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Not long after, Qi Donghui also arrived.

Before coming, he had already contacted the best private hospital in Wancheng, preparing to transfer Wen Yuan over once his condition stabilized.

“Grandpa, its actually pretty good for me to live here.” Wen Yuan drank the millet porridge sent by Xue Rong, and bit the pumpkin pie.

“Sigh, hows that possible The conditions here are too rudimentary.

Besides, you still have to rest for a month, and you cant go home yet, so you must stay in a private hospital.

There are special people there to make nutritious meals, and there are more nurses who can take care of you.

Listen to grandpas words and transfer in the afternoon, okay”

Wen Yuan nodded.


Before transferring to another hospital, Qi Jinran asked for leave from school for him, and also greeted the counselor of Le Cordon Bleu.

After lunch, the ambulance took Wen Yuan to the special ward of a private hospital.

The interior was decorated like a presidential suite, with an outdoor balcony, a small garden, a reception room, a reading room, a large and comfortable hospital bed, and all kinds of auxiliary medical equipment.

There is also a thick catalog of daily nutritious meals to choose from, and professional chefs on call to make whatever one wants want to eat.

Flipping through the meal catalog, Wen Yuan lay on the bed, wanting to laugh a little.

“Jinran, why do I feel… I feel like Im in confinement.”

Qi Jinran brought a sofa chair over and sat down beside his bed.

“Other people dont have the same treatment as you.”

“Yes, Im too happy, I dont look like a patient.” Wen Yuan put down the menu and saw the freshly washed cherries on the bedside table placed in the glass bowl.

His mouth couldnt help drooling.

Its a pity that the glass bowl is a little far away.

He tried to stretch his arms to get the glass bowl, but he accidentally tugged the wound on his leg and grimaced in pain.

Qi Jinran took the glass bowl on the side and put it in his hand.

“Tell me if you want to eat, you dont have to grab it yourself.”

“Im not, I dont want to trouble you.” Wen Yuan held the bowl and picked one the biggest and reddest cherry, and brought it to Qi Jinrans mouth.

“Here, you eat.”

Qi Jinran didnt bite, but took the cherries and stuffed them into Wen Yuans mouth.

The sweet and sour juice suddenly melted in Wen Yuans mouth, with a strong fruity fragrance.

Wen Yuan nodded and praised, “This is delicious.”

“The backrest behind you can be adjusted.

Next time you want to take something, just adjust the angle of the backrest.” Qi Jinran showed him the various auxiliary buttons on the side.

Wen Yuan nodded and said with admiration.

“Jinran, you know too much.

Those who didnt know would think youve lived here.”

After saying the last sentence, he suddenly realized that he had misspoke, and his face stiffened.

“Im sorry, I shouldnt make fun of you like that.”

“I did live here.” Qi Jinran didnt have the slightest displeasure on his face.

He adjusted Wen Yuans backrest to a suitable angle, and put a pillow under his waist, with a light expression.

“Its nothing.”

Wen Yuan was about to say something, when there was a knock on the door and a tall, slender man in a white coat walked in.


Wen, we meet again.” The person who entered was Chen Zhiming.


Chen, so you are in this hospital” Wen Yuan never expected to meet an acquaintance here.

“Yeah, Ill be your attending physician from now on.” Chen Zhiming held the record board.

Seeing Qi Jinran on the side, he suddenly remembered something, and looked over worriedly.

“Jinran, how is your leg Does it still hurt”

Qi Jinran shot him an eyeful.

Only then did Chen Zhiming realize that his concern didnt seem right.

He smiled awkwardly and turned to Wen Yuan.


Wen, just arriving here, how do you feel Are you still getting used to it”

Wen Yuan didnt look at him, and stared at Qi Jinran with worry and anxiety.

“Jinran, did your leg start to hurt again Why didnt you tell me earlier When did it happen”


Chen is just casually asking.

Im fine.” Qi Jinrans expression remained the same.

 Wen Yuan didnt believe him at all.

When Chen Zhiming left, he immediately pulled Qi Jinran over and said with distress, “Did the pain start last night Why didnt you tell me earlier”

 He immediately guessed that he must not have slept well last night, maybe not at all.

The more he thought about it, the more angry he was, and he frowned.

