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Wen Yuan looked into Qi Jinrans eyes, hoping to find the answer from his eyes.

However, Qi Jinran shook his head to indicate that he didnt know either.

“Wen Yuan, how is your health Are you okay” Yu Heng asked as he walked over.

Luo Haoxin also came over and looked at Wen Yuan.

“I just heard the news of your car accident, and wanted to come and see you.

Dont get me wrong, Yu Heng and I didnt come together.”

It turned out that Luo Haoxin could see what he was thinking.

Wen Yuan smiled and looked at the two of them.

“So you met outside, which is quite a coincidence.”

Seeing Luo Haoxins eagerness to distance himself, Yu Heng felt a little unhappy in his heart, but he still had a lazy expression on his face.

“President Luo, thats not what you said.

If it wasnt for me, how would you know that Wen Yuan was in a car accident”

Wen Yuan was afraid that the two would quarrel again, and hurriedly said, “Sit down, eat some fruit, and dont stand.”

Luo Haoxin shook his head.

“No need, there is still something to do at the company.

I just came to see you and will leave right away.”

Luo Haoxin put down the flowers and fruit basket in his hands, greeted Qi Jinran again, said a few words, and left the ward.

Seeing Luo Haoxins back, Yu Hengs face was not very good-looking.

“Yu Heng, did Luo Haoxin really meet you outside” Wen Yuan looked at him and asked.

“Otherwise, how do you think were related”

Wen Yuan smiled.

“I thought the two of you were making rapid progress and are now together.”

Yu Heng smiled wryly.

“We just met at a banquet.

Jinran just called me to say you had a car accident and were recuperating in the hospital.

Luo Haoxin also heard it, so he came with me.”

After a pause, he added, “It seems that your relationship with Luo Haoxin is not bad”

Wen Yuan was afraid of Yu Heng misunderstanding, so he quickly said, “Luo Haoxin and I are not what you think.

Weve only met a few times, and are just a little familiar.”

Yu Heng smiled.

“I didnt misunderstand your relationship with him.

Besides, your relationship with Jinran is so good.

How could you have anything to do with Luo Haoxin”

Seeing Yu Heng didnt misunderstand, Wen Yuan breathed a sigh of relief.

After thinking for a while, he probed again: “Yu Heng, are you chasing Luo Haoxin now”

Yu Hengs black eyes flashed with a hint of emotion, and his face was complicated.

“My relationship with him cant be explained easily.”

Seeing that Yu Heng didnt want to continue, Wen Yuan didnt ask further.

Anyway, he could see from Yu Hengs expression that the two of them would never end so easily.

Yu Heng exchanged a few words, left flowers and fruits, and left the ward not long after.

For two days in a row, Wen Yuans ward was filled with people who came to visit.

Ji Hong saw him lying comfortably on the big bed, eating all kinds of fresh fruits, and couldnt help laughing.

“Where are you recovering from illness Its almost like confinement.”

Wen Yuan laughed.

“I told Jinran the same thing before.”

Ji Hong looked around and saw that Qi Jinran was not there.

“Is your Qi Jinran not here to accompany you Or does he have to go to work”

“He has been with me for two days, and should go to the company today.”

As soon as Wen Yuan finished speaking, the door of the ward was pushed open.

Qi Jinran held a briefcase, followed by Zhuang Jie, and the two walked in together.

“Jinran, werent you going to the company” Wen Yuan was surprised.

Zhuang Jie smiled.

“Boss Qi plans to work here in the future.”

Wen Yuan widened his eyes in disbelief and glanced at Qi Jinran.

Qi Jinran, a well-known workaholic, even moved his office here.

Could it be that he wants to accompany him every day

“Ill work in the reception room.

It wont disturb you, you can continue.” Qi Jinran greeted Ji Hong and went to the reception room next door.

Ji Hong glanced at Qi Jinrans back, and couldnt help tugging at Wen Yuans sleeve.

“Dang, he spoils you so much.

He didnt go to the company, and moved his office here”

Wen Yuan smiled wryly.

“Actually, Im a little scared now.

With him staring at me every day, I wont be comfortable trying to do anything.”

“A handsome guy stares at you every day, urging you to eat and sleep, how are you not satisfied This blessing is something I cant even dream of.”

Wen Yuan: “You dont understand, Im afraid hes too nervous.

He couldnt sleep well the first two days, and had nightmares at night.

Im worried about his nerves being too tight and affecting the body.”

Ji Hong smiled.

“Doesnt that mean he cares about you If it wasnt because he cared about you, why would he be so afraid of losing you.”

His heart felt a little sweet thinking about it.

Yes, like eating honey.

But thinking of their postponed wedding, his face turned a little melancholy.

“Today should have been our wedding day.

If it wasnt for the car accident, I would have walked the carpet with him now.”

“You have already obtained the certificate anyway, why do you care about the wedding” Ji Hong disagreed.

