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At this time, in the corridor.

As soon as Wen Yuan left the bathroom, he ran into Ning Shu.

The latter seemed to have been waiting for him outside.

“What a coincidence, every time I see you, its in the bathroom.” Ning Shu crossed his arms, leaned against the wall, and looked at him with a lukewarm gaze.

Wen Yuan knew that he would have to talk to Ning Shu alone eventually.

There were a lot of people in the box, so the quiet corridor was quite suitable.

“Waiting for me here, do you have something to say” Wen Yuan looked calm.

Ning Shu sneered.

“Sure enough, from T University, your brain is quite good.”

Wen Yuan smiled noncommittally.

The corners of Ning Shus mouth twitched as he watched him with complicated eyes.

“If I hadnt known that you signed a prenuptial agreement with Qi Jinran, I would have thought that you were really a loving couple.”

Hearing Ning Shus words, Wen Yuan froze.

How did Ning Shu know that he had signed a prenuptial agreement with Qi Jinran

Seeing Wen Yuans expression, Ning Shu knew that he had poked his wound.

He sneered and said coolly, “Arent you just with Qi Jinran because of money Whats the point of pretending to be considerate You think Qi Jinran really likes—”

“Shut up!”

An angry voice came from behind.

Qi Jinran strode over and stood in front of Wen Yuan.

His handsome eyebrows seemed to be covered with frost.

“Ning Shu, no matter why I and Wen Yuan are together, he is now my legal partner.

And you—” His voice became colder and even more threatening.

“Youre just a stranger to me.

For the sake of the Ning familys friendship with the Qi family, I dont want to embarrass you, so dont force me.”

“Stranger” The word shocked Ning Shu.

His delicate face paled, and he took a step back in disbelief.

Before returning to China, he thought about it.

Even if Qi Jinran hated or complained about him, he could accept it, and he was mentally prepared.

But Qi Jinran treated him as a stranger, which was unacceptable – because this means that he has no weight in Qi Jinrans heart!

Seeing Qi Jinran arm around Wen Yuans shoulder, watching him alertly, he suddenly wondered what the point of returning to China was.

He just said a few words to Wen Yuan, and Qi Jinrans reaction was so big.

If he really did something to Wen Yuan, wouldnt Qi Jinran turn against him

Even if it was a commercial marriage, this was too much.

“Jinran, is that what you think of me now It was my fault in the past.

I apologize to you, but I was too young and ignorant back then—”

“You dont need to say it.” Qi Jinran looked unhappy, and interrupted him.

“I got tired of hearing these words three years ago.

Ning Shu, you should turn your head and look at the person behind you, instead of wasting time on meaningless regrets.”

The person behind… Ning Shu was stunned for a moment.

The phone in his pocket rang at this time; it was Luo Haoxin calling.

His complexion was pasty white, and really did not look good.

“Lets go.” Qi Jinran took Wen Yuans hand and led him out of the corridor.

Wen Yuan never thought that Qi Jinran would appear in such a timely manner.

He wanted to say something to Ning Shu, and didnt even find a chance!

Qi Jinran took Wen Yuan back to the box.

When everyone saw the two holding hands, they all sighed and even whistled.

“Jinran, really You cant not stand seeing your wife for a few minutes” Gu Dashao teased.

“What do you know! Theyre newlyweds, and must be like honey.

Not like us single dogs!” Song Guanghai also laughed.

Everyone started to chime in.

Flustered at their words, Wen Yuan blushed and quickly released Qi Jinrans hand.

“Sit here, dont run around.” Qi Jinran sat down at the card table again.

“En, I know.” Wen Yuan obediently beside him.

While Qi Jinran was playing cards with them, Wen Yuan sent a message to his dad.

In fact, Ning Shus words werent wrong.

If the Qi family didnt help his familys difficulties, he would not have agreed to marry Qi Jinran.

In the eyes of outsiders, it is natural that their family is snobbish and clung to the Qi family for money…

—Dad, you will pay back the funds that the Qi family lent our family in the past, right

In fact, he wanted to ask his father about this before, but he never found the right opportunity.

He finally remembered after Ning Shus words today.

A few minutes later, he received a reply from Wen Chengmin:

—What are you thinking Since it is borrowed, of course we have to pay it back.

