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in the villa.

The designers and planners had already arrived.

When they saw Qi Jinran and Wen Yuan walking in holding hands, they immediately burst into smiles.


Wen, try this outfit first, and Ill help you match a brooch and tie when youre done wearing it.”

“Well, okay.” Wen Yuan took the suit from the designer and went into the bedroom to change.

Qi Jinran flipped through the booklet for wedding preparations, selecting a different style of hotel tablecloth, looked up, and Wen Yuan came out of the bedroom.

The boy wore a black slim suit with a dark gold pattern, which perfectly complemented his wide shoulders, narrow waist, and long legs.

He was handsome and heroic, as if he could go to a fashion week show in the next moment.

“Hows it going” Wen Yuan turned around in front of Qi Jinran with some trepidation.

“It suits you very well.” Qi Jinran closed the brochure, stood up, and helped him put on the bow tie and brooch, with a smile in his black eyes.

Looking at himself in the full-length mirror, his eyes shone with anticipation, excited at the thought of wearing this suit on the red carpet with Qi Jinran.

Seeing that Qi Jinran hadnt changed his clothes, he couldnt help urging him, “You change as well.

What are you doing sitting here”

“Okay.” Qi Jinran took his own suit and went to the bedroom.

Soon, he came over wearing a pure white slim fit suit with the same rose pattern as Wen Yuan embroidered on his chest.

He was tall and slender, refined and handsome, and his posture exuded indescribable elegance.

“You look good too.

Super handsome!!” Wen Yuan couldnt help snapping a photo of him.

Qi Jinran smiled, but when he lowered his head and saw the metal prosthetic limb exposed on the ankle of his right leg, the smile in his eyes was somewhat subdued.

The designer, a middle-aged man, was extremely observant.

Seeing Qi Jinran looking at his right leg, he quickly stepped forward.


Qi, you will be wearing socks at that time.

Dont worry, the prosthetic limb will not be exposed.”

Qi Jinran straightened the corners of his mouth.

“I know.” He looked at himself in the full-length mirror, and then at Wen Yuan behind him.

To outsiders, they were probably a match made in heaven, but once someone noticed his right leg…

He felt irritated.

He hoped to give Wen Yuan the grandest wedding and the most unforgettable day.

Everything should be perfect, without any flaws.

But now, he suddenly realized that the biggest flaw was himself.

“Jinran, whats wrong” Wen Yuan seemed to realize his mood, and looked over with concern.

“Its nothing, Im almost done trying it on.

See if there is anything that needs to be changed, and tell the designer.” Qi Jinran unbuttoned the collar of the suit and entered the bedroom.

After the wedding suit and other procedures were finalized with the studio, night had fallen.

Wen Yuan sent the staff away, returned to the living room, and found Qi Jinran staring at the succulent on the windowsill.

Wen Yuan walked over lightly, reaching out and hugging his waist from behind.

“Jinran, is there anything you are unhappy about You can tell me directly.”

Feeling the heat coming from his back, Qi Jinrans heart warmed, and there was a slight glimmer of light in his cold black eyes.

“Nothing to be unhappy about… I just think its a little unreal.”

At the age of twelve, on the night when his whole family was involved in a car accident, he used to despair that his life would be destined to be happy or joyful.

In order to be worthy of his dead parents, he worked hard to live, to stand up, and to love life again.

But there was still a voice in his heart telling him that no one would really love him.

Ning Shu once gave him hope, but soon pushed him into a darker abyss.

He began to realize that no matter how good or outstanding he was, he couldnt change the fact that part of him was incomplete.

He tossed and turned many nights from the intense phantom limb pain, unable to sleep.

Sometimes he would look at the reflection of his left leg in the mirror, imagine that it was his right leg for a moment of morbid satisfaction, but after the satisfaction, only felt a deeper despair.

It was not until he met Wen Yuan that he began to believe that maybe god was not so unfair to him.

It gave himself such a good gift, and gave him the motivation to wake up every day for the rest of his life.

The current peaceful and happy life is something he never dared hope for before.

Sometimes when holding Wen Yuan at night, he feared it was all a beautiful dream, that Wen Yuan would disappear from his arms, and that there would be no one who loved him so unreservedly and with all his heart in the world.

These fragile and secret thoughts, how could he tell Wen Yuan

“Actually, I also feel this way.

Im so happy now, almost like Im flying.” Wen Yuan hugged Qi Jinrans waist tightly with a wide smile.

