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Wen Yuan melted the gelatin powder with warm milk, stirred it into the cream cheese, and started to make strawberry jam.

Dicing the fresh red strawberries, and adding an appropriate amount of white sugar and lemon juice, he put them in a pot to boil, stirring until the strawberries bubbled, and then used a food processor to chop the strawberries into small bits.

Finally, pouring it into the cheese batter on the side.

While whipping the whipped cream, he finally noticed that there seemed to be a gaze watching him from behind.

After whipping the fresh cream, he turned his head up to see Qi Jinran standing at the door.

“Whats the matter” Wen Yuan put the mold into the refrigerator, wiped his hands, and prepared to cut strawberries for decoration.

“When are you going to S City” Qi Jinran walked in, and his eyes fell on the red strawberry jam on his hands.

For a second, he thought that Wen Yuans hand was bleeding, and his heart clenched.

“This Friday, I have to take a day off from school.” Wen Yuan stopped after cutting a strawberry, taking a large one out, and brought it to Qi Jinrans mouth with a smile, “Do you want to eat”

Qi Jinrans throat moved.

Just as he was about to open his mouth, Wen Yuans hand suddenly turned and put the strawberry into his mouth .

“En… its very sweet and juicy.” Wen Yuan exaggeratedly chewed the strawberries in his mouth, his face full of happiness.

The muscles at the corner of Qi Jinrans mouth twitched slightly, and there was a hint of anger and helplessness in his eyes.

He snorted coldly and grabbed Wen Yuans arm, “Cut them later.”

“Huh” Wen Yuan was puzzled and put down the knife.

As soon as he looked up to see what Qi Jinran wanted to do, the mans handsome face was infinitely enlarged in front of him.

Qi Jinran pressed the back of his neck, the tip of his tongue easily pried open his lips and teeth, swept inside, and tasted the sweet and sour taste of the strawberry.

“It is quite sweet.” After kissing Wen Yuans mouth, Qi Jinran licked his water-red lips as if savoring the aftertaste.

Wen Yuan looked at him, and flushed red from nose to ears.

This guy suddenly kissed him twice today! Just to taste the strawberries in his mouth… This is not like Qi Jinran at all!

“Will you give me more” Qi Jinran looked at him deeply, with a faint smile in his black eyes.

Is he talking about strawberries or eating… Wen Yuans heart beat very fast.

He felt that if Qi Jinran stayed here, he might not be able to finish the strawberry cheesecake with peace of mind.

After thinking about it, he pushed the glass bowl with strawberries in his hand.

“Its all for you to eat.

Dont disturb me here.

Ill take pictures and hand in my homework later.”

“Im not touching your things, so why are you asking me out” Qi Jinran blinked in confusion.

Because youre standing here and all I think about is you, I cant concentrate on making the cake! Wen Yuan roared in the bottom of his heart, but still pretended to be calm on the surface.

“Because you blocked my light, I might cut my hand if Im not careful.”

“Okay.” Qi Jinran had nothing to say.

For Wen Yuans safety sake, he took the glass bowl and left the kitchen.

An hour later, Wen Yuans strawberry cheesecake was finally done.

He took a photo and sent it to Zhang Huaite to check.

Zhang Huaite: The shape is good.

Cut a piece to see if it doesnt collapse inside, right

Wen Yuan: Dont worry, its very uniform.

The picture.JPG, I have tasted it.

The cheese layer is very thick and sweet, and the strawberry jelly on the top layer is lighter, and the whole thing goes well.

Zhang Huaite: Well, well done on the homework.

Bring a piece for me to try tomorrow.

Wen Yuan: No problem.

When he lowered his hair and sent a message, Qi Jinrans WeChat suddenly came over.

Qi Jinran: Luo Haoxin is here, come down to receive guests.

Wen Yuan: !! Why did he come here Ill go down right now.

He hurriedly cut two slices of strawberry cheesecake, put them on a plate, and brought them to the first floor.

Sure enough, Luo Haoxin was sitting on the sofa.

He was drinking the tea that Xue Rong brewed, watching the fresh lilies in the vase in the corner lost in thought.

