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Two days later, it was the day of the intramural basketball game at T University.

Wen Yuan changed into a black and white jersey, and warmed up on the side of the court.

Ji Hong held his school bag and clothes for him, and kept looking at the crowd.

“Didnt your male god come Is he too busy”

Wen Yuan kicked his legs, re-laced his basketball shoes, put on his wrist guards again, and looked around.

He knew that Qi Jinran was busy with official business, and it was normal that he couldnt watch his basketball game, but he was still a little disappointed.

After all, he will be a senior next semester.

This is his last year on the school team.

After leaving the team, he will not have such a good opportunity to play at a big event.

“He probably has something to do.

Its fine if he doesnt come.” Wen Yuans eyes dimmed a little at not seeing Qi Jinrans figure.

But he is good at comforting himself, and did his best to cheer up, high five his teammates, and cheer each other on.

The referee began to blow the whistle and put all the players in their places.

Standing in position, before the serve, Wen Yuan picked up the ring necklace around his neck, closed his eyes, and kissed it.

This unintentional action caused the female students watching to scream, and wave the banner with his name written on it.

“Wen Yuan, come on!! You are the most handsome cub!!”

“Cub, mother loves you!! Come on, Xiao Yuan!!”

“Ah ah ah ah husband come on!!”

When Qi Jinran got out of the car, his brows furrowed at the phrase “Come on, husband”.

Walking into the basketball court with doubts, he saw at a glance the person being cheered on – the athletic figure in a black and white jersey on the court.

Wen Yuan caught the ball passed by his teammate, dodged the opponents block weaving left and right.

Seeing a loophole in the right rear defense, he made a feint, and quickly went around, raised his right hand slightly, took off with his legs, and aimed at the basket not far away—

 Boom! A beautiful two-pointer!

The stands instantly boiled with endless screams.

Wen Yuan smiled, wiped the sweat with the hem of his jersey, and high-fived his teammates.

As soon as he returned to his position, he found a tall and tall figure in the crowd.

Qi Jinran, dressed in a casual trench coat, stood outside the arena, staring at him with deep and beautiful eyes with a slight smile.

Seeing Qi Jinran appear, Wen Yuan only felt that the blood in his whole body seemed to boil in an instant.

The whistle sounded in his ear, the referee started to serve, and the orange basketball just hit the apex.

Wen Yuan grabbed the basketball one step ahead of his opponent, dribbling it to the side quickly, and made a fake pass.

Before the opponent could react, he squinted at the basket in the distance, raised his hands, and flicked his wrists hard.

With a bang, the basketball passed through the hoop again, and a thrilling and perfect three-pointer landed.

Seeing this scene, more screams and cheers instantly resounded.

Even their eyes filled with love as the female classmates vigorously waved the banners in their hands, screaming their throats out.

“Ah, ah, Wen Yuan is so handsome!! Husband, Im going to give you a monkey!!”

“F*ck, ah, Im dead!!”

Qi Jinran stood there quietly, his ears seemed to automatically cut off all the noisy sounds.

He stared intently at the black and white figure that was as dazzling as a little sun on the field.

The first time he met Wen Yuan was on the basketball court, but he had a bad impression of the boy.

He didnt know that later, he would be crazy about him.

Especially at this moment, watching Wen Yuan become the focus of the entire basketball court, with countless people cheering him on.

His heart was sour and astringent.

He wanted to hide him away, so only he could see him, but he couldnt bear to break his wings.

His long-silent blood seemed to boil as he watched him run, jump, and chase the orange basketball on the court.

With Wen Yuans amazing opening, the morale of the team went up a notch.

By the end of the first half, they were already ahead by more than ten points.

The long whistle sounded, and when it was halftime, Wen Yuan was just walking outside when a bunch of girls gathered around with drinks and towels.

“Wen Yuan, drink what I bought! I bought it!”

“Male god, hurry up and wipe your sweat first, dont catch a cold!!”

Ji Hong stood behind, unable to squeeze in, and said helplessly, “Im his roommate, can you please make way”

However, no one paid any attention to him, and the excited girls grew even more lively.

