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Wen Yuan couldnt say anything.

The person who he put on the top of his heart made him angry, so what else could he do except bear it

Its all his own doing!

“Are you angry” Qi Jinran looked at him carefully.

He also felt that his behavior just now was indeed a bit excessive.

“Im not angry, Im pissed.”

Wen Yuans chest heaved a few times, and returned to his bedroom with a sullen face.

He doesnt want to talk to Qi Jinran anymore today!

That night, Qi Jinran stayed in the room alone.

He had never felt so empty in his bedroom, and he could even hear his breathing clearly.

With Wen Yuan gone, the warm feeling in this bedroom was also gone.

Washing his face in the bathroom, Qi Jinran looked up to see Wen Yuans starry sky water glass.

He remembered how Wen Yuan brushed his teeth here in the morning with squinting eyes and messy hair, and couldnt help smiling.

After smiling, his expression became lonely.

He put the starry sky water glass tightly together with his white glass, turned around and left the bathroom.

Qi Jinran lay on the bed, tossing and turning, until late at night.

Wen Yuan was only separated from him by a wall.

Although it was such a close distance, it felt extremely far away.

Without the temperature of the other person on the bed, he could not fall asleep.

Finally, he rolled over and sat up, put on his prosthesis, and went to the next door.

Standing outside Wen Yuans door, he tentatively twisted the doorknob.

Unexpectedly, the door was unlocked and opened as soon as he twisted it.

Despising himself for being so shameless, Qi Jinran gradually eased his steps and walked into Wen Yuans bedroom.

Pale moonlight shone in to show Wen Yuan sleeping soundly with a soft carrot pillow in his arms.

Its just that he didnt seem too happy in his sleep, and his brows are slightly wrinkled.

Qi Jinran sat on the edge of the bed and couldnt help but stretch out his hand to smooth his brows.

“Xiao Yuan, Im sorry… I was too self-righteous at the beginning.”

There were so many things that Qi Jinran couldnt say in front of Wen Yuan.

Only in the dead of night like this did he have the courage to reveal his heart.

“Dont be angry, Ill give you everything you want, okay”

Wen Yuan couldnt hear any of it.

Qi Jinran looked at his sleeping face for a long time before standing up, bending over and kissing his cheek.

“Good night, have a good dream.”

Wen Yuan had a ridiculous dream.

He dreamed that when he was sleeping soundly in the room, Qi Jinran suddenly came in, shook him awake, said indifferently that he wanted to divorce him.

He took out a card and threw it on the table, saying that there were 500 million in it, his divorce settlement.

He naturally refused to agree, but no matter how he pleaded, Qi Jinran was unmoved and determined to divorce him.

With all his thoughts and despair, he took the scissors and cut the card Qi Jinran gave him in half.

There is 500 million inside!

Wen Yuan was awakened by his reckless actions, and found his forehead covered in cold sweat.

The indifferent expression of Qi Jinran in the dream was still engraved in his mind, and that dream Qi Jinran made him sad.

Wen Yuan went into the bathroom with his messy chicken coop hair.

The water cups and electric toothbrushes he often used were put on Qi Jinrans side, and he was too embarrassed to take them last night.

There was a spare toothbrush in the cupboard, but it wasnt electric.

He didnt control his strength, and accidentally made his gums bleed.

The bleeding took a long time to stop.

Covering his mouth, Wen Yuan walked out of the bedroom dispirited.

Hes too unlucky this early in the morning.

“Whats wrong with your mouth” A voice suddenly sounded beside him.

Qi Jinran came up behind him at some point.

Startled, Wen Yuan pressed a hand to his chest, and didnt want to pay attention to him.

He is still angry! Cant forgive Qi Jinran so soon!

“I was wrong about what happened yesterday.

When I go to the company today, I will destroy the other agreement.

You dont have to worry about it.”

Wen Yuan felt his teeth hurt even more.

Qi Jinran didnt understand why he was angry at all

“Do whatever you want, its none of my business anyway.” Wen Yuan said in a firm tone.

He strode to the living room, grabbed his bag and changed shoes without eating breakfast, and went to school.

When he was eating lunch with Ji Hong at noon, he couldnt help reveal this embarrassing thing.

Ji Hong was also filled with righteous indignation.

“Qi Jinran is too much! How can you do this, slap you in the face”

“Wen Yuan, I support you, let him hang for a few days.

Ignore him! Good guy, he just relies on you liking him, and is arrogant.

Too arrogant!”

