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Qi Jinran frowned as he watched the confrontation unfold between the two.

Wen Yuan next to him was also nervous.

Luo Haoxin took a deep breath and said as calmly as possible, “President Yu, I wasnt fully sober from alcohol that night and made some ridiculous actions.

Im sorry.”

“I dont care about your apology.” Yu Heng gritted his teeth.

“Then what does President Yu want” Luo Haoxin looked at him, with a hint of mockery in his black eyes.

“Could it be that President Yu has slept with me once, and cannot forget the taste”

“You!” The secret thoughts at the bottom of Yu Hengs heart was poked, and his face changed slightly as he said indifferently, “Dont be too affectionate! Im not interested in an old man like you!”

“Isnt that just perfect.

I dont have much interest in President Yu either.” Luo Haoxin shrugged, brushed Yu Heng with his shoulders, and strode out of Qis living room.

Seeing his departing back, Yu Hengs face turned green.

He sat down on the sofa, saw a strawberry cake on the table, picked up a fork and scooped a large piece into his mouth, and chewed hard.

“Yu Heng, that…” Wen Yuan looked at him and trailed off.

After Yu Heng finished eating the cake, the anger in his eyes faded a little, and he looked up at Wen Yuan, “Whats wrong”

“This cake of yours… was eaten by Luo Haoxin just now.”

Yu Heng looked down and saw traces of being dug from a spoon on the side of the cake.

It really was eaten by Luo Haoxin! Tossing the fork back on the plate, he cursed in a low voice, “Damn, why is Laozi so unlucky.”

“Theres still more cake.

I can grab some from upstairs , do you want it” Wen Yuan looked at him with some sympathy.

“Forget it, not eating.” Yu Heng scratched his hair irritably.

Seeing the jade necklace on the table, his face became even gloomier.

“Luo Haoxin came here to give back the necklace” He looked at Qi Jinran.

Qi Jinran nodded, glanced out the window, and said softly, “He probably feels conflicted, and seeing you werent home, let us help send it back.”

Yu Heng snorted coldly.

“Tch, he doesnt appreciate Laozis good deed.”1YH saying LHX doesnt appreciate him giving the necklace

Wen Yuan thought of something and said, “I heard that Luo Haoxin is no longer chasing Ning Shu, so its useless if you give him this necklace.”

“Really” Hearing Wen Yuans words, Yu Yu Hengs face finally cleared up.

The corners of his mouth twitched as he put the necklace on the table into his pocket.

“That old man is still not blind, he knows how to stop the loss in time.”

“Little sister-in-law, Jinran, I apologize for bothering you today.

Im sorry, and will go back first.” Yu Heng got up and bid farewell to the two of them.

Qi Jinran nodded and watched him leave the villa.

As soon as Yu Heng left, Wen Yuan sat next to Qi Jinran and couldnt wait to ask his doubts.

“Jinran, do you think Yu Heng likes Luo Haoxin”

Qi Jinran took a sip of tea, expressionless.

“What do you think”

“I think Yu Heng should be interested in Luo Haoxin.

Otherwise he wouldnt be so rude just now.

And when I said that Luo Haoxin didnt chase after Ning Shu, the corners of Yu Hengs mouth rose.”

“This is a matter between the two of them, we cant interfere.” Qi Jinran rubbed his head and said helplessly.

“You should just take care of your own affairs, dont be so enthusiastic.”

 “Im just curious.” Wen Yuan wanted to say something when Xue Rong called them to eat dinner.

As soon as Wen Yuan heard her voice, he quickly put on his slippers and got up.

 “Lets go, lets eat first.”

The next day, after Wen Yuan finished class, he saw the familiar black Bentley on the boulevard back to the dormitory.

The car window came down, and Qi Jinrans black eyes were bright and vivid as he looked at him with a smile.

“The wedding suits are ready, lets go try them.”

“So soon” Wen Yuan remembered that they only took measurements half a month ago.

He thought this kind of handmade suit would take longer, and didnt expect it to be much faster than he imagined.

