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Inside the black velvet box is a gleaming silver diamond ring.

Wen Yuan looked at the diamond ring with a huge shock and surprise in his eyes.

“Jinran, havent you given me a ring before Why did you buy one now”

“That ring before was an engagement ring, but today Im giving you a wedding ring.

When we got the certificate, I didnt propose, so todays is considered an official proposal.”

After Qi Jinran said that, he knelt down on one knee and looked up at Wen Yuan in the wheelchair.

“Xiao Yuan, this is my first time formally asking you, are you willing to be my partner”

The mans eyes were firm and bright, fiery and shining.

Wen Yuan looked into his eyes and could clearly feel the endless passion and love in those deep eyes.

Huge joy and excitement filled his chest, and Wen Yuans hand trembled slightly when he took the ring.

“Of course I am.”

Qi Jinran was ecstatic, almost speechless, as he put the wedding ring on Wen Yuan and hugged him hard.

“Xiao Yuan, thank you.”

“It should be me thanking you.” Wen Yuan touched his cheek and couldnt help kissing the corner of his mouth.

Qi Jinrans black eyes were even deeper, he couldnt contain his joy and kissed the boys lips excitedly.

The two were hugging each other, and when they kissed so hard, footsteps suddenly sounded behind them.

Yu Heng coughed twice and stopped behind the glass door.

Wen Yuan was the first to see Yu Heng, and quickly pushed Qi Jinran away.

“It turned out you came here to propose, am I disturbing you” Yu Heng had a fox-like grin.

Qi Jinran stood up slowly.

“No bother, I still need you to be the officiant.”

Yu Heng was suddenly unhappy.

“I dont want to be the officiant, Im so young and handsome, I should be the best man.

Sister-in-law, dont you think so” Yu Heng looked at Wen Yuan.

“Yes, but President Yu works long hours, and is always busy with official business.

We may not be able to afford such an expensive best man.” Wen Yuan teased him.

Yu Heng laughed.

“Dont worry, Ill be the best man, and wont charge you.”

Wen Yuan suddenly remembered something, and looked at Qi Jinran.”Lets invite Luo Haoxin at that time.”

They were not familiar with Luo Haoxin, so they did not send invitations to him back then.

Now that Yu Heng is obsessed with Luo Haoxin, Wen Yuan also has the heart to push them alone.

“You guys are really thinking about me.” Yu Heng was caught between laughter and tears.

“Anyway, the wedding is postponed.

Dont worry, we still have a lot of time to plan slowly.” Qi Jinran pushed his wheelchair inside.

In the living room, he saw Wen Yuans parents.

Ye Xia saw the shiny diamond ring on Wen Yuans ring finger, and couldnt help but wonder, “Xiao Yuan, what is your ring”

“It was bought by Jinran, its a wedding ring.”

Ye Xia understood all at once.

Qi Jinran and Wen Yuan obtained the certificate hastily before, and she still regrets it today.

Unexpectedly, Qi Jinran proposed to Wen Yuan again and bought a new ring, which completely relieved her.

“Jinran, why arent any of your grandparents relatives1WY is asking about his maternal grandparents.

Qi Donghui is his paternal grandparent here” After greeting an uncle in the living room, Wen Yuan looked at Qi Jinran in surprise, and asked the question that had been buried in his heart.

Eyes darkening slightly, Qi Jinran didnt know how to answer.

The relatives on his mothers side have not been with their family for many years and the specific reason can be traced back to the car accident that year.

“At the time of the car accident, my mother unbuckled her seat belt and hugged me so that I wouldnt be injured as seriously, but she died in the car accident because of this.

If she hadnt unbuckled the seat belt, she would have escaped.”

Wen Yuan never thought that there were still such secrets back then.

He hesitated for a few seconds and looked at Qi Jinran tentatively.

“So, grandpa and grandma, do they feel that they cant face you, and dont communicate”

“My mother is their youngest daughter, and they dote on her very much.

Especially my grandmother, who after hearing my mother died in a car accident, died of cerebral hemorrhage not long after.”

“Since then, my grandfather, uncle, and the whole family moved abroad, and have never had any contact with my grandfathers relatives.

A few years ago, grandfather also passed away, and my uncle informed us at the time.

It was too late when my grandfather and I rushed over, and we didnt see the old man for the last time.”