“When I first came here, you were so indifferent.

I thought you would never like me.”

“At that time, it was me who was wrong.” Qi Jinran turned around, looked into Wen Yuans eyes, and apologized.

“Im sorry.”

“Its nothing, its all over anyway.

Its quite funny to see you slapped in the face now.”

Qi Jinran snorted softly and pinched his waist.


Wen Yuans intuition went off, and he quickly shrank back to avoid Qi Jinrans devilish claws.

“Im joking.

Big brother, dont take it seriously.”

“Its too late.” Qi Jinran wrapped his arms around his waist and suddenly hugged him horizontally.

Wen Yuan exclaimed, hurriedly wrapped his arms around his neck, and looked around in a panic.

Xue Rong came out of the kitchen carrying fruit, and when she saw this scene out of the corner of the eye, she quickly took two steps back with a smile on her face, and returned to the kitchen.

“Sister Xue is still here, what if she sees”

Qi Jinran was too lazy to respond, and directly carried the person into the big bed in the bedroom.

As soon as Wen Yuans body touched the quilt, he quickly rolled around and wrapped himself in the quilt.

“I still have classes tomorrow, and Im going to S City the day after tomorrow.

No way!” Wen Yuan blinked, pretending to look at Qi Jinran pitifully.

“I dont plan to do anything to you.” Qi Jinran laughed, took off his suit jacket, and started to unbutton his shirt.

Wen Yuan nestled in the quilt, with only his head revealed.

He stared straight at Qi Jinrans slender neck and white collarbone, and couldnt help swallowing.

This little devil.1term here is 色鬼, aka someone who is desirous/lusty/perverted, and wants “those” kinds of things Qi Jinran snorted coldly from the bottom of from heart, and slowed down his undressing.

He was about to untie the belt around his waist when Wen Yuan, wrapped in a quilt, spread hiswings 2the quilt and hugged him tightly from behind.

“Beautiful lady, come and give me a kiss.” Wen Yuan rubbed his face.

Qi Jinrans expression remained unchanged, and he didnt even look at him.

“Dont make trouble, I have a meeting tomorrow morning.”

He broke free from Wen Yuans embrace, got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Wen Yuan sighed and fell on the quilt, staring eagerly in the direction of the bathroom.

Glancing at the towel by the bedside, he suddenly thought of something, and his eyes lit up.

He took a towel, walked to the bathroom door, and coughed twice.

“Jinran, didnt you forget something”

There was a faint sound of water from behind the frosted glass door.

Standing at the door, Wen Yuan wondered if the person inside heard his question, when the glass door suddenly opened, and a slender arm dragged him in.

F*ck! Wen Yuan was inadvertently dragged into the bathroom by Qi Jinran.

Inside was a haze of hot water vapor.

Qi Jinrans black hair was soaking wet, and water droplets were still dripping down his body.

Only a white bath towel covered his lower body as he looked at him lazily.

“What do you want to give me”

“Towel.” The beauty came out of the bath.

Wen Yuans eyes straightened, and smilingly handed the towel in his hand.

Qi Jinran took the towel and unfolded it, directly hooking Wen Yuans neck with the soft towel, and wrapping the person in his arms.

“What are you doing sneaking outside”

“I wasnt sneaking, I just want to see how long it takes you to wash.” Wen Yuan leaned on his chest, smelling the scent of the shower gel, and his mind was a little dizzy.

“Isnt it better to come in and see” Qi Jinran hooked his lips, unbuttoned his shirt, with a deep look in his eyes.

“Since youre here, dont even think about going out.”

“En, I know.”

The trick succeeded, Wen Yuans eyes showed a smile, he obediently cooperated with the man, and glued himself to him.

Soon, dense water vapor and hot air wrapped the two of them…

In the damp water vapor, Wen Yuans face was pressed against the slightly cooler tiles, and his body was so weak that he could not stand.

Qi Jinran tightened the hand that was pinching his waist slightly, pushed them face to face, and kissed him emotionally.

Wen Yuans toes couldnt help curling up, trying to tilt his head in response to Qi Jinrans kiss.

“Xiao Yuan…” He seemed to hear Qi Jinran calling his name in a low and slightly hoarse voice.

“Obedient, call me husband.”


…second hand embarrassment, anyone Wonder if this constitutes borderline NSFW.

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1term here is 色鬼, aka someone who is desirous/lusty/perverted, and wants “those” kinds of things2the quilt


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