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Wen Yuan picked up the phone.

“Have you boarded yet How long will it take” Over there, Qi Jinran also checked the information of the flight from S city, and naturally guessed it was delayed.

“I dont know, Ive been waiting for more than two hours.

If it goes on like this, I might not be able to return to Wancheng tonight.” Wen Yuan frowned.

“Its okay, in the worst case, go back to the hotel for one night and fly back tomorrow.” Qi Jinrans voice was gentle.

“But I want to see you today…” Wen Yuan replied glumly.

Qi Jinran laughed, “I wont run, what are you doing in such a rush”

“Well, okay, Ill just wait.” Hanging up the phone, Wen Yuan leaned back in the seat.

Staring at the heavy rain outside the window, he ate the sandwich in melancholy.

Originally, he had no hope of being able to return to Wancheng at night, but unexpectedly, half an hour later, the flight display on the electronic screen showed that it had arrived.

The status on the flight board immediately turned green, and an announcement urging them to board sounded.

Wen Yuan jumped up with joy and hurriedly pulled Zhang Huaite to board.

They booked a first-class cabin, and the seats were very comfortable.

Wen Yuan was tired, and as soon as he got on the plane, he put on a blindfold to sleep, and he didnt eat any meals on the plane.

When they arrived in Wancheng, it was already late at night.

Wen Yuan originally thought that the weather in Wancheng should be good, but he didnt expect the rain in S City to stop, while the rain in Wancheng started.

There was even a trend of it getting bigger and bigger.

After picking up the luggage and leaving the airport lobby, Wen Yuan remembered that he forgot to ask the Qi familys driver to pick him up.

It was not easy to take a taxi here.

The two waited for more than ten minutes before a taxi came.

“You are lucky, this is my last trip today.

Its raining too much and its late at night.

Its hard to drive, and I almost dont want to earn this money.” The driver said a few words about the hardships of the taxi industry and started to complain about the weather.

“It hasnt rained in Wancheng for a long time.

It was dry as hell some time ago, and now its pouring rain.

Im afraid that my car will be flooded tomorrow, like a few years ago…”

“Master, can you concentrate on driving” Wen Yuan didnt plan to chat with him, and only hoped to return to Shuixieju quickly.

“Youre young, what are you in a rush for Talking doesnt affect my driving.

Ive been an old driver for more than ten years, and I havent seen any scenes.” The driver held the steering wheel confidently, continuing to show off his qualifications to Wen Yuan.

“I used to drive a big truck, but then I felt too tired, so I switched and drove—”

Wen Yuan listened casually, but not knowing what it was he saw in the corner of his eyes, and his expression changed greatly.


The driver came back to his senses, and when he saw the big truck that was turning left, and coming over at an angle, he instantly realized that something was wrong.

He slammed the steering wheel and wanted to turn to the other side, but the big truck had completely lost control, and the huge front of the car slammed into the small taxi with a loud bang, and the window glass shattered.

Before the airbag was deployed, Wen Yuan only felt a sharp pain swept across his forehead.

He instantly fainted from the pain, and his consciousness fell into complete darkness.

After an unknown period of time, he was woken up by the loud ambulance whistle and the sound of police cars.

Wen Yuan reluctantly opened his eyes, there were blood-red spots in his field of vision, and he seemed to hear Zhang Huaites voice in his ears.

“Wen Yuan, how are you Dont sleep, the door will be pried open immediately! Hold on!”

Zhang Huaite sat in the back row.

The front of the truck hit the front hood, directly deforming the front.

Although there was a strong shaking in the back row, he was protected by the seat belt and was not injured.

The front row, however, was different.

Broken glass was scattered everywhere, and the driver had a bloody face and was just taken to an ambulance by paramedics.

Wen Yuan was sitting in the co-pilot seat, and the situation was even less optimistic.

The door on his side was directly twisted and deformed, trapping him inside, making rescue extremely difficult.

Wen Yuan didnt feel any pain in his body, but his consciousness was faint, and it was difficult to open his eyes.

He remembered that Qi Jinran was still waiting for him at home, and knowing that he had a car accident on a similarly rainy day, he didnt know how much of a psychological shadow he would have.

