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In the silent bathroom, Qi Jinrans slightly hoarse voice seemed to be a hook that made Wen Yuans heart tremble involuntarily.

“Husband…” His cheeks were flushed with heat, and as soon as he finished shouting, he couldnt help covering his mouth with his hands in embarrassment.

When Qi Jinran heard those two words, his black eyes instantly became extremely hot and bright, as if there were two raging fires burning inside.

Wen Yuan almost melted into the fiery flame.

He had difficulty breathing, and was on the verge of hypoxia several times.

When everything was over, he fell into Qi Jinrans arms with some exhaustion.

After taking a shower, the two went back to bed.

The night light at the head of the bed was on, and the dim yellow and warm light shone on Wen Yuans side face.

Wen Yuan drowsily rolled into Qi Jinrans arms, wanting to spend more time with the man.

“As soon as you finish this kind of thing, you dont care about me… dont hold me…” Wen Yuan played with the buttons on Qi Jinrans pajamas and muttered.

Probably because it was the dead of night, the grievances and dissatisfaction that had been suppressed in the bottom of his heart instantly flooded out.

Qi Jinran put his hand on his waist, smoothed his hair, lowered her head and kissed his hair.

“Im sorry, I was wrong before.”

Wen Yuans little emotions came and went quickly.

Being embraced and petted by Qi Jinran, the grievances from the past quickly disappeared without a trace.

“Dont treat me like that again in the future, or Ill be very angry and ignore you.” Wen Yuan bit his collarbone hard.

Qi Jinran was in pain, but he just let him bite, and there was no anger in his eyes.

“Never again.” How could he be willing to leave Wen Yuan in the cold again Now Wen Yuan is the most important person to him besides grandpa.

Everything about him has absolute priority, nothing beats it.

With Qi Jinrans assurance, Wen Yuan smiled and kissed the corner of his mouth hard.

“Then you have to do what you say!”

“En, I promise.” Qi Jinran said solemnly.

Relieved, Wen Yuan found a comfortable position in Qi Jinrans arms, hugged his waist tightly, snuggled up to him like a small animal, and soon fell asleep.

Soon, it was time to go to S City to participate in the baking competition.

Qi Jinran didnt go to the company that day, and personally accompanied him to the airport and the plane.

When he went through the security check, Zhang Huaite also arrived.

He didnt carry a suitcase like Wen Yuan, and only had a light backpack when he greeted the two of them.


Qi, you are so busy with work.

Do you still have time to see Wen Yuan” Zhang Huaite smiled and looked at Qi Jinran.

Qi Jinrans expression remained unchanged.

“Its just internal business.

When you arrive in S City, Ill trouble you to take care of Xiao Yuan.”

“Dont worry, I have a very good relationship with Wen Yuan.” Zhang Huaite said with long arms and legs.

As he spoke, he couldnt help but put his arm on Wen Yuans shoulder.

Wen Yuan was looking at his ticket and didnt care.

Qi Jinrans eyes swept to the unsightly arm, feeling the trace of provocation and pride in Zhang Huaites black eyes.

He snorted coldly, looked at Wen Yuan, “Come here.”

Wen Yuan heard Qi Jinran shout and walked over obediently.

Qi Jinran stretched out his arms to wrap his arms around his waist, bowed his head slightly, caught his lips precisely, and gnawed it.

There were people coming and going in the waiting hall, and the two outstanding men standing and kissing quickly attracted the attention of countless passersby.

“Wu… Jinran, someone is watching.” Wen Yuans breathing was unsteady, and he pushed him away with difficulty.

Qi Jinran stretched out his hand to wipe off the stains on his lips.

He was very happy to see Zhang Huaites eyes almost rolling to the sky.

Pinching Wen Yuans cheek and he urged, “Take care of yourself when you go there, and video call me every night.”

“Well, I know.” Wen Yuan glanced at the watch, and his eyes revealed strong reluctance to part.

“I have to go, otherwise I wont be able to catch the plane.”

Qi Jinran patted his head and said in a doting voice.


Wen Yuan and Zhang Huaite walked into the security line, while Qi Jinran stood behind watching.

After queuing for a while, Wen Yuan suddenly said something to Zhang Huaite, then walked through the crowd, ran to Qi Jinran quickly, and kissed him on the face.

“You cant bear to part with me so much” Qi Jinrans dark eyes were full of warmth.

“No need to wait, you can go to the company.” Wen Yuan didnt know why he was so reluctant to part from Qi Jinran even though it would only be for a few days.

Perhaps for those who are passionately in love, an hour of separation is akin to long-term torture.

“Okay, go in and line up, dont waste your time.” Qi Jinran watched him return to the line before turning around and walking out.