“Did you not sleep at all last night Was it so painful that you couldnt sleep”

Qi Jinran saw his worried eyes, and he looked like he was about to cry.

“Its not because of the pain that I didnt fall asleep, I just wanted to see you more.” He was afraid that if he closed his eyes, the boy would disappear from his eyes.

Just like that rainy night, he lost his parents.

“Show me your right leg.” Wen Yuan stared at him stubbornly, his chest rising and falling rapidly.

Qi Jinran had no choice but to take off the prosthesis, untie the girdle, and let him see his right leg.

The stump end of the mans right leg was indeed a little red and swollen, which was probably caused by wearing the prosthesis for a long time and being overworked.

“You hurry up and sleep on the escort bed.

Dont lie to me again!” Wen Yuan touched his right leg with distress.

“Okay, dont get too agitated, Ill go rest.” Qi Jinran was actually tired, but the string in his mind was strung tightly, and he didnt dare to relax for a moment.

“Move the bed over against me.

I will supervise your sleep.” Wen Yuan was still worried.

When Qi Jinran moved the escort bed over and leaned against his hospital bed, his frown loosened.

“Are you satisfied” Qi Jinran looked helpless.

“Well, its alright.

You hurry to lie down and rest.”

Qi Jinran smiled, took off his jacket, loosened his tie, and lay down obediently.

Wen Yuan patted his chest like coaxing a child, and said softly, “Good, hurry up to sleep.”

Qi Jinrans eyelashes trembled.

He wanted to laugh a little, but held back.

“Ill read you an English poem, so youll be able to fall asleep.” Wen Yuan knew that he was overly worried, and his nerves were so tense that he couldnt fall asleep.

He decided to try this to help him fall asleep.

“I dont remember English very well actually, let me read Chinese to you.

You are so smart, you can definitely guess which poem this is…”

Wen Yuan put his hand on his shoulder, and with the rhythm of his breathing, Qi Jinrans chest slowly rose and fall.

He could vaguely hear the beating of his heart under his shirt.

With a smile on his lips, he began to read softly: “I like how youre silent/You listen to me from a distance/My voice cant reach you/As if your eyes have flown away/Like a kiss that seals your mouth/Like all things, full of my soul/Youre…full of my soul…”1The raws were formatted like this with the/ so I kept them

Qi Jinran slowly fell asleep listening to his soft voice.

In the dream, he went back to the days when he was lying on the hospital bed, but this time, it was no longer rainy and rainy outside the window.

The dark clouds had dissipated, and a soft golden morning light filled his ward.

He saw butterflies fluttering on the windowsill, the wind outside picked up golden leaves, and white doves soared in the sky.

Everything is beautiful like a fairy tale.

He didnt know where his body was floating to, and in the brisk air, he saw a pair of eyes, which were his beloveds dark and bright eyes…

 Qi Jinrans frowning brows slowly loosened, as he fell into a deep sleep.

Seeing his stiff shoulders relax, Wen Yuan unconsciously smiled.

Looking down at Qi Jinrans face, he couldnt help leaning over, and kissed him lightly at the corner of his mouth.

 “Jinran, have a good dream.”

 Qi Jinran slept until evening.

When he woke up, his heavy body became much lighter, and the fatigue in his body also dissipated a lot.

Turning his head, he saw Wen Yuan sitting on the head of the bed, reading the collection of Shakespeare poetry he brought.

 “Do you understand the full English version” Qi Jinran couldnt help asking.

“If you can understand, I can understand.

Anyway, Im a person who has passed sixth grade, okay” Wen Yuan actually didnt understand any of it, but insisted on slapping his face until it was swollen.

Qi Jinran smiled, but did not expose him.

He put on the prosthesis, got out of bed, and glanced at his watch.

“Are you hungry, would you like something to eat”

As soon as he finished speaking, there was a knock on the door.

Wen Yuan thought it was the food delivery nurse, but unexpectedly, the door opened and Yu Heng and Luo Haoxin were standing outside.

The two of them came to visit the hospital together.

Whats the situation

Wen Yuan widened his eyes in surprise and looked at Qi Jinran, hoping that the latter would give him an answer.


Yeah… whats going on with YH and LHX…

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1The raws were formatted like this with the/ so I kept them


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