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How many times has he flipped the car1 in front of Qi Jinran

After hanging up the phone, Wen Yuan smiled fakely and greeted Qi Jinran.

“It’s a coincidence that you came to exercise too.”

Adhering to the principle of “as long as I’m not embarrassed, it’s others who are embarrassed”, he calmly walked to a treadmill and started to stretch.

Eyes facing out the window, the slightly trembling hand holding the towel betrayed Wen Yuan’s nervousness.

Qi Jinran, who was wearing loose sportswear, came over.

Hearing the man’s footsteps getting closer, Wen Yuan’s heart thudded loudly, and his cheeks burned in embarrassment.

This guy won’t sneer at him again, right

Stiffening his neck, Wen Yuan was ready to be reprimanded again, but he didn’t expect Qi Jinran to walk in front of him and simply say, “This treadmill is broken, you should use another one.”

After speaking, he indifferently turned around and went to the lounge next door.

Wen Yuan: Oh good.

He released a huge sigh of relief.

After moving to another treadmill, Wen Yuan stretched, thoughtfully looking at the direction of the lounge.

Could it be that the pot of borscht he cooked in the afternoon conquered Qi Jinran’s stomach and made him embarrassed to scold him

Wen Yuan, you’re really capable!

Wen Yuan, who spent a day mourning, regained his confidence in his heart!

In the lounge.

As soon as Qi Jinran came out of the shower, he received a call from Yu Heng, a bad friend.2

The other party’s tone was as rude as ever.

“I just came back to China, and I heard that you are going to get married Which family’s little sweet wife– no, little sweet husband”

Qi Jinran recalled the tall, straight figure of Wen Yuan, and snorted lightly.

What little sweet husband

Listening to his disgusted tone, Yu Heng raised his brows slightly.

“Why, the other party is not your thing”

“Very stupid.” Qi Jinran commented with a blank expression.

“But I heard that your grandfather picked them out for you personally.

After so many years, except for… cough cough” Yu Heng coughed stiffly at the mention of someone that shouldn’t be mentioned.

“I thought your grandfather wasn’t satisfied with anyone Let alone choosing them himself.”

Qi Jinran frowned slightly.

“You’re not busy with company affairs.

Why do you care about my marriage partner”

“Aren’t I caring for you As your old classmate of many years, why can’t I ask”

Qi Jinran snorted softly.

He was about to say something when a knock on the door suddenly sounded.

“That… Mr.

Qi, can I come in”

Yu Heng, whose ears were sharper than anyone else, naturally heard the voice from the other end of the phone.

“Yo, who is this Your little sweetheart moved in”

Qi Jinran didn’t deny it, but there was a hint of impatience between his brows.

“Aren’t you finished yet.

If you mention it again, the contract between the Qi family and Hengguang will not be renewed next year.”

After hanging up the phone, blue veins pulsed on Qi Jinran’s forehead.

The knock on the door echoed again.

Qi Jinran gritted his teeth.

“Come in.”

Like a chipmunk, Wen Yuan first popped his hairy head in, and finally his whole body slid in from behind the door.

He had just finished running, and his whole body was covered in sweat.

His black hair was wet, and his gray short sleeves were also wet with sweat, clinging tightly to his back, and outlining his body lines clearly.

The smell of unfamiliar male hormones mixed with the faint smell of sweat rushed towards Qi Jinran.

He raised his head, and was about to scold him, but stopped when he saw Wen Yuan’s appearance.

He never looked at Wen Yuan very carefully, because his first impression of Wen Yuan on the basketball court at T University was reckless and stupid, so he didn’t bother paying attention to his appearance.

However, in the silent lounge now, with only the two of them alone, he began examining Wen Yuan’s appearance.

The boy’s facial features are indeed handsome and upright.

No wonder he’s a school grass.

As for figure…

Qi jinran’s eyes wandered down, skimming passed the short sleeves clinging to his body, as well as his two straight and long legs.

Figure… is barely okay.

Seeing Qi Jinran’s critical eyes, Wen Yuan thought he was disgusted at the smell of sweat, so he quickly covered his upper body with a towel, and said embarrassedly, “I’ll go take a shower now.”

The distance from the first floor to the bedroom was a bit far, so Wen Yuan had no choice but to bite the bullet and come to the lounge.

He thought that Qi Jinran would leave, so he didn’t expect Qi Jinran was still sitting on the sofa chair when he began undressing.

He won’t stay here and watch, will he

Wen Yuan, who took off his short sleeves, was too embarrassed to continue, so he went into the bathroom barefoot, and closed the door.

When he came out after washing, there was no one in the lounge.

Wen Yuan breathed a sigh of relief, and then went back to the bedroom.




The next day.

Wen Yuan followed Qi Jinran to the Qi family house for dinner.

The ancestral home is located on the outskirts of Wancheng, built on a hillside surrounded by mountains and rivers.