Qi Jinrans tone was filled with deep regret.

Wen Yuans heart tightened as he listened, and felt uncomfortable for him.

“Then when we get married, will uncle come over”

“Ive already sent the wedding invitation, and Im not sure if they will come.”

Wen Yuan saw Qi Jinrans melancholic expression and couldnt help tugging his hand.

“Jinran, dont feel bad, you still have me.”

Qi Jinran smiled.

“I know, dont worry.

Its been so many years, I dont have such a big psychological shadow.”

Even then, Wen Yuan still felt that this incident was a deep scar in Qi Jinrans heart.

The death of his mother was already very hard.

His grandfather and grandmother were estranged from him because of this, and even his uncles family moved abroad.

How could a man not mind this in his heart.

Back at the villa that night, Wen Yuan took out the contact information from his grandfather during the day, and wrote an email to Qi Jinrans uncle.

He didnt know whether Qi Jinrans uncle would reply, but he just held out a glimmer of hope that at their wedding, Qi Jinrans uncles family would also come to participate, so that Jinran would no longer have any regrets in his life.

Wen Yuan didnt expect to receive a reply to this letter that crossed the ocean.

Unexpectedly, two days later, when he routinely checked his mailbox, he saw a reply.

The other party said that he had received the letter, and after the wedding date was determined, he would return to China to attend their wedding.

Wen Yuan was so excited that he hurriedly showed the reply to Qi Jinran.

“They didnt reply to my wedding invitation, and didnt say anything when the wedding was canceled.

I thought they wouldnt come.” Qi Jinrans eyes had a hint of joy, but he didnt know what to think, was a little worried.

“Jinran, what are you worried about” Wen Yuan looked at him.

Qi Jinran smiled reluctantly.

“I cant say Im worried, but I havent seen my uncle for too many years, and its probably because hes been far away.”

He only had memories of his uncle when he was a child holding him high on his shoulders.

There really werent many other memories.

“Dont worry, uncle should also want to see you, you dont need to think too much.” He hummed softly.




A month later, Wen Yuans cast was removed.

He had been dreaming of the stars and the moon, just waiting for this day.

Wen Yuan couldnt be more excited that afternoon, when the cast was removed at the hospital.

Although it was gone, his legs were not the same as before, and he still needed crutches for assistance.

But this has made him very happy.

He had been lying on the bed for more than a month, and was almost moldy.

“Are you sure you want to go back to school” At night, Qi Jinran was sitting on the bed in the bedroom blowing his hair, looking at him worriedly.

“Of course, Ive already taken leave for almost two months.

If I dont go, it will be the finals by then.” Wen Yuan moved his right leg, stood up, and took two steps to demonstrate.

“I can walk with my legs now, and I heard from Ji Hong that it will be the schools 110th anniversary celebration soon.”

Qi Jinran also remembered this.

Two days ago, he also received a letter from the dean of T University, inviting him to attend as an alumni and give a speech at the celebration and the celebration party after that.

The scale of this event is even bigger than the New Years day party, and many well-known alumni are invited.

It can be said to be a once-in-a-century event.

Remembering that Wen Yuan belonged to the music club, his eyes flashed.

“You wont be going on stage again, will you”

“How do you know”

“No, how can you go on stage before your legs are fully healed.”

“But I heard Zhuang Jie say that you will go to the school celebration.

If I dont perform on stage, how can you sing for you in an open and honest way”

“Last time you came to see my performance, but I didnt see yours.

This time, I must make up for this regret.”

Qi Jinran didnt know what to say after seeing Wen Yuans bright eyes.

Of course he wanted to lock Wen Yuan at home and let him lie on the bed and not go anywhere; there would be no risk this way.

But he also knew that Wen Yuan was not a delicate canary.

He was a young eagle soaring in the sky, and shouldnt be domesticated in a cage.

“Yes, but every day you go to and from school, I will pick you up myself.” He finally compromised.

“Husband, you are so kind!”

Qi Jinrans eyes narrowed when he heard the appellation.

“What did you call me just now”

Wen Yuan smiled.

“Whats the matter Dont let me call”

“Of course not.

You can call me that when youre outside.”

“Dream on, I wont.”


WY… you shouldnt have raised that flag/dug the hole for yourself calling him husband.

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1WY is asking about his maternal grandparents.

Qi Donghui is his paternal grandparent


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