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The top floor of the Qi Group, the conference room.

Qi Jinran was holding a business quality analysis meeting with the general managers of the various regions.

He had last years annual report and financial statements in his hand.

When he was flipping through it, Zhuang Jie pushed open the glass door and hurried to him.

Zhuang Jie bent down and whispered in his ear, “Boss, Mr.

Wens roommate just called me.

I think this matter is a little urgent and had to inform you.”

Qi Jinran frowned slightly, “Whats the matter”

“There were some bad remarks against you in the T University forum.

When Mr.

Wen saw it, he was filled with righteous indignation and went to the person who posted it.”

Qi Jinran flipped through the annual report for a while, and his eyes were a little cold.

” Where is Wen Yuan now”

“Ji Hong said he doesnt know either.

After Wen Yuan left him, he went to find the boy who posted the post by himself.

He was worried about Wen Yuan and wanted me to tell you.”

Qi Jinran thought of Wen Yuans unusual appearance when he came home yesterday, and instantly understood.

At that time, the boy blocked his computer screen, not because he was playing games, but because he didnt want him to see the forum messages, right Afraid that he will be sad when he sees it

This fool.

He asked the CFO to preside over the next meeting, asked Zhuang Jie to drive, and went straight to the university.

At this time, in a small forest off the beaten track.

Wen Yuan stomped heavily on the rotten leaves on the ground, crossed his arms with both hands, and looked at Zou Yanyu on the opposite side coldly.

“I have no grudges with you, right Qi Jinran doesnt know you either.

Why do you say those words online”

“What did I say” Zou Yanyu pretended to be innocent.

“You said that Qi Jinran is disabled—” Wen Yuan shut his mouth abruptly, unwilling to say those two words.

He would rather Zou Yanyu scold him than Qi Jinran being insulted like this.

“Do you have any complaints or anger, cant you come at me directly Qi Jinran is not from our school, what are you doing scolding him” Wen Yuan tried his best to calm himself down.

If it doesnt work, hell consider the next strategy – convince people with fists.

“I dont have any resentment against you.

You are very good, but Qi Jinran is not worthy of you.” Zou Yanyu looked at Wen Yuan steadily.

No one knew that he fell in love with Wen Yuan not long after he entered the school.

Their literary club and the music club were in the same building, and every time he went to participate in club activities, he would meet Wen Yuan.

The sunny and handsome boy seems to have a halo on his body, and can attract the attention of countless people wherever he goes.

Wen Yuan was too dazzling, making him even more mediocre and dull.

He has self-knowledge, and hid his secret love deeply, not daring to tell anyone.

Later, after knowing that Wen Yuan and Zhou Yunqing were together, he felt uncomfortable for several days, but he was relieved after thinking that Zhou Yunqing was so good that he couldnt compare at all.

 Its just that he never imagined that Zhou Yunqing would cheat on him.

Their breakup caused a huge uproar, but then Wen Yuan turned his head and threw himself into Qi Jinrans arms, and even married Qi Jinran in a few months.

If Qi Jinran is better than Zhou Yunqing, he could endure it, but Qi Jinran is disabled.

The dazzling young man he placed on the top of his heart is actually with a crippled man, and would be pointed at for the rest of his life – how could he accept this!

 “Qi Jinran isnt good enough for me” Wen Yuan sneered at Zou Yanyus words, wondering if Zou Yanyu was blind.

Jinran is obviously so good, with outstanding ability, extensive knowledge, gentleness and consideration.

What kind of lard is this man blinded by, to think Qi Jinran is not worthy of him

 “Then who do you think is good enough” Wen Yuan laughed angrily and sarcastically said, “A key is three yuan, do you deserve it”1Hes saying an internet joke.

Not really that important, but if you want to, google 鑰匙三塊錢一把

“At least, Im a healthy person…” Zou Yanyu blushed.

Wen Yuan snorted coldly, grabbed him by the collar, and pressed him against the tree trunk with an extremely cold expression.

“Yes, youre very healthy, but your heart is completely rotten.