He got into the car and flipped through the clothing catalog Qi Jinran handed over with great interest.

In addition to the wedding suit, there is also a suit worn at the banquet, which is less formal and solemn.

The catalog also includes cufflinks, ties, brooches, watches, and more.

Wen Yuan couldnt help but search for the brand and check the price with his mobile phone.

A simple brooch costs more than one million yuan – its too expensive!

“Jinran, are these accessories… rented”

Qi Jinran turned his head and looked at him with an incredulous expression.

“Do you think your husband is so poor that he cant afford tens of millions of accessories”

“Thats not what I meant.

I just think these accessories are too expensive.

I was thinking more along the lines of what if they get lost.”

​​”If you lose it, its lost.

Just buy it again.

Its not that we have no money.” Qi Jinran didnt care.

Wen Yuan couldnt help laughing twice with the catalog in his hands.

“Jinran, I found out that when you said those words, you were so handsome, as if you had a halo.”

Especially when Qi Jinran claimed to be his husband, his heart was excited.

Qi Jinran raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Really It seems that the charm of money is quite big.”

“Its not that money is attractive, its you that are attractive.” Wen Yuan gave him a onceover, and stared with starry eyes.

“I think youre very caring and very kind.

No matter what you do, I think you are very handsome.”

Qi Jinrans chest seemed to be hit by something.

He looked at Wen Yuans face and couldnt help pinching his chin.

“Since Im so good, are you going to give me a reward”

“What reward do you want” Wen Yuans eyes widened.

“For example, its been so long since we got the certificate, what do you usually call me”

“Just Jinran, whats wrong” Wen Yuan blinked, looking confused.

Qi Jinrans bright and fiery black eyes looked at him deeply.

His thick eyelashes blinked, and his tone became lighter.

“Dont you think you should call me another name”

Rolling his eyes, Wen Yuan immediately understood what Jinran meant.

Holding Qi Jinrans arm, he leaned on his shoulder, looked up at him slightly, and said affectionately, “Husband.”

The sweetness, along with Wen Yuans “husband”, penetrated into Qi Jinrans ears.

His chest cavity almost had a cavity.

“I didnt hear you clearly, call again.” Qi Jinran still had a sullen face.

Wen Yuan blushed and quit.

The voice just now was too shameful.

He was also a man, so why should he call Qi Jinran husband

“Too bad if you didnt hear it, I wont call again.” Wen Yuan sat up straight and looked at the scenery outside the window.

Qi Jinran couldnt hide the smile in his eyes anymore.

Curling his lips, he pinched Wen Yuans ear.

Leaning over, he stretched his arms and took the boy into his arms.

With lips pressed against Wen Yuans ear, Qi Jinran said softly, “I lied to you.

I heard it, it sounds good.

Next time in bed, remember to shout like that, understand”

The hot breath feathering behind his ear made him feel itchy.

Not to mention Qi Jinrans words – it was like a cats paw, lightly scratching his heart.

He actually wanted to call him husband in bed Thats too shameful…

He retracted into Qi Jinrans arms, and said lukewarmly, “Depends on my mood.”

Qi Jinran found that since Wen Yuan knew that he liked him, he began acting a little spoiled.

Sometimes deliberately trying to confront him, but not too successfully.

He hugged the vivid, warm boy in his arms, lowered his head, and bit him lightly on the back of his neck.

“Am I doting on you too much You really like to oppose me recently.”

“How so, how have I not been obedient.” Wen Yuan felt that he was treated more unjustly than Dou E.

He still wanted to argue, but they had arrived at the gates, where the guards on duty quickly saluted them.

Concerned about his own image, Wen Yuan quickly sat up and straightened his collar.

“Were already home, but youre still afraid of being seen” Qi Jinran laughed at him.

“Its just because Im home that I need to pay attention to my image.

Everyone knows me.

In places where no one knows me, I can indulge a bit.”


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1YH saying LHX doesnt appreciate him giving the necklace


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