me” Zhou Yunqing looked at him with a confused expression.

He wished that Wen Yuan still hated him.

At least, itd show that Wen Yuan still cared about him.

“I heard that your wedding with Qi Jinran was canceled.

Is it because of your leg injury I was right, he really is not a person worthy of trust.”

“Whether he is worth trusting, I know better than you.” Wen Yuan lowered his eyelashes and plucked the strings of the guitar.

“Zhou Daxing staying here alone, are you not afraid of being photographed by the gossip tabloids and making news headlines tomorrow” The boys tone was sarcastic.

“Xiao Yuan, are you worried about my image”

“Dont be sentimental, I dont want to appear in any gossip tabloid with you.”

Zhou Yunqing smiled indifferently.

He entered the entertainment industry for Wen Yuan, but now he seems to find that even though he has become popular and has dozens of times more wealth and influence than before, Wen Yuan still seems unable to forgive him.

Is that Qi Jinran so good that hes worth Wen Yuan paying so much for him

“Your legs are already like this, is it because Qi Jinran asked you to perform on stage”

Wen Yuan looked at him blankly.

“Youre wrong.

He is different from you, he will not force me to do anything.

I had some regrets from last time, and I want to sing it to him this time.”

Zhou Yunqing wanted to say something when there was a knock on the door.

“Wen Yuan, you should be on stage next.

Come out and wait.” It was the voice of the hostess.

“Okay, Ill come right away.” Wen Yuan carried the guitar, bypassed Zhou Yunqing, and strode over.

Zhou Yunqing pulled on the cap and sunglasses, and followed him worriedly.

He could see that Wen Yuans right leg was obviously unable to bear normal force when he walked.

He was afraid that something would happen to him, and simply stared at him from the audience.

Wen Yuan waited for the host to finish the announcement, and then walked to the center of the stage.

A high stool had been prepared there, and he stood in, holding the guitar to his chest, with the spotlight shining down and illuminating his handsome, warm features.

 The boy wearing simple white shirts and blue jeans was as clean and fresh as a ray of summer wind.

Qi Jinran raised his head and saw the boys black eyes staring at him, with a bright smile in his eyes.

 Qi Jinran seemed to have returned to the night of the New Years Day party in an instant, that moment when his heart was pounding and he was at a loss.

He didnt dare look directly at Wen Yuans face on stage that night, as if he was afraid that he would fall into those clear and transparent eyes.

But today, he could look directly into the boys eyes without hesitation with unspeakable love.

 Wen Yuan bowed to the audience, plucked the guitar, returned to his seat, adjusted the microphone, and started to sing.

 This time, he chose an ethereal and brisk English song with a catchy melody.

As the chords of the guitar were plucked, a soft and magnetic singing sounded slowly over the auditorium:

 Its a lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely night.

 I need a little distraction.

 Youre the one.

A little distraction


The audience was soon immersed in his beautiful singing voice.

For a time, the audience was so quiet that needles could be heard falling, and the fans of Wen Yuan in the back row raised their hands unconsciously, swaying slowly to the melody of his singing.

Wen Yuan looked at the flashlights under the stage, thinking that the man was watching him in the front row, and his singing became more and more gentle.

At the end of the song, there was thunderous applause.

The audience was so immersed in his singing, unable to extricate themselves, and shouted for another song.

After Wen Yuan thanked them and was about to step down, he suddenly found that Zhou Yunqing was standing under the stage.

Carrying the guitar, he slowed down, walked down the steps carefully, and was about to take the last step.

When he stepped on the flat ground, on the other side, the president of the music club, Su Nian, came over pushing a small cart with various music equipment.

He thought that Su Nian should avoid him, and didnt expect the cart to drive straight towards him.

Wen Yuan was unable to dodge.

Brushed by the corner of the cart, his body lost his center of gravity, and fell to the ground in embarrassment.

Several staff members hurriedly surrounded him and looked at him with concern.

“Wen Yuan, are you okay Can you stand up”

“Su Nian, what did you do You still pushed when you saw Wen Yuan was about to step down.

Why did you come here with that car”

“I didnt mean it, I just didnt grasp the direction just now.” Su Nian blinked her eyes a little aggrieved.

“Its just a bump, how could I know that he cant stand still.”

“His leg is injured, do you really know or not” A cold voice sounded in Su Nians ear.

The girl turned her head and her eyes glowed with excitement when she saw the speaker was actually Zhou Yunqing.

“Senior Zhou, why are you here” If he hadnt spoken, she wouldnt have been able to recognize him in his cap and sunglasses.

