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Wen Yuan didnt seem to expect Qi Jinran to ask him such a question.

A trace of surprise flashed in his eyes, and he looked at him blankly.

“Why should I mind, isnt it all the past”

Qi Jinrans face paled for a moment, and he quickly smiled.

“Yes, it has all passed.”

Wen Yuan always felt that Qi Jinrans reaction didnt seem right, but he also didnt feel he said something wrong, so he decided to leave the matter behind and went to the third floor to start baking.

At night, the two slept together as usual.

Wen Yuan came out of the shower and was about to lie down on the bed when he suddenly heard Qi Jinrans voice.

“Xiao Yuan.”

Wen Yuan turned to see Qi Jinran sitting on the head of the bed, looking at him with an unprecedented sadness and determination.

“Do you still want to see what my right leg looks like”

Wen Yuan was stunned, looking at Qi Jinran in disbelief.

Qi Jinran was very resistant to revealing his body before, so why is he suddenly willing to let him see it today

“But… can you” Wen Yuans tone was cautious.

“As long as you dont feel disgusted, thats fine.”

Wen Yuan never thought that Qi Jinran to say such a sentence.

His chest seemed to be squeezed by something, as if he was suffocating.

“Jinran, dont talk about yourself like that.

You are excellent and perfect in my eyes.

No one can match you.”

Not only did Qi Jinran not show a happy expression when he heard his words, but his black eyes became even more gloomy, as if there was a thickening, unbearable pool of sadness in the bottom of his eyes.

“Excellent, perfect… Hehe, its just the real me.

Its not like this.”

He took off his prosthesis, rolled up the empty trousers, and untied the straps wrapped around the stump.

Under the bright light of the bedroom, Wen Yuan saw his mutilated right leg for the first time.

Qi Jinrans eyes seemed to be mad and self-defeating.

He looked at his deformed and ugly right leg, and a self-deprecating smile adorned his mouth.

“This is what you want to see, right Now that you see it, do you still think Im perfect”

“Do you know why I broke up with Ning Shu Because when I was with him, one night, after I washed up and didnt wear a prosthetic leg, he saw my stump leg for the first time, and his face turned pale as soon as he touched it.

When I hugged him, he broke free, and started retching with fright, asking me to stay away from him.”

Wen Yuans whole body was stiff, and he only felt pain in his chest.

It turned out that it was because of Jinrans legs that Ning Shu broke up with him…

Seeing his pale expression, Qi Jinran thought he was frightened.

With an uncontrollable tyranny, Qi Jinran sneered, grabbed Wen Yuans hand, and pressed it on the end of the stump of his right leg.

It was covered with wounds of varying depths, shrunken in deformity.

Wen Yuans hand touched the skin there, and his whole body trembled.

“Why, do you feel sick too”

Qi Jinrans eyes were red, and his tone was almost hysterical.

He didnt want to let Wen Yuan face this so early, but Ning Shus appearance seemed to return him to the nightmare of the past.

He was afraid – afraid that when Wen Yuan saw his ugly side, he would run away from him in fright.

Instead of spending every day in fear and anxiety, it would be better to end it as soon as possible and suffer a little less pain.

“Jinran, dont be like this…” Wen Yuan had never seen Qi Jinran like this, gloomy and crazy, with bloodshot eyes and an air of world-weariness and despair all over her body.

He grabbed Qi Jinrans arm, tried to lean over, and hugged his shoulders.

“I dont feel sick, I just feel bad for you.

I wont be like Ning Shu.

Dont worry, okay”

Wen Yuans reassuring words seemed to have an effect.

The blood in Qi Jinrans eyes faded a little, and he smelled the faint coconut scent on the boys body.

Opening his mouth, as if he was talking to himself, he asked hoarsely, “Why”

“Because…” Wen Yuan knelt down in front of him, looking at him with dark and bright eyes, filled with unwavering determination.

“I like you, ah.”

“Jinran, I like you.

So no matter what you look like, I can accept it.”

This statement had been stuck in Wen Yuans heart for too long.

He used to think that both of them had obtained the certificate anyway, and the days were still long, so he didnt have to rush to reveal his feelings.

But now he realized that he was terribly wrong.

He never knew that Qi Jinrans heart would have such a broken and fragile place, seeming as if it would be torn apart with a single touch.

He didnt know how long it would take him to sew up those wounds, so he could only show his sincerity first.

Qi Jinran looked at Wen Yuan with an expression of disbelief.

He even felt that all this was too beautiful to be true, like a false fantasy.

