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The man kept his promise and personally picked Wen Yuan up to and from school every day.

When Ji Hong saw it, he repeatedly sighed that his husband was skilled.

“I thought he would let the driver pick you up, and didnt expect him to come in person.

Wen Yuan, you are too lucky.”

Wen Yuan sat in the rehearsal room of the guitar club, fiddled with the guitar in his hand, and smiled.

He was about to speak when the newly appointed president suddenly came over.

“Wen Yuan, I heard youre playing a solo”

“Yes, is there any problem” Wen Yuan hadnt come to school for a few months, and didnt know why the music club suddenly changed presidents.

He is not familiar with the current president, and usually dont cross paths.

Now that the other party suddenly came to him, he was naturally at a loss.

“One of our alumni this time is a star, and will also perform.

He needs a guitarist to accompany him.

Are you interested”

Before Wen Yuan could speak, Ji Hong helped him out and asked.

“What alumni Whats the name”

“Zhou Yunqing, you shouldve heard of him.

Hes a very popular star right now.”

Naturally, Wen Yuan wasnt unaware of Zhou Yunqing.

In the past six months, Zhou Yunqings advertisements can be seen everywhere on TV.

With the title of university god and his handsome and delicate appearance, Zhou Yunqing shot to popularity.

Especially after the new play with the TV drama queen, Su Lan, was released, and he attracted a lot of fans.

Ji Hong sneered, his face full of disdain.

“Who did I think it was.

Turns out that Zhou Yunqing is coming back to school again.

Sorry, our Wen Yuan plays and sings alone.

He doesnt need any accompaniment, let alone a star.”

 The new president, a star-chasing girl and a fan of Zhou Yunqing, was immediately unhappy when she heard Ji Hong say this.

There was a hint of contempt on her face.

“You are mistaken – you are the accompaniment for Zhou Yunqing.

It is already a great honor for him to come to the school to perform.

Do you know how expensive his appearance fee is now Letting you accompany him is giving you face.”

 “Im sorry, my legs are inconvenient, so I can only play and sing independently, and cant cooperate with others.” Wen Yuans face didnt have any outward reaction.

 It was only then that the girl realized that Wen Yuan seemed to be sitting all the time, and he was rarely seen standing up.

She couldnt help glancing at Wen Yuans leg, and said suspiciously, “Since your leg is injured, what are you doing on stage We have no shortage of people in our guitar club.”

 “Please get things straight, its your vice president who begged Wen Yuan to perform on stage! Its not Wen Yuans initiative!” Ji Hong was speechless.

 The vice president also noticed the quarrel here, and hurriedly came over to smooth things over.

“President, Wen Yuan was indeed invited by me.

He had a car accident some time ago and injured his leg, so he can only sit and play.

But I promise, as soon as Wen Yuan takes the stage, it will definitely be the climax of the show.

Have you seen that New Years Day party video from last year that became popular on the Internet It was Wen Yuan playing and singing the brightest star in the night sky.

If it werent for him, our T University party wouldnt have attracted so much attention.”

Its not that shes unaware of it, but since she became Zhou Yunqings fan, she became increasingly disgusted with Zhou Yunqings ex-boyfriend.

She always felt that Wen Yuan abandoned Zhou Yunqing first, so naturally she disliked him no matter what.

Now Wen Yuan actually refused, she couldnt ask for more.

“Okay, then you practice hard, dont embarrass the school.”

Leaving these words, she raised her head, and walked out of the rehearsal room with her head raised.

“Tch, what kind of person is she” Ji Hong glanced at the presidents back with a displeased expression.

“Forget it, shes new here, and I dont think they know about the past between me and Zhou Yunqing.”

If most people knew about his previous relationship with Zhou Yunqing, they would definitely not let them share a stage.

Ji Hong nodded, suddenly thought of something, and looked at Wen Yuan.

“Speaking of the school celebration, is your husband coming”

“Well, he said he will.”

“Thats great.

Im still waiting for the male god to come and invite the people in our dormitory for a meal.”

Wen Yuan was speechless, “What else is in your mind besides eating”

“Being raised by a rich woman.” Ji Hong smiled.



