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Hearing Qi Jinrans words, Wen Yuans face turned black, and he subconsciously denied it.

“Im not jealous!”

Qi Jinran pinched his face for a while, and his tone was a little helpless.


He leaned back in the chair and didnt speak.

As the neared the next field, Wen Yuan parked the car under the shade of a tree, turned his head to look at Qi Jinran, and said awkwardly, “Why do you care so much about whether Im jealous”

There was an answer that seemed to come out in his heart, but he wasnt sure, for fear that it was an empty joy.

“What do you think” Qi Jinran looked at him quietly with bottomless black eyes.

Wen Yuan pouted angrily.

“Im not a roundworm in your stomach, how do I know what youre thinking”

He can feel that Qi Jinran cares about him., so maybe he liked him a little bit As for how much he likes and cares, he doesnt know.

“Then how will you know” Qi Jinran seemed a little confused, and moved closer to Wen Yuan.

One hand was placed on the steering wheel, and his body half hugged the boy, staring at him without blinking.

“Why are you sitting so close to me” Facing Qi Jinrans close stare, Wen Yuan stuttered nervously.

“On the green… Song Guanghai and the others are watching…”

Qi Jinran agreed.

He didnt speak, just raised his hand and pressed the brim of his hat, suddenly lowered his head, squeezed his chin, and kissed him on the mouth.

Wen Yuan was dumbfounded, and his cheeks flushed red.

In broad daylight, wasnt he afraid that others will talk after seeing it

“Now, do you know the answer” Qi Jinran looked at him with a smile.

There was a “bang” in Wen Yuans mind, as if countless fireworks exploded at the nerve endings.

Joy and excitement spread all over his body in an instant.

He seemed to be floating in the air, and the whole world became unreal in his eyes.

“Stupid” Qi Jinran patted him on the head.

Seeing Qi Jinrans teasing eyes, Wen Yuan instantly understood his gaffe, and immediately regretted it.

Qi Jinran just admitted that he liked him indirectly.

He didnt say any love words, and he didnt make a formal confession.

What was he so excited about Or is it that he is used to Qi Jinrans indifference before, and now that the man treats him better, he is so happy that he wants to go to heaven

Wen Yuan felt that he was too useless.

After thinking for a while, he restrained the corner of his raised mouth and said in a calm tone, “Not stupid.

Song Guanghai is waiting for you, get out of the car and go play.”

“Arent you my caddie” Qi Jinran squinted.

“You dont lack a caddie like me.” Wen Yuan couldnt help tease back.

“Theyre all over the hillside, you can choose whoever you want.”

“Theyre not as caring as you.” Qi Jinran took out a wallet from his pocket, and a gold card flicked in front of his eyes.

Be my exclusive caddie, with an hourly salary of 5,000, okay”

Hearing the price, Wen Yuans eyes suddenly lit up.



With a salary to earn, Wen Yuan naturally followed Qi Jinran out of the car.

After really carrying the ball bag, Wen Yuan realized that the work of a caddie was not easy.

Not only does he have to run around with the players, but he also helps them clean the clubs, measure the yardage and so on.

After a long time, he was so tired that the clothes on his back were wet.

“Do you want to come next time” Qi Jinran asked him when changing clothes in the locker room.

Wen Yuan hurriedly shook his head.

“No, I dont want to work even for fifty thousand an hour.”

Changing back to his original clothes, he saw the juice on the table, and suddenly remembered something.

“By the way, I saw Luo Haoxin on the green earlier today.

He came here to play.”

Qi Jinrans eyes flashed with surprise.

“This is the largest golf course in Wancheng.

Its normal for him to come here to play.”

“He didnt seem very happy to talk to me.” Wen Yuan sighed and said depressedly, “I thought he and Yu Heng would develop something, but looking at this situation, its probably unlikely.”

“He and Yu Heng are not the same.” Luo Haoxin is a rising star in the Wancheng business world, and Qi Jinran also knows a little about him.

He can also hear some rumors about Luo Haoxin in various social occasions without asking.