“Because… you pity me” He heard his own low voice.

“No, I just like you and everything about you.” Wen Yuan wrapped his arms around his waist, blinked his eyelashes, and looked at him with dark eyes, “Jinran.

it doesnt matter if you dont believe me.

Time will tell.”

It wasnt that he didnt believe Wen Yuans sincerity, it was just that it all happened too quickly and he was too caught off guard.

How could such a broken body be worthy of Wen Yuans love

Seeing Qi Jinrans hesitant expression and blank look, Wen Yuans heart moved.

Raising his head, he kissed him on the lips, holding Qi Jinrans hand and placing it around his waist as he did.

“I dont have class tomorrow morning, do you want to do it”

He unbuttoned his pajamas and kissed Qi Jinran again.

His voice was low and soft, with deep love.

“Jinran, I like you, so you can do whatever you want to me… It doesnt matter if I break…”

Feeling the warm touch under his fingertips, Qi Jinrans pupils abruptly shrank.

When Wen Yuans lips touched his again, he finally couldnt hold back the strong desire in his heart and pressed the back of Wen Yuans neck and kissed back hard.

Wen Yuan fell into the soft down pillow, Qi Jinrans movements were eager and frantic, his black eyes were fiery and unusually bright.

Wen Yuan hugged him tightly without reservation, opening everything to him.

The night was getting darker.

In the cold and silent room, the man was breathing hot, kept kissing him, biting him, tirelessly, as if asking for something from him…

As if tomorrow would be the end of the world, they fought to the death and entangled all night.

When the alarm clock rang for the fourth time, Wen Yuan finally woke up.

Raising his head, he cursed when he saw the time shown on the phone, and instantly woke up.

“Ah, ah, Im going to be late!” There was an English writing class this morning.

He promised the old lady yesterday that he would practice well, but he was late today

“Its Professor Wus class, Im really finished!!”

Qi Jinran also woke up, and heard Wen Yuans wailing.

Wrinkling his brows, he asked in confusion, “Didnt you say last night that you dont have class in the morning”

It was only then that Wen Yuan realized that Qi Jinran was still sleeping beside him.

He smiled awkwardly, “I… I remembered wrong.

I misremembered the class this morning as happening in the afternoon.” He didnt dare say that he lied to him.

“Give me the phone.

Ill help you ask for leave.” Qi Jinran propped her body up and sat up.

Wen Yuan obediently gave him the phone.

“Professor Wu, Xiao Yuan is a little uncomfortable today, and it is inconvenient to speak.

I want to ask for sick leave for him.

Please understand, I will let him make it up after class…”

“Thank you, Professor Wu, I appreciate it.


“Good students are really different.

Ill definitely be scolded if I ask for leave.” Wen Yuan sighed.

He turned over in the quilt, and wanted to sit up, but pulled something and hissed.

“Does it hurt” Qi Jinran was distressed seeing Wen Yuans frown.

After the madness last night was over, he only helped him clean up with a hot towel.

“Ill take a look.”

“No need, Ill just apply some medicine myself.” Wen Yuan tightened the quilt, not wanting Qi Jinran to see his body.

He was so impulsive last night and even confessed under such circumstances.

What if Jinran thought he was just greedy for his body He wasnt restrained at all!

He thought that Qi Jinran would be the same as before and let him handle it himself.

Unexpectedly, when the man heard his words, his brows furrowed further, and he lifted the quilt and pulled him over.

Having his waist and below scrutinized so deeply, Wen Yuan blushed.

After checking, Qi Jinran covered him in the quilt again.

“Go take a shower first.” The mans voice was hoarse.

“Oh.” Wen Yuan was about to sit up when he heard Qi Jinran say “Dont move”.

The man quickly put on his prosthesis and slacks, walked to his side, bent down, and directly scooped him up.

Wen Yuan: !!!

His first reaction was to look nervously at Qi Jinrans right leg.

His arms grabbed his shoulders, not daring to move.

“Jinran, Im very heavy, will you—”

“No, its just a few steps.” Qi Jinran seemed to see what he was thinking.

The hand on his waist tightened, and his quiet black eyes stared at him at close range.

“You dont need to treat me as a porcelain.

Just the same as before.”

Dont think of him as porcelain… Even though Qi Jinran said it didnt matter, Wen Yuan was still worried about the whole process.

Hes not that slender, and Qi Jinran will definitely have a hard time holding him.


QJR is finally learning to trust WY.



And I finally learned the shortcut for … who named that abomination “tada” ]


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