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Wen Yuan almost thought he was hallucinating.

What was Qi Jinran saying, he actually let himself sit on his lap Theyre at the cinema!

Wen Yuan looked at Qi Jinran in confusion and embarrassment.

In the dim light, Qi Jinrans expression was calm and gentle.

His dark eyes stared at him, as if he didnt seem to think he had said anything extraordinary.

“Come sit.”

Wen Yuan glanced at the couple who were still being crooked beside him, and suddenly wanting to disgust them, he got up and sat on Qi Jinrans lap.

“Am I too heavy” Of course, he was very careful when he sat down, avoiding Qi Jinrans right leg as much as possible.

Qi Jinran put his hand on his waist and said softly, “No.”

Wen Yuan faced him, not knowing where to put his hands.

In the midst of his struggles, Qi Jinran pointed to his neck with a smile.

” Whatever they do, we can do it as well.”

Wen Yuan seemed to see a hint of slyness in his black eyes.

It was a side Qi Jinran rarely showed, which made him feel novel and excited.

“En, I know.”

Wen Yuan imitated the girls posture, wrapped his arms around Qi Jinrans neck and pressed his cheeks against his, and whispered, “Is this okay”

Their faces were very close to each other.

Breaths intertwined, and the tip of their noses were about to touch.

Qi Jinran lifted his long and thick eyelashes and looked into Wen Yuans eyes.

“You can get closer.”

“Oh.” Wen Yuan obeyed obediently, leaning his entire upper body against Qi Jinrans arms.

“Next, kiss me.” Qi Jinrans voice was hoarse.

Wen Yuan made a light “ah” sound.

He looked left and right, luckily the people in the front row didnt pay attention.

His ears were flushed, his heart was pounding, and his handsome cheeks were stained pink.

“Are you sure”

“En, just kiss on the face.”

Hearing this, the heat on Wen Yuans face subsided a little.

He held Qi Jinrans face and quickly kissed him on the cheek.

The couple finally noticed them.

After seeing that Wen Yuan was sitting on a mans lap, the man in blue holding his girlfriend showed an expression of disbelief and cursed in a low voice.

“Fuck, why are two gays Really bad luck.”

He showed disgust, but the girlfriend in his arms glowed as she looked at Wen Yuan and Qi Jinran.

Even if the lighting wasnt not good, she could tell that these are two handsome little brothers.

The little brother sitting on the mans lap was obviously younger and more energetic, but the man holding him was calm and reserved – a perfect match.

“They are watching.” Qi Jinran whispered.

Wen Yuan laughed at the successful trick, and was about to turn his head to take a look at the expression of the couple, but was hugged by Qi Jinrans arms.

The mans dark eyes stared at him, as if a storm was brewing in his eyes.

“Dont move.”

The next moment, Qi Jinrans lips were pressed up.

Wen Yuans eyes widened, and he was caught off guard by the teeth biting his lips, and his mouth was easily pried open, and taken advantage by the mans unscrupulous lips and tongue.


The kiss deepened, and the palms around his waist became more and more forceful, as if wanting to rub him into his body.

Seeing this scene, the girl almost dropped her chin, and her eyes glowed with excitement.

“Fuck, Im disgusted to death! Lets go!”

The man couldnt stand it any longer.

Although same-sex marriage has been legal for a long time, he has always hated gays.

Now that he was shown the kissing scene of two men, his entire body was uncomfortable all over, and he wanted to dig out his eyeballs on the spot.

“Dont, people are much more eye-catching than you.” His girlfriend watched with relish.

“Fuck, if you wont go, then Ill go! Damn it, these people dont have any public decency.” He got up and left in a disgusting tone, not realizing he was also hitting himself in the face with these words.

Seeing the couple leave, a smile appeared in Wen Yuans eyes.

He couldnt help pushing Qi Jinrans shoulders away, and whispered, “Theyre gone.”

Qi Jinran reluctantly left his lips, softly hummed.

After annoying the annoying couple, Wen Yuan returned to his seat and took a sip of milk tea.

He didnt taste the milk tea at all.

Qi Jinrans breath lingered in his mouth, mixed with a faint smell of cola, and the cold fragrance of Qi Jinrans coat.

Wen Yuan didnt even see what happened in the later movie.

He looked at Qi Jinran for a while, and then lowered his head with a guilty conscience and stared at his feet.

Almost all of his small movements fell into Qi Jinrans eyes.

The man raised his mouth slightly and drank a sip of coke, feeling extremely happy.

After watching the movie, it was already late at night.

The two walked out of the cinema with the flow of people.

The parking lot was outside and they had to walk for a while.

Wen Yuan looked at their long shadows under the streetlamps, and his heart was suddenly very calm.

He looked up and saw the moon.

“Jinran, look, the moon is so beautiful tonight.”

Qi Jinran followed his line of sight and looked up.

Under the thin clouds, the silver-white crescent moon was embedded in the dark blue night sky.

It wasnt an uncommon sight, but in his eyes, this moment was more beautiful than any moonlit night he has ever seen.


“We can go out more in the evening, watch movies, and go shopping.” Wen Yuan added smoothly.

Qi Jinran didnt respond, but there was light in his dark eyes, “Get in the car, its cold outside.”