“Are you talking about Luo Haoxin” Song Guanghai came over at some point and said triumphantly.

“Little sister-in-law, if you have any questions about Luo Haoxin, just ask me.

There is no gossip that I dont know about in Wanchengs business district!”

Wen Yuan really wanted to know more about Luo Haoxin, but he mainly didnt understand why a person so dedicated and stubborn would fall in love with Ning Shu, a person who is minimally affectionate

“I want to know how he and Ning Shu met.”

“This is not gossip, everyone in the circle probably knows it.

The two met at an art exhibition.

It is said that he fell in love with Ning Shu at first sight.

At that time, Luo Haoxins company was still in its infancy, and people looked down on him at all.

Later, his company developed rapidly, and the stock price doubled several times after the listing.

Ning Shu was willing to let him chase after him, but he was just playing him as a spare tire… You also know that Ning Shu has eyes higher than the top, and– cough-cough, in short, its normal for him to despise Luo Haoxin who has an ordinary background.”

“But I heard that Luo Haoxin didnt pursue Ning Shu recently, and is focused on his work.

Their company seems to be involved in a patent dispute lawsuit this year, and the stock price has fallen sharply.

I think he has no intention of thinking about those things right now.”

Wen Yuan nodded and said with emotion, “This Luo Haoxin is not easy.”

“Thats right, he suffered on the love scene, and is struggling with the business now.

Im guessing he has been hit a lot.”

Seeing Wen Yuan chatting with Song Guanghai about Luo Haoxin, Qi Jinran couldnt help coming over to pat Wen Yuans head.

“Lets go home.”

“Jinran, you are too unpleasant.

Why dont you come to dinner Where do I eat I can chat more with my sister-in-law.”

Qi Jinran just glanced at him.

Receiving his unkind look, Song Guanghai immediately switched tones, and sneered.

“Im joking, you came just in time.

Sister-in-law and I are almost done chatting.”

He sent the two to the parking lot and made an appointment for next time, and watched them get on the black Bentley.

Looking at Song Guanghai waving at them in the rearview mirror, Wen Yuan couldnt help smiling.


Song is a good guy, I dont know if he has a girlfriend.”

“Why, do you want to introduce him to a partner”

“Im just asking, theres no other meaning.”

Qi Jinran snorted coldly.

“Youre very enthusiastic about caring about other men.”

Wen Yuan tutted and turned to look at him with a smile in his eyes.

“Why, youre even eating Song Guanghais vinegar”

No wonder, when he mentioned Yu Heng in front of Qi Jinran that time, the mans tone was yin and yang.

Thinking about it now, Qi Jinran was secretly jealous at that time, and this guy pretended to be cold and uncaring too!

“Have you practiced writing today Have you revised your composition” Stabbed in his weak point, Qi Jinran forcibly changed the topic.

Wen Yuan nodded.

“Ive practiced.

The composition has been edited, do you want to read it”

Qi Jinran was speechless for a while, and then said firmly, “Go home and check.”

The two returned after having dinner outside.

Wen Yuan went to the study, took out his copybook and English writing, and ran to find Qi Jinran as if offering a treasure.

“Check slowly, Ill make a cake first.” Wen Yuan is preparing for the qualifiers for the International Baking Competition.

He basically stayed in the bakery after school every day to study the production process of various desserts and breads.

Qi Jinran turned over a few pages of the copybook, and found that Wen Yuans English writing had indeed improved, and there were much fewer grammatical errors in the composition.

He nodded lightly, thinking that Wen Yuan was making cakes on the third floor, and couldnt help but want to take a look.

It wasnt the first time he stood outside the kitchen watching Wen Yuan make pastries, but he walked lightly, and sometimes the busy Wen Yuan inside would not notice him standing and watching.

This time, as usual, he stood at the door, watching Wen Yuan bow his head and bend over, stirring the cream cheese in the glass bowl with concentration.


Love/hate triangle much Ning Shu, Luo Haoxin, and Yu Heng.

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