Before getting off the car, Qi Jinran suddenly warned Wen Yuan.

“Call me Jinran in the future, don’t call me Mr.


Wen Yuan immediately understood that they were going to act as a pair of model husbands in front of Grandpa Qi, and nodded quickly.

“Do we need to hold hands or something”

Wen Yuan asked with a smile as he approached the door.

Seeing Qi Jinran glance at him, Wen Yuan laughed dryly.

“Just kidding, don’t take it seriously.”

Qi Donghui was in the living room when he saw the pair walk in together, one with a cold temperament, and the other with a sunny and lively aura.

There was an inexplicable harmonious aura between the two, which made him very satisfied.

The three of them sat together and chatted a bit.

Qi Donghui was kind and easy-going, and he didn’t have the air of an elder.

Wen Yuan quickly relaxed, and told a few jokes to make him happy.

“Jinran, go to the yard and water my pots of clivia3.”

Halfway through, Qi Donghui sent off Qi Jinran and called Wen Yuan to the study alone.

Guessing that Qi Donghui had something important to tell him, Wen Yuan nervously sat down on the pear wood chair.

“Want to know what Jinran looked like before” Qi Donghui said with a smile.

Wen Yuan was startled, and then his eyes lit up.


Qi Donghui took out an old photo album and handed it to him.

In the photo album, a delicate-faced little boy posed various funny poses in the camera.

The small Qi Jinran, who was only a few years old, smiled in every photo.

Wen Yuan couldn’t tell what he felt in his heart.

Flipping through, he found a picture of Qi Jinran after the car accident.

The boy had grown up a little, with a handsome and cold face.

He sat in a wheelchair and looked out the window.

His right trouser leg was empty and the smile on his face had vanished completely.

Wen Yuan felt a pang in his chest.

He couldn’t bear to continue, but seeing Qi Donghui’s expectant gaze, he still turned to the next page.

He thought that Qi Jinran would continue his cold expression after the car accident, but unexpectedly, the smiles on Qi Jinran’s face gradually increased.

He put on a prosthesis and began to go to school normally, attend classes, and participate in various club activities.

Photos of him and his friends began to appear in the album.

They ran, climbed, skied, and rode together, and their young faces were full of vibrant smiles.

“I thought Jinran had completely come out of the shadow of the car accident.

He was very good and worked so hard, that his future life should be smooth sailing.

I didn’t expect that something happened later… which made him change back to the way he was before.”

On the last page of the album wasQi Jinran standing in front of the Harvard Library, holding a bouquet of flowers and wearing a Master’s robes.

Staring into the lens, those dazzling black eyes were full of smiles.

There is no trace of depression on the beautiful and flawless face, which is completely different from the gloomy and cold look now.

In the intervening years, what happened to make him what he is now

Wen Yuan looked at Qi Donghui’s weathered face and lonely eyes, and couldn’t bear to ask.

No matter what happened, it was Qi Jinran’s scar, and he didn’t want to open it again.

“Grandpa, don’t worry, I will accompany Jinran well.”

At least, he will do his best to make Qi Jinran happy this year.

“It’s just, I have a small question, why did you choose me”

This is what Wen Yuan has always been puzzled about.

Even if their families are friends, the economic gap between his family and the Qi family is too great.

In the upper class circle, the Qi family stands at the top of the pyramid.

There should be many people who are better marriage partners for Qi Jinran, right

When Qi Donghui heard his words, he smiled slightly.

“The first time I saw you, I remembered someone.

Jinran’s mother.

Your temperament is very similar to hers.”

Qi Donghui seemed to recall something, and a trace of melancholy appeared on his old face.

“Back then, Jinran’s father and mother were also married because of their marriage contract.

At the beginning, the young couple didn’t like each other.

Who knows how, but over time they became more affectionate, and become like honey mixed with oil.

But no one thought that happy days would be so short…”

Wen Yuan’s heart was a little heavy when he came out of the study.

Walking to the garden, he saw Qi Jinran pruning the branches and leaves of the potted plants, and he couldn’t help lean over.

“Do you want help”

Qi Jinran answered indifferently without lifting his head.

“No need.”

Wen Yuan was used to being rejected, so he didn’t leave and instead stood there and watched him move around.

Stared at by his gaze, Qi Jinran finally couldn’t help turning around with a sardonic smile.

“After hearing the story about my tragic past, sympathy suddenly overflowed, and you feel like you can save me”

Wen Yuan’s face froze.

“I didn’t—”

“Listen, I’m not from the same world as you.

It doesn’t matter how I act with you outside.

When it’s just the two of us, the farther away you are from me, the better!”

No matter how big his heart was, Wen Yuan was hurt by those words.

Pursing his lips, he couldn’t say a word, and finally said “um” after a long time, and returned back inside.

Seeing the back of the departing boy, Qi Jinran’s eyes flashed with irritation, before he threw the garden shears in his hand into the toolbox.


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