Zhang Huaite looked at the reluctant parting, and softly tsk-ed at Wen Yuan.

“I say, why are you two acting like an idol drama Theres no need to be so exaggerated, right”

“Youll know this kind of feeling when youre in a relationship.” Wen Yuan replied seriously.

Clicking his tongue, Zhang Huaites face was full of resistance.

“I wont do such greasy and crooked things.

Besides, why do you seem like a different person in front of Qi Jinran”

Wen Yuans impression to others has always been sunny, handsome, cheerful, and lively.

Even if he is a little rebellious occasionally, his character tends towards being calm and independent.

When learning to bake, Wen Yuan is also serious and focused, seldom joking with his classmates.

But Zhang Huaite observed that in front of Qi Jinran, Wen Yuan is like a little boy who hasnt grown up, and becomes extraordinarily clingy.

This strong contrast made him almost question if Wen Yuan had a dual personality.

“Is there” Wen Yuan seemed to be completely unaware of his change.

“Next time you look in the mirror yourself, youll know.” Zhang Huaite patted him on the shoulder and motioned him to move forward.

“Its your time for the security check, hurry up.”

When the plane landed and arrived at S City, it happened to be lunch time.

The two had a meal at the airport before leaving for the hotel where they were staying.

After putting down his luggage, Zhang Huaite took Wen Yuan to the convention and exhibition center to sign in.

The contestants participating in the preliminaries this time came from all over the world, with both old and young participants alike.

Wen Yuan also saw some familiar faces who often appeared on various food shows.

“Huaite, is the one who just walked over, the state banquet chef, Zhou something or another He wont be competing, right”

“You think too much, they are the judges.”

Wen Yuan breathed a sigh of relief.

“Scared the crap out of me.

I thought everyone here was a contestant, and the competition would be super fierce.”

“Dont put so much pressure on yourself, take it easy.” Zhang Huaite went to the office to sign his name, and obtained the numbered plate for the two of them.

He turned to look at Wen Yuan.

“And Ill be the chef tomorrow, youre just helping me.

What are you afraid of”

Wen Yuan nodded, but was still a little worried.

“Im afraid of dragging you down.

After all, Ive never participated in a baking competition, and dont have much experience.”

“Everyone has a first time, theres nothing to be nervous about.” Zhang Huaite took his shoulders and walked out.

“I know there is a Hangzhou restaurant nearby that tastes very good.

Lets go, Ill take you to try it.”

After eating nearby, walking around the exhibition center, and buying some necessities in the supermarket, it was past 9 p.m.

when they returned to the hotel.

Just as Wen Yuan put things down, he suddenly remembered Qi Jinrans words, and hurriedly sat on the bedside, took out the iPad Air in his bag, and sent Qi Jinran a video call.

Soon, the other end was connected, and Qi Jinrans handsome face appeared on the screen.

“At the hotel” Qi Jinran glanced at the background behind him and guessed where he was now.

“En, are you still working overtime in the company” Wen Yuan couldnt help feeling a little distressed when he saw that he was still sitting in the office.

“Its late, you should go back and rest, dont be too tired.”

“No hurry.” Qi Jinran rubbed his eyebrows, and chuckled lightly.

“Theres nothing tiring.

But you, are you nervous about the game tomorrow”

Wen Yuan stuck out his tongue.

“I wasnt nervous at first, but after hearing you say that, Im a little nervous again.”

Qi Jinran laughed.

“Is it my fault”

“Blame myself.” Wen Yuan scratched his hair and yawned.

“Im so sleepy.

I went to try several dessert shops with Huaite this afternoon, my legs are sore from walking.”

Hearing Wen Yuans closeness to Zhang Huaite, Qi Jinrans expression was a little unhappy.

After thinking for a while, he tentatively asked, “Zhang Huaite… has he always been single”

 “Thats right.

Im also puzzled.

He is so good, and there are quite a few girls in the school chasing him, but he seems to be devoted to baking, and has no interest in love.”

 Qi Jinran sneered.

“Not necessarily.”

“Ah Why do you say that” Wen Yuan was puzzled.

Qi Jinrans eyes moved, but he didnt continue the topic.

“Since youre sleepy, go to bed earlier and get enough energy to prepare for tomorrows game.”

“En, then Ill talk to you after the preliminary game tomorrow, bye bye, muah.”

Wen Yuan blew a kiss to the person on the other side of the screen, and was overjoyed when Qi Jinrans cheeks blushed.

He put down the iPad and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Before going to bed, he picked up the ring necklace on the bedside table and kissed the metal ring.

“Good night, Jinran.” He put the necklace back on his neck and sank into his sleep with peace of mind.


Yall better be prepare in the next chapters.

Maybe bring a cookie when eating, cause hearing about cakes… (I want cake now…)

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