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The next round was also held at 10:30.

Wen Yuan was already familiar with the venue and equipment, so his expression was much more relaxed than yesterday as he stood behind the cooking table.

Zhang Huaite had the same lazy appearance.

Because of his outstanding appearance, and taking first place yesterday, he quickly attracted the attention of other players.

Even the beautiful hostess couldnt help but glance at him a few more times when she read out the rules of the competition.

When the judges announced that they were still making cakes today, Wen Yuan was quite surprised.

But soon, he couldnt smile anymore.

The host added that although the competition is to make cakes, yesterdays chef and assistant must exchange positions when making the cakes.

As soon as the hosts voice fell, almost all the players were shocked and began panicked discussions.

When the organizing committee asked them to bring an assistant, they did not specify any requirements about their skills.

Many people were afraid that the assistant chef would steal their limelight, so they chose a general assistant.

As soon as the rules came out, most people panicked upon learning that the assistant was supposed to do the most important job.

“Dont worry, everyone, I know that many of your sous chefs1assistant may be inexperienced, but you can also provide guidance on the spot.

After all, you are a team and help each other, right”

The chefs all picked up pens one after another and began to help their assistants design the shape of the cake.

Wen Yuan glanced to the side and saw that Zhang Huaite was still not panicking at all, and couldnt help worrying.

“Arent you nervous What if I mess up later”

“With your level, and my teachings, what else can happen What kind of cake do you want to make, you can think of it yourself, and I will help you.”

“Are you sure you want me to design it myself” Wen Yuan stared at him in disbelief.

The other cakes are all designed by the chef, with the assistant chef following the chefs creativity.

“If you dont want to design your own cake, who will design it Besides, even if I draw out the whole process for you, it will be difficult for you to reproduce it perfectly.

Just do what you want.”

Wen Yuan nodded and took a deep breath, “I was a little flustered, I thought it would be enough to hold your thigh all the way.” 

Zhang Huaite sneered, picked up a colander and tapped him on his head.

“My thigh is not so easy to hold.

Hurry up and move!”

Wen Yuan quickly decided to make a wedding cake.

Two days later is his and Qi Jinrans wedding, which is the perfect occasion.

He has many ideas for wedding cakes in his mind, but has never put them into practice.

“I want to make a wedding cake, I need a two-layer cake with dried fruit and strawberry jam.

Can you help me make the filling”

“Wedding cake” Zhang Huai raised his brows slightly without any surprise, though he was a little doubtful.”A two-layer cake, do you have enough time Its very laborious to decorate.”

“Its fine, it doesnt need a lot of patterns, Ill make a simpler one.” Wen Yuan quickly beat the eggs, separating the egg yolks and whites, while Zhang Huaite cut dried fruit on the side.

Compared with the other panicking groups, the two of them seemed extremely calm, which drew the attention of several judges.


Zhang, Mr.

Wen, what are you making” The host raised the microphone and walked to the two of them with a smile.

Wen Yuan was busy blending egg whites and had no time to pay attention to her.

While squeezing lemon juice, Zhang Huaite looked at the hostess and blinked his deep eyes.

“We are making a wedding cake.”

“Wedding cake” She couldnt believe it and looked at Wen Yuan in shock.

“I heard that Mr.

Wen has only just started learning how to bake.

Isnt it too stressful to try such a difficult wedding cake”

“Hell be less stressed if you dont point the microphone at him.” Zhang Huaite threw the squeezed lemon away, washed his hands quickly, and said with a blank face.

“We are very busy, you can go and interview the other groups.”

The host who wanted to chat more with this handsome half-race guy had no choice but to go to the other groups.

Time passed minute by minute.

When Wen Yuan poured the prepared batter into the mold, he raised his head and glanced at the clock on the wall.

There was still an hour left when he opened the oven.

His heart was beating so fast, and his entire back was soaked with sweat.

“Take it easy, you still have decorations to do.” Zhang Huaite comforted him.


After half an hour, the oven dinged, indicating that the time was up.

The moment he opened the oven door, Wen Yuans heart almost jumped out of his chest.

Fortunately, the baked sponge cake body is perfect, the bubbles are even, and the softness is just right.

He took the cake out and let out a light sigh.

When he was about to put it on the table, the sound of china breaking suddenly came from the group next door.

Startled, his hand shook and the cake almost tilted, when a hand reached out and firmly supported the edge of the pan.

