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“He became very concerned about his disability, refusing to use crutches or a wheelchair outside, because Ning Shu hoped that he could act like a normal person.

Or at least pretend to be a normal person… He even asked Jinran to run a marathon, saying he can definitely persevere.

Jinran ran, but halfway through the run, the old wound on his right leg began bleeding, and he fell to the ground several times, and finally had to give up.”

Wen Yuans face paled as he imagined the scene, and he clenched his palms unconsciously.

“So you know why I dont like Ning Shu.

This kind of hypocritical person is very annoying.

He said that he didnt mind Jinrans legs, and said how good and perfect Jinran was, but in the end, hes just brainwashing him to live like a healthy person.

But Jinrans lost leg, was it his choice”

Yu Heng took two puffs of cigarettes angrily.

“They were together for about a year, and suddenly broke up one day.

I dont know the exact reason, but that night, Chen Zhiming called me and said that Jinran was in the hospital for emergency treatment.

It was raining heavily, so I hurriedly drove to the hospital.

Only then did I know that Jinran went to the bar to drink because he was in a bad mood after the breakup.

When he came out, he met a few thugs.

Those thugs stole his wallet and watch, kicked off his prosthesis, and stepped on his right leg on purpose, insulting and humiliating him…”

“Its all thanks to a kind passerby who passed by and called the police, that nothing happened to Jinran…” Yu Heng pressed the cigarette butt that was about to burn out into the ashtray.

Light cyan smoke floated in the air.

Listening to Yu Hengs narration, Wen Yuan seemed to have entered that dim and dilapidated alley.

He watched the pale and handsome man fall to the ground in embarrassment, with blood and rain all over his face.

Those scumbags surrounded him in the middle, calling him “crippled” and “disabled” contemptuously.

Every time the man tried to hold his body up, because his trouser leg was empty, he could only fall back to the muddy ground…

“Ah, little sister-in-law, dont cry!”

Yu Heng immediately panicked when he noticed that Wen Yuans eyes were red, and hurriedly handed him a tissue.

“Its all my fault.

I shouldnt say these things.

Its all over anyway.

You and Jinran are doing fine now.

Dont think about that.”

“I didnt cry.”

He just felt very sorry for Qi Jinran, wishing he could travel to the past, go back to the alley on that rainy night, help him block those scumbags, and prevent anyone from bullying him.

Thinking that he had been angry with him over a small matter these days, Wen Yuan felt very guilty.

He clearly promised to take good care of Jinran in front of the tombstones of Uncle Qi and Aunt Lin, but what is he doing now

“Okay, you didnt cry.

I wont say it.

Jinran will come back later.

If he sees you like this, he will definitely beat me up.”

“He wont know, lets just pretend we didnt meet today.”


Yu Heng had dinner plans in the evening, so he couldnt stay for long.

After comforting Wen Yuan, he left.

Not long after he left, Qi Jinran came back from the company.

Qi Jinran thought that the boy would rest on the bed, but Wen Yuan was sitting on the sofa watching TV, as if he was waiting for him.

“Jinran, lets go out to watch a movie after dinner, okay” At the dining table, Wen Yuan lost his awkwardness in the morning, and looked at him with dark and bright eyes.

Qi Jinran found it difficult to refuse Wen Yuans pleading look.

“What movie do you want to watch Ill ask Zhuang Jie to buy tickets.”

“Ive bought it.

Well just go directly to it later.

Its not far from Shuixieju.”

Qi Jinran cant remember the last time he came to the cinema.

It is a dating paradise for couples, but for him who has a slight cleanliness addiction, it is really not a good place.

Besides, he always felt that the cinema was very noisy, so he might as well watch movies in the cinema at home.

Its just that Wen Yuan was next to him today, so everything was different.

The aroma of popcorn, the charred scent of grilled sausages, and the sound of laughter from children running around seem to be precious at this moment.

Wen Yuan picked up the tickets from the machine.