Wen Yuan lifted his hem and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

He didnt take the waters that were handed over, but said gently, “Please let me go, Im looking for someone.”

The girls nodded quickly, and obediently parted and made way for him.

Ji Hong suddenly met Wen Yuans eyes, and was suddenly “shy”.

This guy is not good, why was he so formal just for a glass of water If Qi Jinran finds out, his little life will not be guaranteed…

Just as he was still thinking, Wen Yuan walked past him, smiled and looked at the person standing behind him, “Jinran, youre here.”

Shit! Whos here Turning around, Ji Hongs eyes widened when he saw Qi Jinran appear.

Obvious surprise flashed on his face.

Dont bosses work all day Qi Jinran is actually free to watch Wen Yuan play

“I came in a hurry and only brought the water from the car.” Qi Jinran took out a bottle of mineral water from his coat pocket.

“Do you want to drink”

“Drink, Im thirsty.” Wen Yuan took the water and twisted it.

Opening the bottle cap, he hastily swallowed several mouthfuls.

The girls outside the arena were shocked to see this scene.

A girl recognized Qi Jinran and couldnt help tugging at her companions sleeve.

The two were whispering and discussing something, with meaningful smiles in their eyes.

After drinking the water, Ji Hong squeezed Wen Yuans shoulder again.

When he was about to wipe his sweat with a towel, Qi Jinran stopped him, “Ill do it.”

He took the dry towel from Ji Hongs hand and gently wiped it from his cheeks to his neck for Wen Yuan.

Embarrassed, Wen Yuans ears were slightly red, and his fingers were twisted together nervously.

“Good luck in the second half.” Qi Jinran patted his shoulder.

Wen Yuan nodded vigorously, and turned and ran back to the court with a smile on his face.

His momentum in the second half was even stronger than the first.

The School of Architecture did not perform well in the first half, and decided to focus on blocking Wen Yuan in the second half.

Unexpectedly, Wen Yuan continued to break through the layers of defense, cooperating tacitly with his teammates, and completed several difficult dunks in succession.

Fifteen minutes before the end of the game, Wen Yuan had already won the MVP with his outstanding performance, and the girls outside the court were hoarse from screaming.

Finally, the long whistle sounded, Wen Yuans last three-pointer landed, and the School of Economics and Management won a 78-45 victory, and the students watching instantly boiled.

The teammates all ran to Wen Yuans side, laughing excitedly.

Together they lifted him up and threw him into the air.

After finally landing, Wen Yuan thought that his current image must be very bad.

Before he could straighten his hair, Qi Jinrans figure appeared in front of him.

“Wen Yuan, since your husband is here, well go first.” The vice-captain said with a smile, and the others followed suit.

Hearing the word “husband”, a trace of embarrassment flashed on Wen Yuans face.

Before he could beat anyone, the vice-captain had already left him behind.

“See you at tomorrows celebration banquet, bye.”

Wen Yuan smiled helplessly.

He straightened his hair and looked at Qi Jinran embarrassedly, “Theyre all like this, dont take it seriously.”

“Are you cold” Qi Jinran looked at his short-sleeved jersey.

It was okay before Qi Jinran asked, but Wen Yuan felt a chill on his body after the question.

Its only early March, and the weather hasnt turned warm yet.

He didnt feel it when he was running on the court just now.

But now that hes standing still, he immediately felt the coolness.

He rubbed his arms, and before he could speak, Qi Jinran took off his coat and put it on him.

“Where is your dormitory Go back and change your clothes first.”

“Its over there in the west.” Wen Yuan wanted to show Qi Jinran the way, but the latter had already put his arms around his shoulder and walked towards the west district dorms.

He was so stupid.

How could he forget that Qi Jinran graduated from T University, and didnt need a guide.

Arriving downstairs in the dormitory, Wen Yuan took off his coat and returned it to Qi Jinran.

After asking him to wait for a while, he quickly returned to the dorm to change clothes.


Poor Ji Hong, hes the essence of a side character.

Ignored visually, physically, and plot-wise.


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