“Concentrate, dont get distracted.” Zhang Huaite put the cake in his hand on the table.

A false alarm.

Wen Yuan was covered in cold sweat and nodded.

Zhang Huaite had already whipped the cream, and Wen Yuan started to decorate directly.

The shape of the wedding cake he designed uses red as the background color and is decorated with a white chocolate coating.

There are two three-dimensional black and white red hearts on the top layer.

The two hearts are firmly inlaid together, giving people a strong visual shock.

“You are quite interesting.” Zhang Huaite carefully looked at the cake he made.

“Time is running out, why arent you helping me pipe!” Wen Yuan was in a hurry.

Yesterday they were the first group to finish and were very quick, but today its his turn to be the chef, and everything has become very rushed.

“Dont panic, just finish within the time limit.” Zhang Huaite lazily began to help him decorate.

With only five minutes left in the countdown, Wen Yuan completed the decoration and last layer of coating.

He put down the piping bag, breathed lightly, and wiped the sweat from his forehead.


Then came the exciting selection process by the judges, commenting on each group individually.

When it was the judges turn to try their cake, Wen Yuan was so nervous that he couldnt speak.

“The shape of your wedding cake is quite novel, not like those traditional wedding cakes,” said an older judge.

“It looks good, but I dont know how it tastes.” Another judge picked up the plate with the cake, and forked a piece into his mouth.

Wen Yuan watched his face nervously.

Seeing that mans eyebrows furrow, he was a little puzzled, and his heart began to race.

“Theres rum in the filling” the judge asked suspiciously.

Wen Yuan nodded.

“I just thought that adding some rum would make the dried fruit taste better.

In fact, I also sprinkled a little cinnamon.”

“The taste is really refreshing, neutralizing the sweetness of the pulp.” The judge was satisfied and smiled at him.

“I thought that because you were the last one to finish, the taste might not be so good.

I didnt expect that it did not disappoint me at all.”

“Huaite, you taught your apprentice well.” The judge already had a deep impression on Wen Yuan, and was not stingy when it came to complimenting him.

“Its his talent, I didnt teach anything.” Zhang Huaite said modestly.

Being praised by the judges, Wen Yuan was happier than eating honey.

While waiting for the final result to come out, he couldnt help clenching the necklace around his neck and began to pray secretly.

When he heard the name of first place, he almost couldnt believe his ears, and turned to look at Zhang Huaite.

“First-place, did you hear it”

“Cant understand your own name” Zhang Huaite looked at him speechlessly.

This time, the top three across both rounds will enter the final three months later, so Wen Yuan thought it would already be good to be in the top three.

He never expected to take first place directly! How can this make him not excited!

After receiving the award and certificate, Wen Yuan looked at the purple certificate in his hand, and the excitement and surprise on his face had not faded.

“I have to go back to Wancheng as soon as possible and tell Jinran the good news.”

He dragged Zhang Huaite and hurried back to the hotel to get his luggage.

He just got on the bus to the airport when the gloomy skies began raining.

When he got to the airport, the rain was getting heavier and heavier, covering almost the entire sky.

Wen Yuan looked at the pouring rain outside, and looked at Zhang Huaite with some worry.

“The plane wont be late, right”

“Its hard to say, a delay is likely.

As long as they dont cancel the flight directly.”

Wen Yuan frowned, got out of the car quickly with suitcase in hand, and entered the airport lobby.

As soon as he entered, he looked for the nearest information screen and looked through the flight information.

When he saw that countless flights were delayed, his brow furrowed even deeper.

“Dont look at it, its useless.

Go to the boarding gate and wait.” Zhang Huaite said behind him.

Wen Yuan nodded, went to the boarding gate, and found that their flight was indeed delayed.

The ground handler on duty was reassuring the passengers and told them to wait patiently.

Wen Yuan took out his phone, glanced at the time, and sighed.

The wait was more than two hours, and the flight still showed a delay.

Because of the heavy rain and strong wind today, S City implemented strict air control, and almost all flights were delayed to varying degrees.

“Eat something, dont be sad.” Zhang Huaite came over and handed him a chicken sandwich.

“En.” Wen Yuan took the sandwich and was about to eat when the phone rang.

It was Qi Jinran.


I can imagine the cake they made, but as a wedding cake… that took some mental gymnastics.



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