Now the company is doing well, and should be able to repay the money in about a year.

Why are you asking this all of a sudden Did someone say something

Wen Yuan: Its nothing, I just thought of this suddenly, and was a little curious, so I asked.

Turning off the phone, Wen Yuan was calm.

Fortunately, his dad thinks the same as he does, and doesnt like to owe others.

“Sister-in-law, there is fruit on the coffee table, go and eat.” Song Guanghai couldnt help speaking up after seeing him sitting on the side.

Wen Yuan smiled at him, and went to the coffee table to get a fruit plate.

He didnt eat any, but handed it to Qi Jinran.

“Do you want to eat fruit”

Qi Jinran was drawing cards, and had no free hands.

Out of the corner of his eye, he glanced at the cubed dragon fruit in the bowl.

Understanding his glance, Wen Yuan forked a piece of dragon fruit and raised it to his mouth.

Qi Jinran opened his mouth slightly and bit the piece of fruit in one bite.

“Tsk tsk tsk.”

Song Guanghai looked at this scene, feeling sour.

This sister-in-law is too virtuous! When will he marry such a wife

Ning Shu never returned to the box even after the poker game ended.

Gao Mu sat in the corner, no one paid any attention to him, he was bored alone, and left soon after.

After dinner, Song Guanghai sent Qi Jinran and Wen Yuan to their car with an apologetic expression.

“Jinran, Im really sorry about today.

I didnt arrange it well, and shouldnt have let Ning Shu in.”

“I dont want this kind of thing to happen again.” Qi Jinran frowned.

If it wasnt Song Guanghais birthday today, he might have left with Wen Yuan on the spot.

“Absolutely not! How dare I!”

Song Guanghai was also very regretful, but fortunately, Ning Shu didnt make any waves today.

No matter how powerful the Ning family was, no matter how famous Ning Shu was, he wouldnt let this big Buddha enter his door in the future.

After all, he would rather be hated by Ning Shu than make enemies with Qi Jinran.

Back at Shuixieju, Wen Yuan went directly into his bedroom.

On the way back, Wen Yuan was unusually silent.

Just as Qi Jinran was worrying that Ning Shus appearance bothered Wen Yuan, the boy walked out of the bedroom with a document in his hand.

“Jinran, lets talk about the prenuptial agreement.”

Qi Jinrans face changed slightly.

Sure enough, he shouldnt have run into Ning Shu…

“What do you want to talk to me about” Qi Jinran stared at Wen Yuans face, feeling a little uneasy.

“I just looked it up, and at the end it said that if I get divorced in a year, I will get 500 million worth of real estate, right”

Qi Jinran looked at the divorce agreement in Wen Yuans hand with a stiff expression.

When he drafted this divorce agreement, he just had a coping attitude and filled in a random number.

They would get divorced after a year anyway, and he didnt care much.

How could he know he would be tempted by Wen Yuan later.

Now that Wen Yuan bought out this agreement, it is no different from gouging out his heart.

“Are you going to divorce me” Qi Jinran said hoarsely.

Wen Yuan shook his head.

“No, I mean, if we get divorced someday, I dont want any of your property, okay” Wen Yuan looked very serious.

Originally, Qi Jinran breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the first two words, but when he heard the latter, his relaxed brows wrinkled unconsciously.

Of course he wont divorce Wen Yuan.

They are now partners, and half of his property naturally belongs to Wen Yuan.

Why does Wen Yuan want to separate things out so clearly

Could it be because of what Ning Shu said

Qi Jinran thought quickly for a few seconds.

He looked at Wen Yuan and whispered, “There is something I forgot to tell you.”

“This agreement is not notarized, so it is equivalent to a few pieces of waste paper.”

Wen Yuan: !!

Qi Jinran took the agreement from him, ripped it two or three times, and threw it into the trash can next to it.

“We are legal partners, and your rights are given to you by the law, not me.

As long as we dont get divorced, my property is your property.

You dont need to worry.”

Wen Yuan: …

He felt like a big idiot.

Since it was not notarized, what agreement did he ask him to sign in the first place Is it fun to play him like a fool

Hes going to be pissed!!


T/N: I triple checked, its not “hes pissed”, but “hes going to be pissed.”


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