He tried his best to gather his scattered consciousness, moved his pale lips, and looked at Zhang Huaite, “First…dont…tell Jinran…”

Although his voice was as thin as a mosquito, Zhang Huaite still heard it.

He clenched his fists fiercely and smiled bitterly.

“At this time, what are you thinking about Qi Jinran for Dont worry, I wont tell him.

Dont get excited.”

Wen Yuan seemed relieved after receiving his assurance.

Eyelashes fluttered, and he leaned tiredly against the back of the seat.

Zhang Huaite looked at his pale, bloodless face, and had the urge to reach out and touch his cheek, but he held back.

Soon, the firefighters pried open the car door.

Wen Yuan, who had lost too much blood, fell into a coma again, and was carried out limply and taken into an ambulance.

Zhang Huaite also got into the ambulance.

Seeing the boy who was lying on the stretcher for transfusion, he frowned, found his mobile phone in his coat pocket, and called Qi Jinran.

Within two seconds, the call was connected.

“Are you home” Qi Jinrans voice was filled with joy.

Zhang Huaite couldnt bear to speak.


Qi, its me, Zhang Huaite.”

Qi Jinrans voice became cold in an instant, “What are you doing with his cell phone Is there anything”

Zhang Huaite hesitated for a few seconds.

Thinking of Wen Yuans words, he apologized silently in his heart, and took a deep breath.

“Just now… Wen Yuan had a car accident.

We are in the ambulance and are going to the Peoples Hospital.”

“What” Qi Jinrans face instantly turned pale.

After half an hour.

Outside the operating room of the Peoples Hospital.

Zhang Huaite sat on the bench, staring blankly at the three illuminated words on the electronic screen, without blinking.

After sitting for an unknown time, the sound of hurried footsteps suddenly sounded in the corridor, and a tall and slender figure walked over quickly.

“How long has he been in there What did the doctor say” Qi Jinran seemed to be unable to stand up, holding onto the anti-slip guardrail on the promenade, barely able to stabilize his figure.

As soon as Zhang Huaite raised his head, he saw Qi Jinrans bloodless face.

His eyes were dark, as if all the brilliance had disappeared from them.

He suddenly understood why Wen Yuan was so resolute in telling him not to tell Qi Jinran the news of his car accident before he passed out.

Qi Jinran seemed to care more about Wen Yuan than he had seen.

“There are several wounds on his body, which are being sutured.

The rest will be known when the doctor comes out after the operation, but the nurse told me that there is no life-threatening injuries.”

Qi Jinran nodded and didnt speak any more.

He simply sat down on the chair without any strength.

The cane in his hand was also a little unsteady and slipped to the floor.

“Are you all right” Zhang Huaite picked up his cane and put it in the corner.

“Im fine.” Qi Jinran didnt seem to want to talk to him.

His handsome and gloomy face turned to the other side, and his whole person exuding a strong aura that rejected the world.

Zhang Huaite hesitated for a few seconds, then whispered, “Actually… Wen Yuan, before he passed out, asked me not to tell you about his car accident.

But I broke my promise.”

Qi Jinrans shoulders stiffened, and then he smiled bitterly.

“You, did you think you could hide it from me”

Zhang Huaites mouth twitched, but he didnt reply.

Instead, he found the seat farthest from Qi Jinran and sat down silently.

Time passed slowly in long torment.

Qi Jinrans eyes were bloodshot, staring in the direction of the operating room without blinking.

In a trance, he seemed to have returned to the rainy night when he was twelve years old.

He was in a wheelchair, pushed by a nurse, and went to the ward to claim the bodies of his father and mother.

The corridor was empty and silent.

His wheelchair was parked in front of the ward at the end.

The nurse pushed open the door.

He saw the white hospital bed, covered with a dazzling white cloth… Everything is white, the desperate and terrifying color of countless nightmares…

The stump of his right leg began to hurt intensely.

Qi Jinrans black eyes sank, looking at his right knee.

He was grateful for the pain keeping him awake; only pain can prove that he is still alive.

When the operation was about to end, Wen Yuan regained consciousness.


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