You think you can hide in a virtual account and insult others casually Qi Jinran is Laozis2Its like speaking in third person and using “this boss” instead of “I” man.

Before opening his mouth to spray dung next time, think clearly, Laozis fist is not vegetarian!”

Zou Yanyu was pressed against the tree trunk by him, but there was not much fear on his face.

Instead, there was a strange enthusiasm in his eyes.

When was he ever so close to Wen Yuan The boys handsome facial features, black eyes exuding anger, and heavy breathing made him addicted.

He unconsciously covered the back of Wen Yuans hand with his hand.

Wen Yuan thought he was going to resist, squinted his eyes, and was about to hit someone, but Zou Yanyu wrapped his palm.

“Wen Yuan, actually I dont want to target Qi Jinran… I just…” He looked at Wen Yuans face, swallowed hard, and summoned up the courage to say what he had always buried in his heart.

“I like you so much… Ive liked you yor three years, but you never knew…”

Wen Yuan didnt expect such a reversal.

He was disgusted at Zou Yanyus obsessed eyes, and quickly threw off his hand, and took two steps back to avoid him.

“Are you mentally ill I dont know you, and I cant afford this kind of perverted liking.”

“Wen Yuan, I—” Zou Yanyu wanted to say something, but before he moved forward, a tall figure appeared in front of Wen Yuan.

Qi Jinrans black eyes were extremely cold as he looked at him sullenly.

“What are you”

Zou Yanyu didnt expect Qi Jinran to appear.

His face turned pale, and he stubbornly said, “I want to talk to Wen Yuan.

It has nothing to do with you, please let me go.”

He raised his hand to push Qi Jinran, but the man grabbed his arm with such force that it seemed to crush his bones.

He exclaimed “ah” and looked at him with a pale face.

“You, a company president, actually bullied a weak student, you are despicable and shameless!”

Qi Jinran smiled and said, “Didnt you say that I am disabled Then what are you, cant even compare to a cripple”

Zou Yanyus face turned the color of pigs liver.

He tried hard to break Qi Jinrans hold, but he couldnt.

Suddenly Qi Jinran let go, and because of inertia, his body fell backwards and fell to the ground.

“I heard that you also applied for the poverty subsidy of T University” Qi Jinran stood in front of him, his tall figure blocking the light coming in in the woods, seeming gloomy and cold.

“Wearing limited edition sneakers, with a newly sold smartphone.

Are you so poor”

“You are still cheating subsidies” Wen Yuan did not expect that he was not only a vicious troll, but also did not do good things in real life, and his disgust deepened.

“Who stipulated that poor students cant wear good sneakers” Zou Yanyu was shaking all over.

Although his lie was exposed, he still refused to face reality.

“And my application is in line with the schools procedures, and the materials are not fraudulent.

Why do you care!”

“Im going to report you!” Wen Yuan was furious.

“Regardless of whether its my business, Ill tell the dean.

After all, the Qi family donates a huge amount bursaries to T University every year.

Do you think I have the right to take care of this matter”

Zou Yanyu was finally speechless.

The proof of being a poor student was obtained by his parents using their connections with the village.

If the school really does a thorough investigation… Then he will no longer have a foothold in T University, and may be arrested, or receive school demerits and sanctions.


Qi, Mr.

Qi, I didnt mean to say those words online, I apologize, okay” He grabbed Qi Jinrans trousers, and pleaded.

Wen Yuan snorted coldly.

“Apologizing now, Im afraid its a little late”

Zou Yanyu turned his cry for help to Wen Yuan again, with remorse and guilt in his eyes.

“Wen Yuan, for the sake of my crush on you for three years, ask Qi Jinran not to do things like that, okay”

Qi Jinrans expression became even colder at his words.

As if kicking something dirty, he kicked Zou Yanyu to the side, and asked Zhuang Jie to come over to deal with it, then took Wen Yuan from the grove.


Anyone else drowning in vinegar

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1Hes saying an internet joke.

Not really that important, but if you want to, google 鑰匙三塊錢一把2Its like speaking in third person and using “this boss” instead of “I”


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