“You dont understand, a wedding is different.

There are so many relatives and friends witnessing it, and it is a completely different feeling from getting a certificate.

We will be blessed and recognized by everyone, and there will be no more gossip.”

Ji Hong chuckled twice.

“What you said makes sense.

To be honest, I thought Qi Jinran was greedy for your body before.

Seeing him treat you well and how happy you are, this old father is relieved.”

“Go away, dont keep thinking about taking advantage of me.”1as in JH joking to be his father

Not long after Ji Hong left, Zhang Huaite came.

He had two snack boxes in his hand, and when he saw Wen Yuans right leg in a plaster cast, he couldnt help smiling.

“Why are your legs wrapped like zongzi.”

“How so, its obviously cool, okay Ji Hong was still signing just now.

Do you want to sign too”

Zhang Huaite walked over and found that there were indeed several signatures on the plaster of Wen Yuans right leg.

He smiled and put the snack box on the bedside table.

“I made a mango cheesecake, would you like to try it”

“He cant eat cold things these days,” Qi Jinran walked in from the reception room at some point.

“These cakes are too greasy and not suitable for his body.”

“Thats fine.

I also made cookies.

There are several flavors.

You can always eat cookies.”

Qi Jinran had nothing to say.

Zhang Huaite glanced at each other, and both of them saw a little disgust in each others eyes.

“Its getting late.

If Mr.

Zhang Huaite has nothing to do, he can leave.” Qi Jinran said.


Qi, no need to drive me away in such a hurry.

Ive only been here for 5 minutes.” Zhang Huaite said with a smile.

Qi Jinran snorted coldly and went to the reception room next door.

“Qi Jinran really treats you like a baby, even fearing a bump.” Zhang Huaite teased.

“Its not that exaggerated.”

Zhang Huaite glanced at his legs.

“Can you still participate in the finals in June”

“Of course I can.

Ill be able to walk in a month.”

“Then you have to recover well.

Dont go to the competition with crutches, it will be too ugly.”

“Dont worry, I will definitely get better soon.”

In about a week, the scar on Wen Yuans face had almost healed.

His leg was still in a plaster cast, so he could only use a wheelchair to go outside.

Most of the time, as long as Qi Jinran is not working, he will push him to the garden or balcony.

One day, an uninvited guest came to the ward.

Wen Yuan was controlling the wheelchair by himself, and was about to pick up the cut dragon fruit on the table when the door of the ward was suddenly pushed open.

Ning Shu held a large bunch of lilies, stood at the door, and looked at him quietly.

Wen Yuan was a little surprised when he saw the person who appeared.

“Dont look at me like that.

Dont worry, Im not here to make trouble.” Ning Shu put the bunch of lilies on the table, expressionless.

“Im going back to France, and Ill be leaving tomorrow.”

Wen Yuan looked at him in surprise.

“Werent you going to stay in the country”

“Why should I stay in the country, there is no one I miss here anymore.” Even Luo Haoxin was disheartened by him and left him completely.

All this was his own fault.

“Im surprised that you came to see me.” Qi Jinran was still at work and would not come over for a while, so Wen Yuan simply said what was in his heart.


Ning, Luo is actually always a good person, but you failed him.

There is a saying that when you cry for missing the sun, you also miss the stars.”

Ning Shu smiled bitterly.

“Maybe I missed both the sun and the stars, and all that was left for me was the dim night sky.”

This time he returned to China, he completely recognized his own nature.

A hypocritical, snobbish person like him is not worthy of sincere love.

Even by chance if it comes, he can screw everything up.

“But you think too much.

Im not here to see you.

I want to see Jinran one last time, but I know he wont want to see me.”

“If you want to see him, I can call him now.”

“No, let me keep this last dignity, I can guess what expression he will have when he sees me.”

Wen Yuan nodded, not reluctantly.

Seeing that Ning Shu was about to leave the ward, he suddenly said, “Mr.

Ning, I really appreciate your paintings.

They are full of beauty and vitality.

Its just that I think that sometimes imperfection is also a kind of beauty.”

Ning Shu was stunned.

Seeming to understand something, the corner of his mouth twitched, and he turned and walked out of the ward.

After a while, Qi Jinran came over.

He looked a little surprised when he saw the lilies by the bed.

“Who came here just now Why didnt you tell me”

“Its Ning Shu, hes gone.

Hes going back to France, and he was just here to say goodbye to you.”

“He didnt say anything bad to you, right ” Qi Jinran was a little worried.

“No, probably because Im a patient.

He was quite friendly to me.

In fact, the person he wanted to see is you.”

Qi Jinran sneered.

“He should know I dont want to see him.”

Wen Yuan smiled and decided to stop talking about this topic.

He touched his shriveled belly and looked at Qi Jinran.

“Im hungry.

Are you hungry Lets eat together.”


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1as in JH joking to be his father


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