Wen Yuan chewed the vegetables in his mouth and stared blankly at the dinner plate.

“But if I dont talk to him, its me who suffers…”

Ji Hong patted him hard on the shoulder, and said indignantly, “Wen Xiaoyuan, look at the way you are troubled by love.

You are not free and easy at all! The more you are like this, the more unscrupulous Qi Jinran will be, and who knows how hell bully you in the future.

You listen to me, you must be steady and completely freeze him out for a few days.”

“Well, I will try.”

Wen Yuan stuffed a few more bites of food.

After eating, he felt he had no appetite, and put down the chopsticks.

After listening to Ji Hongs words, he didnt go home for a week and stayed in the dormitory at night.

Qi Jinran sent a message asking him when to go back, but he said he was not sure, and Qi Jinran never asked him again.





Wen Yuan only had one professional class, and had nothing to do after the class.

He was hesitating whether to go back to Shuixieju when his phone suddenly rang.

Seeing that it was Qi Jinrans call, his heart skipped a beat, with surprise and apprehension.

“Hello” He answered the phone with a straight face.

“Im at the main entrance.

Grandpa is in the hospital.

Come here now.”

“What” Wen Yuan couldnt believe the news.

Although Grandpa Qi was quite old, he was always in good health.

How could he be suddenly hospitalized

“Ill go right over.”

Without thinking about it, Wen Yuan quickly ran to the school gate to see the black Bentley Mulsanne parked under the plane tree.

Qi Jinran lowered the car window and glanced at him.

“Why are you wearing so little”

“Why do you care, go to the hospital first.”

Wen Yuan got into the car.

Qi Donghui lived in the VIP ward of a top private hospital, which only had a few patients in the whole building.

Walking in the empty and tidy corridor, their footsteps were exceptionally clear.

When he pushed open the door of the ward, Wen Yuan couldnt help turning his head to look at Qi Jinran.

Fortunately, Qi Jinrans face wasnt too ugly, indicating that Grandpa Qi shouldnt have a big problem.

Entering the ward, Wen Yuan didnt see Qi Donghuis face, but saw his parents first.

The two were sitting on either side of the hospital bed, and were accompanying Qi Donghui to play duo dizhu.

Wen Yuan: …

“Xiao Yuan, why are you here” Qi Donghui was a little surprised when he saw Wen Yuan.

He clearly told Qi Jinran that he didnt need to tell his grandson-in-law about this minor illness.

He didnt expect his uneasy grandson to leak the news.

“Grandpa, are you alright”

Wen Yuan observed Qi Donghuis expression, and then glanced at the instruments on the bedside.

Before he came in, he was worried that there would be a ventilator or something.

Seeing that it was only an infusion, his tense heartstrings relaxed a lot.

“Im at this age, isnt it normal to have a headache and a fever.

Dont worry, grandpa is fine.” Qi Donghui finished talking to him with a smile, then glanced at the cards on the table, and said a little excitedly, “No one else right Then Im done! Four to two!”

Ye Xia exclaimed, “Old Wen, you lost again!”

Wen Chengmin looked annoyed and patted his last three As on the table.

“Dang, just by a little bit!”

Wen Yuan suddenly felt that his existence was superfluous.

He and Qi Jinran looked at each other, and silently left the ward together.

“You really… startled me.

I thought something happened to Grandpa.”

In the corridor, Wen Yuan stared at the light green wall and tightened his jacket uncomfortably.

He was going to play ball, so he didnt wear much, just a thin jacket.

Not that its evening, the spring chill is white cold, and crept into his skin from all directions, making his teeth shudder.

“Grandpa has high blood pressure.

Sometimes the onset is sudden, and will get better quickly.” Qi Jinran paused, and then said, “Are you cold”

“Its okay.”

Wen Yuan strode towards the elevator.

“Since Grandpa is fine, then Im going back to school.”

“Wait.” Qi Jinran quickly caught up and stopped in front of him.

“Yu Heng moved to a new house today and invited us to as guests.”

As he spoke, he took off his coat and put it on Wen Yuan.

Wen Yuan was taken into his arms unexpectedly.

Qi Jinran wrapped his arms around him from behind, wrapped his coat tightly, and the familiar cold fragrance hit.

“Dont force yourself, lets go.”

Qi Jinrans gentle voice poured into Wen Yuans heart like a warm current.

Feeling the mans warm embrace, Wen Yuans heart beat wildly again.



Grandpa Qi and WYs parents, just playing cards and ignoring them.


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