Back at the villa, Wen Yuan went to take a shower and changed into pajamas.

He lay on the bed in the master bedroom, thinking of the kiss in the movie theater, and couldnt help rolling a few times.

Todays first date is nothing short of a success!

Its kind of funny to think about it.

He has already gotten married to Qi Jinran, but today is their first serious date.

Although it was a bit late, he felt that this feeling of falling in love after getting married was rare.

Not long after, Qi Jinran also came out of the bathroom.

Wen Yuan hurriedly adjusted his position, lying on the quilt honestly.

After Qi Jinran fell asleep, he couldnt help sliding his body over and leaned over carefully.

“Jinran, its a little cold, can I sleep next to you”

There is a heater in the room, and its impossible to be cold.

Qi Jinran naturally saw that he was talking nonsense with his eyes open, but when the careful and tentative Wen Yuan fell into his eyes, he looked extremely cute.

“Okay, but you have to cover up with the quilt.”

Wen Yuans face beamed with joy.

Quickly hugging his arm, he rubbed his cheeks on his shoulder.

He suddenly noticed something and looked into the quilt.

“Jinran, your prosthesis doesnt seem to be removed.”

Sometimes after wearing the prosthesis for a long time, Qi Jinran has the illusion that it has become part of his right leg, so he sometimes forgot to remove the prosthesis when going to bed.

After the reminder, he remembered and sat up quickly.

“Let me help you.” Wen Yuan had observed how Qi Jinran removed the prosthesis several times.

He was a little curious and wanted to help him once.

Qi Jinrans face changed slightly, but he did not reject him.

“Okay, then you come.”

Wen Yuan nodded, hurriedly bypassed Qi Jinran, crouched at the end of the bed, lifted his right leg, rolled up the cuff of his pajama pants, and carefully helped him remove the prosthesis.

He noticed that even if he didnt wear a prosthesis, Qi Jinrans mutilated right leg was also tied with a thick belt, but he had never seen it before because it was hidden under his pajamas.

“Arent these straps untied when you sleep” Wen Yuan couldnt help asking.

“No need, this is for the convenience of wearing the prosthesis.” Qi Jinrans expression was flat.

Wen Yuan nodded, feeling the urge to touch Qi Jinrans right leg.

His adams apple moved, and he looked at the man sitting on the bed with some trepidation.

“Jinran, can I… take a look at your right leg”

Wen Yuan felt Qi Jinrans body obviously stiffened for a few seconds.

The man lowered his long eyelashes and suddenly pulled up the quilt, covering the rest of his below his waist.

“Its late, go to bed.” There was no emotion in his tone.

Seeing his reaction, Wen Yuan felt regretful in his heart.

He was too impatient and hurried when he asked such a sentence.

He knew that Jinran doesnt like others to expose his scars, so what did he just do

All the sweetness that had accumulated tonight seemed to vanish without a trace after he asked that reckless question.

Wen Yuan looked at Qi Jinrans figure with his back to him, and his eyes were a little sour.

Wen Yuan went back to school on Monday.

Ji Hong was very puzzled when he saw his listless appearance.

“Didnt you all reconcile with Qi Jinran Whats the matter”

“It was good, but I was too impulsive…” Wen Yuan lowered his head and pressed his eyes in distress..

“Forget it, lets not talk about this.

There is a game next week, lets go practice.”

This time is when the basketball leagues between the various departments of T University are at their hottest.

Wen Yuan is a member of the basketball team of the School of Economics and Management.

In order to compete, he practices after class these days, and also goes to Le Cordon Bleu for a baking class in the evening.

After such a week, he is exhausted.

In the past two days, Qi Jinran also went on a business trip to other provinces.

Wen Yuan came home at night, and didnt have time to feel uncomfortable about the empty master bedroom, and simply fell asleep on the bed.

As the weekend approached, a wave of cold air swept across the city.

Wen Yuan was probably too tired this week.

After playing basketball, he was sweating all over, and blown by the cold wind.

He started to feel dizzy on the way home, and soon felt weak all over, and lay on the sofa as soon as he entered the door.

Xue Rong came out of the kitchen after finishing dinner to see Wen Yuan lying on the sofa with red cheeks.

She went up and touched his forehead, and was startled at how hot it was.

“Xiao Wen, are you okay” She quickly asked the housekeeper to call Dr.

Chen over, and called Qi Jinran.


Qi, Xiao Wen seems to have a fever.

When will you be back”

Qi Jinran was listening to a subordinates report when he received Xue Rongs call.

Xue Rong would never disturb him during working hours unless something major happened at home.

As soon as he saw the call, Qi Jinran guessed that it was related to Wen Yuan.

“Have you called the doctor” Hearing the news of Wen Yuans illness, Qi Jinrans tone of voice was still calm, but his brows wrinkled, and the anxiety in his heart could not be suppressed.


Chen is on his way.”

“Okay, Ill come back as soon as possible.” Qi Jinran hung up the phone and immediately asked Zhuang Jie to book the nearest flight back to Wancheng.

He called his partner again, saying that there was an urgent matter at home, and the companys vice president would be in charge of the rest of the negotiation.

Although the other party was a little surprised, he also expressed understanding.

Qi Jinran rushed back to Wancheng.


WY is sick.


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