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When the suffocating deep kiss ended, both of them were breathing a little chaotically.

Qi Jinran looked at Wen Yuan with a slight smile in his eyes.

“Do you still think you are dreaming”

Wen Yuan shook his head, looking at him with black eyes.

“You are real, Im sure.”

Qi Jinran smiled and was about to say something when the doorbell rang outside.

Zhang Huaites voice came through the door.

“Wen Yuan, are you awake Do you want to have afternoon tea”

Wen Yuan was about to unlock the door when Qi Jinran grabbed his arm.

There was a hint of anger in the mans expression.

“Say you are sleeping, send him away.”

“Ah Isnt that not good” Wen Yuan looked hesitant.

“Do as I say.” Qi Jinran was firm.

Wen Yuan had no choice but to say into the call system, “Huaite, I want to sleep for a while.

You can go eat yourself, dont worry about me.”

“Okay.” Zhang Huaite knew that he must be tired today, so he didnt force it.

Disappointed, he turned back to his room.

“Are you satisfied now” Wen Yuan looked at Qi Jinran helplessly.

The corner of Qi Jinrans mouth curled as he walked in.

“Im tired, you sleep with me.”

Wen Yuan put Qi Jinrans briefcase in the closet and followed him with a smile.

“What subordinates wedding banquet Actually, you came to S city to see me, right”

Qi Jinran had already taken off his coat and lay down.

Seeing him like this, Wen Yuan couldnt bear to tease him any more, and got on the bed and lay beside him.

“Come here.” Suddenly, Qi Jinran opened his eyes.

“I thought you fell asleep as soon as you touched the pillow.” Wen Yuan leaned over obediently, next to his shoulder.

“Are you going back to Wancheng tonight” Wen Yuan looked at Qi Jinran expectantly.

“Yes, there is a meeting tomorrow morning that I must attend.” Qi Jinran played with his ears.

“Oh, I thought you could stay with me for a while longer.

So youre leaving after dinner.” Wen Yuan was a little listless.

“Its not that fast.

Isnt the TV tower in City S very famous We can go to the restaurant on the roof to have dinner and see the river view.”

Wen Yuans thoughts were exactly the same as Qi Jinrans.

His eyes brightened as he leaned on the mans shoulder excitedly.

“I heard that there is a glass corridor which is very exciting.

We can take a look.”

Qi Jinran made a soft “en” and patted his head.

“Ill go to bed first.

Call me later.”


Wen Yuan slept with Qi Jinran for two hours, and when it was time for dinner, the two got up and went out to eat.

As soon as he went out, he ran into Zhang Huaite who was walking from the other side of the corridor.

“Okay, Wen Yuan, the reason for ditching me is for Qi Jinran” Zhang Huaites eyes almost rolled to the sky.

“Huaite, Im really sorry.

Because Jinran was too tired at the time, I wanted to rest with him for a while.”

“Che, the guy who cares less about friends.”

Wen Yuan smiled awkwardly, glanced at Qi Jinran, and turned to Zhang again, and tentatively said, “Otherwise, we are just going to have dinner at the revolving restaurant of the TV Tower.

Would you like to go with us”

“Jinran, what do you think”

Qi Jinran looked up at Zhang Huaite, and said lightly, “Yes.

After all, Zhang Huaite is your senior brother.1as in senior in school / senpai/oppai type of call As your partner, I should invite him to dinner.”

Zhang Huaite felt that when Qi Jinran used the word “senior brother”, the bite was extremely heavy, as if to remind him of the distance between him and Wen Yuan.

He grinned and smiled, “Okay, rubbing free rice is a good thing, of course I have to go.”

So the three of them took a car together and went to the revolving restaurant on the top floor of the TV Tower in S City.

Qi Jinran booked a table by the window.

In the dark, one could see the continuous traffic below, brightly shining, and countless neon lights flickering among the tall buildings.

Wen Yuan looked at the night scene outside the window and sighed unconsciously.

“Ah, its so beautiful.”

“If you like it here, we can also fly over from Wancheng to eat in the future.” Qi Jinrans arm rested on his seat with a gentle tone.