 Zhou Yunqing didnt bother paying attention to her, and walked directly through the crowd, in front of Wen Yuan, and bent down in concern.

“How are your legs Can you still stand up Do you want me to carry you”

“I can stand by myself.” Wen Yuan didnt want to have any contact with him at all.

He looked up at Su Nian, his eyes a little cold.

Previously when Su Nian sneered and dropped those heated words, he could bear it.

After all, she was a girl, and he didnt bother to argue with her.

But this time he couldnt bear it anymore.

“President Su, Im sorry.

From now on, Im no longer a member of the music club.”

She felt that Wen Yuan was too pretentious in front of Zhou Yunqing.

She clearly saw that his legs could walk normally, but he walked a little slower, and shouldnt fall so exaggeratedly after being hit by a cart.

The vice president also saw the situation here and hurried over.

He had endured this president for a long time.

The reason why Su Nian became the president of the music club was entirely because she and the president of the student union were boyfriend and girlfriend.

They all refused to accept her being that she came in through a relationship.

Now that Wen Yuan quit, he also followed with a bellyful of indignation.

“I will also quit the music club too.”

“Yeah, Ill quit too.” A guitarist who worked with Wen Yuan at the New Years Day party also came over.

Su Nian never expected the situation to deteriorate like this, let alone that Wen Yuan would have such a great influence.

Okay, she admits that Wen Yuan sang well on stage just now, but its not like the rest of the music club would follow him after he left, right

“Wen Yuan, you misunderstood me, I didnt force you to quit.

Fine, I apologize to you, please dont quit the music club, okay” Su Nian decided to compromise temporarily.

“He doesnt have time to join any clubs.” A mans cold and deep voice suddenly sounded behind him.

Zhou Yunqing didnt expect Qi Jinran to appear so quickly.

When the voice sounded, Qi Jinran had already walked up to him, removed the arm he supported Wen Yuan with, and said coldly, “Zhou Daxing better take care of his own affairs, I dont need you to take care of my family affairs.”

The man bent down slightly and directly hugged Wen Yuan.

The vice president picked up the guitar next to him and quickly followed.

“Jinran, I can walk by myself, you dont need to carry me.” Wen Yuan clearly felt Qi Jinrans anger.

Qi Jinran didnt speak, and tightened the hand holding his leg and walked out of the auditorium.

There was a black Maybach parked under the tree, and a driver was already waiting inside.

Qi Jinran strode to the side of the car, put Wen Yuan in the back, and then got into the car from the other side.

“Vice president, thank you.” Wen Yuan took the guitar handed over by the vice president with a smile.

“Actually, you dont need to quit the club with me.”

“Its nothing.

I havent liked it a for a while now.

Quitting is quitting.

Im in my third year, and wont have much time to participate anyway.”

“Old Zhang, drive.” Seeing Zhou Yunqing following behind, Qi Jinrans expression turned colder.

The car started quickly, left the school, and drove in the direction of Shuixieju.

On the way, Qi Jinran called Chen Zhiming and asked him to come over as soon as possible.

Just after they returned, Chen Zhiming arrived.

He checked Wen Yuans legs, closed the medicine box, and looked at Qi Jinran.

“Its recovering very well.

Theres no problem at all.

Why did you call me over in a hurry I have an operation tonight.”

“Just in case.

Since youre in a hurry, Ill ask the driver to take you back.”

” Forget it, I drove here.” Chen Zhiming smiled helplessly and looked at Wen Yuan.

“You also persuade your husband not to be so nervous, okay”

“En, thank you.” Wen Yuan smiled awkwardly.

After sending Chen Zhiming away, Wen Yuan suddenly remembered the final paper he had to write, and hurriedly returned to his room.

Not long after he sat down in front of the computer, another figure appeared in the room.

Qi Jinran stared at his focused profile.

When he saw that he was calm as if nothing had happened, the bitter and sour emotions in his chest came out again.

He couldnt help thinking, what would he have seen if he was one step late Would the person holding Wen Yuan be Zhou Yunqing

Why didnt Wen Yuan explain anything after returning

He can only rest assured if he hears himself saying that he and Zhou Yunqing no longer have any entanglements.

“Jinran, why are you here” He stood for a while before Wen Yuan noticed him.

“What did Zhou Yunqing say to you” Qi Jinran looked down at him.

Wen Yuans hand on the keyboard paused.

“He didnt say anything to me, he just saw me fall, and helped me as a result.”

The unsightly hand on Wen Yuans waist flashed in Qi Jinrans mind.

“Why didnt you call me right away”


A bunch of cannon fodder seeking death after the performance…

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