Qi Jinran tilted her head to look at him, Wen Yuan was wearing a fur lined dark jacket, black slacks, looking handsome and tall as he stared intently at the ticketing machine.

His eyelashes are not long, but they are very thick, and when he slightly droops his eyes, he looks particularly attractive.

Qi Jinran began to recall when he first fell in love with Wen Yuan.

Maybe it was the day he was sick when he saw Wen Yuan sitting on the head of his bed with his head bit.

Maybe it was the night Wen Yuan was drunk and leaned on him with tears in his eyes.

Maybe it was when he went to Wens house, and Wen Yuan came back from the yard holding a snowflake for him…

He couldnt remember clearly, and he couldnt clearly define when it started.

Everything happened quietly, like a gentle drizzle, slowly falling on the cracked land that no one cared about.

When he noticed, the cracked land was already filled with bright flowers.


Do you want to eat popcorn Ill buy it.” Wen Yuan looked at Qi Jinran, his black eyes sparkling.

“Ill go buy it.” This should be their first date, so he had to take the initiative.

He squeezed into the line and bought a two-person popcorn meal amid the clamor.

Wen Yuan waited for him to buy and came over, picked up the coke on the tray, and took a sip.

“Why is there no ice”

“I asked them to remove it, its mine.”

Qi Jinran handed him another cup of hot milk tea on the plate.

“You drink this.”


In fact, Wen Yuan really wanted to drink iced coke, but Qi Jinran bought him milk tea, so he couldnt say anything.

He inserted the straw into it and drank the milk tea.

He didnt notice that Qi Jinran, who was on the opposite side, took the cup of coke he drank.

He didnt even change the straw, and bit into his mouth and started drinking.

“Theyve started to check tickets, lets go.”

Wen Yuan glanced at the time and was very excited.

After entering the VIP theater, Wen Yuan realized that there were quite a lot of people today.

Most of them were couples, and almost all pairs were holding hands.

He couldnt help turning his head to look at Qi Jinran, but unfortunately Qi Jinran was holding popcorn in one hand and coke in the other, so they couldnt hold hands.

Wen Yuan sat down in the middle of the last row and took the popcorn from Qi Jinrans hand.

“I saw that this movie has a very high rating online.

Its a suspenseful romance, and seems to be about…”

Qi Jinran didnt listen to what Wen Yuan was saying at all.

He just used the light of the screen to stare at Wen Yuan intently.

Seeing the open and closing lips, the desire in the bottom of his heart couldnt be suppressed.

Just as Wen Yuan was about to introduce the content of the film to Qi Jinran, he found a strange voice coming from beside him.

He frowned, and found a crooked couple on the left.

The woman even sat directly on the mans lap, hugging each other, and laughing.

Wen Yuan was suddenly unhappy.

He was most annoyed by people who regarded public places as their own home.

“Excuse me, can you pay respect to those around you” Wen Yuan said patiently.

The man who was kissing his girlfriend stopped and stared at Wen Yuan unhappily.

“Its you who shouldnt be here spoiling the scenery.

Dont you know what the last row is for Why are you two men sitting here”

In the midst of complaining, the man suddenly met a cold gaze.

His heart inexplicably tightened seeing the man sitting next to Wen Yuan, and he closed his mouth.

“Okay, lets keep our voices down, stop talking.” His girlfriend felt ashamed and couldnt help but pat him on the shoulder.

“Baby, dont worry about them, lets continue.”

After finally getting a chance to make out with his girlfriend, the man didnt care about the two big light bulbs next to him.

Anyway, there are only four of them in this row, they can watch if they like, and be envious.

“Come on, give brother a kiss.”

“Why are you so mean…” The girl smiled tenderly and fell softly into the mans arms.

Wen Yuan blushed.

He put down the hot milk tea in his hand and looked at Qi Jinran.

“Jinran, why dont we stay away from them and sit in the corner”

“No need.” Qi Jinran glanced coldly over at the kissing couple, and then turned to look at Wen Yuan and patted his legs.

“Sit here.”


To sit or not to sit, tis the question…

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