“President Luo.” Wen Yuan looked at the cake and put it on the coffee table in front of him.

“What a coincidence, I happened to make a strawberry cheesecake, why dont you try some”

Luo Haoxin glanced at the triangular pieces on the coffee table in surprise.

“You made it yourself”

He couldnt imagine it.

Wen Yuan looked sunny and handsome, and no matter how he looked, he seemed to be someone who is keen on sports and games.

He didnt expect him to do these dessert-like things that only girls seem to be interested in.

“Well, Im currently studying pastry making at Le Cordon Bleu, switching halfway.

Made you see a joke today.”

Before the shock in Luo Haoxins eyes subsided, he picked up a fork, and brought a piece to his mouse.

Surprisingly, the cake was dense and moist, with the sweetness of strawberries, and tasted better than any afternoon cake he had ever eaten before.

“Your craftsmanship is very good.” Luo Haoxin praised from the bottom of his heart.

“Thank you.” Wen Yuan felt more fulfilled when he saw that others like to eat what he made with his own hands.

“I often make desserts at home, but Jinran and them cant finish it.

You can come over and eat next time when you are free.”

“Cough cough.” Qi Jinran coughed twice.

Wen Yuan had only met once or twice, so why is he so enthusiastic in front of others now Could it be that he wasnt that special in Wen Yuans heart

The more Qi Jinran thought about it, the more gloomy his face became.

He beckoned Wen Yuan to sit next to him and looked at Luo Haoxin.

“President Luo suddenly came to visit, what is the matter You can say it directly.”

Luo Haoxin had guessed that Qi Jinran would ask this.

He smiled wryly, took out a dark green box from the inner pocket of his suit shirt, and put it on the coffee table.

“I wanted to find Yu Heng, but he wasnt there.

He gave me this jade necklace and I left him that pink diamond that night.

I dont have his contact information, so please return this necklace to him.”

Wen Yuan looked at the box on the table, a little surprised.

Unexpectedly, Yu Heng really did what he said.

Luo Haoxin slept with him for one night, and he really gave that jade necklace out

“But, didnt Yu Heng give it to you He might not accept it even if you want to return it.” Wen Yuan spoke straightforwardly, and said what he thought in his heart.

Luo Haoxins face changed.

Seeing the current situation, Qi Jinran and Wen Yuan should also know what happened that night.

After all, they live next to each other.

He gritted his teeth and said solemnly, “I dont need his pity.

That night was an accident, nothing happened.”

“But…” Wen Yuan wanted to say something when footsteps suddenly sounded on the corridor outside.

A laughing voice came over.

“Jinran, do you have guests I can smell the scent of afternoon tea from afar.”

It was none other than Yu Heng who came in.

Luo Haoxin didnt expect that he would come to the Qi house at this time.

His face stiffened, and he hurriedly apologized to Wen Yuan, and turned to leave.

Yu Heng grabbed his arm with peach blossom eyes bent, but there wasnt a trace of a smile.

“President Luo, why are you in such a hurry, we havent settled the bill yet.”

Luo Haoxin took a deep breath.

After a few moments, his black eyes became a little gloomy, and he lowered his voice.

“Yu Heng, I put the necklace on the table, and I will pretend that nothing happened that night, okay”

Yu Heng narrowed his eyes slightly when he heard this sentence.

He originally assumed that that night was a ridiculous accident, but as time passed, the more he thought about it, the more unwilling he became.

Why is he the only one who is tangled and troubled every day, with the image of the two of them rolling together imprinted in his mind, while Luo Haoxin goes to work as usual in the company like nothing happened

What made him even more angry was that the two of them had clearly met at a business summit before, but that guy walked past him with champagne in his hand, as if he didnt know him at all.

It was totally outrageous!

When was Yu Heng ever ignored like this by others! From childhood to adulthood, others rush to please him, and his past lovers were only dumped by him, who dares not give him a face

Yu Heng gritted his teeth and smiled sullenly.

“Luo Haoxin, what do you think of Laozi At that time, you rushed up to ask Laozi to sleep with you Do you think its possible to treat it as if nothing happened”


I want a strawberry cream cake now.

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