The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and roses are in full bloom.

Today is the 110th anniversary of T University.

The campus is full of energy, red banners to welcome alumni are hung everywhere, and various stalls selling souvenirs on the walkways.

It was crowded with onlookers.

The black Bentley Mulsanne stopped in front of the south gate, the door opened, and a pair of slender legs stretched out.

The man got out of the car first, then walked to the other side and opened the car door for Wen Yuan.

Supported by Qi Jinran, Wen Yuan carried his guitar, and got out of the car.

“You dont need to help me, I can walk now.”


Chen said, you can walk slowly, but you cant get excited, let alone run and jump, understand”

“Understood, Ill go to the rehearsal room first.

At the time, Ill watch your speech.”

“Okay, Ive reserved a seat for you in the first row.

If you dont come, you know what the consequences will be at night.” Qi Jinran looked at him meaningfully.

“Dont worry, Ill be there on time.”

The alumni speeches were held in the schools Science and Technology Hall.

When Qi Jinran and Zhuang Jie got there, the school leaders were already there.


Qi, youre finally here.” The dean and the vice-dean stepped forward and shook his hand eagerly.

Qi Jinran donates hundreds of millions of dollars to the school every year, and they naturally regard Qi Jinran as a model alumnus.

“There is another alumnus who will speak with you on the same stage today, and he will take the stage after you.” The dean looked at the tall and handsome young man walking from the corridor behind him with a smile.

“Yunqing, this is Mr.

Qi, who I have mentioned to you many times.

Hes also currently the CEO of the Qi Group.”


Qi, we meet again.” Zhou Yunqing strode forward, with a pair of brown sunglasses hanging on his shirt, surrounded by assistants and agents.

He came over, with a deliberately disguised smile on his face.

Qi Jinran didnt expect the school to invite Zhou Yunqing.

Feeling a little unhappy in his heart, he still suppressed his emotions in front of the school leaders.


Zhou, long time no see.” He shook hands with the man expressionlessly.

“So you two know each other.” The dean said with a smile.

“Its more than just knowing.” Qi Jinrans eyes flashed coldly.

“We know each other very well.” Zhou Yunqing said with a smile.

After not seeing him for half a year, Zhou Yunqing is much more mature than before, and has learned to restrain his disgust and rejection.

Even when shaking hands with Qi Jinran, there was a fake kind smile on his face.

“Dean, I have an unkind request.” Qi Jinran suddenly looked at the school leader beside him.

“You say.”

“I want to change the order of speeches with Mr.


Can I give the last speech”

“Why” The dean didnt quite understand.

He didnt put Qi Jinran in the last place, because he was afraid that the audience would feel tired and not interested, so he put Zhou Yunqing, who can energize the atmosphere the most, to the finale.

Qi Jinran smiled helplessly.

“Well, the person in my family has something to do and wont be here for a while, but he keeps clamoring to listen to my speech.

So I hope to push the time back a little so he can see it too.”

“The one from your family…” The dean seemed to understand something and chuckled.

“Jinran, it turns out that you are married.

I really want to congratulate you.

Okay, then you will be the last speaker.”

“Thank you, Dean.”

Seeing the smile on Qi Jinrans face, Zhou Yunqing felt like his heart was pricked with a thorn.

Of course he knew who Qi Jinran was referring to by the person in my family.

“Yunqing, its time to touch up your makeup, youll be on stage later.” The agent reminded from behind him.

Zhou Yunqing nodded expressionlessly, greeted the school leaders, and went backstage.

Wen Yuan practiced guitar in the rehearsal room for a while, and as soon as he took out his phone to check the time, he received a text message from Qi Jinran.

– Come at 4:30, my speech is scheduled at that time.

Wen Yuan was a little surprised.

Didnt he say he would only speak at four oclock before, why was it delayed But since Qi Jinran said so, he didnt ask any further questions and replied, “Okay, Ill be there on time.”

– You dont have to come early, just be there on time.

Wen Yuan: I know.


Can someone whos only been an idol/entertainer (ZYQ) for 1 year become that successful/popular… At least the school still values a tried and true business elite over a (rookie) entertainer more!

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