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He simply ordered a very luxurious nutritious meal for two.

With such a large amount of fish and meat every day, he felt that he would definitely gain ten pounds in a month.

Qi Jinran had no opinion.

These days he ate with Wen Yuan in his ward.

After a sumptuous dinner, Qi Jinran pushed Wen Yuan to the garden again.

“Does it really matter if you dont go to the company for so many days” Wen Yuan couldnt help asking.

“You can hold video conferences, and the same goes for online office work.

Theres no need to go to the company.” Qi Jinrans expression was indifferent.

“Why, are you uncomfortable because Im staring at you every day”

Wen Yuan quickly shook his head, “I didnt mean that, I was just afraid of delaying your work.”

Qi Jinran laughed.

After walking back, it was time for Wen Yuan to wash up.

Qi Jinran didnt ask the nurse to help, but pushed him to the bathroom in person.

After putting the water in the bathtub, he first undressed Wen Yuan, then took Wen Yuan off the wheelchair and put him into the warm water.

Wen Yuans right leg could not touch water and hung on the edge of the bathtub.

He looked at his normal left leg, and then at his right leg wrapped like a zongzi, and couldnt help laughing.

“Jinran, I heard that ones leg will become longer after a fracture, is that true”


“Okay,” Wen Yuan laughed helplessly.

“I thought I could still grow taller.”

Qi Jinran put some shower gel on his hair and gently washed his hair.

Half-closing his eyes, Wen Yuan leaned against the edge of the bathtub like a lazy big cat, watching Qi Jinran with a smile.

Wen Yuans hair had grown.

It was wet against Qi Jinrans palm, and soft to the touch.

There are no scars on his handsome features, and days of meticulous care, blood had returned to his lips.

Qi Jinran looked at his face and couldnt help but leaned over and bit his mouth lightly.

Wen Yuan opened his eyes at once and watched him with smiling black eyes.

“Why did you kiss me secretly”

“Im not kissing you secretly.

Im kissing you directly.” Qi Jinrans expression was unfazed.

“Then I will also kiss you back.” Wen Yuan hooked his hands around his neck and kissed him on the cheek.

After kissing Qi Jinran, he quickly backed away.

However, just as his head was on the edge of the bathtub, he was grabbed back by the man.

Qi Jinran took him into his arms.

His breath was a little hurried as he looked at him with deep eyes.

The two hadnt been close to each other for more than a week, and at this moment, they couldnt help feeling a little something in the blurred atmosphere.

Wen Yuans long eyelashes with water vapor blinked as he looked at the man opposite of him.

“I havent showered yet, what are you doing”

Qi Jinrans voice was hoarse, “Ill help you wash.”

He restrained the desire in his heart, moved slightly away from Wen Yuans warm body, and wiped his face with a towel.

After taking a shower, he helped Wen Yuan wipe off the water droplets on his body, put on his pajamas, and carried him to the bed.

After helping Wen Yuan blow his hair, he patted the boys face.

“Go to bed early.”

“I heard that grandpas birthday is coming soon, can I participate”

Ye Xia and Wen Chengmin talked to him about this when they visited two days ago.

“You want to participate in a wheelchair” Qi Jinran looked at him in surprise.

“Whats the matter I cant participate in a wheelchair Grandpas birthday party is very important, so of course I will go.”

“Okay, you can come if you want, as long as you dont think the banquet is boring.”

Two days later, it was Qi Donghuis 80th birthday.

Wen Yuan put on a new suit, and his whole person was full of heroism and graceful demeanor.

The greenness in his eyebrows has faded a lot, and the stability and calmness of an adult man began to show.

“Jinran, I shouldnt embarrass you like this, right” Wen Yuan turned around and looked at Qi Jinran behind the full-length mirror.

“Dont think about what you dont have, just get in the car.”

Qi Donghuis birthday banquet was held in the old house of the Qi family.

Invitations of this kind of big birthday banquet are usually based on communication.

Those who come are also celebrities in the upper circle of Wancheng, and being invited by the Qi family is regarded as a status symbol.

The hall is brightly lit, with rainbows reflecting off the crystal chandelier.

