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Twenty minutes ago.

In the extended Lincoln, Qi Jinran just closed the computer and pressed between the eyebrows, when Qi Donghui dialed in through video call.

“Grandpa, is there anything”

“Are you back in Wancheng Hurry up and pick up Xiao Yuan, and finish the marriage this evening.”

Qi Jinran’s eyes were bloodshot from overnight discussions with the B city government.

Leaning on the pillow drowsily, he adjusted his left leg with an indifferent tone: “Let’s talk about it in a few days.”

“That won’t work.

The sooner, the better.

I heard that Xiao Yuan had a boyfriend of 3 years before.

They broke up in the past 2 days, but if they continue to interact, what if they get back together again”

The corners of Qi Jinran’s mouth twitched.

“Don’t worry, they won’t.”

“What, how do you know “Qi Donghui’s tone was somewhat teasing, seeming to detect something unusual in those words.

Qi Jinran frowned.

He was about to speak when the assistant’s acting as air conditioning on the side made a sound.

He glanced to the side suspiciously.

“Is something wrong”

Zhuang Jie hesitated, as if he was about to say something.

After struggling for a few seconds, he turned the angle of his phone screen.


Qi, I just saw this on the forum of T University…”

Qi Jinran caught a glimpse of the title – “Fuck! The school grass’s ex- and current boyfriend meet!” His eyebrows wrinkled and his thin lips pursed as he ordered the driver.

“Turn around and go to T University.”

He couldn’t control how that guy lost face in the past, but he will lose the face of their Qi family if he is impulsive now.

“That’s right, hurry up and pick him up.

Let’s have dinner together at night!” Qi Donghui smiled with satisfaction when he heard the voice on the other end of the phone.

As soon as he got in the car, Qi Jinran released Wen Yuan’s wrist and looked at Zhuang Jie.

“Disinfectant wipes.”

Zhuang Jie was stunned for a second, then took out a pack of alcohol wipes from a dark compartment under the seat and handed it to Qi Jinran.

Wen Yuan’s heart originally throbbed a bit as his hand was held by Qi Jinran, but seeing Qi Jinran wiping his fingers over and over with a disinfectant tissue, his entire being was suddenly soaked with cold water.

Sure enough, he shouldn’t have any illusions about Qi Jinran.

“Your palms are sweaty.

Wipe them.”

Qi Jinran threw the tissues into his arms.

Wen Yuan’s face flushed red.

His body was naturally prone to sweating, and his natural body temperature was higher than the average person, and always like a small stove.

After hearing Qi Jinran’s words, he didn’t dare lift his head, and desperately wiped his palm with a wet wipe.

“That… Mr.

Wen, President Qi prefers things clean… Don’t think too much…” Zhuang Jie looked at the awkward atmosphere in the car and tried to clear the air.

“You speak too much.” Qi Jinran rolled his eyes at him.

Wen Yuan lowered his head to adjust his thoughts.

By the time he raised his head again, his expression had returned to normal.

“I understand.


Qi, thank you for today’s matter, I’ll just go home myself.

I don’t need you to send me.”

He turned to open the door when Qi Jinran’s voice suddenly sounded.

“Grandpa asked me to pick you up.

He wants us to get engaged as soon as possible.”

Startled, Wen Yuan’s back was stiff.

“ASAP… when”





Half an hour later.

In the brightly lit banquet hall of the most prestigious Fontaine Hotel in Wancheng, a huge crystal chandelier reflected colorful dazzling light.

The walls were covered in beautiful, gorgeous Baroque-style decorations with intricately patterned embroidered flowers and champagne roses budding on the windowsill.

On a fabric sofa, Wen Chengmin and his wife, Ye Xia, were chatting with the old man across, and laughing hard.

“Hahaha! Godfather, then it’s settled!”

Wen Yuan followed Qi Jinran in.

Hearing Wen Chengmin’s hearty laughter, the corners of his mouth twitched, and he forced a smile: “Dad, Mom.”

“Yo, here so quickly.” The smile on Wen Chengmin’s face deepened.

“Hello, Grandpa Qi.” Wen Yuan turned to greet Qi Donghui again.

Qi Donghui stared at him lovingly, and then glanced at Qi Jinran sternly.

“Still haven’t greeted the guests yet”

“Hello Uncle Wen, Auntie Ye.” Qi Jinran’s tone was not warm.

“Jinran, this child, is really handsome.

He looks even better than in the photo.” As a senior face-con, Ye Xia grew more satisfied seeing her future son-in-law in person.