Zhang Huaite shook the goose bumps on his body.

“Im tired of you two being so crooked, and will get some food first.

Wen Yuan, what do you want to eat”

“What he wants to eat, Ill help him get it.” Qi Jinran looked at him calmly, and followed him.

“Tsk, my good heart is treated like a donkeys liver.” Zhang Huaite frowned and walked to the dining area by himself.

Seeing his back, Wen Yuan couldnt help but say to Qi Jinran, “Jinran, you are too fierce to him.

Can you be a little more friendly”

“I dont know him well, why should you be friendly to him”

“But he is my senior brother after all, and I have learned a lot from him in this competition.

Besides, we are inviting people to dinner today, so its not good for you to treat him with such a face”

Qi Jinran frowned, and reluctantly compromised.

“Okay, Ill be friendly.”

“What do you want to eat, Ill get it for you.”

Qi Jinran just didnt want to go there to meet Zhang Huaite, and was happy to enjoy Wen Yuans care.

“I can eat whatever you want, its fine.”

Wen Yuan nodded and went to help him get the meal.

The seafood here is the most famous, such as Australian lobster, scallop, abalone, and turbot.

Everything is available, very fresh, and are all freshly prepared.

Wen Yuan packed a plate full of seafood, and when he was about to get a drink, Zhang Huaites voice sounded behind him.

“Why did you come by yourself Didnt he say he wanted to help you get it”

“I can do this little thing myself.” Wen Yuan put two drinks on the tray and looked at Zhang Huaite.

“What do you want to eat Why dont I help you get some as well”

Zhang Huaite snorted coldly, ignored him, and went to the beef and mutton.

Wen Yuan thought for a while, and chased after him.

“Huaite, I know Jinrans temper is not very good.

He can sometimes be irritating when he speaks, but he doesnt have any malice, so dont take it to heart.

“Im not angry at Qi Jinran.” Zhang Huaite added a few slices of braised beef to the plate, and said with no expression, “I just think that you dote on Qi Jinran too much, and you have lost yourself a bit.”

Wen Yuan was taken aback, and said, “But falling in love is a process of sacrificing oneself.

If everyone is selfish and only thinks about themselves, what else is there to do in love”

“Even if you have to sacrifice yourself, there is a limit.

And I dont think the relationship between the two of you is equal.” After Zhang Huaite finished speaking, he shrugged again.

“Ive said it all, you can think about it for yourself.”

“Well, okay.” Wen Yuan didnt argue, so after choosing dessert, he went back to the table.

After dinner, the three of them went to the glass corridor together.

Zhang Huaite was a little afraid of heights, so when he walked into the glass corridor, his face turned pale, and he kept pulling on Wen Yuans clothes.

Qi Jinran called the staff directly and asked them to take Zhang Huaite, who couldnt stand, to the lounge.

“I always feel that Huaites eyes were very resentful when he was carried away.

Will he hate me from now on” Wen Yuan said with a smile.

“Hes fine.

You dont need to worry about it.” Qi Jinran grabbed his hand and walked to the outstretchedsky viewing platform.

“Are you afraid” Qi Jinran tilted his head and glanced at the boy beside him.

“With you here, Im not afraid.” Wen Yuan blinked.

Seeing the tourists around him werent paying attention, he suddenly leaned over and quickly kissed Qi Jinrans cheek.

Qi Jinran laughed and squeezed his hand even tighter.

Happy times are always short.

The car taking Qi Jinran to the airport arrived at the TV tower.

Although he was reluctant, Wen Yuan still had a smile on his face and waved to the handsome man in the car.

“Jinran, see you tomorrow.”

“En, good luck in the game.

Ill be waiting for your good news.” Qi Jinran nodded at him, glanced at Zhang Huaite behind him without saying anything, and ordered the driver to drive.

Watching the black Mercedes-Benz disappear into the night, Wen Yuan sighed melancholically and walked forward with his bag on his back.

“Cheer up, there is a game tomorrow.” Zhang Huaite patted him on the shoulder.

“I know.”


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1as in senior in school / senpai/oppai type of call


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