Wen Yuan was sitting in a wheelchair, and as soon as he was pushed in by Qi Jinran, he attracted the attention of all the guests.

Wen Yuan lay in the hospital for half a month.

It was the first time that he was looked at by so many eyes at the same time, and he was suddenly a little nervous.

There were whispers not far away.

“I heard that their wedding was canceled.

Could it be that something went wrong with Wen Yuans legs”

“I was thinking, could it be that Qi Jinran didnt like Wen Yuan and took this opportunity to cancel the wedding

“I have to respect Wen Yuan coming to this kind of banquet in a wheelchair.

If it were me, Id definitely not dare go out.”

“Yeah, of course you have to stay at home and not go out.” Yu Hengs voice sounded behind the two gossiping men.

“Polluting peoples eyes when coming, so why bother”

The scolded mans expression turned extremely bad, but he couldnt provoke Yu Heng either, so he dragged his companion to the small banquet hall next to him.

Yu Heng smiled and went to celebrate Qi Donghuis birthday with champagne, and then walked in front of Wen Yuan and Qi Jinran.

“Jinran, I thought you wouldnt let Wen Yuan come out.”

“I didnt imprison him, why wouldnt I let him come”

“I just heard some old women talking, you better watch Wen Yuan.”

Qi Jinran knew what he meant and nodded.

There were too many guests and Qi Donghui couldnt handle it alone.

Wen Yuan was afraid that he would neglect the guests, so he asked Qi Jinran to accompany the guests first

Yu Heng accompanied him, steering his wheelchair to the terrace on the first floor.

He watched the scenery for a while, and suddenly there were several footsteps behind him.

Turning his head, he saw Peng Qiu with several young men standing behind.

Wen Yuan didnt expect that his luck would be so good.

He was left alone for just a bit, and these people who love to gossip and make trouble came to him.

“Is something wrong” Wen Yuan smiled without a smile.

“Why didnt Qi Jinran accompany you” Peng Qiu snorted coldly and said proudly.

“He probably thinks that you are lame and looks down on you.”

“Peng Qiu, today is the birthday banquet of Qi Lao, is it good to say these words to his grandson-in-law” A thin man next to him said.

Peng Qiu was suddenly unhappy, and gave the man a cold glance.

“What grandson-in-law.

They didnt even have a wedding.”

Wen Yuan thought this scene was really funny.

“Peng Qiu, you should know that this is Qis house.

If you want to do something to me, someone will know in half a minute.”

“Dont worry, I wont do anything to you.

I just want to see you, a joke.

How arrogant were you at the time, but in the end, you couldnt even get married to Qi Jinran!”

Wen Yuan tilted his head.


Peng Qiu, I hope you have some legal knowledge.

Qi Jinran and I are already legal partners in every sense of the word.

Whether a wedding is held or not will not change this fact.”

“So what Isnt your wedding canceled Im guessing he also thinks… its a shame to marry you in a wheelchair!”

Wen Yuan smiled and was about to say something when the glass door of the terrace was suddenly pushed open, and Qi Jinran walked in with a cold face.

“Peng Qiu, I think Ive already warned you not to approach Wen Yuan casually.”


Qi, you misunderstood.

I just saw that Mr.

Wen was bored here alone and wanted to chat with him.” Peng Qiu feigned innocence.

“He doesnt need your company.” Qi Jinran was expressionless.

The people beside Peng Qiu couldnt help laughing.

They were simply plastic friends with Peng Qiu; the kind who stabs a knife in secret but is friendly on the surface.

Seeing him being slapped on the face, they were all gloating a little.

Peng Qius face turned pale as he turned to glare at those who laughed at him, and quickly left the terrace.

The others were guilty of being thieves and hurried away.

“Are you okay” Qi Jinran touched Wen Yuans face worriedly.

“Im fine, its good to come out and watch the show.”

Qi Jinran nodded.

Seeing the rose garden not far away, he raised his hand and pressed the position of his chest.

“Xiao Yuan, I have something for you.”

“Huh What is it” Wen Yuan turned his head and looked at him suspiciously.

Qi Jinran took out a black velvet box from the inner pocket of his coat and put it in his palm.

“Youll know when you open it.”


Hehe, what do you think is in the box

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