Wen Chengmin continued: “Not only does he look good, he also has strong professional ability.

He became the president of the group in his thirties.

In recent years, he not only acquired BV, but also expanded into the overseas market.

While my son really can’t be compared… sigh.” Not comparing them is better, doing so only made Wen Chengmin’s heart feel bad.

“Xiao Yuan is still young, you can’t compare them like this.” Qi Donghui smiled.

Having been hungry for a long time, Wen Yuan didn’t take his parent’s chatter and comparison of them seriously.

From the get-go, between him and Qi Jinran, one belonged underground and the other belonged in heaven.

There’s no point in complaining, and it’s more important to fill his stomach first.

He quietly took a piece of tiramisu.

Before no one noticed him, Wen Yuan forked a large piece into his mouth.

As soon as he tasted the cream, Wen Yuan frowned.


The refrigerator smell is too heavy, the cream is greasy and thick, and the taste is not refreshing at all.

Is this really the best hotel in Wancheng

While Wen Yuan was complaining in his heart, his WeChat suddenly rang.

While he was unaware, the four-person dormitory group exploded, and they were crazily @-mentioning him.

Boss: Wen Yuan, you’re really good! Doing such big things without saying a word!! 66661

Ji Hong: That wave of face slapping was so cool!! I wish I could go back to see the cafeteria scene through time and space ┗|`O’|┛Ah~~

Second child: @Wen Yuan.

Tell the truth, when did you hook up with the male god alumni

What male god alumni Confused, Wen Yuan sent a puzzled expression sticker, causing the WeChat group to explode again.

Ji Hong: Why are you still pretending in front of us brothers.

Hurry up, we’ll be lenient when you confess, and be strict when you resist! [Dog Head]

Boss: The T University Award, first person recommended to Harvard, who reversed the ratio of males and females since the establishment of the school with his face-defying appearance.

He’s still a legend of the school after many years.

Xiao2 Wen Yuan, your frigging luck is too good!

Wait, they should be talking about the Harvard alumnus he innocently dragged into the water But it was clearly Qi Jinran who came to the school, and he had nothing to do with that alumni.

Speaking of which, he didn’t go to listen to the alumni’s speech because he met that dog man3 on the basketball court that day and was in a bad mood.

To date, Wen Yuan still had no idea what this legendary figure looks like.

Seeing the messages that kept popping up in WeChat, Wen Yuan suddenly had a guess in his mind.

As if to validate something, he logged on to the school’s forum and clicked on the recently very popular [Beautiful Male God Alumni Album].

His eyes popped out as soon as he saw the first photo.

Holy crap… Isn’t this man in a dark blue suit standing behind the podium speaking – Qi Jinran

So he was the Harvard alumni!

No wonder, those in the WeChat group exploded!

So his casual nonsense relationship came true by accident

Wen Yuan almost choked on the tiramisu in his mouth.

Subconsciously glancing at Qi Jinran who was facing him, he didn’t expect that the other party was also looking at him, with a furrow between his brows.

He immediately lowered his head with a guilty conscience and drank a mouthful of tea.

Suddenly, he remembered that when he met Qi Jinran in the Qi Group, the man said that it was not the first time he had seen him.

Then when was the first time he saw him

Wen Yuan was about to be tortured mad by the continued mysteries.

After hesitating for a long time, he took out his mobile phone, and sent a text message to Qi Jinran opposite.

——May I take the liberty to ask, where did you meet me for the first time

Qi Jinran lifted her eyelids and glanced at him, then replied:

——T University, basketball court.

Ah ah ah ah ah! Sure enough, it was the day he came to the school to give a speech!

The two most embarrassing occasions in his life were all seen by Qi Jinran! What kind of fate is this

Thinking that Qi Jinran stood by and listened to him show off his “Harvard boyfriend”, Wen Yuan was so embarrassed that he wanted to die on the spot.

It’s no wonder that Qi Jinran treated him poorly.

That’s right, anyone who encounters such a suspiciously delusional person like himself, will be disliked, right

During the second half of the engagement banquet, Wen Yuan kept nodding like an emotionless robot in addition to burying his head in food.

He didn’t listen to what his elders were talking about, and just wanted to quickly wrap up this embarrassing scene.

Finally, the engagement banquet was over.

After the two parties said goodbye, Wen Yuan went home with his parents.

However, as soon as he got home and sat down on the sofa, Ye Xia came over with a dozen cardboard boxes.

“Yuanyuan4, don’t sleep in late tomorrow.

Remember to get up early to pack up.”

Wen Yuan was eating oranges cut by the nanny with a blank face.

“Why pack up Are we going traveling”

Ye Xia looked at her silly son lovingly.

“Yuanyuan, did you forget You promised Grandpa Qi that you would move to the Qi house tomorrow and live with Jinran.”

Tomorrow Move to Qi house

What the hell did he promise as a nodding robot




Saturday was rainy.

Wen Yuan carried two huge suitcases and stood in front of the most expensive waterfront residence in Wancheng, watching the black Bentley drive away mercilessly with a smiling Ye Xia behind the windows.

“Yuanyuan, when you’re at the Qi’s house, remember to take good care of Jinran.”

“You don’t need to come home to see us if you have nothing to do.”

Wen Yuan began to suspect that he was not born to his parents at all.

Is there such a plastic family relationship Being happier than anyone else after selling their son

Behind him, the housekeeper and the nanny of the Qi family got out and hurriedly held an umbrella for him.

“Master Wen, we can move these.”

Wen Yuan looked at the nanny’s thin body trying to pull the box for him, and quickly waved his hand to refuse.

“It’s fine.

I can do it, I’m strong.”

Wen Yuan picked up two suitcases and put them in the car, and then followed them into the community by car.

The villa where Qi Jinran lives is the best location in the community.

There is a courtyard in the front, a garden in the back, and a natural lake next to it.

Seen at a distance through the misty rain, it looks beautiful.

It’s a pity that Wen Yuan didn’t have the heart to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

As the gate of the villa got closer, his heartbeat grew faster, and butterflies filled his stomach.

Is Qi Jinran waiting for him inside How will he react after seeing him

Can a person who disinfects his hands after shaking hands with him accept him moving in and living with him

The nanny swiped his fingerprints, and the thick carved wooden door opened in response.

After passing through a landscaped corridor, he entered the spacious main hall of the villa.

Wen Yuan dragged the suitcase, feeling very uneasy.

However, what surprised him more was that Qi Jinran was not there.

The nanny seemed to see what he was thinking, and said softly, “Young master is having a video conference in the study.

He’s a little busy, and should be down later.”

Wen Yuan couldn’t tell whether he was disappointed or relieved.

Thanking the nanny, he followed the instructions to find his room, a guest room on the first floor on the south side, next to Qi Jinran’s bedroom.

After unpacking, Wen Yuan finally had time to explode the amazingly empty villa.

The furniture and furnishings were all elegant and meticulous, showing the master’s good taste.

However, in Wen Yuan’s view, it seemed that something was still missing.

He thought of his own home.

The coffee table was always full of flowers and fruits, and all kinds of messily piled up snacks and magazines that were Ye Xia’s favorites.

There are all kinds of cute knickknacks and plush toys in the cupboards, and green plants on the windowsills.

On the other hand, this place felt more like a cold five-star hotel than a home.

Wen Yuan sighed.

As soon as he walked into the living room, the nanny came out with fruit.

“Master Wen, would you like to try some freshly cut red dragon fruit”

“Don’t call me Master Wen, just call me Xiao Wen.

What’s your name”

The nanny is surnamed Xue, full name Xue Rong.

She isn’t too old, and only in her early forties, and has worked diligently for the Qi family for five years.

Seeing the young boy, she thought of her own son, who was also about the same age, back in her hometown and felt even more loving in her heart.

“You can just call me Sister Xue.”

“Sister Xue, I just saw that there is a room on the innermost floor of the first floor, that’s…”

“That’s the room where the nurse Xiao Ding lives.

Sometimes when the young master is particularly uncomfortable, he will come take care of the young master.”


Wen Yuan sometimes forgot that Qi Jinran is disabled.

Apart from the elevator, he did not see other accessibility facilities in the villa.

He could not even imagine the appearance of Qi Jinran leaning on or using crutches.

“Then Mr.

Qi… when will he feel uncomfortable”

As a partner cohabiting the same space, Wen Yuan felt that it was necessary to take care of Qi Jinran’s health.

Xue Rong didn’t know what to think, and sighed lightly.

“When the master’s family had a car accident, it was a rainy day… So now, when it rains, especially in winter, the young master’s legs will be uncomfortable.”

Wen Yuan nodded.

There was an indescribable feeling in his heart.

As he looked at the closed study door on the second floor, a sudden idea formed.


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